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Gladiator GarageWorks GACUXXCAVK Claw Advanced Bike Storage v1.0
List Price: $59.99

Our Price: $35.91

You Save: $24.08 (40%)


Product Description

Restore order to your garage and protect your valuable bicycle with the Gladiator GarageWorks Claw Advanced Bike Storage System. This innovative storage device--the first of its kind in the world--mounts from your ceiling, freeing up valuable floor space while protecting your bicycle from kids, cars, and other hazards. It features a unique push-lock mechanism that allows you to quickly hang or release your bicycle with one intuitive motion.

The Gladiator GarageWorks ClawTM Advanced Bike Storage System:
  • Frees up storage space while protecting your bike
  • Offers a heavy-duty die-cast aluminum base and arms
  • Uses "soft touch" rubber to protect your rims and spokes
  • Works with bikes up to 50 pounds

"Soft touch" rubber protects your bike from dings and scratches. View larger.

Simply push upward with your bike tire to lock or unlock the arms. View larger.

The Claw Advanced Bike Storage System helps keep your garage organized. View larger.
Secure Your Bicycle with One Easy Motion
The Claw Advanced Bike Storage System device's intuitive push-lock design takes the struggle out of storing your bike. Simply push upward once to activate its plunger-like mechanism, and two rubber-encased aluminum arms will thread through your rim and cradle the wheel securely. When it's time for your next ride, simply push up again to unlock the mechanism and release your bicycle. In a matter of seconds you're ready to hit the road.

The heavy-duty aluminum arms are encased with "soft touch" thermoplastic rubber edges that give your rim a soft, but secure, surface to rest on. You can mount one Claw Advanced Bike Storage System device on your ceiling and hang a bike perpendicular to the floor from a single tire, or you can use two of them to hang a bike from both tires, depending on your storage needs.

When closed, the Claw Advanced Bike Storage System device measures a compact 6 x 9.75 x 3.75 inches (WxHxD), giving you optimum storage flexibility.

Heavy-Duty, Lightweight Construction
The Gladiator Claw Advanced Bike Storage System's versatile design can be used with a wide variety of bicycles, whether your bike is built for the playground, casual weekend excursions, or serious professional competition. Its heavy-duty die-cast aluminum base and arms are lightweight but strong, letting you store various sized bicycle sizes up to 50 pounds without damaging your spokes or rims.

In addition to its superior construction, the Gladiator Claw Bike Storage Device features a striking graphite finish that matches other Gladiator brand storage products and will bring a unique look to your garage.

Superior Workmanship Guaranteed For a Lifetime
The Gladiator Claw Advanced Bike Storage system features a limited lifetime warranty, which means that Gladiator GarageWorks will pay for repair or replacement due to defective materials or workmanship.

What's in the Box
Gladiator GarageWorks ClawTM Advanced Bike Storage v.1.0, two screws, and installation instructions.

  • The 6" wide x 9.75" high x 3.75" deep Gladiator Claw? Advanced Bike Storage v1.0 has a total weight capacity rating of 50 lbs., based on a lab test of 200 lbs. It is great for storing various sizes of bicycles.
  • Die Cast Aluminum Base and Arms with Closed Loop Design to hold bikes securely
  • Push-Lock Mechanism for easy opening and closing
  • Soft-Touch Grips
  • Ceiling Mount Installation

Customer Reviews:

  • works as advertised
    this is a useful device for hanging a bicycle from a ceiling joist or beam. It is very easy to install, and works as described: lift a wheel into the device to hang it, the arms close around the wheel; lift again to disengage the arms. The critical bits (arms and base) are made of metal.

    So why not use a $2 hook? Well, I've knocked a number of bikes off of plain hooks, it's just gravity holding that bike up there. This system is a positive lock that takes an intentional lifting of the bike to disengage. Also, this is going to look way better indoors.

    I don't really understand the comments about the screw holes: use the mounting holes that are 90 degrees offset from the arms, two screws are plenty to hold a bicycle. And unless you have a 4x4 up in the ceiling, you can only use two screws. If you're really insistent on using all four screw holes, I had no problem installing screws in the holes under the arms with a power screwdriver....more info
  • Fantastic Space Saving little thing
    Hi everybody,

    This is an spectacular little thing that makes your life a lot better!!!

    I'm not and expert... by any means but i can tell you this is the most practical thing i've ever bought for my garage after the car of course...

    Simply to install, very light weight but it can handle a lot of weight, not to mentio how easy it is to use... even a person like me can useit without even reading the manual... :-)

    Not sure what should be the PROs oppinion but if you're not a PRO you'll be veeeeeeeeeery pleased with what this hanger can achieve in terms of space saving and practicality....more info
  • Expensive way to store a bike
    The bike storage claw works perfectly. It easily installs, hangs the bike out of the way, and let's you retrieve your bike without difficulty.

    The problem is the expense. We have 4 bikes to store. $200 for Gladiator Claws or $6 for S-hooks? The claw will protect an expensive bike more completely, but for our Wal-Mart purchased bicycles...hooks will have to do.

    I sure will keep my Gladiator GarageWorks Claw installed and use it. It's great to know how the "other half' lives!...more info
  • Works well indoors
    I've got this hanging up in my apartment. My road bike is too nice to leave on the porch, so it ended up inside. With limited space it was just bothering me that it was sitting inside. I came across the Gladiator Claw and was sold. It works great, keeps my bike out of the way and I'd recommend it to anyone who needs to save space on bike storage. It clips in and out very easily and installs in no time....more info
  • Good way to open up more room in the garage!
    Great idea for freeing up more space in your garage or shed, or wherever you store your bike. Easy to install and easy to use. Recommend this product....more info
  • Ingenius product
    This is a very well designed product. It gets the bicycle off the floor so you can utilize that space underneath it. The only problem w/ my situation is that my garage has a 9'-0" ceiling, and I am not very tall, so I can't get the bike off w/o a big hassle. But for those of you who are not height challenged, it should work fine. I have my husband get down the bike when we want to use it. ...more info
  • Beautifully made storage item
    When my husband first saw the GarageWorks claw, he wondered aloud why someone wouldn't just use a big hook at a much reduced cost. Well, I'm pretty strong, but the possibility of impaling my bike tire on a hook is a real possibility. Once we installed the claw, the advantage was pretty clear. I was able to manage my heavy Cannondale mountain bike with great ease using it and it held the weight securely. I've had the bike on and off it more than a dozen times with no problems.

    The installation was a little tricky, as other reviewers have observed, but we managed it pretty well with a battery-operated screwdriver. Still, I imagine that v2.0 should include some rethinking of the relationship between the release and the collar holding the screw holes.

    Overall, a handsome and useful product....more info
  • Cool looking but way overpriced
    The best thing about this bicycle hook is its appearance, very cool. But, as most others have pointed out, the expense is not justified by any utility type function.

    Mounting with screws onto a stud is the same amount of work, and you have to still lift the bike up which is the hardest part.

    I would suggest saving $50 and buying a large rubber coated hook from the hardware store which is very inexpensive, and the bike easily lifts onto it. You don't have to worry about having to push something to open and close the claws. Also, this is a function which could stop working correctly after awhile....more info
  • I like it
    I have purchased 4 of these items over the last 5 months. They work great and are easy to install. They might be a little pricey, but they look nice and they keep the black tire marks off the ceiling....more info
  • Clever, sturdy, spendy
    The Gladiator Claw is an interesting little device designed to get your bike up off the floor and out of the way. Its workings are adequately explained in the product description and other reviews so I won't go into that, except to say it does exactly what it says it will do.
    Pros: your bike is now hanging from the ceiling, instead of standing on the floor, which is better for your bike in many ways. It installs fairly easily. The mechanism works easily to open the claw, without having to hoist your bike up over the top of a hook.
    Cons: Its pretty big. It requires studs. Your bike isn't under your feet but its still hanging over your head.
    I ride often enough that wherever I put my bike I want to grab it and go. Leaving it standing on its tires is not a great idea. Hanging it from the ceiling is a nice alternative.
    However, there are a few other choices out there that I think are as good, or better and cost less.
    First, there is the standard hook. Overhead Storage Hook, 6 3/16". Cheaper, but no magic claw and requires some deft maneuvering.
    Wall mounts: get your bike off the floor, but not all the way to the ceiling. Racor B-1R Solo Vertical Bike Rack, , Racor Pro Wall-Mount Bike Hanger #PIW-1R/PIW-1W, Racor PSB-2L Pro Double Folding Bike Rack. There are even some that don't require mounting at all: Racor PLB-2R Gravity Freestanding Bike Stand. That one holds 2 bikes and costs the same as this hook.
    If you must use your ceiling, there is Racor Ceiling-Mounted Bike Lift #PBH-1R. Its about a third the price.
    Interestingly, Gladiator makes a variety of garage hooks and storage items. For about a 10th the price of this claw, you can get a Gladiator hook without the claw that probably would work fine.
    Bottom line: interesting innovation. Works great. Installation only moderately painful. Easy to use. But for a lot less money, there are better alternatives....more info
  • Does not replace the efficiency of two, heavy duty garage hooks!
    We installed this product in the garage to hold my adult daughter's bike. To start, the design was not the best for easy installation. A very small handled screw driver was needed to fit between the installation bracket and the hangers. My preference would be to purchase two, vinyl coated, heavy duty garage hooks - more cost effective. Purchasing two of these claw systems would be very expensive. To date the bike is still hanging from the garage ceiling - no mishaps! ...more info
  • Nice and sturdy
    I got this to hang my bike from the ceiling. It seems very sturdy, and I like the design of it - how you push up to release the "claws." I think it will be very useful....more info
  • Okay
    This is a fine product, but I can't help but to think why is it 60$? I got this free as part of the vine program, and I think it works just as it they claim. There is no way that I would pay 60$ for this. I would get a 8$ hook and let gravity do its thing. Installation was ok but not incredibly easy (meaning I think that the base should be wider to give more space between the screws. In summary it's a too complicated for its own good. If it were my dime, I'd get a hook....more info
  • Certainly better than a hook.
    There are certainly cheaper, less expensive solutions for hanging a bike from the ceiling of your garage, but the Gladiator Claw is superior in both looks and ease of use.

    It is very easy to install. I used a stud finder to locate the ceiling joist under the sheet rock. Then I used an electric screwdriver to quickly attach it to the ceiling with the two screws that are included in the package. Start to finish it took 3 minutes to install. I spent more time contemplating where to put the Claw than I spent actually installing it.

    It works very easily both in and out. But what I like best about the Claw is that its design prevents putting black tire marks on the ceiling.

    ...more info
  • Classy space-saving design is perfect for a dorm room or office
    I spent the first couple of minutes looking through the box, convinced I had dropped some parts or that the shipment arrived incomplete. The claw and mount come attached along with two screws. That's it. Wow.

    I spent the next 20 minutes running around the office showing my co-workers (engineers) how the Gladiator Claw worked. They agreed this is a cool bike storage system. I tried it out my bike and then two others and the claw held each of them firmly without any scratches to the rim (the claw is encased in a soft rubber).

    I've skipped other bike storage systems that appeared inspired by Rube Goldberg...ropes, pulleys, chains, latches...blech.

    This bike mount is easy to install, even easier to use and looks a lot better on my office wall than a traditional design.

    Could you go to a hardware store and buy a couple hooks instead? Sure. But this bike storage system is aesthetically pleasing and would look much nicer in a woman's dorm room or an upscale office....more info
  • Does the job and looks cool,
    The Claw is a sturdy, functional bike hanger. It mounts with two enclosed screws to a beam or rafter. I chose to add two additional wood screws to further strengthen its grip on my basement ceiling beam.

    Hanging my wife's bike -- a Giant OCR Alliance W -- is simply easy. Just lift the bike, push the large button/switch with the tire and the claw closes up around the rim. Now the bike isn't going anywhere. To get it out, just push the button again to open the claw. The contact points with the bike wheel won't scratch the rim. One of the nicest things about the Claw is your bike will not be accidentally knocked out of it -- something that could happen with a regular hook.

    The only question is whether one needs that additional security. An inexpensive hook will hang a bike just a well as the claw. However, a hook doesn't look as cool and won't prevent the bike from being jostled to the point of falling. It's a matter of how much one is willing to pay for that extra piece of mind....more info
  • Great idea!
    For years we have thought of hanging our bicycles from the ceiling in the garage.... We had considered various hooks etc but hadn't decided exactly how we would hang them.

    When I saw this product, I thought "this is it!"

    The mechanism is easy to use and secure. I expect to buy another one in the future.... just wish the price was a bit lower :-)...more info
  • Now you can ride your bicycle and get some weightlifting exercise lifting it to store it in your new Gladiator Storage Unit.
    Gladiator GarageWorks Claw Bike Storage comes with clear instructions and nice long screws for firm mounting to the stud in the ceiling. It is sturdy and well made. The clasping and unclasping mechanism works well. It will give the user additional storage space in the garage.

    The only concern is that the person who will be using it will need to be strong enough and agile enough to lift the bicyle to the clamp.

    I was amazed to discover many other products by Gladiator to help organize the garage, such as Gladiator GarageWorks GAWA18BKRH 18-Inch Wire Basket and
    Gladiator GarageWorks GAGD275DRG Premier Modular GearDrawer. There is even a freezer refrigerator included: Gladiator GarageWorks GAFZ21XXRK Freezerator Convertible Refrigerator/Freezer 21-Cubic-Feet. Here are some really nice gift ideas for Christmas and Father's Day.

    The bicycle storage hook has introduced me to a brave new world of the uncluttered garage. Now I simply need to get up from my computer, go remove my store bicycle, and ride.


    ...more info
  • Well designed and well made!
    I mounted this device to the ceiling in my garage in just a few minutes, and it works wonderfully! I use mine to hang a bicycle, which keeps the floor space in my garage open for other things. I found the grab and release mechanism on this device to be very ingenious and mine works great. I recommend this to anyone who wants to hang something heavy like a bicycle (just remember you have to be strong enough to lift a bicycle over your head!). ...more info
  • Quality is good, use is limited
    I currently store my bikes each on two of those cheap plastic-coated hooks that you screw into the wall or ceiling. I suppose I could use just one hook and hang the bikes from the rear wheel -- I hadn't really thought of that.

    So I went out in the garage with this Claw and looked for a place to screw it in where I could hang a bike. But my garage ceiling is double-layer sheetrock, so I would need extra-long screws rather than the two 2" screws they supply. But also, my ceiling joists run the wrong direction to be able to hang the bike out of the way and close to a wall. The plastic-coated hooks they're on now are screwed into the wall studs. Hmmm... what to do. So I went into the shed with exposed rafters and screwed it into one of them instead. When I got down from the ladder, I left the Claw 'closed', oops. You can't hang a bike on it until it's 'open', so I had to reach up with a stick and push the button to open it. When I was finally able to lift the bike up there, I pushed the button again with the tire and the hooks closed around it. Neat. It seems pretty secure and the rubber edges don't mar the rim. It's easy to push the bike up to open the hooks and let it down. Note that this device will only work when installed on a ceiling. You must 'hang' whatever it's holding.

    Now, why would you spend quite a bit more for this device, which is limited in use (I assume) to mainly bicycles, when you can buy a package of several plastic-coated hooks at the hardware store that do the same thing, and more, for much less? I'm trying to think of reasons... coolness factor, convenience? Umm... sorry, can't think of anything else.

    So if you're looking for a cool way to hang up your $1000+ bike or impress your friends and neighbors, buy this. Otherwise, just get some plastic-coated hooks....more info
  • Does The Job
    Simple, stylish, does the job.

    Mount on ceiling stud, mount near wall for leverage: roll on, roll off for mountain bikes, etc.

    Simple use: click in, it locks, click in again, it unlocks. ...more info
  • Nifty gadget
    I saw this in the Vine collection and remembered that my son's bike that was still in the garage, could use it. I keep bumping into his bike as I head out to my car. Arrrgh and various other choice words.
    Only thing (hence the 4 stars) was that there were no screws included. Luckily, hubby had some handy anyway but I like quality control check before the product rolls off the line. Don't you hate it when you are missing a part?
    It was easy to install as well as use. Now his bike is up and out of the way for the winter....more info
  • A fancy hook...but still a hook
    I have to admit it. I think that this thing is cool. Granted, I'm an engineer and like mechanical gadgets, but the Claw is pretty neat. It is very lightweight, and the mechanism that changes the claw from closed to open and locks it in place is simple. It looks nice, and it does what it is supposed to do - hold a bike in place when suspended from above.

    So, I'll give it four stars for that. Now, here's the reality that has already been written about on here. One thing that I like about the Claw is that it is simple. However, it is not as simple as it could be. Namely, an inexpensive rubberized hook that you can buy at just about any hardware store. People have used those for years, and it's for a reason. They also do exactly what you'd want to do - hold a bike in place when suspended from above.

    The Claw uses a lot of plastic parts, and it's activated by having someone push a bike tire against it. If you're considering buying this because it's difficult for you to hold the bike up high and get it on a hook, then it's more likely that you'll probably be banging against the Claw's activator pad with the wheel because you'll be in a hurry to get the weight of the bike suspended. I have doubts about how well these plastic parts will hold up under repeated use.

    So, the hardware hooks are cheaper, simpler, and (I believe) more robust - so from a practical standpoint, they win in my book. That said, if you don't mind spending the extra money for the Claw, want something a little more flashy than a regular hook, like gadgets, and are okay with the thought of maybe having to replace it after a couple of years - then it should fit the bill for you....more info
  • Gladiator GarageWorks GACUXXCAVK Claw Advanced Bike Storage v1.0
    The Gladiator Claw Advanced Bike Storage system is recommended for those whom prefer a secure, professonally stable unit [rather than generic hooks].

    The price tag is reasonable for such an invention when considering the initial idea or thought that went into making this; then came engineering or product blueprints and mathematical measurements; parts + metals; assembly or labor; patents, legalities, licensing, or other fees; manufacturing responsibility or liability risks and insurance; warranties; marketing, product distribution, and so on.

    Creating anything for customers takes a great deal of work, potential liability, and start-up capital. Usually bad reviews come from those whom NEVER created a product [from idea to market] before.

    Too often consumers take products and services for granted, without considering how much effort and risk goes into the 'creation' process. The price tag resembles much more than the unit itself, but everything involved before, during, and after the product life cycle.

    Some reviewers compare this device to generic hooks. Yes, many customers may benefit more from alternative hanging methods, like low priced hooks that lack secure and easy retrieval. However, this bike storage system is recommended for those whom prefer high quality and simplicity when storing and retrieving a cycle. The market offers something for everyone.

    Installation of the Gladiator Claw can be challenging for those whom are non-technical or mechanical with tools. However, with a good friend, and an electric drill, ladder, and anchoring system, one can easily set up.

    Again, this product is not for everyone, but we think the Gladiator Advanced Bike Storage is superb!
    ...more info
  • Much better then that old rubber coated hook!
    When I first saw this, I couldn't imagine that spending over fifty dollars on a bike hook could be justified. After using it I am a believer.

    This item is well made and carefully designed for ease of use. It is also very nice looking, especially if you use this inside your house where it is plainly visible. It is very high tech in appearance and holds a bike very securely being functional as well as attractive.

    You no longer need to fight with your bike to loop it on an old plastic coated, ugly screw in hook. I hate the way that looks inside the house! This is the best of form and function. You just hold the back of your bike up to the two opened hooks and tap the orange plunger with the rear tire and it clamps the two rubber lined hooks securely and safely around the wheel. To get it down you simply lift up bumping the plunger and the hook spread apart to release the bike and remain open till you replace your bike again later.

    A little pricey but for the quality and beautiful design it is worth the price especially if you have a lot of $$$$ invested in your cycle and you hang it in plain view inside your home. Nice item!...more info
  • Good rack
    A bit of a bite to install but it does work. Dont know if I would buy again though due to cost for what it is. Looks very cool for a bike rack....more info
  • Performs Precisely As Intended.
    For hanging my garage-kept restored "classic" bicycle, I have utilized as supportive rack a two by four drilled into studs with two hooks attached. When lifting the bike from the rack, or returning it to its cradle, it was necessary to lift the machine above the hooks, putting its paint at risk. Therefore, this item manufactured by Gladiator, a company engaged in space-saving inventions, was viewed with a good deal of interest, its "claw" a possible improvement over the hooks then in place. Attached to a ceiling, the Gladiator's opposing arms clasp the bicycle when a central plunger is pressed. When this button device is pressed a second time, the claw releases the bike from its hanging position. An upward movement of a wheel will accomplish this, as its tire will move against the plunger, thereby freeing both hands for the downward control lift. An advantage of saving space is obvious along with elimination of a need to lift a bicycle over and upon hooks. Additionally, the base and arms are constructed of die cast aluminum, ensuring durability. The plunger itself, however, is of hard rubber set into a molded plastic frame, and these give not a similar perception of ruggedness. Thus far, the Gladiator Claw has done its job nicely. Here's hoping it will continue to do so! ...more info
  • Nifty, but pricey
    I received this item just in time for the autumn cleaning of my garage. I have three small kid bikes that I normally hang from the ceiling using large hooks with soft plastic. This new hanger was a welcome surprise.
    To hang from the ceiling of the garage was quite simple. The beauty of this device is the button to open and close the jaws. Once the bike is up, it's up and if you need it down, that's easy as well. The wheels have not been caught on the jaws while trying to retrieve the bike from the ceiling.
    The analysis of the device is probably not worth the price. If the bike get caught on a hook, I need to get a ladder and lift, which is not a really problem. It does seem to be easy to put the bike up and get down, but I'm pretty sure I wold not pay full price for three of these....more info
  • Great Product, Bad Price Point
    I have been using this product for the last few weeks to store my bike and, while it does an amazing job, I really see no benefit over using the couple dollar hooks I had mounted the wall I was using before. Here is a similar product to what I was using prior: 2-pc. Monster Bike Hook Set There is definitely a "coolness" factor with this product that you do not get with a plain white (or yellow) hook but it has, on a couple of occasions, taken more than one push upwards to release the bike. Also, is the "coolness" factor a big deal? For me, no. No one sees my messy garage. If you are a garage junkie and love everything in its place and the shiny glint of chrome spattered throughout your garage, pick this up. If you want something to hang your bike on and don't want to spend over sixty dollars, head down to your local hardware store and pick up a couple dollar hooks.
    Final thought: This isn't, in my opinion, one of those products that is worth spending extra money on. And trust me, I like the best of the best when it is warranted....more info
  • it simply works....
    My husband bikes everyday so it was about time for an upgrade to our low-tech system of bike storage and get something that protected his bike a bit and was easy to stow and retrieve the bike.

    This system was easy for him to install, just 4 bolts and then to stow the bike you just push against the disk to open and push against it to close. Easy. It is a simple system but one that seems to work well.
    The construction is sturdy and we are now thinking of purchasing an additional claw for my bike as well.

    If you need to clear the clutter and protect your bike, this system simply works.
    ...more info
  • Great Product - Waiting for a Sale on #2
    To lead off... I think this product works incredibly well. From a design perspective, it is much easier to use than a stationary hook. My stationary hooks always got caught in my spokes as I attempted to lift the bike off the hook. This solves this problem by withdrawing the hook altogether. It also seems to work near perfect.

    All fo this being said, why is it sooooo expensive. I will absolutely buy another, but not at the current retail price. I would expect this to be more in the $30 or $40 max range.

    One other does look somewhat cool for a hook...but it is in my garage, so I really don't care.

    Great product...a bit on the pricey side though....more info
  • Nice solution
    This is a very heavy duty product - I was surprised how heavy it was since I had just seen a picture of it prior to receiving it in the mail. It does what it supposed to holds a bike overhead. It is kind of hard and awkward to press on the button while holding the bike overhead (I am fairly short). This bike claw hook seems expensive when a plain hook could do the job just as well. Since we have multiple bikes at our house, it would be quite an investment to purchase multiple claws. But I still give it 4 stars since it is a nice product, if you have a bit of money to spend....more info