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Columbia Pictures Step Brothers (Blu-ray)

Crude, juvenile, and proud of it, Step Brothers stars Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly as two 40-year-old men, both living at home and leading the lives of 13-year-old boys, who are thrown together when their single parents (Mary Steenburgen, Parenthood, and Richard Jenkins, Six Feet Under) get married. Brennan (Ferrell) and Dale (Reilly) start out hating each other as only teenage boys can--but things get even worse for their long-suffering parents when they become best friends. Step Brothers gets most of its mileage from very lowbrow humor, but hidden among the farts and masturbation jokes is the suggestion that while these guys may be emotionally arrested, so are Brennan's hotshot business executive brother (Adam Scott, Tell Me You Love Me) and his high-fiving frat-boy pals, just in a way that's condoned because it makes money. Also crucial is that Ferrell and Reilly capture adolescence in all its gruesome glory--the awkward insecurity but also the egomaniacal, arrogant self-centeredness. Mind you, this isn't the American version of The 400 Blows or anything--one of the movie's setpieces features Brennan tea-bagging Dale's drum set (and if you don't know what tea-bagging is... well, you will after seeing this movie). All in all, Step Brothers combines the adolescent humor of producer Judd Apatow (Superbad, Knocked Up) and the comic chemistry of Ferrell and Reilly (who previously costarred in Talladega Nights)--fans of either will find plenty to enjoy. --Bret Fetzer

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Customer Reviews:

  • Unwatchable
    I love to laugh. I appreciate humor like the next guy and grew up watching the original SNL cast and the Blues Brothers etc. Elf is a good movie. This one stinks and is completely unwatchable--unless, of course, you think watching Will rub his balls on a drum set for several seconds is money well spent. You would think that with the resources available to Hollywood, they could actually make something worth 2 hours of a person's time. Not clever, not engaging, nothing redeeming. Just plain horrible....more info
  • Very funny, and I wasn't expecting it to be so good.
    I'm not a Will Ferrell fan, as far as his movies go. I loved him on SNL, but he was always a bit too much in his movies, and I've seen a lot of them. I didn't want to see this one, but I was stuck when visiting friends, and they said they had a good movie to watch, and it turned out to be this one. Well, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. It was hilarious. Ferrell and Riley were a good combination, and it had a funny premise, two adult males who never grew up and still living at home acting like twelve year olds. Some of the stunts they pulled were exactly some of the ones my brother and his friends used to, so I guess I could really relate. A very stupidly humorous and entertaining film. I laughed like crazy!...more info
  • 2 best farell movie
    this movie is just hilarious one of the funniest movies i've seen in a long time alot of cursing in it which put it a little lower but still a good flick...more info
  • Instant Classic
    This is Will Ferrell's triumphant return. This movie is absolutely hilarious. Will Ferrell and John C. Reily team again again for a dynamite comedy that keeps you laughing. An endless supply of one liners that keep you quoting the movie over and over....more info
  • Artistic Comedy
    I think the people who don't like this movie are stuck as a 13 year old, and I think that is just as hilarious as the movie. The movie was mocking them and they don't get it. So all the people out there who don't like this movie, be careful what you say about art- it reflects who you are and it will sometimes mock you. We live in a Post-Pop Art world. Great film, will buy. ...more info
  • Holy Moly
    I almost peed myself before the opening credits were over! Watch the extended unrated version!...more info
  • Cry Funny!
    I laughed so hard that I almost cried when I first saw Step Brothers. Even though they picked the two ugliest guys in comedy, they turned out to be a funny combination. I watched this movie with my friends and now they are going to buy it too! ...more info
  • Hilarious!
    The dynamic duo are back to bring us one "laughing so hard that you're crying" movie. If you're looking to laugh hard at some crude humor, then this is for you....more info
  • Really funny, Will Ferrell's best
    I've seen quite a few of Will Ferrell's movies and although they're all funny, "Step Brothers" is now my absolute favorite of them all.

    So what's the movie about? Brennan and Dale are 39 and 40 years old (respectively). They are unemployed, well, losers who live at home. Brennan lives with his mother, Nancy. Dale lives with his father, Robert. Nancy and Robert meet, fall in love, and get married. That means that Brennan and Dale are now step brothers. The family moves in together and the two brothers must learn how to deal with each other. If you've seen any other Will Ferrell comedy, you know that chaos ensues and the two must join together to save the day.

    Let's talk about the positives first. First, as far as the cast goes, Will Ferrell and John C Reilly are phenomenal. Even the minor characters are great. In terms of the storyline, I think the best part is that it's generally not unique but what is unique is that they're 40 years old and still act like they're 10. There's never a dull moment in this movie. Just one joke after another. I like that although most comedies don't really pay much attention to the "rules" of movie making, there's a beginning, middle, and end in this movie which makes it more than just a comedy.

    And now for the negatives. I've noticed that a lot of reviewers didn't like the movie because they thought it was "crude". I have to agree that one scene was a bit graphic but I don't think the other sexual jokes were that over the top. Like another reviewer said, if you expect this movie to be of epic proportions, you're going to be disappointed.

    Overall, I thought this movie was really humorous although you have to have a certain sense of humor to really enjoy it. I give it 4 stars....more info
  • Way too long!
    I don't think I could rate this movie near worst ever, but much closer to that than a top ten. There are several humorous parts, but not enough, close enough, to make the plot engaging. The secondary cast had more redemptive value than the two brothers, which is not saying much. I do agree with some that the explicit language was not necessary as much as it was used, and the drum scene would have been just as effective shot from the backside. As other reviewers have said, you keep hoping it gets better, but it just doesn't. Comedies are not meant to drag on, but this does. I wish I could give Ferrell and Reilly at least a 3-star, but this just doesn't cut it. ...more info
  • Best Will Farrell Movie yet
    Hilarious Will Farrell movie. After growing tired of so many of the same movies and characters this one is drop dead funny. The combination of John c Reilly and Will Farrell makes the movie gut busting I loved it....more info
  • How could a movie this stupid be this funny?
    Three stars may seem too high or too low depending on your personal feelings on this film, but for me it seems just about right. The movie is about as stupid as the day is long, but in its defense, for the audience that it is targeting, it also proves to be about as funny as the day is long too. This is not a date movie, nor is it a movie for most women (you can add children and seniors and very strict, easily offended individuals to that list too). What it is, is a movie for males, ages 18-35 (ish) who want to embrace their inner child.

    Quite frankly, this is a movie about two overgrown children, and what guy (in that age bracket) doesn't wish they could just be a child from time to time?

    Brennan is 39, Dale is 40. Both live with their parent (Brennan with his mother, Dale with his father) and both are completely dependant and obnoxiously immature. They are thirteen year olds really. When Brennan and Dale are forced to live with one another (when their parents get hitched) there is immediate resentment (and a lot of fighting) but when Dale proves himself to Brennan by standing up to Brennan's equally obnoxious yet financially successful brother Derek, the two become the best of friends.

    "Quick, on the count of three name you're favorite dinosaur."

    When their parents force them to be responsible, they find it hard, but when their actions cause pain to the ones they love the most they find that inside their bodies lies a grownup waiting to come out.

    This could have easily been a forgettable mess, but the cast is to in tune with the film (and they all know this is above and beyond ridiculous, so they play to that weakness and make it a strength) that it becomes an uproarious experience, even if you're rolling your eyes at the films universal stupidity. Will Ferrell is always able to make me laugh, even when his films are less than brilliant, and here he does it again. Like in `Talladega Nights' though, he is easily upstaged by John C. Reilly who once again dominates this film. They work great together though, and honestly, any other two actors in these roles wouldn't have worked; at all. The supporting cast is also great, especially Richard Jenkins (he is on a role) and Mary Steenburgen. Adam Scott is the perfect example of the worst person you could possibly become, and Kathryn Hahn captures the comedic side to, well, being married to the worst human you could ever marry.

    Yes, the film is above and beyond offensive. It has jokes about any and everything perverted and gross and it manages to fill it's dialog with the same four letter word quite frequently, but if that is something that rubs you wrong than maybe you shouldn't even be reading this review. Know that with all that offence comes a boat load of laughs (HA, boats...and hoes) and those laughs help you forget just how stupid this movie really is.

    I'll watch it again....more info
  • Step Brothers
    Funny movie. Adult humor. Pay attention to the R Rating. Filthy language, be wise who you let watch this movie....more info
  • An exercise in self-abuse
    I have generally enjoyed the mindless movies of Judd Apatow, but Step Brothers is simply horrible and nearly unwatchable. It reminds me of a bad SNL routine, those ones that simply linger on and on and on without merciless end. The kind The Simpsons skewered when Krusty was the guest host and they did the Giant Ear Family, "Ugh! And this goes on for another seventeen minutes!"
    My dislike has nothing at all to do with the crudeness, the excessive swearing, or even the nut sack on the drum kit component. But unless those things are in the context of a movie with likeable characters, a decent plot, and WAY less annoyance, the overload only works as exacerbation and not amusement. The only two characters who weren't completely loathsome were the two main female roles, played by Mary Steenburgen as Brennan's mother, and Kathryn Hahn as the sister-in-law to that same character. Steenburgen almost pulls off the mother who can't see the destruction in her enabling over-protection and Hahn steals the show as the self-hating, ego punching bag for her horrible husband and their devil children.
    One of the reviewers said that he forced his wife and sister to watch the whole movie with him just to see if it got better. Two of my kids, both teens, watched it with me and were equally tortured and begging me to terminate the relentless stupidity. As I watched this I keep thinking that it was one of the strangest movies I've ever seen because it made no sense, wasn't funny, and seemed more like a shotgun approach to movie making than anything remotely resembling a fully developed idea. Throw in the completely predictable, and in this case, wildly unhelpful Apatow locker room humor, and you have a bizarre and painful exercise in movie watching. You'd think that with the amount of money being made, they'd try a bit harder. I hope it is simple laziness and not a demonstration of contempt for the audience. I guess we'll have to wait and see what comes next from this clearly self-satisfied group.
    One thing that I will recommend is the gag reel, which had us laughing until we had tears in our eyes. Sad that the gag reel is far and away the best thing about a movie. On the other hand, it demonstrates that these movies are mostly improvisational exercises and that the screenwriting credits are based solely on who said what in the free-form shoot.
    Watch this only if you want to test your own ability to withstand torment. By the time it was over, I felt I'd just finished a marathon of the worst of SNL.
    ...more info
  • Don't Lose Your Dinosaur
    If you've seen the preview of this movie, you already know what's in store. It's going to be a ton of juvenile antics, hilarious ad-libbing, and a comedic duo in Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly just delivering nonsensical humor from beginning to end. Brendan (Ferrell) and Dale (Reilly) are 40-year old men without jobs. They have no prospects. They have no love life. They possess nothing that the average adult covets. What the two do have, however, is a child-like desire to have fun, to live life to the fullest, and the ability to eschew adulthood at all costs. When their parents marry one another there is initial step-sibling resentment, but they quickly become best friends. From there, they rely on great lines, superb gags, a good deal of vulgarity, and the wackiness their fans have grown to enjoy to deliver the hilarity. That's the gist of this movie. It's exactly what I expected and I laughed, HARD.

    For those who didn't enjoy this movie and didn't find it funny, I'd suggest you "lost your dinosaur." Towards the end of the movie, Dale's father Dr. Robert Doback (Richard Jenkins) delivers a speech about his inability to go back in time and pretend being a T-Rex, something he so desperately wanted as a child. The message is the very meaning of this movie and in large part Ferrell and Reilly's comedic oeuvre (because they're artists). Essentially, it's about attempting to be free-spirited, having fun, enjoying everything, and maintaining the youthful belief that absolutely anything is possible as long as you truly believe and try your hardest. It's about letting go of inhibitions. It's about taking chances without worries. It's about ignoring the reasons why a movie is not plausible, why a plot-device is weak, or why Back to the Future just "doesn't make sense". Sit back, shut up, and enjoy as a child would (with the obvious difference that you'll enjoy adult humor). After all, ignorance is bliss. Enjoy the pirates, the tree house, the Hulk Smash Hands, the bunk beds, and the karate gear. It's alright to laugh, be silly, and act capriciously. The very actions invigorate. Enjoy life. Don't lose your dinosaur....more info
  • Buying for Blu-ray
    Hilarious! Just plain silly. Probably not for your conservative mother, but made me laugh throughout with tears in my eyes. I am surprised I did not pee my pants....more info
  • Foul Foul Foul
    The concept of this movie had such potential - but was downplayed by the crude sex humor and throw-away scenes (sleep walking). I got as a present for my 14 year old son and was disappointed. Don't recommend unless you're in a college dorm. ...more info
  • Funniest Movie Ever!!
    I really loved this movie and so did my family. This has to be Will Ferrell's best movie to date, blows Talladagea Nights and Elf away. This is a definate must have for any Will Ferrell fan. It really is just one of those go-to movies when you want a comedy, and it's still funny after so many viewings!...more info
    Will Ferrell is an interesting comedic actor. When he appeared on SNL I thought he was one of the best things on it. When he left, his movies inspired laughter. But then something happened. Each character he played in a movie seemed to be the same one with little or no differentiation from the past one. In short order, I began to avoid Ferrell films.

    The he did STRANGER THAN FICTION and showed that he had some acting chops. TALLADEGA NIGHTS was more of the same though it was funny and BLADES OF GLORY showed that he did have talent. Now we have STEPBROTHERS and Ferrell has made me believe that as with Adam Sandler, the one note character may have more life in him than I thought.

    The story of STEPBROTHERS revolves around two grown step-siblings who are so mentally undeveloped it's sad in a way. Ferrell is 39 year old Brennan Huff whose mother Nancy Huff (Mary Steenburgen) has just met and married Dr. Robert Doback (Richard Jenkins). Doback has a son named Dale (John C. Reilly) who is 40. What's the catch? Both sons still live with their parents.

    No, I don't mean they live under the same roof, though they do. Both "boys" still live at home and depend on their parents to take care of them. Neither has a job nor seems to be looking for one. Both are interested in juvenile things, not as collectors or such, but as involved participants. Both seem to be stuck in that pre-teen world where cursing comes unnaturally and often and their interests revolve solely around themselves.

    The two face off as Brennan and his mother move in with Dale and his father. They take an immediate dislike to one another as step siblings do now having to share their parent with someone else. Dale suggests that Nancy is hot for him and his dad and Brennan threatens to punch Dale in his sleep.

    The back and forth battle rages until Brennan's brother shows up. Derek (Adam Scott) is a snobbish, self praising jerk who likes to do nothing more than make life terrible for older brother Brennan. With a new target in Dale, he starts in. A punch in the nose turns the battling step-siblings into best friends.

    Even though the pair now find they have more in common than they thought, their dad has decided that its time for them to leave the nest. Giving them one month to find jobs or their out on their own, they struggle against the idea, eventually coming up with one of their own that fails. The step parents don't see eye to eye on how to handle it and a split occurs.

    Forced to find a new place to live, the duo fight once more only to start the next day growing up. Each one takes on a real life job. Each one moves up in their positions. Until a chance encounter gives them the opportunity to make amends for all involved.

    So where are the laughs in all of this? Mostly in the hijinks and insults hurled back and forth between the two. The situations between them are hilarious. And the sad thing in writing about this is that to fill you in on particulars would do nothing more than to ruin the comedy you see first hand. Trust me when I say the film is hilarious. Offensive? Sure. Crude? Certainly. But anyone who's seen a Ferrell film won't find it so.

    Having tired of Ferrell's one note character I wasn't looking forward to an enjoyable evening watching this film. I will say I was pleasantly surprised to discover this was one of the funniest movies I've seen in ages. It's one that I know I'll come back to time and again when I need a laugh. If you're looking for one, I highly recommend that you check this one out.
    ...more info
  • I Can't Remember A Funnier Movie
    Often, you see a preview that looks great and based on the preview you watch it. But often, the preview shows the only great scenes in the movie and afterward you regret watching it. I am happy to say that the incredibly funny R rated preview of Step Brothers show only a glimpse of this great movie. If you liked Wedding Crashers, you will love this movie. I don't give away plots in my review but I will say this has unique, in your face shockingly funny scenes that roll 1 after another. It has Will Ferrell at his idiot best, at least as good as he was in Anchorman - The Legend Of Ron Burgundy (Unrated Widescreen Edition). And surprisingly, Reilly holds his own. I will put it this way, if you like movies such as Good Luck Chuck (Unrated) [Blu-ray], Wedding Crashers [Blu-ray], Old School (Unrated Edition) [Blu-ray], Me, Myself & Irene [Blu-ray] or Road Trip (Unrated Edition), you will enjoy Step Brothers. If raunchy humor appeals to you only sometimes, you may want to rent it first. ...more info
  • Absurd yet hilarious!
    Don't let all the negative reviews scare you off. If you are looking for an intelligent film then don't watch this movie. If you feel the need for immature and brainless entertainment then look no further....more info
  • Laughs Are Endless
    Although, Will Ferrell got carried away using the F-Bomb,everyone in this film delivered an academy award comedic performance. I laughed until I cried. The ensemble of actors and actresses gelled completely. I thought it was going to be another over the top slapstick movie. This film is the epitome of humor that cannot be duplicated. ...more info
  • Awesomeness!
    A must see comedy. These two are great actor's together. They compliment each other. It's a movie you can just buy without having to watch its that funny. It's a must own in your movie collection.
    ...more info
    Ok what's with the bad reviews? THIS MOVIE IS AWESOME! I was laughing the whole way. These two guys, Brendan and Darrell, are living at home with their parents. They are stepbrothers, so they have to learn to like each other. What they do to each other is hilarious! I definately think this is top Will Farrel movie along with Blades of Glory. I did not care for the wife's character that much. It was over done....more info