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Planet of the Apes 40th Anniversary Collection (Planet of the Apes / Beneath the Planet of the Apes / Escape From / Conquest of / Battle for) [Blu-ray]
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Studio: Tcfhe Release Date: 11/04/2008

Customer Reviews:

  • Cases Please?
    I love the films and the transfers, but the DVD mounts in the case are hard to use. I fear the discs will fall out at some point. I'd love it if the company would offer us a deal on additional slim cases to protect the DVDs....more info
  • Fox invites you to go "Ape" again--longer cut of "Conquest" includced
    Fox once again invites fans to go "ape" with the 40th Anniversary Blu-ray edition of all five of the films in the "Planet of the Apes" series. The good news is that we get exceptionally good looking transfers for all five films AND we get the extended "International cut" of "Conquest of the Planet of the Apes" with its original more downbeat ending. Audio sounds quite good but keep in mind that this these films were shot and released anywhere from 40 to 33 years ago so they aren't going to sound like "Transformers".

    It looks like almost all the extras from the previously released DVD boxed set released about a year and half ago EXCEPT the live action TV series and animated TV series (both of which should have been included to make this definitive even if they were in standard definition). These were included with the DVD limited edition set. We also get new featurettes on each film and its production featuring the authors of PLANET OF THE APES REVISITED book among others. Additionally, we get a couple of vintage featurettes on the production of the films, stills galleries, isolated music tracks and an excellent commentary track on "Planet of the Apes" featuring a variety of the original cast (most of whom have passed away)and crew. Sadly, the three people that would have been most important to hear on the commentary track passed away quite some time ago--director Franklin J. Schaffner, producer Arthur Jacobs and writers Rod Serling & Michael Wilson. Still, its an intelligent and informative commentary track.

    The most annoying and unnecessary extra here is the introduction by a poorly rendered CGI of "the Lawgiver" character that John Huston played in the fifth film "Battle for the Planet of the Apes". It's not that it's necessarily a BAD extra just that it is unnecessary. It is an example of a good idea at the time that clearly no one really had any idea as to how to use it effectively.

    We also get a deluxe hardcover book which has plenty of terrific looking photos (some of which have never appeared in print before)and text giving us background on the production of the films. Additionally, the cardboard fold outs of the "box" have timeline for the films, where they fit and what occurs in each. ALthough the book is nice and the packaging makes good use of all the extra cardboard, fans will probably find this a bit cumersome to store with their other DVDs or Blu-rays. Additionally, the films are held in place in the set with little pieces of clear rubber that will eventually fail allowing the discs to float around inside and become damaged. Again, this is an example of a idea that seemed good on the surface but was poor in execution. I would have preferred to have one Blu-ray holder like we saw with "Blade Runner". This box could easily have been redesigned to hold that AND the book making better use of the extra space of this boxed set.

    Overall, this is quite a nice set--the images are sharp and crisp for the films. The book is an excellent glimpse behind-the-scenes and the timeline welcome. Just the packaging for the films themselves is lacking and the box a bit too big and cumbersome.

    In "Planet of the Apes" astronaut Taylor (Charlton Heston) and his crew arrive on a planet where apes are the dominant species and man is a mute animal. He befriends Zira (Kim Hunter) and Cornelius (Roddy McDowell)two chimpanzees who help prevent Dr. Ziaus (Maurice Evans) from carving up Taylor to protect their society. Five stars.

    "Beneath the Planet of the Apes" has a different astronaut named Brent (James Franciscous) sent to discover what happened to Taylor and his crew. He and Taylor are caught in the middle of a war between apes and human mutants. Three stars-Working with a diminished budget Ted Post makes the best of his resources.

    "Escape from the Planet of the Apes" focuses on Cornelius (McDowell), Zira (Hunter)and Dr. Milo (Sal Mineo)who travel back in time to 20th century Earth using Taylor's recovered spacecraft. They pose a threat to the future of humanity in the eyes of Dr. Hesslin (Eric Braedon). Four stars-Clever "fish-out-of-water" variation on the first film.

    "Conquest of the Planet of the Apes" stars McDowell as Cornelius and Zira's son Ceasar who forments revolution. It seems a plague has wiped out cats and dogs. Humans have adopted domesticated apes into their homes as pets and servants. Four stars particularly for the "International Cut". A pity J. Lee Thompson didn't have a bigger budget to make this the epic it deserved to be.

    "Battle for the Planet of the Apes" was the last film in the series (although there was a single season TV series that also starred McDowell as well as an animated TV series both of which are NOT part of this set). Caesar rules over a city where humans are second class citizens. When a conflict with the human survivors of his war occurs, Caesar must rally humans and apes alike to fight together for their survival. 2 stars-The weakest of the film series didn't was crippled by a weak screenplay by Joyce and John William Corrington ("The Omega Man")and a nearly non-existent budget (a little over $1 million--essentially almost making this essentially a TV movie in terms of its scope).
    ...more info
  • GO APE with this box set!
    With just a few minor quibbles, this is a top-notch box set. The film transfers are gorgeous, the case is attractively designed, and the included book is exhaustive and loaded with color photos of the films and props. The "making of" documentaries are also quite extensive and well done. The only drawback is the little squishy rubber knobbies that the discs are glued to (yes I had to scrape some glue off the spindle of at least one disc). Once removed, you can't really get them back on. And for disc protection it's not really an ideal way to store them either.

    I had only seen the first movie prior to buying this set, and I was not disappointed. While the 5th movie is rather weak, and the 2nd also (although it sort of redeems itself by the time we get to the finale), the 3rd and 4th movies are both excellent sequels.

    You really can't go wrong with this set. You don't get any useless "collectible" thingies that you never really wanted like you do with other sets. ...more info
  • I feel like I'm 9 years old again!
    Planet of the Apes 40th Anniversary Collection [Blu-ray]This box set is awesome! If you love and appreciate these movies as I do-get this set!For my Ninth birthday I was given the choice of a new bike or go see the "Go Ape" marathon with some friends at the local cinema. I opted for the movies and haven't regretted that decision to this day. The unrated version of "Conquest" is better than the theatrical one.The new documentaries and interactive pressbooks are cool as well as the "bonusview" feature.Apes fans will not be disappointed!...more info
  • Planet of the Apes Anniversary Edition
    I was pretty jazzed when I ordered this set, as I fondly remembered Planet of the Apes movies from my teens when they first came out. When I watched the original movie in the set, it was as good as I remembered. But when I put in the 2nd BD-ROM, Beneath the Planet of the Apes, the disc did not work. It would load the menu, but when you tried to play the movie it would go through the intro and then jump back to the main menu. Very disappointing....more info
  • Excellent Set
    I have been a Planet of the Apes fan since I was a kid. I got the digitally remastered DVD's a while back in the Ape Head collectors set, and thought it could get no better than that. I was wrong. In Blu-Ray these movies are fantastic. I have never seen them look so clear, even during their re-releases in the theater. It adds a whole new life to these films...they look like brand new. If you are an Apes fan, you HAVE to have this....more info
  • Worst packaging ever
    This is my first review after many years on Amazon. The packaging for this set is the worst I have ever seen for a video set. The discs are held in by rubber knobs that make it almost impossible to get them back into the case when done. I will end up putting my discs in a different case....more info
  • Go Ape
    This box set is Awesome - The movies look Great - The Speial Features are Awesome - The only negative that I have is that the box that everything comes in is a bit clunky, but it looks Great and the book inside is Awesome. This a great item to have in a collection....more info