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Child Locator by Brickhouse Security with Distance Alert (As Featured in the Duracell Ad) Child Locator Device
List Price: $299.99

Our Price: $189.99

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Product Description

Locate Your Wandering Children Anywhere As featured in the newest Duracell "Power To Protect" campaign, The BrickHouse Locator is an innovative product because it is both preventative and problem-solving. It not only helps you locate your child, but it also alerts you if your child is wandering too far. Using Locate Mode, the on-screen directional display and audio guidance will lead you to your child. The device beeps faster as you get closer, letting you know when you are near. Children tend to wander in busy public places, where it can be a challenge for parents to keep an eye on them. If your children wander, don't panic, just grab The BrickHouse Child Locator and find them, fast. Simply attach a small Tag to your children's shoes, jacket, or backpack, and let the homing device lead you to their location in seconds. The BrickHouse Child Locator alerts you the instant your child leaves the safety zone. The portable tracking device will beep, vibrate, and visually lead you to the Tag quickly and easily. As an added safety precaution, your child can press the Panic Button to alert you of an emergency.

  • Locate Your Wandering Child Anywhere
  • Get Alerts When Your Children Wander Too Far
  • Includes 4 Locator Tags (1 being a Panic Tag)
  • Very Easy to Use, Portable Indoor/Outdoor Design
  • Click Here to see it featured in a Duracell Commercial:

Customer Reviews:

  • Doesn't work!!!
    We bought this for our daughter who loves to play outside. My husband bought it before I had a chance to read the reviews on Amazon. I started to get worried when I read the reviews! When we got it I had trouble putting the battery compartment cover back on. It was so cheap I thought it was going to break. The bottom of the unit even started to detach from itself. Once I got the unit assembled with batteries, I went outside and put the locator in the armband (also a big waste of money). I went out to the street and it couldn't locate the tag which was only 50 feet away. I am returning this today. Also on the website, they MODERATE the comments so that's why all you see is positives.

    ...more info
  • Not all of these reviews are legitimate
    It is obvious that the two reviews that give this 5 stars are written by the company that sells them. I have been looking for info on this product on numerous web sites and have seen the exact same reviews there also. Based on this I cannot recommend this product...more info
  • I've been ripped off !!! SCAMMED ! They won't refund my money!!
    What a piece of Junk, Performs so poorly that it's useless.

    Watch out for their 5 DAY return policy. !!!! It will easily take you that long to figure out that the unit is junk.

    Buy the one made by ION-Kids, works much better.

    Here's an excerpt from the letter I sent to my credit card company...

    The reason I wanted to return the product in the first place is that it just works very poorly. They claim it works up to 600 feet but I found it be unreliable not even 100 feet away. The unit operates very slowly, a series of beeps that you have to listen to, trying to distinguish a change in tone as you spin around. Well I tried this outside and you have to spin very slowly, and with the tag only 60 feet away, it was hard to discern in which direction was true, even when I KNEW where the tag was. They also market this product in a deceptive manner. The display has three lines radiating out which suggests that they give you some kind of directional information but they don't. There's no need for three lines, they all behave the same, they just grow and shrink according to the signal strength. I also noticed that as I'm spinning around trying to find out which direction to head, when my body is positioned between the tag and the locator, the signal drops off. This is when I know where the tag is, if the child's location is indeed unknown, this loss of signal only adds to the confusion.

    The net result is that at no more than 60 feet away, in the clear open, the unit is barely capable of discerning direction. The LCD display is dim and hard to read even on an overcast day, and probably near impossible on a sunny day. These can't be all defects with this particular unit, but more likely just an overall poor design. This is why I wanted to return it. I have since done some research to learn that many people have the same complaint.

    I have since then bought a different unit from Ion-Kids, for roughly the same price. The unit does exactly what one would expect a child locator to do; tell you in which direction your child is located. The unit actually shows on the display in a 360 degree display exactly which direction to head in. The tag is also waterproof. Not like the Brickhouse tag where for an extra $10 they sell you this silly little silicone cover which does nothing except maybe protect it from the occasional rain drop
    ...more info
  • Junk!
    Don't buy this item. The Return policy is terrible. You have to get an RMA within 5 days or you're screwed like I am. The product doesn't work as advertised. It does not clearly tell you which direction to go in to find your child (or other tagged item). Your child will be long gone while you're spinning in circles trying to determine which way to go....more info
  • This is crap will try to get money back
    Very unhappy!!!
    I went to Disney World for vacation with the family, I tried to use it as a test very lousy results. Do not waste your money....more info
  • Works as advertized. Mom approved A++++
    When I bought this, they told me that its not meant to just tag your children and let them run aimlessly, but rather use the alert mode for if I happen to lose sight of them... which is what I did.. and sure enough my 5 yo was right by my side in the store, I turned to ask the stock guy a question, next thing you know my pocket was vibrating. I took out the locator and found him in seconds, hiding in the clothes rack. If I didnt have it, I know i would have been going crazy looking for him and making a store announcement in a panic. Not this day. Great product. A+++++++ This mother approves!...more info
  • The Brickhouse Locator does not work as advertised!
    I bought the Brickhouse Child Locator to use on my cats. The first time I tried it, I found that it DID NOT track them unless they were already in line of site. When outside, I was in the front yard and my cat was in the back yard, but the Locator could not tell me which direction to go to find him. I then went thru Brickhouse's complicated process to get a Return Authorization Number and returned the unit, but still not within their 5 day window, so I asked for an exchange. There is no place to specify what you want in exchange, so I put a separate note in the box with the original unit. Weeks later, I got another Locator. I called Customer Service and was told I would have to PAY to return the second Locator, then BUY the item I wanted in "exchange," before they would issue me a credit for my original purchase. Instead, I REFUSED the 2nd Locator and sent it back at their expense with another note re the item I wanted. Last week, I received an email saying ANOTHER Locator was being shipped to me. I explained that I wanted the other item in exchange. NOW their Customer Service Manager (Tom Duffy) says that the original Locator I returned had water damage, so they're returning it to me! I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND DOING BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT CUSTOMER SERVICE IS, LET ALONE "GOOD" CUSTOMER SERVICE!...more info