Sole F80 Treadmill (2009 Model)
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Product Description

The Sole Fitness F80 folding treadmill is equipped with cooling fans, a 6-window LED display, convenient speed/elevation controls in the handles and a high-output 3.0 continuous duty HP motor. Its 6 standard, 2 user-defined and 2 heart rate programs provide all of the options you need to reach your fitness goals.

Updated with enhanced features for 2009, the Sole F80 treadmill has earned a reputation as one of the best-quality treadmills in its price range thanks to its unbeatable combination of high-quality components and user-friendliness. The treadmill boasts a strong 3.0-horsepower, continuous-duty motor, which delivers challenging speeds of up to 12 miles per hour and inclines of up to 15 percent. At the same time, the F80's Cushion Flex Whisper Deck is built to protect your joints from excessive pounding, with the ability to reduce impact up to 40 percent compared to running on asphalt. And when you're not using the treadmill, it folds into a compact footprint and locks securely in place, thereby saving a ton of storage space.

The F80 is equipped with a host of user-friendly features, including six preset workout programs, two customizable programs, and two heart rate programs, along with a red display that tracks your speed, incline, time, distance traveled, calories, pulse, and pace. There's even a 1/4-mile digital track that you can follow as you run and a peak-and-valley graph that corresponds to individual programs. Other details include a large stop switch for safety; a low-profile running hood; armrest cooling fans; speed and incline controls on the armrests; a wireless chest strap that measures your heart rate; and a 20-by-55-inch running deck. The F80 treadmill, which offers a user capacity of up to 335 pounds, carries the following warranties: lifetime on the motor, deck, and frame; five years on the electronics, belt, and rollers; and two years on the labor.


    The F80's LED display will track your speed, incline, time, distance traveled, calories, pulse, and pace.
  • Assembled Dimensions: 33 by 75 by 58 inches (W x L x H)
  • Folded Dimensions: 68 by 43 inches (H x D)
  • Motor: 3.0 horsepower
  • Speed: 0.1 to 12 miles per hour
  • Elevation: 0 to 15%
  • Deck: 1-inch Whisper
  • Belt: 2-ply
  • Running surface: 20 by 55 inches
  • Roller: 2.75 inches
  • Fold-up: Easy Assist Fold
  • Pulse Grip
  • Heart Rate Control
  • Heart Rate Chest Strap Included
  • Display Type: LED
  • Six-Window Display
  • Color: Red
  • Accessory tray
  • Six Standard Programs
  • Two User-Defined Programs
  • Two Heart Rate Programs
  • Quick speed/elevation buttons: 12
  • Speed/elevation in handles
  • Built-in cooling fans
  • Weight capacity: 350 pounds

Manufacturer's Warranty
Motor - lifetime, deck - lifetime, frame - lifetime, electronics/wear items - 5 years, labor - 2 years

About Treadmills
Walking is still considered one of the most beneficial cardiovascular exercises for people of all ages, body types, and fitness levels. As a fundamental form of aerobic training, walking has numerous physical benefits for the heart, lungs, and circulatory system, while also increasing muscle tone and burning fat calories. Treadmills provide a convenient way to regularly exercise in all weather conditions in the comfort and safety of your own home.

From beginners just starting an exercise regimen to advanced athletes looking to maintain their fitness level, anyone interested in getting and staying in shape can benefit greatly from regular use of a treadmill. Treadmills allow you to determine the pace, distance, and complexity of the workout based on your needs, all while watching television, talking on the telephone, or reading a magazine. Much easier on sensitive joints like the knees and hips, treadmill walking and running surfaces are typically long, padded platforms that allow ample room for a long stride and comfortable, low-impact walk or jog without the harsh contact of a concrete surface.

While many different types, styles, and price ranges of treadmills exist, many of them offer unique features like a fold-up design for easy storage, an electronic display monitor showing speed, distance, workout time, incline level, and burned calories, and EKG grip pulses to monitor the heart rate while exercising. Regardless of the simple to complex features you may choose, treadmills offer an array of aerobic exercise opportunities that will provide long-lasting beneficial cardiovascular results without a commute to the gym or a jog in the rain.

About Sole
Sole brings over twenty years of treadmill and fitness product design and manufacturing to the table in their line of innovative equipment designed for fitness-conscious people. The company's treadmill line is simple in design, with an emphasis on quality and warranty all at a great price. Sole's easy-to-use treadmills offer a great value and feature a convenient, space-saving portable design. The treadmills have a very stable base with four wheels for ease of movement, folding decks to conserve space, and a 30-year motor and lifetime deck and frame warranty. Sole is always looking for ways to make their equipment better, more efficient, with higher quality at a great price.

  • Features a 3.0 horsepower motor and lift-assist to easily fold
  • Includes grip pulse monitoring and a heart rate chest strap
  • Six standard programs, two user-specific programs, and two heart rate programs; speed range is 0.1-12 miles per hour
  • LED display tracks your speed, incline, time, distance traveled, calories, pulse, and pace
  • 350-pound maximum weight capacity; measures 33 by 75 by 58 inches (W x L x H) when assembled; folds to 68 by 43 inches (H x D)

Customer Reviews:

  • Great treadmill. Was looking for build quality, stability, quiet motor and that's what I have.
    Before purchasing the F80, I chose the Precor 9.23 at my local fitness store ($2,400) but the waiting period of over a month did not sit well with me. I went back to the store after a month of waiting tried the 9.23 once again and was not as impressed as I was initially, so I canceled the order. I race-walk and jog during the winter months about 4-5 miles a day (I'm in South Florida) and relegated to the treadmill during the hot, sticky summers.

    The F80 build quality was similar to the Precor, but the F80 provides a more cushioned running surface than the entry level Precor. I also tried various treadmills in Sears (Nordic Track) as well as Lifetime Fitness and Pacemaster at Busy Body fitness center (all between $2,200 and $2,500). F80 price is right considering the high quality of this treadmill

    The treadmill came in 10 days and was assembled on day 11. The professional assembly took about 90 minutes. I did not want to assemble it myself because of the sensitive electronics and posts of problems with the screws aligning correctly. I'm a female 5'3" weighing in at 123 pounds. I was NOT looking for bells & whistles (IFit, many programs, tv in the console, etc) but rather a solid, quiet machine that reminded me of the StarTrac I use in my clubhouse fitness center. I tweaked it to my specifications:

    1) I use my own Polar soft chest transmitter with my Polar watch because I don't like the stiffness of the included Sole brand waist transmitter.

    2) I also use Shure noise canceling ear buds attached my 52" LCD tv with a 25" headphone extension cord so I don't hear anything at all around me during the workout. I also used my iPod, interchangeably, with the same Shure Noise canceling ear buds. I pop in a DVD and I'm good to go for 60-75 minutes or so. The first day I worked out 72 minutes with just the volume of the TV and it was fine. I had to pick up the volume about 1 notch and all I heard was my own feet on the deck.

    I'm pleased with my choice and I do recommend the F80 highly.

    ...more info
  • Bowflex Series 7 vs. Sole F80
    I owned a Bowflex Series 7 Treadmill for a couple of years. It was repaired several times after suffering mechanical and electrical problems, but never again ran properly. After disappointing customer service with Bowflex (Nautilus), I replaced it with a Sole F80. When comparing my ownership experience with both treadmills, I recommend the Sole F80.

    Bowflex Series 7:
    a. 20x60 running surface (better for tall runners)
    b. 3.0 hp motor gets belt to full speed in about 2-3 sec
    c. no countdown before belt begins to move
    d. stylish console, but not as easy to use
    e. no speed or incline controls on handles (only on console)
    f. metallic handrails (causes static electricity shock)
    g. must tip/lean treadmill backwards to move (dangerous!)
    h. warranty: 10 yrs motor, 2 yrs electronics, only 1 year labor

    Sole F80:
    a. 20x55 running surface (good for most people)
    b. 3.0 hp motor gets belt to full speed in about 6-8 sec
    c. 3 sec countdown before belt begins to move
    d. console not stylish, but functional and easy to use
    e. speed and incline controls located on handles AND on console
    f. hand rails covered with rubber compound for better grip
    g. treadmill slides along ground without tipping or leaning
    h. warranty: lifetime on motor, 5 yrs electronics, 2 years labor

    Delivery of large box is supposed to be made inside front door or garage. Both times, I gave the delivery person a generous "tip" for their prompt delivery service, and both times the treadmill was generously brought down into my basement. Delivery drivers were quite pleasant both times.

    Assembly for both treadmills was relatively easy and both treadmills took just under 2 hours to assemble (screwing in hand rails on BOTH treadmills can be tricky-need to make sure you don't puncture and/or pinch console wires!). All necessary tools were supplied for both.

    The Bowflex Series 7 and Sole F80 both have powerful and quiet 3.0 hp motors.

    The decks on both feel about the same when running/walking on them. Neither deck is "whisper quiet" when running on it. To me, the deck of the Bowflex Series 7 was slightly louder (a problem that became progressively worse during my ownership of the Bowflex Series 7). If you're a taller runner (over 6 feet tall) or run with a long stride, then the F80's deck may be a little too short for you (or course, Sole makes a longer treadmill for a few hundred dollars more). But for most of us who walk/jog/run on a treadmill, the Sole F80 is a very good size and fit.

    I can see why hotels use the Sole F80 treadmill. First of all, the F80 has a much better warranty (about double of what Bowflex offers). Also, from a safety or "hotel liability" standpoint, the Sole F80's has better user-friendly features such as: (a) 3 sec countdown before belt begins to move (avoids surprises/injuries); (b) belt takes 6-8 sec to get to full speed (avoids surprises/injuries); (c) easy grip handles with rubber compound (remember: most people grab the handles when they get into trouble!); (d) speed/incline controls on console AND handles (really easy to use controls on handles when running or walking); and (e) no need to tip or lean treadmill backwards when moving (easy on your back, plus treadmill won't fall on you).

    Had I done my homework the first time, I would have initially bought the Sole F80 instead of the Bowflex Series 7. Although the Bowflex Series 7 was highly recommended, it did not hold up well over time. If you are considering a folding treadmill for under $1,500.00, you should consider the Sole F80.

    Good product. Great value. Great warranty. ...more info
  • Sole Survivor
    We've had this treadmill for several months and it gets regular weekly use. First off, it's heavy...which we like because the heft lends the treadmill stability, an important quality when running; the treadmill doesn't shift or move around due to the pounding it receives. However, the treadmill IS easy to move around (when you WANT to move it); the running deck easily folds up and then you can position it without fuss using the wheels underneath. We VERY much like this feature! Its weight is also due to its solid construction. This machine doesn't seem to have many flimsy, plastic parts. It was fairly easy to put together and a nice feature is the audio speaker setup that comes with the treadmill. With the supplied cable, you can easily hook up an iPod and the output is very decent. Why not five stars? My wife mentioned that she would like a number pad so that a person can just enter, numerically, what speed they would like to run rather than pushing the, "faster," button multiple times to set your desired speed. It's not a deal-breaking factor; just for information purposes only. Overall, it's a good addition to our home gym. ...more info
  • Good treadmill, hard to put together
    We like this treadmill. However, when it arrived we had to put it together. It seemed easy enough, but there are wires going in one of the handles that are tough to get in without pinching them. Well we got it together and the belt did not work. So we called SOLE and someone finally got out to us in 2 1/2 weeks. It turned out we went through one of the wires with a screw when trying to put the handle together. The tech said this is the big flaw with SOLE treadmills, it happens a lot....more info
  • Good Treadmill
    Purchased the Sole F80 2009 model for Christmas. Arrived in good shape and was not hard to assemble. My son has been running everyday, me about 3 times a week and wife several times a week. It has been easy on the joints, is quite in operation an so far working great....more info
  • Best consumer grade treadmill!
    i have tried life fitness machines, nordic track, etc, this is the best one out there... super smooth, super quiet, i can't rave about this any more.. ...more info
  • As advertised
    So far the Sole F80 lives up to it's great reviews. The assembly took about 30 min and was pretty straight forward. However as mentioned in other reviews this thing is heavy. You will need some strong backs to get it in the house. Would recommend this model....more info
  • Awesome!
    I love this machine. It has a great warranty and my family uses it daily. We were so lucky to order in time to get the new 2009 model. The addition of an accessory rack and changes in the console make it well worth the buy....more info
  • Decent, could be better
    Like everyone suggests, this is a decent machine. It does, however, have faults:

    1. Trim construction is patchy. On self-assembly you will find a number of holes don't quite line up and you have to coax them into alignment. Have seen better mass production on Ikea furniture.

    2. User manual is slight. Lots of built-in programs on this machine, not a word from the user manual on what they do. Sure, 'cardio' and 'hill' on the buttons give you an idea of what they'll be like, but why should I be guessing how far/fast/inclined I'll be going before pressing them?

    3. Fans are useless, like a puff from an asthmatic. Plus they only swivel in one direction (not the one you are running in)

    4. Speakers are poor, forget them.

    $1500 may not be top money for a treadmill, but hey, that's still $1500 for a 3hp motor with a plastic belt and some pretty lights on. The above issues COULD be corrected with more attention to detail....more info
  • Love my F80
    I love my F80. I ordered it actually from Dick's Sporting Goods after going to see it in the store and thought it was pretty sturdy and small. The price and shipping deal was the same as Amazon's. In any case, it was delivered today. I assembled it myself. It took about 1.5 hours, but wasn't too bad. Instructions aren't super clear, but clear enough. I turned it on and ran my usual hour. It's smooth, quiet, stable, easy to use, speeds up nicely, inclines well. I could hear the TV well. I had a great little workout. It folds nicely and as an added bonus rolls on wheels when fully folded so I can tuck into the corner of the room, no problem! By the by, I'm 5'2", female, and in my late 30's. I'm planning on running on it everyday at least 5 miles. I consider this investment in my health well worth it....more info
  • Robust treadmill
    This is a very robust design. It looks like the frame could support a small car. It's rock solid - like the treadmills you use in the health clubs - except you don't have to wait to use this one. I've had zero problems with it. The drive system, lift system, and electronics work perfectly. It's very quiet and easy to use....more info
  • Exceeds expectations
    This thing is solid. I'm very happy with it. We've put over 150 miles on it since X-mas and have only one small complaint, the heart rate monitor sometimes cuts out during your workout but a little water on the chest strap contacts usually does the trick.

    I was also concerned that the tread length might be too short but it is more that adequate for me running at full pace (I'm 5'-10" tall).

    Very solid, stable, quiet and comfortable to run on, as good as the ones we used to run on at Bally's. You won't be disappointed with this one....more info
  • read this first
    i had been looking at a certain big name "incline trainer" endorsed by a "biggest loser" celebrity trainer. that machine inclines up to 40% grade. i know incline work can loosen up my lower back. ordering it from the company's website was easy, of course.
    then i began to read reviews, and most of the complaints i found were about that company's customer service, and the difficulty people were having getting replacements for defective consoles, missing screws, etc. i called my local sears and had no better luck getting help from them.
    so i called my local DICK'S and they said they sold SOLE machines. i quickly went online, and all the reviews i found were VERY encouraging. the warranty was VASTLY better. the parts and components were touted as INDUSTRIAL GRADE, the reputation was that SOLE serviced hilton and omni hotels around the world.
    we went directly to DICK'S and did not stop at sears for comparison. the rep told us 3 days turnaround time if anything was defective, and that he or one of his coworkers would come to the house if we managed to assemble it wrong. we bought one, muscled it home and inside, ourselves, and assembled it no problem at all. tools, screws, extra lube, etc. everything comes with it. it WAS HEAVY getting it in the s.u.v. and in the house while still in the box. now that i've seen the parts, i'd say open it and carry the parts in separately. this machine is a beauty for the price and we're SO glad we got it. the 15% incline is PLENTY. my eyes were bigger than my stomach and i originally got sucked in by the other company's marketing and "name." i don't think i really need 40% incline.

    let me tell you the story what a nightmare it's been trying to get that other company to CANCEL the "incline trainer" i ordered. i've been e-mailing and calling for days now, trying to STOP the shipping, get my visa CREDITED, and get some straight confirmation. instead, they've SHIPPED the machine, after three different guys told me it was cancelled, they tell me they COULD turn the truck around UNLESS i wanted to HAGGLE, (they offered to absorb the shipping and give me 50 bucks off) HA!!! NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!.....just CANCEL THE ORDER, and CREDIT MY VISA CARD.
    what a bunch of sleazy marketing yo-yos! maybe that company had their values in place back in the day when they invented the original ski machine, but now they've got "slickies" on the phone who make pseudo promises they never intend to keep. good luck if you buy from them, and i hope you're not in a hurry to get going on your program. what a flimsy operation; i have to assume their machine ain't the quality of our new SOLE, by any stretch.
    get the SOLE. the F80 will take anything average folks can dish out. the F85 is for serious triatheletes/marathoners. the warranty is bombproof. the machine is simple, nice looking, and built like a tank. no worries, SOLE can be trusted....more info
  • Good treadmill, but deck is not as soft as expected
    I bought this treadmill a month ago directly from Sole. I had them do the curbside delivery, to avoid the additional inside delivery charge. My two teenage kids and I opened the box outside and carried the smaller parts inside, but the frame was HEAVY to carry, even with all three of us carrying it. It took a while, but we managed. Once inside, my daughter and I began to assemble it. About two hours later, we were finally done (after wrestling with some screws and holes that wouldn't quite line up). In the end, no matter what, one final screw did not line up. Since it doesn't seem to be a critical screw, but one to keep a plastic cover in place, we decided we were done.

    After using it this past month, my boyfriend and I have commented how much more tired we get running on the treadmill than outside. The deck is not soft to run on at all. I would say it feels as if we're running on pavement. We thought we probably had to break it in, and then the belt would feel better to run on, but it hasn't happened. My boyfriend usually runs 5 miles, and I run 2-3 miles, a few days a week, and the belt still feels heavy under our feet. Maybe there's something I could adjust to make it better, but I've yet to figure it out.

    My boyfriend tried to set up one of the user profiles, but he got frustrated after it stopped twice during his run, for no reason at all. Since he was losing his momentum, he decided not to use the user profiles any longer and set it up manually instead. The manual choice hasn't failed for him or me.

    The speakers work fine with our mp3's. We have not complaints there. The fans are also helpful while we run. They give enough air for us to cool down a bit during our runs.

    The console is big and bright. I did notice that they have the time, distance, heart rate, and calories burned showing on two separate places on the console. To me it seems unnecessary to have the same information in two different places, but maybe some people need it. I see no purpose for it being there twice.

    We usually fold the treadmill when we're not using it to take up less space in our bedroom. When we unfold it, and it's almost at the bottom, it makes an annoying squeaky noise. When you're running on it though, it is fairly quiet and sturdy. Overall, I am pleased with this investment. If we would be able to make the running smoother on the treadmill, we'd be completely satisfied....more info
  • Buyers Beware
    Id strongly suggest against buying this treadmill. There is a very common problem many of them have, that is a serious pain to fix and Sole's tech support is not very interested in fixing. After anywhere from a week to a few months of use, many of these shut off after a few seconds use and display "Low Speed Error" on the screen. There's no way for you to fix it personally. You have to wait a few days for them to call you, then you have to wait for them to ship you a part, and usually that doesn't fix it and you have to wait for a technician. A quick Google search will show you that many, many people have had this problem and Sole was little help.

    For over a thousand dollars this is unacceptable. Buyers beware....more info
  • Great treadmill under $1500 and great service!
    After a lot of research I decided on this particular model from Sole Fitness. It's rated as a best buy by several websites and I was not disappointed! We had a few problems with the shipping but Sole did not ask any questions and just sent the replacement parts we needed. Customer service was very responsive and fast. I had doubts originally because I am not a small man (250 Ibs) and while we do not use it every single day it does get used 3-4 days a week by me and my wife. It is built solid and sturdy. The display has all the functions and programs we need. Honestly, I don't know why people want a super fancy display or even a tv on their treadmill. It's a treadmill, not an entertainment center! I can say I would definitely recommend Sole Fitness to friends and family and strangers....more info
  • Believe all the 5 star ratings. Very Nice Machine.
    I just finished my first week with my Sole F80 and I'm still sure I bought the best treadmill for the price. I had been looking at treadmills in the $700-up price range since I saw a Nordic Track in Costco. I'm 6ft and 360lbs so I quickly decided I needed something most industrial than what you get at the sub $1000 range. Also my only other experience with tread mills has been full blown gym units so I'm probably a little more bias towards spending the money for a machine closer to what I've used previously.

    I read a lot of review but only really looked at the Sole F63 and F80. Honestly I really had a hard time spending the extra $500 on the F80. With some of the occasional horror stories out there I was tempted to get the F63 and an second party extended warranty, just to cover the bases. I was lucky enough to be able to see the machines in person as a Dick's Sporting goods. The pictures and product description just don't convey how much more substantial the F80 is. The F80 has the higher weight rating and much longer warranty on parts than the F63 for a reason.
    So I ordered the F80, I didn't go look up exactly how many days it took but it was timely, about 10 days from order to delivery. For west coast people, mine shipped out of a Reno, NV. warehouse and the delivery company called me on a Wednesday and gave me a two hour window for that Friday (9-11am) and they were there at 9:00 sharp. If you take away only one thing from this review, let it be this: HAVE HELP UNLOADING! Even if they bring a truck with a lift gate, this thing weights in around 300 lbs in the box and it's BIG. It's packaged pretty well but you WILL damage it trying to manhandle it into the house.

    Assembly was pretty straight forward. In fact the hardest part of the process is the plastic covers. One of the reviews I read stated they accidentally cut some of the wiring with a screw for the covers near the hand grips. This is VERY easy to do if you aren't paying extra attention. If you're not too worried about it looking pretty, heck just toss the covers in the closet.

    I try and use the beast an hour a day, the stock programs are 20 minutes so I mix and match the fatburn, cardio, and interval programs to make up my hour. More me personally this just breaks things up and time seem to pass faster then a single 60 min program.

    Good stuff:
    I love the wireless heart monitor. When I was comparing the F63 to the F80 I don't really care that the F80 had the monitor, now I can't imagine not having it. Was shocked that it fit my 3x torso without issue.
    It can take as much punishment as I can endure. The interval program includes 4 mph peaks at 6-7-8 inclines. Does it move, sure it does, but I don't have a second thought about whether it's stable and concentrate on what I need to do.
    Other stuff:
    The fans are...well...."subtle", they are fine for me but if you are expecting something to blow your hair back, you're going to need something else.

    Speakers... I'm kind of a music person so I've WAY over critical, they play music, and it's nice they included a cable. I used them for about 30 seconds and then fired up my home system.

    In another review someone complained that you can't change the time remaining on a workout once you start it. This seems to be true and it is something I was able to do on the gym machines I used. Not really that big a deal, you can adjust the time of a program before you start it and stopping one program and starting another takes about 5 seconds and 3 seconds of that is the 3-2-1 countdown on the start.

    I also didn't think I would be folding up the machine very much. I ended up leaving the treadmill in a front room for awhile until I decide it's final home so I fold it every time I use it. VERY handy even it you're just going to fold it up and not move it. Rolls ok when folded, just bare in mind the 265 pound weight.

    To sum it up, the F80 works, looks and feels like a home version of the expensive machines at the gym, not the bigger brother of a cheap machine you'd buy at the fitness version of best buy. Get one.....more info
  • Sole F80 is is awsome!
    Amazon delivered this via Ceva and they were very polite, driver was also nice he wheeled it into our garage. Very satisfied with the machine. Very quiet and smooth operation, couldn't really imagine one being much better for 1000's more. Yes you have to put it together but it was easy. Hardest part was getting it from the garage to the room inside the house. All in all a good buy....more info
  • First treadmill ever purchased
    My husband and I love this treadmill, the incline is intense. My husband is ex military so if it can keep up with him it's something. It's not loud I can even run with the baby asleep in the same room. The only reason I didn't give the thing five stars was because it is soooo heavy. We had to carry it in and set it up and we barely got it up the steps. Also make sure you step away before snapping the plastic that's around it. It says this on the instructions but we didn't read until after and that thing springs open and almost took out my shin. Very good purchase....more info
  • Awesomness at a great price!
    We love this machine, it works very good. It is also a great price for what you get. The only beef we have with it was the packaging. The screen didn't have any protective plastic on it so it is scratched up a bit. We would recommend if you are looking at treadmills that don't cost a tone of money, this is the one....more info