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Taken [Blu-ray]
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Studio: Tcfhe Release Date: 05/12/2009 Rating: Ur

What could be a skillful but ordinary action flick gets a surprising emotional heft from the presence of Liam Neeson as the hero. Bryan Mills (Neeson) has given up his career as a spy to form a relationship with his estranged teenage daughter--but when, on a trip to Paris, she's kidnapped by slavers, Mills uses all his connections and skills to turn the city of lights upside down and rescue her. Like most of the movies that writer/producer Luc Besson has a hand in (such as La Femme Nikita, The Transporter, Unleashed, and many other French action movies), Taken drips with lurid violence (a bit toned-down to get a PG-13 rating, but there's still plenty of it), deranged sentimentality, and stereotypes of all kinds. But this doesn't stop his movies from being effective thrill-rides, and Taken is no exception. Taken pays just enough attention to the illusion of procedure--making it seem like Mills knows all the right steps to track down his daughter--that the movie cheerfully seduces your suspension of disbelief, despite many plot holes and scenes where Mills doesn't get scratched despite bullets flying in all directions or pretends to be a French policeman despite not speaking French or even adopting a French accent. What holds it all together is Neeson; his gravitas and emotional availability make his character--the usual action fantasy of impossible competence and righteous fury--somehow seem real and relatable. --Bret Fetzer

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Customer Reviews:

  • Taken - Action Packed - Focused
    Former CIA Agent Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) has 96 hours to find his daughter who has been kidnapped and who may be forever lost. His daughter, played by Maggie Grace (Lost seaons one and two) goes to Paris with her friend, all with Mills' reluctant permission. Mills then goes into hyper drive working to find his daughter, reaping vengeance along the way.

    Neeson is very strong and the mood of his intensity is set from the beginning. He has friends who he was worked with in the past that give us a view of what he was like before he retired to be close to his daughter who lives with ex-wife (Janssen). The movie helps us to appreciate Mills who after years of neglect, feels a need to be there for his kid.

    The movie takes us to Los Angeles and to Paris. There are some very interesting chase sequences, one in a construction site at night, interesting sensation for sure. There are a few intense fights that are seemingly unrealistic, however, who cares, he is trying to save his daughter.

    Each encounter with the bad guys gets more and more intense. The movie crescendos at last with a fight scene on a yacht. Better than any James Bond type of view, and very interesting indeed. I think this could be a prequel with Mills and his friends doing their actual work. I think it would make an interesting story line.

    I got the Single Disc Extended edition. Not sure what was added that the movie lacked in the theater. This is a great movie as I watched it. This disc was a little lacking in extras, that I would loved to have had to fill in some of the details of the whys and hows of the movie after the fact.

    Otherwise, this is really good viewing overall....more info
  • I Want Liam Neeson To Be My Dad!
    Former government operative Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) had given up his career as a so-called "preventer" to be close to his daughter Kim (Maggie Grace). Even though Bryan joins his former colleagues for side jobs to make ends meet, he spends most of his time to be a part of his daughter's life again. Soon, Bryan gets hit hard when Kim requests permission to go to Paris with her friend Amanda (Katie Cassidy). Knowing what dangers lie ahead in a foreign country, he says no at first, but Kim's disappointment leads him to a reluctant yes. Soon after they land, Bryan's fears are soon realized when Kim and her friend get abducted by unknown assailants from their apartment - in broad daylight. Before getting dragged away, she phones Bryan and starts leaving him clues. This begins the longest 96-hours of his life - a hunt that will take him to the deepest, darkest corners of Paris and face unbelievable nightmares worse than he experienced in black ops. And Bryan will make sure that no one will stop him from saving his daughter.

    What can I say? This is one hell of a roller coaster ride from beginning to end! This is Liam Neeson at his best! Taken delivers on the action, drama and suspense it promises. There is never a dull moment! My favorite part of the movie was when his daughter gets abducted, the assailant picks up her phone and Liam tells him:

    "I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don't have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my daughter go now, that'll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you."

    This will easily be one of the most memorable movie quotes for many years to come. Phenomenal movie!

    Other than some grainy shots in a few scenes, the PQ is perfect. Nice, sharp gritty picture.

    Whoa mama! Fox sure knows what to give its customers - a reference quality audio experience that can deliver. This can easily be used for a demo display to showcase the power of high definition surround sound. Remarkable and flawless!

    If you are a Liam Neeson fan, this is a must own! If you love action, drama and suspense, you must own this! One of the best action movies of 2009!...more info
  • Wow! Non stop action flick with top notch acting
    Let there be no mistake - Taken is a no-holds barred, balls-to-the-wall action film. But it also has first rate acting and a gritty feel to it. Liam Neeson is well cast as a former covert agent for the U.S. Government who has retired to spend more time with his seventeen year old daughter. He is unhappy when his daughter decides to embark on a tour of Europe with just a female friend. His fears are confirmed when the two girls are kidnapped as soon as they land in Paris by mobsters who turn their victims into prostitutes.

    Neeson then goes on a one man "Dirty Harry"-like rampage to track his daughter down. There are also a few plot twists along the way that keep things interesting. The only thing that I didn't care for was the fact that Neeson was cast as an American and so had to lose his Irish accent. They could have had him play an ex-MI5 agent who had married and moved to the USA etc. to explain his accent. Nevertheless, its still worthy of a 5-star rating. Now if you'll excuse me, I am going to go buy the extended director's cut version....more info
  • Finally a movie that doesn't make the Dad look like a fool.
    There have been too many TV shows and movies that portray the American Dad as in infantile, klutzy, dumber-than-the-Mom, idiot. Finally a classy, interesting and exciting movie about a competent, resourceful and smarter-than-Mom ---- Father. Yeah, yeah, I know the main character (Liam Neeson) does have a rather unusual American accent - perhaps he's originally from NY. LOL Whatever.

    My guess is mainstream media critics (which I don't read or pay attention to) probably trashed this movie, for 2 reasons. 1. The Dad is smart and awesome and 2. some of the bad guys (but not all) are apparently/possibly Arab/Muslim. Just one of these elements in a movie will usually be enough to warrant a bad review.

    This was a really wonderful movie. My eyes were welling up with tears at the end.

    The BluRay Transfer was crystal clear. I wanted to see this in the theater but I missed it. BluRay is the next best thing. ...more info
  • Electric Neeson
    Not a great fan of excessive violence - and there's plenty in this one - but Neeson was worth all the money for the movie on his own. Non-stop tension, fast but economical movement, emotional tug (estranged father vindicated, but he never says "I told you so"); moral superiority of the hero ("get my little girl back") overcomes some reservations we might have over a few foibles (can't stop killing people). They're the baddies after all. Great evening's escapism. ...more info
    Thanks to a torrent of derivative divorced-but-still-relevant-dad nonsense, (he gifts his princess the karaoke machine, the step-dad answers with a thoroughbred) plus an imaging trick first imagined in "Blow-Up" -- with a later techno-twist in "Bladerunner" -- some thinly imitated Bourne-Trilogy action sequences all triple-cherry topped by an incredibly tone-deaf instance of Bush-era inspired torture, "Taken" should simply be given back. And because all that Liam's improbable rescue manages to accomplish is to assure the music industry the possibility of yet another teeny bop pop singer, after a 6,000 mile-long bloody trail we the audience aren't even rewarded with a happy ending.

    Neeson is a fine actor, his presence being the only draw here. But the writer and director have him behave like Lancelot at the Wedding (Grail, The Holy), leaving a wake of mutilation and death that easily outweighs the main character's more ennobling purpose. It's a shame Neeson has chosen to add his name to the canon of these mindless revenge films that posture in reality while constantly resorting to fantasy in order to advance the action (after all, there is no extant plot to advance). For a much more penetrating view of this particular form of moral complexity, please consider watching "Shotgun Stories" instead, a film which forgoes reflexive fatalism -- unlike this clich¨¦ and corrupting bit of fluff....more info
  • A Great Action Thriller
    This is a fast paced adventure that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

    It features Liam Neeson as Bryan Mills, a retired CIA operative. His daughter has been kidnapped by white slavers. Mills speaks to one of her abductors on the phone and gives them a chance to release her. He makes it clear that he does not have money to pay a ransom, but 'I have a particular set of skills' and 'I will find you and I will kill you'.

    Mills functions quite a bit like Jack Bauer. In other words, the bad guys better watch out because it is going to get very ugly for them very quickly.

    This is a very intense show that is a lot of fun to watch....more info
    Taken, is everything you would expect and then some. Great movie with a little feel of the Bourne Identity. Smart and well paced.

    Picture Quality 8 out of 10 sound quality 8

    Highly recommended....more info
  • Taken
    Lian Neeson is at his very best in this great flick. Highly recommend this DVD. A keeper. ...more info
  • Great action flick!
    By now, everyone has seen the promos of this movie with Liam Neeson talking on the phone with his daughter's kidnapper. "I will find you, and I will kill you," being Neeson's last words to the kidnapper before the kidnapper replies, "Good luck."
    From that point early on in the movie, the action begins and doesn't hardly let up on the gas until the very end. Neeson tracks the kidnappers to Paris on his quest to rescue his daughter using his 'training' as a preventer.
    Some have compared this movie to 'The Bourne Identity' but I don't think it quite gets there. That's the only reason why this movie doesn't recieve five stars from me. But definately worth the 96 minutes.

    ...more info
  • Ye Olde Man Kills Everyone Movie
    I've seen this movie a couple dozen times now. A man loses a family member and kills everyone responsible. There's no tension because you know what's going to happen. He tortures, kills, etc., his way to the goal. Man on Fire is a much better version of this same story. Liam Neeson is an extraordinary actor and he adds a little bit of coolness to an otherwise cliche repetition of the same old thing. By far the best part of the movie is the phone call where Neeson says menacingly and coolly that he's going to come kill the guy. But I saw that on the trailer 100 times already. ...more info
  • TAKEN is a 20 STAR MOVIE
    LET'S MAKE IT 50 STARS FOR INSURANCE. ...more info
  • save your money and just rent.
    typical action movie, but not very likely to be possible in real life at all. Liam I am sorry for your lost, but this movie suck big time. ...more info
  • Simply Awesome!
    Being an avid movie buff and Liam Nesson fan for years, I couldn't wait for this movie to come out in theaters, I knew it was bound to be something special...Liam Nesson, who is one of the most underrated and underused actors in Hollywood gives a knockout performance...The movie had its fair share of critics who didn't like how "convenient" the situations that he got himself in played out, but let's please not forget this is Hollywood and this is a starts of somewhat slow but once it gets going man does it pick up the pace...the ninety minutes will truly fly by...I guarantee that you will love this movie! ...more info
  • 5 Stars Reviews . . . for this?
    The majority of 5 star reviews really made me want to see this movie. Unbelievable! 5 Star Reviews . . . REALLY? That MUST be a reflection of the immaturity of the viewers or the sheer ignorance of the viewers, it's hard to tell.

    While the theme and concept are good, the reality of REALITY is just ignored and create success in each pivotal scene just absurd. They're just not even remotely plausible. Liam's character seems to be a combination of a Navy Seal, James Bond, Batman, and maybe a tinge of the six million dollar man who never misses a shot, escapes all harm . . . effortlessly and just ridiculously cannot be stopped by machine guns or anything else. This makes me want to see a science fiction movie just so I can get a plausible story line.

    Interesting!...more info
  • great movie. haven't seen one so good for a while
    great movie. haven't seen one so good for a while. but then, if your expectation is made too high, maybe you will get disappointed. so my recommendation is: this is one of the movies you probably don't want to miss....more info
  • Excellent Movie! Worth buying.
    This is one of the best movies that I have seen in a very long time. Excellent!...more info
  • Liam Neeson shines as an action hero
    Liam Neeson is a bit too old to be the star of an action movie. That's what I thought BEFORE I saw this movie. Luc Besson has made a fast-paced tightly woven film that picks up momentum rather fast and does not let go.

    As a retired CIA agent, Liam Neeson is quite convincing and more so as a really angry father who unleashes substantial mayhem among the bad guys in Paris.

    Well this movie is not as high budget as the Bourne Series but if you liked the Bourne style of film-making, you'll like this one....more info
  • Breathless Action Film that remains Human
    TAKEN is a fast paced, well designed and choreographed action thriller that details the return to duty of an intelligence man, whose career distanced him from his family, when his own daughter falls victim to the crime syndicate in Paris. The driver of this well written (Luc Besson! and Robert Mark Kamen), well directed (Pierre Morel) film is the non-stop violence filled mission of a desperate father whose skills at getting to the heart of a matter have not been diminished by his 'early retirement'.

    Liam Neeson is in grand form as Bryan Mills, the skilled and committed father who can out kill and out wit even the most vicious of the Albanian forces against whom he must struggle to save his kidnapped daughter from being sold into human slavery to an Arab sheik. The film moves so rapidly, with the skills of cinematographer Michel Abramowicz, that the various other characters who populate this drama scarcely have time to establish an identity (Famke Janssen, Radivoje Bukvic, Maggie Grace et al). The violence is constant but due to Bryan Mills' skills each death is so rapid that the camera doesn't linger There are scenes in the brothels where the drug induced young girls serve as prostitutes that are quite disturbing, but again the camera doesn't pause long enough to make them gruesome.

    This is a fine performance by Liam Neeson who demonstrates a mastery of the action roles that likely will lead to others in a similar vein. It is a wild ride, but a very fine one. Grady Harp, May 09...more info
  • Neeson Re-Bourne. (Pun totally intended)
    They don't make good action flicks like they used to. Nowadays everything is CGI matrix style (which I have no problem with) but sometimes, a guy kickin' butts and busting heads is extremely refreshing. Neeson's performance is superb. Flawless. This guy is like a hybrid between Jason Bourne and Jack Bauer. The sound in the movie is also awesome. If you have a good Home Theater system (How someone can own a Blu-Ray player and a have bad Home Theater system is beyond me), put this movie in your Blu-Ray player, get some popcorn and blast away. Let the neighbors complain. Who cares. Liam Neeson stole the show on this one....more info
  • off the hook
    this movie delivers everything, good story, action, and good acting! there really is nothing else to say but buy it or rent it it is worth it! it isnt drawn out to be two and a half hours for no reason and leaving you bored wishing it was over like a lot of these movies do nowadays. it gets to the point quick and runs quick which is what i like. one of the best surprise movies in a long time!...more info
  • Taken- Blu-ray
    I'm going to start off by saying that I really enjoy this movie and all of the great reviews are well deserved. The reason I've gone down the middle of the road with my rating is because of the poor transfer. When I buy Blu-ray I tend to expect a great picture. Taken has a little too much grain through most of the movie with the worst scenes being low-light situations (especially right after the construction site scene: at this point it looks like the movie was projected onto a rough tweed backdrop). If the filmmakers did this for effect it was a bad move because it takes me right out of the movie and gets me thinking about stupid things like transfers... Again, I liked this movie enough to buy the Blu-ray after I had already seen it, I just don't feel like I got what I paid for....more info
  • Don't Try This At Home
    Taken is a very well paced thriller about an ex-CIA field agent who shoots his way through Paris looking for his kidnapped daughter. Liam Neeson does a good job playing the father, who kills a whole bunch of white slavers in the film (Interpol, please take note) while dodging bullets like Max Payne.

    Despite the torture scene, I enjoyed this film. I actually wanted to see it in the theatre but it wasn't there for very long. I don't regret buying Taken since the DVD will be viewed more than once....more info
  • Realistic, fast-paced, and poignant
    Liam Neeson is literally back with a vengence. We've seen Liam in action before, notably so in Rob Roy, and even The Phantom Menace, but never at this level.

    At 56 years old, Liam proves he has not lost any of his edge. One of my favorite aspects of Taken is the realism. Of course, take that word with a grain of salt as I am talking comparitively. Compared to other actioners, Taken let's you believe what is happening could really happen. It is not so over-stylized that, while fun to watch, is not believeable. THis is due in large part to the coreography of the fights. Coreographer Olivier Schneider relies heavily on the reality based and brutal martial art of Silat. Silat is a no-nonsense martial art, with strikes that are meant to stop an attacker in his tracks, not to show off.

    This film has been compared a lot to Bourne Identity. Personally, I think Taken is better; for two reasons. First, it has more heart, and based on the very serious matter of trafficking. Second, the action scenes are not edited so quickly that you can't see what is happening. With Bourne, the fights are edited so quickly that you get the FEEL of action, without actually seeing as much of the techniques.

    As mentioned, I appreciate the awareness Taken brings to the very real problem of human trafficking, especially with young girls and the sex trade. The film is great action with a great story, and made that much better by exposing an important social justice issue. This is a movie anyone can love, not just action fans....more info
  • "Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you"
    I had my doubts like most other reviewers here upon watching this movie. However after i had watched this movie it was clear, the movie had exceeded all of my expectations. A fantastic top notch thriller.

    Liam Neeson play Bryan Mills a retired CIA agent who knows how to punch. He must call upon his past skills in order to save his daughter who has been kidnapped during a holiday in France by people traffickers. This is one of those things that is unfortunately very really and does happen.

    Here you see Liam Neeson in one of his finest forms yet (however he has aged considerably). The supporting cast is good, and includes Famke Janssen as Neeson's ex-wife and features a good lengthy back story which helps develop Nesson's character. This international thriller is a very dark gritty masterpiece featuring some of the coolest close combat fighting which is up there with the Bourne triology and backed up by some top notch camera work making this a very fast paced movie that is entertaining and well worth your money. Neeson does a great job at holding this movie together with his gravitas and emotional availability that make his character the usual action fantasy of impossible competence and righteous fury. An extremely entertaining thriller from the legendary writer/producer Luc Besson....more info
  • Action packed
    This movie is a great action flick. If you like the Bourne Identity, then you'll like this. Liam Neeson plays a former government spy who goes on a rampage in Europe, tracking down his kidnapped daughter. My only complaint is that there was not more footage of the ex-wife because she is a major hottie that I loved watching play Jean Grey on XMen.

    ...more info
  • Got Dendrites?
    This film has more holes than my Kuru-riddled brain.

    Treating a pernicious industry like the sex-slave-trade in a comic-book fashion is ludicrous and irresponsible. I've lived in SE Asia, working not in, but alongside crusaders fighting this sorry malignancy. I's only a movie. It's only the well from which our culture draws its knowledge.

    The good guy (Liam) has less dimension than a straight line: he is simply not believable and thus is never engaging. Liam is always liam, whether in kilts, Jedi rags, WWII garb, or Les Mis stripes. Abysmal, our movie icons.
    Anyway, the bad guys are NEVER shown being brutally bad, thus there is little reptilian satisfaction in their roastings, plumbings and guttings. Being one of the largest money-making businesses in the world, all of its prime-movers and lick-spittles are not morons, surely.

    The film allows the viewer to know only a spoiled, perfidious, reckless teen-aged where's the emotional investment for her plight?
    Her mother (bitter-bitchy-ignorant but beautiful and shapely) is ex to Prozac-Crack-Liam, trophy-wife to handsome, rich-as-Croesus indulgent step-sugar daddy? No stereotypes here. Briefcase full of valid passports, ID's in reflections, homicidal trucks, venal trusted friends, etc...all original themes.

    The final rewards are delivered at the endings (2)...landing at LAX, without a warm and fuzzy welcome from Interpol and the FBI? A singing audition for the air-headed kid? Did she learn nothing? Obviously a product of our public schools.
    Come on, Hollywood, work on your introductions and endings (and everything in between). For instance, how the hell did they get off the yacht (with the other girls...he can't hand them over to the authorities) and out of France, severely wounded, with the miscreants and the police hot on their spoor? There is a good story there. A great story. Getting back across the Pond and into the US without the daughter's passport could have been another challenge...well, all right, fictionalize THAT challenge. And finally, disappearing into the fabric of LA/USA/upper Chad with reasoned vigilance and disabling paranoia would have been a reasonable exit.

    You may enjoy the ride until there is a synaptic snap somewhere higher than your mesencephalon. If not, mark your territory again, just in case your essence is growing faint. Rehydrate yourself with another brew.
    The reason I bothered reviewing the thing is because I enjoyed it on a visceral level. I rue missed opportunities.

    ...more info