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Canon WP-DC28 Waterproof Case for Canon PowerShot G10 Digital Cameras
List Price: $240.00

Our Price: $168.89

You Save: $71.11 (30%)


Product Description

For PowerShot G10 Digital Camera

  • Works up to depth of water 40m
  • JIS protective class 8
  • Liquid crystal monitor
  • Built-in Strobe

Customer Reviews:

  • Great UW Housing
    This is my second Canon UW housing--1st was Canon 860 and this for a G-10. On my first dive (in the tropics)I experienced fogging on inside of case and lost some interesting shots--not sure what caused it but was easily remedied by inserting small silica pack that lasted for the next 7 days. No probs with many dives to ~30M. Suggestions: find a red warming filter to fit housing; shoot in RAW and adjust in computer processing; use and external UW strobe as in-camera flash (even w/diffuser) highlights water particles (scatter) and design of housing blocks 1/2 of flash coverage. Absolutely easy to use and great results for the money!...more info
  • Canon G10 waterproof housing review
    The waterproof housing is nicely constructed and a great price for what you get. Taking the strap off the camera is a pain and I didn't see how to use the rotary dial on the camera when it's in the case. In general however I really liked the case. I was expecting more fogging than I got. I used it in the mountains while we were sking....more info
  • great accessory for your diving vacation!
    The Canon WP-DC28 waterproof case works as advertised... no leaks. It's very well made, and complements the rugged construction of the Canon Powershot G10 it is made for. All the external controls, and menu access, are provided by large, bright blue & yellow buttons and knobs. It is well engineered. There are 2 downsides. The unit with camera inside is pretty bulky and heavy, so it may not be a great choice for skiing. The other thing is extra weights are needed for comfortable use underwater, and these are not included in the already pricey package. The weights are over-priced (around $40) as well, in my opinion....more info
  • water proof case oh yeah
    This case is pretty much awesome, it allows me to take shots of my buddys while we're surfing, i can take pics when snorkeling, and also when I'm commercial fishing I can have my camera ready on deck with out worrying that its going to get ruined. The only thing that i can say negative about it is that when in a selected scene mode you can not change between scene modes because there is no dial....more info
  • I Rarely Leave Home Without It...
    The Canon WP-DC28 Waterproof Case for the Canon PowerShot G10 Digital Camera is an excellent buy.

    Over the past several years, I have used the Canon G6, G9, and now use the G10 for 75% of my outdoor photography. In general, my G10 lives in its fabulous waterproof case virtually 24/7, and I rarely leave home without them. This case keeps my G10 clean, dust free, and protected from virtually all elements.

    Yes, Canon's waterproof cases could be made stronger - with high-impact materials, but price may greatly increase under such development.

    In appreciation for this case and its technology, Canon's engineers really did a great job taking countless man hours to design a waterproof, fully functioning case. There aren't many companies, if any, whom took time decades ago to create such a product.

    Olympus and other companies are [finally] now pioneering the creation of waterproof, shock resistant cameras. However, they do not compare to the features of the G10 yet. It is only a matter of time before innovation improves, and until then the Canon waterproof case proves to be the best.

    ...more info
  • Canon WP-DC28
    Canon WP-DC28 Waterproof Case for Canon PowerShot G10 Digital Cameras

    Very fast and good quality.
    Thanks....more info
  • Canon WP-DC28
    Canon WP-DC28 Waterproof Case for Canon PowerShot G10 Digital Cameras

    Very fast and good quality.
    Thanks....more info