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Schwinn Joyrider Bicycle Trailer (Red/Gray)
List Price: $429.99

Our Price: $321.95

You Save: $108.04 (25%)


Product Description

  • Durable domed aluminum frame for roomy comfort includes a swivel wheel for conversion to a stroller
  • Quickly converts to a jogging stroller with 16" swivel wheel kit (sold separately)
  • Rear storage area holds extra wheel or personal gear
  • Zippered weather shield and sunshade for extra weather protection
  • 20? lightweight alloy wheels push or pull easily, Easily converts to a stroller with included kit, Traditional jogging stroller design offers high performance
  • Folds compactly and quick release wheels come off for easy trunk storage
  • Parent tray and pockets for snacks and drinks, Comfortable and adjustable handle for an effortless run
  • Roomy and adjustable canopy for plenty of sun protection, Spacious underseat basket for all your extra gear
  • Secure child harness and cockpit, plus shocks for added comfort, Seats one child up to 50 lbs

Customer Reviews:

  • too big for a one year old
    Very easy to pull, great as a stroller and a jogging stroller but it is too big for my 1yo who is (67perc.). I have to put a pillow behind him and under him to raise him up a bit. Otherwise, the seat belt is by his ears. Not too safe!...more info
  • SO HAPPY!!!!
    I spent a while researching which bike trailer to buy. I come from the mindset that I would rather purchase "up" than get a cheap one that my 3 year old will want to get out of in 20 minutes. I looked at Burley and Charriots but they were a bit out of my price range (considering I am done having kids so it is for my son only). I read a lot of reviews on the Joyrider and I am not at all disappointed. It was so easy to assemble. It was a 1-2-3 process and it was assembled. I have used it as a stroller and a bike trailer and my son has loved both type of rides. The only feedback that I would give to someone who is looking at this as a trailer and a jogger (you have to buy the jogging wheel separately) is is awfully heavy for a jogger. I have the BOB Ironman as a jogger which weighs about half of what the Joyrider weighs. The Joyrider makes for a great durable stroller with the small front wheel (that comes with it). If you are a new parent and are looking for long term and want a combo jogger/trailer, then I would suggest you splurge and get a Charriot (considering I spent a total of $800 now for both my Ironman jogger and Joyrider, getting a Charriot isn't more of a splurge). But if you want a great trailer and fun walking stroller, then you will not be disappointed with the Joyrider. Bonus: the Joyrider comes with its own accessories like the rain/weather shield and a parent console have to pay extra for those things for other trailers. ...more info
  • it was ok
    Thought this looked londer and taller than others but it must just be the shape that gives the illusion my son was too tall his head touched the top and when you opened it it would hit his head he is 4 but pretty tall for his age. I saw that people complained about the weight but thought I'm not a wimp and maybe it would help me shape up I was so glad when my son wanted to turn around and go home after a mile. Also it was pretty wide would not fit out my front door. It was well made, just wish it would not been so heavy I mught have kept it for my daughter....more info
  • Thing is great!
    Thing is great got nothing to say except its Great! Well made and worth the money!...more info
  • Great stroller.
    This stroller is great! There is tons of storage. It is very comfortable for my children(my 10 month old sleeps in it all the time). It is very easy to put together. It just barely does not fit through some single doors, but I just pop a wheel off and fit through fine. I LOVE having the weather guard because I can go out on a windy chilly day and the children are still toasty warm.
    There was a problem with the stroller that Amazon sent me, but I contacted Schwinn and they were very courteous. There is a five year limited manufacturers warranty and they do stand by it. It was really a no hassle experience to get things worked out, besides that I had to be patient and wait for the new stroller to come.
    All in all I love this stroller! ...more info
  • Stylish and Easy to Use
    I bought this one because I admit I liked how it looked. I looked at some in stores and this is the only one that had padded seats. I am not in shape right now and bought this so I could get in shape. Most of the reviews complain about the weight. Honestly I didn't even notice it behind me (I rode for 40 minutes with no problems.) It turns extremely easy, both directions.

    I love that it comes with a stroller wheel and that the tow arm tucks neatly away in stroller form. (I always thought it looked tacky on other trailers when you could clearly see it was a trailer turned stroller with the tow arm in front and tiny wheel to convert to stroller.) It is very easy to convert back and forth.

    I noticed that others say it is too big to fit through a door. Yes it doesn't fit with it open but if you fold it (much easier than removing the wheels as other reviews have said) then it easily fits through. I just fold it, carry it out to my bike and attach it. That is another nice thing it folds so it can be put away easily.

    Both my girls love it. The only problem we have is when we stop and they want to keep going....more info
  • Love it but...
    I like the trailer because of the safety and comfort features. My baby girl falls asleep just about every time we go out. The problem that I have is that it doesn't always fold right a way when I press the (Red) button. Since the trailer is so big leaving it unfoled is not usually an option unless you take off the wheels. I did what I had to do and took off the wheels and wedged it through my average sized front door. My trailer is currently in the middle of my living room (unfolded) with the wheels off because I was too tired to fight with it. If anyone can tell me what I'm doing wrong please tell me. ...more info