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Polk Audio PSW10 Monitor Series Powered Subwoofer (Single)
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  • Small room base fix
    Great addition to the small home theater. 16'X20' most movies require only 1/2 volume. Great throw, although I typicaly prefer a bottom firing Sub. Great value, solid polk construction. Allows you the option of reducing the base in the louds and rears cranking the sub for a wide seperation of ranges if your processor has a delay you can acheive that big IMAX sound! that is if you nieghbors will put up with you. ...more info
  • Polk Gets Down
    The Polk Sub is a great piece of equipment and you can not beat it for the price that Amazon sold & shipped the unit. It does have a base bottom and begins to flutter a-bit when driven with my crown. However, it goes down and responds decently. I have a JBL 12" Sub and it is comparable.
    Nice unit and Fat sound.

    Warren...more info
  • HipHop listeners preparation
    Polk Audio PSW10 10-Inch Monitor Series Powered Subwoofer (Single, Black)
    Hip Hop listeners typically have calloused ear drums and can no longer discern deep bass from the rattles created by their car body separated welds.
    For the ultimate bass listening experience, I would suggest buying a pawn shop bass drum, cut a hole in bottom of drumhead large enough to comfortably insert head (small pillow is comfortable). Then put garage sale subwoofer on other side of drum... remove hearing aids and crank it up to achieve nervana and annoy dogs for several blocks.... Oh Yes... the Polk PSW10 sub is adequate to enhance both music and movies without sticking your head in a bass drum....more info
  • Good value
    For 100 dollars this subwoofer is more than enough for my bedroom.I listen to christian music all the time....more info
  • Great sub for the price
    I bought this sub about a year ago and use it mostly for home theater use. It works great for about 90% of the movies that I watch. But during some really low sounds in some movies you can year it distort and vibrate. This is the only reason that I could rate it 4 instead of 5 stars. I watch all kinds of movies, but action is probably what I watch most. ...more info
  • Sent it back and stuck with my 8" subwoofer!
    I ordered the Polk Audio PSW10 10" powered subwoofer with the expectations of timbre matching my Polk towers and center channel speaker while upgrading from my current 8" powered subwoofer. It turns out that the PSW10's amplifier wasn't beefy enough to exceed or even come close to meeting the performance of my current 8" powered subwoofer. I didn't realize that the PSW10 amplifier only averages 50 watts continuous and 100 watts dynamic power output. My 8" powered sub outputs exactly twice that (100 watts cont/200 watts dynamic) - and the performance differences betweent the two is really noticeable. I sent the PSW10 back immediately as it did not meet my expectations. ...more info
  • Incredible bass, well built, and enough oooomph
    Love it. VERY solid and well-made. Aesthetically attractive and performs very well. I'm using it with the Polk Surround Bar and two rear shelf speakers to power a 16X16 dedicated home theater. It puts out more-than-enough bass, unless you're trying to go deaf, or impress Snoop Dogg. The clarity is exceptional and the bass is crisp and travels well. Follow the Polk instructions as they are spot-on with hookup procedures that may seem less-than-conventional. Highly Recommended!!!...more info
  • Great Addition to Any Stereo!
    I think the Polk PSW10 was the perfect buy. I was looking for a sub that would be used with my computer sound system, primarily for music...and then for the occasional movie. With the Poik sub taking care of the lows, I can now let my smaller JBLs and Optimus bookshelf speakers take care of the mids and highs - it sounds AMAZING.

    If you are looking for remarkable audio quality but don't want to break your wallet, the Polk PSW10 is probably the best low-end sub available.

    I, like many others, considered this sub alongside the 12" Sony...but I read so many good things about the bulid quality of this sub and decided that was more important to me.

    And yes, it's plenty loud :)....more info
  • another fine polk product
    Terrific build quality, Bass clear not muddy. Good controls , easy connection to AVR. Hard to belive for the price, great product!...more info
  • Very Disappointing Purchase
    I purchased this sub mainly because of it's cheap price and the fact that it matches my Monitor 50's and 20's and figured it would make the system blend together nicely. As soon as I removed this sub from the box I was very disappointed. I hooked it up using a mid-priced RCA and tweaked the volume and low pass and got it to what seemed like an ok volume. However, the sub lacks any sort of ability to produce deep sound like it should. This woofer is very weak and doesn't pick up the sounds it should. Though I don't need anything to destroy my foundation, this sub couldn't even fill the room with enough bass for casual music listening. After about a month of frustration and terribly distorted bass during movies, I tried the other hookup methods including running speaker wire from the receiver to the sub and then back to the speakers. This didn't change anything. For the easy hookup, I sucked it up and went back to the RCA and continued to shake my head at a terrible sub with yet somehow strong reviews here on Amazon as well as other sites. The only reason this is a 2 star sub is because it does sound better than some woofers from in the box systems, and that it doesn't look bad. Don't be like me and get sucked in by the low price, save a little longer and get something worthwhile. My new Klipsch Synergy Sub-12 couldn't make me happier... hit up a circuit city closing sale and find one like I did....more info
  • great deal
    i got this is two days after ordering, worth every penny and it does its job well....more info
  • Great Subwoofer
    Great product with a fantastic price. Polk is a quality manufacturer and I was amazed to get this product at such a low price. The sound is clean and preforms much better than my old subwoofer....more info
  • Great price, average sub.
    I picked up this sub for $86 plus shipping and it is definitely worth the money. However, the front grill rattles when the sub hits hard, which can be very annoying. Also, as it is only a 10" sub, the speaker starts to pop at lower levels than I would have thought it would. Great deal, but not the right choice for the real bass-heads out there....more info
  • Good for what I use it for
    This is the first sub-woofer I have had and find it ok.

    Thought it was going to be slightly cheaper, but hey I can't complain about the price.

    ...more info
  • Great Bang for the Buck
    I purchased this sub to supplement a HDTV set up in my great room. The products works great, allows me to modify the set up easily and has a pleasing design. Overall just a great buy with good sound performance. ...more info
    This is a bad sub for [...]bucks I have a theater in my basement and i was worried this would not be enough, but polk came through and it rocks not just the theater but the entire house....more info
  • Great!
    I really like this subwoofer, it is relatively portable and easy to set up, and the improvement in my sound system was dramatic!...more info