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Premier Twist and Treat
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The first and only two-piece rubber chew toy with adjustable treat dispensing. The adjustable opening allows for a variety of treats and can be twisted wider for easier access to treats or tighter for longer playtime. Small size - Ideal for dogs less than 20lbs. Breeds such as Miniatures, Terriers, etc.

Customer Reviews:

  • great toy, but not good for bully dogs
    i think this would be a great toy for most dogs, but not mine! it is a great tool for mental stimulation, but our 1 yr old pitbull mix had a chunk eaten out of it in less than 5 minutes. so, i you have a strong jawed dog, this probably isn't for you....more info
  • Great idea but not super durable
    We have a chihuahua mix who loves to chew and although this toy is still intact, there are deep puncture marks everywhere and the rubber is coming off in small chunks. The kong is definitely stronger but it's too easy too get treats out of it! This product is great because on days when I'm going to be gone for a long time I can put in small things like peanuts or cereal and twist it as tight as it will go, making extraction of the treats difficult and time-consuming. It's a cool toy but definitely lacks what it takes to hold up to even a small chewer....more info
  • NOT for power chewers
    What self-respecting mid-size dog isn't a power chewer? I have a 36 lb. border collie mix and she chewed large chunks off this within 5 minutes, perhaps less. It's a nice idea, though to keep them busy. The smaller ones may be good for smaller dogs but there is no point to the larger sizes; the material is much too soft. Get this if your mid-sized dog is elderly and mentally focused but can only gum things....more info
  • Great for Small Dogs
    This is our Bichon's favorite toy. We smear cheese on the inside and then put treats in and she can spend all day picking out the pieces. She is an aggressive chewer and has sharp teeth, but she has not damaged the rubber. The Kong was too easy for her. The Twist n' Treat gives you the opportunity to really customize the difficulty of treat-retrieval. She gets so excited to see this toy that we have to be sneaky in order to take it away!...more info
  • What a great way to keep him busy...
    We bought the small Twist & Treat for our Shiba Inu puppy. He really likes to nose-it around to get his dinner, which keeps him busy while we can eat our dinner in peace. The only con is that it is a little too small for all of his food, so we have to keep refilling it. We will probably purchase the larger size in the near future :-)...more info
  • Thumbs up from the Dog
    As long as there is a treat inside the dog won't put it down. Really seems to enjoy playing it with to get the treat. It's a nice toy to occupy the dog when you when you need to get something done. All kinds of treats can go inside, some are easier than others to remove but they all work....more info
  • occupied
    I am always searching for toys that will keep my labradoodle busy for longer than 5 seconds. The Twist'N Treat was a terrific discovery. He adores it and has spent hours chewing in search of the treats. Strongly recommended!...more info
  • Great Toy!
    This is a great toy to keep the pup busy... I wouldnt say its "hours of (constant) fun", but it sure does keep him occupied on and off for a few hours. I guess he gets frustrated and then leaves it and goes back to try to get the treat out.

    the ability to put different size treats in there is great....more info
  • My Dog Didn't Like It
    We were giving our dog a Kong Stuff a Ball - Small when he would go into his crate when we leave. Eventually the ball started deteriorating. It got a lot of use. So we decided to give this a try and it didn't work out well. Usually when we got back home the treats were still in there because he could not get them out and was frustrated with it. When trying to use smaller treats or loosening the toy they just come out to easy. It might work better for others but did not work for me. We ended up getting another of the same kong ball....more info
  • my dog loves this
    took a couple of days of leaving it slightly open for her to figure it out, but now we put kibbles or carrots in here and she's busy for about a half hour. she seems to enjoys the challenge and the treats!...more info
  • Great kibble dispenser
    We were looking for a better kibble dispenser than the Hartz toy we picked up at the supermarket (similar to Hartz Oogies Dog Toy, Medium (Colors Vary)). The Hartz toy required a lot of squeezing and manipulation to get the kibble out, until we cut away the little rubber flaps, and then the kibble just poured out. Plus, it's difficult to fill.

    The Twist-A-Treat has simple construction: just unscrew one side from the other side to fill, then tighten it as much as you like. The width of the gap between the two halves determines how fast the kibble falls out -- there are two notches in each side that make a little more space for kibble to fall through. It looks easy to clean, although I haven't yet washed it.

    Our dog quickly got the hang of rolling this around the floor, and it's entertaining to watch him in action. Of course you'll want to use this on a hard surface, not on carpet. The medium size holds about half a cup. We liked it so much, we also bought the large size, which holds about a cup.

    My dog does not treat this toy as a chew toy, so I can't speak to the durability. If your dog starts damaging it, I would recommend you simply take the toy away once the dog empties the kibble from it....more info
  • Scottie loves this item
    We got this for our super chewing Scottie puppy when she was about 6 months old as we were looking for ways to entertain her. She LOVED this item. We kept it loose in the beginning so that the kibble would come out easily until she knew what to do with it. Then we kept making the lid tighter. She is now over 1 year old and this is still her favorite toy. I would highly recommend this item for dogs with a high degree of curiosity!...more info
  • Warps!
    I was really excited about these toys at first... my dogs really liked them and they presented a fun new challenge for them. Only a few months after purchasing, they started to warp and wouldn't screw back together. I don't have a dishwasher... so I don't know why they did this. I had purchased some for friends and family's dogs and they ran into the same problem. Really disappointing. ...more info
  • Better than Kongs
    I have two 3-month-old dachshund mix puppies and they LOVE this treat-dispensing toy. They have sensitive stomachs and are kind of finicky, so my vet recommended I give them their kibble as treats. I've put their kibble in this and in kongs, and they prefer this toy--it's a bit more consistent, I think, in dispensing treats, and it also has a wackier wobble pattern (kongs just go in circles). It's also great because you can adjust how readily the treats come out. When the puppy is first introduced to it, have it on a loose setting so a lot of kibble comes out. As the puppy gets used to it and figures out how it works, set it on a tighter setting so less comes out, and keeps the pup engaged for longer. Great toy! ...more info
  • Great toy.
    My pugs love this toy. Very easy to fill and a nice feature to control amt of kibble that comes out. Would recommend....more info
  • My dog loves this!
    I've been feeding my dog some of her meals in this toy. It's great fun for her, and it keeps her from gulping down her food in 2 seconds. This is much more entertaining for her than a Kong....more info
  • Not for Strong Chewers
    I have a 65lb shepard/lab mix who is a strong chewer. My dog loved this toy when i put treats in it, but within a couple of times she ripped chunks off the top making the toy useless. At first, she would roll the toy around to make the treats fall out, and then she got tired of doing that and just ripped the whole thing open. My dog can chew through a medium sized(10") rawhide in a couple of hours....more info
  • Busy Buddy Twist and Treat
    This is a great product. The only thing that might make it better is if it were made with more durable rubber like a Kong. As it is now, I just have to take it away from my dog once the food is gone so he doesn't demolish it (he is a VERY stong chewer). He will be busy pushing it around the room eating his dinner for at least 15 minutes and then I'll fill it up again. Overall no complaints except that it could be more durable....more info
  • Rip off!!!
    My 55 pound lab destroyed this within 2 minites. Not durable at all. Don't waste your money. ...more info
  • Keeps My Buddy Busy
    I bought this to help my rat terrier mix stay busy while I did homework. He loves it! I put peanut butter in it first then later some little treats and he went to town! He has destroyed a lot of toys, but this one seems to be just right for him!...more info
  • Great Idea ...Poor Execution
    I bought this for my two year old mini aussie. She likes to tear things apart, but in general it takes her several days to destroy a flimsy squeaky toy, however the twist and treat did not last more than a hour. I had great hope for the twist and treat and envisioned it as something that would keep my dog occupied for short periods of time. She took it out of my hand ripped it apart and had the treats out right away. I was out $10 bucks with nothing to show for it. My dog is not destructive nor an aggressive chewer, and she simply ripped the thing apart. I will never ever buy this again for her....more info
  • Toy
    You can only fit a limited size treat in the product. My puppy was excited at first then lost interest after the 3-4 time. Good idea that just needed a little more design....more info
  • small dog can damage it easily
    I have a 15lb minpin who chewed chunks out of this within 5 mins... its not for strong/powerful chewers, at all. I'll stick with the bustercube thats plastic!...more info
  • Too Much to Little
    The concept is neat, but I couldn't adjust the toy to let the treats out correctly. Either nothing came out or all the treats came out at once. I have other treat and food dispencing toys that are more user friendly....more info
  • Not for strong chewers
    My 25 pound Beagle ate through the toy within an hour to reach the treats. I'd refrain from buying this if your dog likes chew toys such as nylabone....more info
  • Helps my dog stay busy and focused
    I got 2 of these, and one was defective, wouldn't screw down all the way. The one that works is Great! My dog loves it, and pushes it around with his nose gleefully. I got it to help keep him busy when I am work because he has seperation anxiety, and I want him to have things to keep his mind off his stress. It didn't cure him, but I think it helps, and he loves playing with it when people don't have the energy to entertain him! I definitely recommend it, but an aggressive chewer will probably tear through it. ...more info
  • Raw hide twists.
    Economical and a favorite with all my dogs. Not big enough to
    obstruct or to gum up forelegs. I buy 6 or 7 bags at a time to
    save on shipping....more info
  • Great toy for medium chewers and interactive puzzles
    I recently purchased the 4" version of the Busy Buddies - Twist 'N Treats interactive treat dispenser and I'm pretty impressed.

    It's two piece, hard rubber design allows for quick access to both owners and dogs alike, as well as simple cleanup and durability. Basically the two parts of the 'dome' screw into each other by a central core and can be adjusted to allow for various size treats to be dispensed through two side access points once aligned.

    The toy itself is made of a very durable and tough rubber, somewhat similar to that of 'Kong' toys, and it's slightly oblong shape allows for both a good grip in your dogs mouth as well as promising not to roll away like a ball when your dog plays with it. I'm a bit surprised at reading other reviews that their dogs have been able to break chunks off or destroy. I consider my 22 lb mini-schnauzer a power chewer for his size, and so far the toy has faired much better than most others, but I do watch and don't leave him with it for hours once he's done getting the goodies. In my opinion, the rubber has been durable and after some exhaustive play with it already, I have seen no signs of wear or tear that I've witnessed in so many other so-called durable that my Schnauzer has destroyed within minutes.

    Very small slits on both parts of the 'dome' allow for your pooch to sniff at the treats inside, and encourages them to 'figure out' the puzzle that promises delicious goodness. The packaging material says it is dishwasher safe and in addition to kibble and other hard treats says you can place peanut-butter or other spreads inside. I'll stick with the hard kibble and treats to dispense as it actually may be hard for your dog to get the 'spread', and more of it may end up on your floor and carpet as the toy is shuffled around. As far as cleanup goes, it is very easy to do with just warm water and mild soap.

    There is only one color option: purple. That seems to be the standard color for all Busy Buddies toys, and it may be nice to get a little variety in, even though I'm sure your dog won't care.

    Pricing is very reasonable and has already lasted much longer than many other more expensive 'durable' toys. I recommend this toy to help break boredom, encourage alone time exercise, and as the owner, you are in complete control of what and how much of a treat is dispensed. But once it's empty, I'd encourage you to remove it as a general 'toy' and save it for a special 'reward' time...perhaps for the other reviewers it may have lasted much longer.
    ...more info
  • works well, but not beagle proof
    This was a great toy for the first few minutes. You unscrew the two sides to put the treat in, screw it back together and the treats come out little gaps in the side. That part works well.

    Our beagle figured out how to unscrew the darn thing pretty quickly though. The 2nd time I gave it to her, she had it unscrewed in less than a minute and had eaten the contents. She's a pretty smart cookie (when she's determined to be) so we are having trouble finding a toy she can't beat within minutes....more info