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Iron Man (Ultimate Two-Disc Edition + BD Live) [Blu-ray]
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Product Description

Marvel Iron Man (2-Disc) (Blu-ray) Suit up for action with Robert Downey Jr. in the ultimate adventure movie you've been waiting for, "Iron Man"! When jet-setting genius-industrialist Tony Stark is captured in enemy territory, he builds a high-tech suit of armor to escape. Now, he's on a mission to savethe world as a hero who's built, not born, to be unlike any other. Co-starring Gwyneth Paltrow, Terrence Howard and Jeff Bridges, it's a fantastic, high-flying journey that is "hugely entertaining" (Joe Morgenstern, The Wall Street Journal).

You know you're going to get a different kind of superhero when you cast Robert Downey Jr. in the lead role. And Iron Man is different, in welcome ways. Cleverly updated from Marvel Comics' longstanding series, Iron Man puts billionaire industrialist Tony Stark (that's Downey) in the path of some Middle Eastern terrorists; in a brilliantly paced section, Stark invents an indestructible suit that allows him to escape. If the rest of the movie never quit hits that precise rhythm again, it nevertheless offers plenty of pleasure, as the renewed Stark swears off his past as a weapons manufacturer, develops his new Iron Man suit, and puzzles both his business partner (Jeff Bridges in great form) and executive assistant (Gwyneth Paltrow). Director Jon Favreau geeks out in fun ways with the hardware, but never lets it overpower the movie, and there's always a goofy one-liner or a slapstick pratfall around to break the tension. As for Downey, he doesn't get to jitterbug around too much in his improv way, but he brings enough of his unpredictable personality to keep the thing fresh. And listen up, hardcore Marvel mavens: even if you know the Stan Lee cameo is coming, you won't be able to guess it until it's on the screen. It all builds to a splendid final scene, with a concluding line delivery by Downey that just feels absolutely right. --Robert Horton

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Customer Reviews:

  • Iron Man the movie
    I was very happy with the movie over all and how quikly it arrived. There were a little bit of scrattes but nothing to ruin the movie. Thanks for the service....more info
  • Iron-Blu-Man
    This movie started the summer with a BANG, one of my favorite all time comic book movie. Robert Downey, Jr. is great playing Ironman, didn't think he could pull it off. Great cast & special effects. It is a must have in everyone's blu-ray library. Video/Audio quality - EXCELLENT!!!, it will blow everyone's sight & hearing away. Highly recommend it. Enjoy Folks!...more info
  • Really Fun Movie! Highly Recommended
    "Iron Man" is a really fun movie that doesn't take itself too seriously. Casting Robert Downey Jr as the very personality flawed billionaire military weapons manufacturer Tony Stark was just perfect.

    No plot spoilers from me, the movie follows the transformation of Tony Stark from selfish (not sure he actually changes much there) playboy to a full fledged Marvel Superhero (but as Pepper says, "You are NOT a superhero").

    Obviously this type of movie requires some suspension of disbelief, but the humor, action, and special effects keep the little issues way in the back of your mind.

    A very enjoyable movie, Highly Recommended!...more info
  • Aside from Transformers, this is the next best thing.
    Robert Downey Jr. is as charming as he is funny as ever. Although "Iron Man" may be known best as an iconic piece of machinery in the Marvel universe, it is Downey's solid performance that captivates us the audience, making this film very enjoyable to watch from beginning to end....more info
  • Iron Man the movie
    I was very happy with the movie over all and how quikly it arrived. There were a little bit of scrattes but nothing to ruin the movie. Thanks for the service....more info
  • Best Super Hero movie EVER! (so far)
    I have watched this movie at leasst once a week since it was released on DVD,I saw it on screen.
    SOmeone was paying attention when they made this one.
    I was a kid in the 60s an read a lot of Marvel comics on a regular basis. (Missed the X-men,but they are boring and lame)
    This film come as close to perfect as the medium can possibly get for capturing the spirit of the REAL Marvel comic.As well as beating out EVERY other superhero move EVER made.
    OK the first spiderman came close, but SFX werent quite there (The series deterioated rapidly)
    The nearest experience was when the first Superman came out (yes a totaly silly movie now, )
    People criticize it for the "building the armour scenes" those scenes gave the film its total feeling of being very real and believable. Robt. Downey was great.(He will be as remembered for the role as Clayton Moore is for the Lone Ranger!!)
    The story took priority over flash and SFX. I know that is dangerous in these days when brain dead ADHD teens are the main target for most film makers these days. If you have truly lived (born before 1960!) this is the best . (The Dark who!?)
    Iron man will be remembered when the loser who plays batman (Christian "EFFING" who?")
    is doing appearences at grocery stores!

    ...more info
  • Entertaining and fantastic visuals!
    The BluRay format is very well suited to this entertaining and visually stunning action movie. If you enjoyed The Dark Knight, you'll love Iron Man. It's entertaining, funny, action packed, and tons of fun to watch. A great disc!...more info
  • Ironman ROCKS
    Ironman is a very good movie full of action, suspense, and drama; the special price was just icing on the cake. The BlueRay edition was phenominal! This was a most worthwhile purchase, I highly recommend it....more info
  • Iron Man
    The copy that I received is scratched. So, its not playing as it should. I have sent an email to the company and hopefully i will be able to exchange it for a non-scratched one. This is the first time I've ever had an issue, usually everything is great quality. ...more info
  • Good Action Movie
    I really enjoyed this movie, non-stop action. Good acting, writing, and directing. If you enjoy superhero movies you have to own this one, on Blu Ray the sound and picture are 10 times more enjoyable than the standard definition version of this movie....more info
  • excellent
    Great video, menus and extras, one of the best blu ray discs available.

    The image quality is incredible, but the sound is powerful.

    Most people talk about the blu ray video quality, but in my humble opinion the main difference with regular dvds is the sound, the sound difference is immediately noticeable....more info
  • Great Blu Ray
    A Slick menu and plenty of Extras make this a great blue ray to add to the collection, it's great use of special effects are also fun to dazzle your friends....more info
  • Excellent movie
    I purchased this movie for my son, but it is so good I watch it with him all the time! You can watch this film over and over again. Quite entertaining......more info
  • Iron Man
    Love the movie , but something with the DVD happens, between 55-65 minutes the movie statrts to skip and stop. This happen with 2 different Iron Man DVD's. Amazon was great with there return policy. Maybe I just had bad luck....more info
  • Iron Man Rocks
    This is a great movie and a must have on Blu-Ray, can't wait for Iron Man 2....more info
  • Robocop flies to Afghanistan!
    This is basically 'Robocop' updated to 2008. Except it's nowhere as good as that film. The '87 thriller is set in the future with a semi-plausible scenario: the body of a murdered police officer is used to create a robot who still retains traces of the dead man's memories. The core of Iron Man is totally implausible: set in the present time, the iron man (played by Robert Downey Jr.) must prance around with some kind of magnet implanted in his chest cavity, preventing shrapnel from puncturing his heart. Then, he invents an iron suit which enables him to fly at supersonic speeds and kill terrorists without suffering serious injury. Like Robocop, a computer interface is suggested inside the 'mask' of both superheroes; but in Robocop the hero is haunted by the memories of the dead man whose body was used to create him.

    There is no such internal tension in Iron Man. It's strictly a good guy-bad guy shoot 'em up. Downey plays Stark, the head of a large corporation which manufactures weapons. Stark is depicted as an arrogant playboy who takes no precautions when he travels around in a Humvee in Afghanistan. He ends up being captured by a local warlord and his crew of motley insurgents and realizes that they have been using his company's weapons to fight US troops. Now he suddenly has a change of heart and uses his skills (he's a genius!) to create an iron man outfit to escape the bad guys (they think he's working on a missile).

    When he returns to the US, he decides to utilize the prototype of the iron man outfit he created in Afghanistan to become a superhero fighting for good. A good part of the film is taken up with Downey designing the new Iron Man outfit; during the 'testing phase' he gets thrown against the walls of his laboratory numerous times (how exciting!). Finally, he starts flying through the air with this metal suit on and almost crashes when he goes too high up in the atmosphere and his suit gets frozen with ice (funny how he wasn't smart enough to invent some kind of deicing device contained on most commercial aircrafts).

    Terrence Howard (of 'Hustle & Flow' fame) isn't doing much hustling and flowing here in a do-nothing part as an army liaison officer for the munitions company. Similarly Gwyneth Paltrow, Stark's personal assistant, engages in a great deal of pointless banter leading to a non-romantic moment at the film's denouement. Jeff Bridges probably has the best part as Downey's partner in the multinational corporation who ends up betraying him and working with the warlords and terrorists in Afghanistan. But how did he so easily get past the alarm system or other security devices in Downey's home? You would think that breaking into a home like that wouldn't be so easy.

    In the end, there is the obligatory battle between the two machines (done much better in Teriminator 2). Bridges looks ridiculous when he takes off his metal helmet and all you see is his face inside the metal contraption. I fail to see why so many critics gave this film good marks. It's strictly a film for uneducated teenagers who read comic books all day. It also serves to lull people in this country into a false sense of security vis-a-vis the terrorist threat. By creating an invincible 'Iron Man" who can easily mow down terrorists and bad guys, it makes us forget that the bad guys in real life are not so easily defeated. Case in point: 9/11. The only winners here are the actors who collected nice paychecks for participating in such a cheesy and worthless venture.

    ...more info
  • Great action movie
    The blue ray presentation is and excellent option for this kind of movies (special fx/action).

    I'm not a great fan of Ironman comic, but I know about history behind. I think they choose the right actor to be Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.).

    This two-disc edition has a lot of information about how they did the movie and alternative content related to the comic.
    ...more info