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Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone
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  • Great adventure
    This is a good old fashioned adventure, with some comedy and good natured suspense. We remember it from when it was released, but my 8 year old grandaughter loved it - she watched it twice! We are a little disappointed in the quality of the DVD; it does seem quite grainy and not much better picture that the VHS. ...more info
  • Review of Spacehunter
    Kind of like "Mad Max" in space. A sci-fi B movie but I find it entertaining. (But then I like Sci Fi B movies)...more info
  • yet another unexpected favorite coming to DVD
    After not expecting movies like "Krull" on DVD, here comes more good news. "Spacehunter" is coming to DVD on December 4!
    (Same day as the first Babylon 5 disc)
    Spacehunter will get the basic Columbia/Tristar DVD treatment:
    16x9 widescreen and Pan&scan, trailer, cast, crew and production
    notes, sound format still unknown(I don't know if they released
    it in a multi-channel format in 1984, but i'm guessing Dolby 4.0 or 4.1,but i'm basing this on another film on DVD from this time
    "Runaway" with Tom Selleck. At the very least we will get 2.0 mono or 2.0 stereo).
    Thanks to DVDFile for the heads up!...more info
  • Do they have any missing limbs?
    As we all know, Overdog is put off by scars, so make sure your Earth Girls don't have any or like as not he'll shove 'em in the Maze. He probably will anyway, especially if they're as cute as young Molly Ringwald......more info
  • Classic top-notch 80s B-movie
    I love this movie. Yes it is definitely a B-movie, but as a B-movie I think it's one of the great ones.

    It comes from the era when Mad Max and the Road Warrior were all the rage and so has the same "lost in a decaying forbidden zone" kind of feel.

    After trying to be a serious actor and starring in things like the TV mini-series "Rich Man, Poor Man", Peter Strauss' career obviously stalled, as by 1983 he was reduced to starring in B-grade fare like this. And Molly Ringwald, fresh from "The Facts of Life" and prior to her becoming the 80s teen movie queen, has never been more annoying -- which is just what the script called for her to be: an annoying, whiney early teen. And "Ghostbusters'" Ernie Hudson also shows up to round out our cast of heroes.

    This movie has everything -- from androids to sea monsters and mad scientists to amazons.

    The costuming and set design are also well done and imaginative, especially the ultra-cool villain Overdog (played to perfection by Michael Ironside) and his nightmarish death maze.

    If you're looking for meaningful or "serious" sci-fi you should probably look elsewhere. But if you're looking for some purely mindless entertainment which doesn't take itself too seriously and lets you just turn off your brain, chill out and be transported to another universe, this movie is perfect.

    A classic slice of 80s space-flavoured cheese!...more info
  • Adventures in the Moronic Zone...
    Way back in the early 80's we were still suffering from a glut of cruddy science fiction films trying to either emulate or capitalize of the successes of George Lucas' Star Wars films. Around that same time, a handful of films were released in 3D like Friday the 13th Part 3: 3D (1983), Jaws 3-D (1983), and this film, Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone (1983). Now, 3D technology, if done well, and properly shown, looks great (sometimes the process involved two, separate projectors to show two negatives at once, as long as the projectors were in sync, but that wasn't always the case), but it's more or less just a crummy gimmick to push a rotten film. The last time I saw a really good film in 3D was The House of Wax (1953), starring Vincent Price, at Chicago's Music Box Theater during a midnight showing on Halloween, involving a highly specialized projector, but I digress...

    Spacehunter (the Columbia/Tristar DVD release seems to have dropped the `Adventures into the Forbidden Zone' part as it was silly to begin with, but Amazon seems to have kept it in their listing of the title on their site...hee hee), directed by Lamont Johnson, whose career mostly consists of made for TV movies and episodes of various television programs (as I've said before, stick with what you know), lists six writers...that's right, I said six writers...with the main two being Len Blum and Daniel Goldberg, both of whom share writing credits for Meatballs (1979) and Stripes (1981), two really funny films, both produced by Ivan Reitman, who also produced Spacehunter. So let's sum up...Blum + Goldberg + Reitman + comedy = Good...Blum + Goldberg + Reitman + science fiction = Bad...very bad...and things only get worse from here...cast (or horribly miscast, in my opinion) in the film are serious actor Peter `Rich Man, Poor Man' Strauss (funny, I don't recall any other sci-fi films to his credit after this one), and the ever annoying Molly, I mean Ringwald, prior to her successes in a handful of John Hughes films, but currently resides in Hollywood's extensive `where are they now?' file. Also appearing are Ernie Hudson (Ghost Busters, The Crow), and Michael Ironside (Highlander II: The Quickening, Total Recall) as the main bad guy (oooh, that's a bit of inspired casting, since nearly every film I've ever seen him in he's played the bad guy).

    The film's plot, such as it is, involves a sort of bounty hunter named Wolff (the second F is some lame attempt at coolness, I suppose) played by Strauss, who learns of a reward for the recovery of three comely space maidens (bimbos), stranded on a distant planet when the space transport ship they were traveling on was completely destroyed due to some kind of snafu or other, and they were forced to flee in an escape craft. The planet they landed on, colonized many years ago, is infested with mutants and such as a plague has since transformed many of the original colonists, and now they are governed by a huge, cybernetic dictator named Overdog (Ironside), who has since captured the three women. As Wolff arrives on the planet, he meets Nikki the Twister (Ringwald), a human enough resident who claims she can help Wolff track the missing women in exchange for food. Wolff, Overdog, Nikki the Twister? Man, this film's got some dumb character names...along the way, the run into various characters, monsters, and various groups of mutants, all leading up to a final confrontation with Overdog and his lackeys. That's about it...

    First of all, I will say the studio that produced this film sure sunk a lot of money into the sets, location shots, and props. That's about as much credit I can give to the movie. The directing isn't bad, and neither is the acting, as the main problems the film has is within the casting, script, and plot. Strauss seems to be trying, but he never quite fits into place as the loner space jockey type. Ringwald is the worst, in my opinion, but then I've never really cared for her all that much anyway. She's woefully miscast here, trying to be a spunky, smart alecky, street-wise waif that's supposed to put us off at first, but then is supposed to grow on us as the film proceeds. That never happens, as she's just completely annoying throughout, especially with her incredibly stupid moron-speak similar to that used by the lost children in Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome (1985). It was kinda cute in that film, but not so here. Ringwald is at her best when playing what she knows, the whiny, self-important, snobby, bratty, stuck up suburban high school princess, as was the case in many of her John Hughes films, but here she's completely out of her element, as the limits of her range as an actress do not extend very far. Ironside is wasted here, as he is buried under so much prosthetics. Some actors can make it work, like Karloff as Frankenstein's monster, but then Ironside is no Karloff. The plot drifts aimlessly from one stupid encounter to another, with scenes meant to display a budding relationship between Wolff and Nikki, but it was hard to maintain interest regardless of what was happening. Not only that, but there's a creepy, underlying sexual vibe throughout the film, between Wolff and Nikki, Nikki and Overdog, and Overdog and the bimbos, one that didn't help me any getting through the film.

    The picture on this DVD is wide screen of sorts, and looks kind of shabby, as evidence of age has begun to affect the negative. Also, the tones are drab, making the film look pretty dull and lifeless. There is also a full frame version available here, on the flipside of the DVD. As far as special features go, there are three trailers for other films, Krull, Men in Black, and Starship Troopers and that's it...

    ...more info
  • Don't buy it Until they Clean it Up!!!!!
    I enjoyed the movie alot but I could of enjoyed more but I got distracted many times on how bad the quality of the DVD was. It's very grainy in 95% of the movie and the other 5% was very good....just can't understand on why the company that copy these DVD's do not due a quality check....very disappointed....more info
  • A superior film of the 80's
    Ah, a classic movie that deserves nothing but praise. From the special effects, to the drama of a middle aged man and his relationship with a prepubescent girl.

    Our hero (Peter Strauss) goes to a forbidden planet to rescue three space vixens from the clutches of an evil being that can only be described as monstrous. He is bald and attached by the head to something that looks like the mecahnical arms the paint cars at the GM plant. His hands are huge tri-claws. His only real purpose is to laugh a lot and look grimacing. In the end he dies while trying to 'steal the youth' of the young Molly.

    In the beginning of the flick we have a real nice, low-budget 'Mad Max' type battle, but it picks up and moves on to greater things; a black dude joins up with them, but really has no purpose in the story, babies throw explosives down on them from the clifftops, the 'Death Maze' is the ultimate game show from hell, and our villian is a pervert who prefers his women to be undressed 'sl-o-o-o-o-wly' in front of him.

    If this movie could possibly be any better, Mr. T and Nell Carter would have to do a cameo as guardians of the Neptune Moon Tressure....more info

  • One of the worst space movies ever made
    I don't even understand why this movie was made. Don't buy this DVD. It only fans the flame for bad hollywood writing.

    If you are looking for a movie that could be compared to the worse episode of the A-Team, then pick up this piece of junk.

    Writing: poor
    Special Effects: dismal
    Acting: awful...more info

  • It is pretty bad, even for a B movie
    This movie is so bad that it is almost fun, not quite but almost. The movie is about a down on his luck adventurer/bounty hunter named Wolff (Peter Strauss) who must find three beauties who have been stranded on a planet and captured by some weirdo named Overdog (Michael Ironside). Along the way Wolff meets up with Nikki (Molly Ringwald) who is a local urchin who agrees to help him for food. I won't bore you with anymore about the plot, because there isn't any more.

    This movie should of been a career killer to everyone involved so I'm guessing that Ringwald already had signed the contract for Sixteen Candles and well, Peter Strauss' career is what it is. In the end I would pass on this film unless you have a desire to see what Molly Ringwald did before she was a famous or unless you are a lover of really bad B movies. Why this never showed up on MST 3000 I will never know....more info
  • Spazz-hunter...
    Three years after "Facts of Life," but a year away from her triumphant role in "Sixteen Candles," Molly Ringwald finds herself the prisoner of some tricked-out bum named Overdog on a junk planet that looks like Fred Sanford's backyard. Peter Strauss, the poor man's Richard Chamberlain, plays the poor man's Han Solo (or Lone Starr, if you prefer) and tries to rescue her.

    Yes, "Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone" is low-budget fun directed by Lamont Johnson. According to the IMDb, Johnson once played Tarzan on radio. With this movie, he shows a keen radio performer's eye for cinema. Ripping off "Star Wars" and "Road Warrior" and featuring more rickety metal garbage than any four episodes of TLC's "Junkyard Wars," this flick has a spunky little heart but little else to offer.

    Ringwald would go on to become John Hughes' teen muse and the undisputed 80s teen comedy queen, usually playing upper middle class girls dating sexless, nonthreatening gimps like Andrew McCarthy. Here, she's a punky little spitfire who needs a bath and a shave. Come to think of it, she IS the spunky little heart of this movie. The rest of it can go to hell! But I kid "Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone." It's a silly movie with a clumsy title, yet worth watching with friends some drunken evening. But please- try not to confuse "Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone" with "Metalstorm: the Destruction of Jared Synn." They both have colons in their titles, and promise things like "adventures," "destruction" and "Jared Synn."

    But only "Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone" has Molly Ringwald being tortured by Michael Ironside. Ask for it by name!...more info
  • Perfect. I swear.
    This movie freaking rules. When I was a kid it was on every time I was sick home from school, on public TV, at about noon. It was very consistent. I TRUST THIS MOVIE. Buy it. It will always be there for you in times of need and is perfect with soup and kleenex and a couch....more info
  • Great Sci-fi classic
    This is agreat sci-fi movie, anyone who likes the movies more into the "Mad Max" scenerio will love this. Given the year it was made the special effects are not bad, the plot is simple, lots of action, heroics and almost cheesy hero music.

    You can't expect a sci-fi flick to be a masterpiece of cinema world, its for entertaiment. You have 3 maidents with huge 80's hair do's who need rescuing. We have a lone star hero is in debt and will rescue the maidents for the reward. Some interfernace from the maniacal evil scientist turned life sucking cyborg. AND the cuttest chick Molly Ringwald! Her character actually develops through the movie from an screaming brat to something more serious ( could show more skin though).

    This movie has the perfect post apocaliptic feel, with kinda William Gibson theme. You have trains with viking sails, lasers, steam powered plows, spaceships that burry underground, mutants, zombie like creatures, cyborgs, amazons and lots of action.

    The movie kept me plastered to the screen for the whole movie and I will watch it again and again. A definate must see/have for anyone who likes science fiction movies. ...more info
  • not for all taste,but i really liked it
    ok,so this isn't the best sci-fi movie ever but it really is fun,if you can get into it. this adventure looks like a cross between "road warrior" and "alien" as it tells the story of a bounty hunter wolfe(peter strauss,tring hard but just not han solo) landing on a planet ravaged by plage to rescue three ladies who crashed there and are being held hostage by the strangest villian ever overdog(michael ironside(looking like a borg and being a grade a ham)! young molly ringwald is on hand as is ernie hudson to help strauss get the girls back.slow in places and some really strange encounters with the planets other citizens make it a mixed bag,but as i said if you can get into the spirit of fun you may find that you like this one also! give it a try! ...more info
  • Popcorn Sci-Fi Fun
    Ah... the joys of pulp-science fiction. To experience the kind of stories more often found in old comic books come on the big screen can be confusing to some, but not this comic book fan. Spacehunter, along with movies like Star Wars and Flash Gordon, uses a tried and true model reminiscent of the classic Saturday morning serials. In spite of it's B-rated budget and content Spacehunter still comes out a winner.

    You can see the main influences come from the post apocalyptic genre of movies like The Road Warrior, but the space opera genre is still strong with dastardly villians, brave heroes, damsels in distress, and all that. Add a sprinkle of adventure and you pretty much get the recipe of Spacehunter.

    In a single word, Spacehunter is fun. The content is light and not thought provoking, but at the same time not overly simplified. You will catch some lame terminologies like 'mega space credits' and some of the spaceships look like they were made from styrofoam, but at least those shortcomings are few. Special effects work well enough and compliment the story instead of detracting from it. The props and technology range from "what?" to "cool". Gun props aren't overdone with odd accessories and the attachments they do use work well with the pace of the movie. I particularly enjoyed that mini missile launcher. Vehicles are kinda neat, and most of them are smart designs. Gotta love Wolfe's Scrambler.

    The acting from the main characters is what sets this B-movie apart from most. Every one of them gave subtle and believable performances that were a very pleasant difference from most B-list science fictions. Molly Ringwald does a great job in her big screen debut as the lovable yet bratty Nikki. Peter Strauss does the standard Saturday matinee hero with style, and the hero/sidekick chemistry between Strauss and Ringwald was a treat to behold. Like I said, pretty much the entire main cast of characters made the movie as good as it is.

    The DVD itself pretty much gives you the movie and that's about it. No special features or dynamic dolby audio. Just the movie and some scene selections. So keep that in mind when deciding to drop some coin on owning a copy.

    I recommend Spacehunter for anybody who wants a good popcorn sci-fi flick that's not too violent or vulgar, but still wrought with low budget entertainment. Keep in mind it was made as a 3-D movie so some takes were made to fly off the screen, but of course won't. This movie is not meant to be taken seriously. If you're the type of person who can love a movie that's light on serious sci-fi content but chunky on the fun give Spacehunter a shot.

    ...more info
  • I love this movie
    Yes, that's right: five stars. It's a five star B movie, and one of my favorites. My dream is that some day they will figure out a way to release these old 3-D movies on DVD for home viewing. But whether or not they get it in 3-D, I hope someday to see this on DVD. "Spacehunter" is a total cheesefest, but brilliant in it's own way. It's my favorite of all of the "forbidden zone" mutant type movies. There are all sorts of strange deformed creatures running around that were created by a mad scientist. The best part is Michael Ironside, who is awesome as the Overdog, who is the head mutant of this particular forbidden zone. He runs a death maze the he feeds beautiful women into to see if they can survive. Best line: "I like her. I like her for the maze!" Check it out....more info
  • SPACEHUNTER-Pretty in Pink meets Mad Max meets Star Wars
    SPACEHUNTER: ADVENTURES IN THE FORBIDDEN ZONE is decent B-Movie fare that, on the surface,seems like the two leads were miscast. However,even though Peter Strauss and Molly Ringwald play against type, somehow pull it off. The story has just enough camp, humor, and cheesy action that's not too over the top so the audience can escape long enough to enjoy this sci-fi adventure. Peter Strauss plays a space mercenary from earth (Wolff) out to rescue a group of earth women kidnapped to serve an evil ruler, Overdog (Micheal Ironside-STARSHIP TROOPERS) of a desert planet's "forbidden zone". Along the way, he picks up a orphan named Niki (Ringwald) and joins forces with one of his mercenary competitors Washington (Ernie Hudson - GHOSTBUSTERS). Most of the story deals with the trio trying to get to the forbidden zone and various narrow escapes and their run-ins with various life forms and weird mechanical vehicles and machinery. Overall, okay sci-fi entertainment that tries not to be space opra but is just pure campy escapism with two leads who seem to be out of their element....more info