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Journey to the Center of the Earth [Blu-ray]
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Product Description

Studio: New Line Home Video Release Date: 10/28/2008 Rating: Pg

When a seismic geologist (Brendan Fraser) discovers his lost brother's notes in a copy of the titular Jules Verne novel, he and his nephew (Josh Hutcherson, Bridge to Terabithia, Zathura) head to Iceland. There, joined by a fetching mountain guide (played by Icelandic actress Anita Briem), they get trapped in a cavern and go down, down, down, finally arriving in a primeval underworld full of prehistoric beasts and carnivorous plants. It would be pointless to complain about the empty-headedness of it all; Journey to the Center of the Earth aspires to be a kinesthetic experience. It wants to engage your adrenal glands, not your brain or your heart (the dialogue and characters are so generic, the script may have been cut-and-pasted from previous versions of Verne's book). Fraser, with his goofy handsomeness and accessible presence, provides a reasonably human axis around which all the frantic flying and swooping CGI effects revolve. The movie is as hollow as the world it depicts, but as mindless action movies go, you could do a lot worse. (Note: Journey to the Center of the Earth was released in theaters in 3-D, full of whizz-bang demonstrations of how far 3-D technology had come--trilobite antennae quivering towards the audience, a T-rex lunging out of the frame, even affable star Brendan Fraser spitting on us--as well as a half-dozen action sequences clearly destined to become video games or theme park rides.) --Bret Fetzer

Customer Reviews:

  • good family movie, terrible 3d
    Goof family movie, really bad 3d. the opening credits are great then after that washed out and wow did it give you a headache. ...more info
  • Fun, mindless action...not much story
    This movie can be best described as roller coaster action - meaning, the movie goes from one action sequence to the next, with a very shallow story in between that serves mostly as a way for the movie to move from action piece to action piece.

    With that said, I liked the movie. It was mindless fun that kept me entertained. I'm not the biggest fan of Brendan Fraser (sp?), but he does a decent enough job here - he is at his usual slap-stick comedy routine, but that helps lighten the mood of the movie. Even the kid actor did a good job (I remember him from Bridge to Terebitia (sp?), so I was hoping he would do just as well in this movie).

    As to the BD itself - the movie has a pretty clean transfer, which helps make the 3D version of the movie look even better. I must admit, even though I felt a bit silly sitting there with those 3d glasses, the 3d wasn't bad at all; too bad it causes the colors to be crap, but otherwise, it was well done. ...more info
  • Good Movie
    This movie are amazingly in good quality copy of Blu ray, enjoy to watch this movie with my whole family...more info
  • Doesn't come with 3D glasses
    Is it my shipment or is it that it does not include glasses with it? Opened the package to find a digital copy...but no 3D glasses. Now I have to order it separately... just great... >:(...more info
  • 3 Stars for the movie and 1 extra star because its in 3D
    Lets face it. This movie is a fun popcorn flick for the whole family. The special effects are cool, but some of them are very obvious and a bit fake at times. The story is pretty basic, but has a lot of action. If you watch the regluar non 3D version I would give it a 3 out of 5, not great, but not bad either. HOWEVER, The 3D is what makes this movie extra fun and it was specifically designed to be a 3D movie as is evident by the cinematography. This movie is a great one to show off your blu-ray player to guests or when your kids have a sleep over.

    Yes, the colors are obviously going to be distorted AFTER you put the glasses on, but its still in 3D. It takes about 5 minutes for your eyes to adjust to looking through the glasses. Then your eyes will start to color correct some of the distortion. Also, the start up screen tells you to brighten your flat screen as the glasses make the picture appear darker. I'll still take this version over the regular version any day, even IF the colors are distorted by the glasses.

    You get 4 pairs of glasses with the movie. If you plan to show this to more than 4 people at a time in the future, do what I did and buy an extra few pairs on while they are still available. I searched using the words " journey center 3D glasses " . The extra pairs I bought from "3D Stereo" are the same exact glasses as the ones that come with the DVD (Magenta & Green lenses) and have the "Journey to the Center of the Earth artwork on them also....more info
  • Great movie if you're an insomniac.
    The movie was just plain boring. I need to watch the original again to compare but this was just painful to watch. I was hoping something striking was about to happen. Don't waste your time. No hit on Brenden Frasier who is a great actor; this is just a bad movie, in my opinion....more info
  • Don't buy this movie
    This movie has the worst color I have ever seen. I should have been paid to watch this abomination....more info
  • An Outstanding Blu ray release
    Amidst an ever increasing number of mediocre and lackluster Bluray releases it is nice to find one that lives up to the potential of the format and is worth paying the ridiculously elevated prices that Bluray currently commands. The movie itself is decent but the Bluray presentation is exceptional. Coming with a generous 4 pairs of glasses (and for those of you whining about only 4 pairs, please consider that 2 pairs have been the previous standard on 3D home releases) the 3D transfer is amazing with lots of dimensionality. This IS anaglyphic 3D but it is not the usual red and blue lenses. These glasses are a much lighter pink and green and eye strain typical of anaglyphic 3D is greatly reduced. Images fly off the screen and the film takes on a beautiful psychadelic color pallet unlike anything I have seen before. The 2D transfer also included on this disc is prestine with no film dirt or blemishes of any sort. The high def photography practically flys off the screen in the 2D version. The 5.1 audio mix is exceptional with plenty of surround effects for your rear speakers. Also included on the disc is an informative and entertaining commentary track from Bendan Fraser and director Eric Brevig. Three brief documentaries round out the disc that comes packaged in a 3D holographic cover. This is one Bluray release that really delivers and does not feel like an over priced rip off....more info
  • We need a different 3D format!
    As movies go it's pleasant enough; Brendan Frasier plus a hot woman is watchable, but let's face it Brendan is no James Mason. The movie is an excuse for a 3D film (they used the RealD polarized system (passive glasses) in theaters which was dark but good), and would be all right IF the 3D was even remotely as watchable here, (It's not). To combat pirating they used a magenta-green system instead of the red-blue standard, and it's even worse than bad. Now that there are Mitsubishi and Samsung HDTVs that are 3D ready out there the studios need to get with the program and produce either field sequential or polarized versions,(watchable on affordable 22" iz3D monitors). Anaglyph just doesn't cut the mustard anymore. People who will pay for blu-ray will shell out for the hardware to get a decent 3D experience at home! If I were either of those 2 companies above I'd contract the studios to put out software for the Tri-def or Stereoscopic viewer format which they are compatible with. Without a decent format to view the 3D on, this picture didn't need to be made........stick with James Mason....more info
  • Best 3-D Image for Home Theatre so far
    I know a little bit about 3-D and 'Journey' is the the best I've seen for current home systems. Using colored lenses that use tints that are more 'opposite on the color wheel; the picture seperates better. Not perfect, but better than most and of course the picture neutralizes; but you got a 3-D movie in the house!
    The Dolby track needs to be turned up to compensate for the lack of HD track as there are a lot of 3-D sound effects that whooosh, click or boom with the film. The story is perfect for a light adventure; but it is best enjoyed in 3-D. It's like a rollercoaster ride on your couch....more info
  • journey to the center of the earth
    this is what blu-ray was meant for.journey is based on the jules verne book of the same name.360% diferent then the 1958 movie with james mason and pat boone.
    without getting into the story,which won't burn deep in anyone memory
    bank it does do what it was meant to do, intertain!this blu-ray comes with a slip 3d case,2d and 3d versions and a bonus digital copy.
    the 3d is first rate,most likely better then the sd dvd.
    from the opening new line cinema[which come right at you]to a t-rex that wants to eat you!flying fish with huge teeth,sparks from the lava that come at you and around you,its 3d at its best.the 3d process,well there is a trade off,colors are not as defined as a 2d movie and some ghosting acures,but all in all its great fun,the surround sound is active in all speakers,but no dolby digital true hd.but a dolby digital 5.1 which is at a higher bit rate then on a sd dvd.
    to sum it up this movie is a hoot and if you never have seen a 3d film this is the one!
    one more thing, with blu-ray players prices dropping like a lead baloon[500.00 to a 1000.00 last year],this year a couple hundred and big friday around the corner,it makes sense to jump to blu-ray...enjoy...more info
  • Alright movie, but no 3D
    I bought this movie, as there was nothing said about it not being 3D. They, at Amazon, sent me others to try fixing the problem but there were no 3D versions left. The movie was an average movie but nothing to write home about. The 3D version makes it a far better movie, as I picked it up at Walmart for much less. Amazon has always made the return service very easy which is why I stay with them for most of my online purchases....more info
  • Good movie, cheesy hook on the Digital copy
    To start with, I bought the version that has the 2D and 3D versions plus glasses and SUPPOSEDLY a digital copy included - Not the BluRay version, but basically the same specs. The cheesy part is that after buying that version in part to get the digital copy (why I paid more instead of buying this version for $15...) and THEY CHARGE YOU FOR THE DIGITAL COPY. Unlike Hellboy 2 that includes a disc with the digital copy.

    Also, I've about reached my limit on buying from Amazon when their version details on new and upcoming releases have become so poor. I don't know what has changed - you used to actually be able to tell the specifics about DVDs before you buy them.

    The movie itself is fun. I enjoyed it a lot. I am not a fan of 3D and it gave me a headache watching it with the glasses (as I said, I only bought this version to get the digital copy too...). It is escapist fare that is good family fun without being bland. I'm sure I will watch it over and over but apparently not on my iPhone till I'm over being angry at Warner Brothers for their false advertising. Sorry to rant, but others should know before they buy....more info
  • blue ray dvd
    this was a gret movie amazing what they can bring into your home these days...more info
  • most 3-D movies are
    I first bought this blu-ray because it touted 3-D. Unfortunately, the 3-D colors (pink or green) distract you from the movie. The story of the movie was boring. I would not recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Good Movie
    I saw the 3D version in the theater which used REAL-D technology, it was the best 3D movie I had ever seen. The glasses were grey not pink and green like the ones included with the Blu-Ray/DVD. In addition the 3D version did not have the great colors that was seen in the theater.

    That being said the movie itself was good, special effects were great and I can't complain about Brendan Frasier. ...more info
  • Definitely worth watching
    I watched this movie in the theater and thought it was awesome both in storyline and for graphics (in 3D), and when I bought it, I already knew I wouldn't be getting the "Real-D" graphics because the technology used in movie theaters isn't compatible with home systems (at least most - unless you have some massively expensive technology set-up)... but basically, it's the typical red/green 3-D graphics and they deliver well. People who have complained about the color being washed out probably didn't pay attention to the box that popped up before starting the 3-D movie that said to turn your TV settings from "Cinema" to "Standard" because the movie settings are set to Standard, and Cinema will only wash out the color. As for the "too much green" or "too much red" comments, well, that just comes with the technology. If you want to at least watch it in 3-D, then this is definitely a good buy - and you're not really losing out much if you don't like the 3-D version because it still comes with a 2-D version, as well. ...more info