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Traitor (+ Digital Copy) [Blu-ray]
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Studio: Starz/sphe Release Date: 12/19/2008 Rating: Pg13

An action film rich with politics, espionage, and complicated characters, Traitor is an engrossing film in which the lines between right and wrong are anything but clear and the threats of terrorism and conspiracy across the globe seem startlingly real. Sadim Horn (Don Cheadle) is a devout Muslim, once trained and employed in engineering and explosives by American Special Forces, who has chosen to settle in Afghanistan. FBI agents Clayton (Guy Pearce) and Archer (Neal McDonough) begin investigating an uncooperative Sadim in an Afghanistan prison because of his connections with terrorist Omar (Saїd Taghmaoui) and, as events unfold, uncover ties between Sadim and several international bombing incidents. As agents Clayton and Archer follow Sadim around the world, Sadim's dedication to his faith becomes abundantly clear, as does his involvement in an international bombing conspiracy. What's less than clear in all the contradictory evidence is the nature of Sadim's role in the conspiracy--specifically, which side he's really fighting for. Traitor is an action-packed, suspenseful film with strong acting talent, a disturbingly real message, and stellar Blu-ray picture and sound that puts viewers right in the middle of the action. Bonus features include audio commentary by director Jeffrey Nachmanoff and Cheadle, an "Action!" featurette about the film's stunts and special effects, a look at the production's exotic filming locations, and BD-live capability. Also included is a separate digital copy for use in portable media players. --Tami Horiuchi

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Customer Reviews:

  • Good Suspense
    This movie was a good suspenseful film, but I didn't get the point. The chase, the suspense was built really well. But why? What was the director really trying to say? The message passed me by. Was this an inside view of terroism? A double agent? A man reacting to the horrible death of his father and a revenge movie? I just can't find the key, nothing I come up with makes sense, or fits all the pieces together.

    This film had a ton of 24 feel to it. Don Cheadle is not Keifer Sutherland, but I had the same kind of feeling from this film as I do watching 24. The production values were very similar. Traitor and 24 have similar editing, and definately the same kind of camera work. This is not bad, just a feeling.

    Don Cheadle is outstanding in this role. He is a truly amazing actor, with a huge range of skill.

    The film opens in 1970 something where young Samir, (Don Cheadle) witnesses his father blown up in a car bomb. The film them cuts forward to present day and we follow Samir all over the world joining a terrorist group making bombs. The film uses the poor titling technique to tell the viewer where they are in the world. We are always shown some kind of stock view of the city and then cut to a Hollywood set that should look like that country. It's a poor technique that grows old as the film moves forward.

    The story is exciting. The chase scenes, gamesmanship back and forth, and the double cross that is double crossed is all intriguing. The central question, who is Samir really aligned with, for which country is he a traitor? When the resolution actually happens, it was no surprise and was somewhat anti-climatic.

    The problem with this film was more about, so what? I cared about Samir, would he make it through here, would he escape prison, would he be killed there, would the bomb accidently blow up, etc. But why was this film made? What did we really learn from this?

    Rated PG-13, there is a lot of violence. Not much strong language. There is no nudity in this almost 2 hour film.

    This isn't a bad film. It isn't great. I just didn't get it, why was it made? What was the point? When a film leaves me confused to that level, well I'm not a huge fan. ...more info
  • Great acting by Cheadle and Pearce - SPOILER ALERT!
    Excellent script, direction, acting and storyline. Don Cheadle as Samir Horn, the "bomb-maker" of a secret terrorist organization is convincing as the "deep cover operative" and Guy Pearce as the relentless FBI agent Roy Clayton on his trail. The last few tension-filled minutes are worth it; and amply demonstrates that superior direction and editing can result in an excellent movie. Great support from Said Taghmaoui as Omar, Samir's "brother-in-arms."

    The last couple of minutes got me really tense as I thought Don Cheadle (Samir) was going to get blown away by the "other guards" on the boat (what happened to them when the good guys boarded the ship?).
    Anyway, I figured Samir had somehow sabotaged the simultaneous bombings by wiring the explosives incorrectly on all the bombers. Then I saw that they all seemed to have boarded only one type of bus line. Sure, it could've been a nationwide bus service, so I figured he'd set them all to blow up together. Didn't realize that one was enough to take out the entire "crew." Too bad that hapless bus driver had to be sacrificed.

    ...more info
  • If you are a Don Cheadle fan, go ahead and see it. Otherwise...
    Don Cheadle is Samir Horn, a man who makes unlikely friends with a Middle-Eastern terrorist group. Does he support their holy mission, in furtherance of the God he shares with them? Or may he be the catalyst to bring this group down...from the inside?

    You can no longer count the number of movies about the global threat of Middle Eastern terrorism on one hand. It is a topic that gets headlines around the world, and movie makers must salivate over the screenplays. I have admitted my bias, and maybe that is what made this movie mediocre for me. I thought the Americans were portrayed as ruthless, witless cowboys. I'm not saying I agree or disagree with that viewpoint, but only that I grow tired of it.

    Don Cheadle is my saving grace. He is one of the finest actors of this time. He has a seriousness about him that makes everything he says worth hearing. This movie followed him through some very difficult decisions and you feel torn in two directions almost more than he is. He is a talent worth keeping an eye on. He is also the only real highlight in this movie for me. The rest of the movie was just another take on these now-popular, religious Crusades. ...more info
  • Excellent Movie
    You can't go wrong with the truth in this movie! It's exactly whats going on in the world and is definitely a must see!...more info
  • A Riveting Terrorism Thriller
    This is an action packed show that crisscrosses the globe from Africa to Europe to the United States.

    It features Don Cheadle as Samir Horn, an American Muslim who was born in Sudan. His father was murdered by some faction which greatly impacted Samir's life. He was a Special Forces soldier who is now being hunted by the FBI as a terrorist.

    FBI Special Agent Roy Clayton (Guy Pearce) is relentlessly pursuing him from one continent to another. Clayton realizes that everything may not be as it seems.

    This is a top notch thriller. Cheadle is superb in this role. There is nonstop action that will keep viewers entertained throughout. For anyone who loves an intense movie, this is a great one to get....more info
  • A Good But Nothing New
    I am not going to give a plot synopsis as the twists are the whole point of the movie. But without giving away the twists...

    Traitor is about a terrorist plot to wreak havoc in the heartland of America. At the heart of the terrorist group is an Sammy (Don Cheadle). He saw his father get blown up in the Sudan. He was raised by his American mother until he was expelled from school and joined the Army. But he became disallusioned in the Gulf War and has fallen in with a group that has been terriorising Europe and is now ready to strike at America. Hot on his tracks are two FBI agents (Guy Pearce and Neal McDonough)

    the movie is fast paced but this subject matter has been well trod by better movies and especially TV specials. This is an good movie with the usual great performance by Don Cheadle. The remaining cast is equally great.

    This is a movie to see for the performances not for the script. Definitely a good rental or download....more info
  • A deeper look into jihad and terrorism
    This is one of those movies you really have to pay attention to or you'll miss something, like Deja Vu with Denzel Washington. Don Cheadle plays a Sudanese man who is a devout Muslim with Special Forces army training who appears to be helping terrorist groups with "random" bombings in the name of Allah, a bit like September 11. Guy Pearce plays the FBI agent also versed in the Koran and Arab studies looking to find and put a stop to the bombings and the terrorists behind them, including Cheadle. It's difficult to summarize the plot without spoiling it but that is the jist of what happens without ruining the movie.

    The acting in the film is excellent. Cheadle gives his usual phenomenal performance and his grasp of the language (what dialect I am not sure) seems to be well rehearsed, as if he has been speaking it his entire life. Pearce, who I have seen only once before in The Count of Monte Cristo, also does a great job as a stoic and confident FBI agent. The box says Jeff Daniels is in the movie also, but his role, while important, is quite small. The movie is well written and very suspensful and I would recommend it if you enjoyed other movies such as Black Hawk Down. ...more info
  • Starts Great...Ends with a Thud
    Traitor, starring Don Cheadle is about an ex-Army Special Operations officer Samir Horn, who, after leaving the Army decides to fight on behalf of the Mujaheddin in Bosnia and Afghanistan. He is arrested in Yeman as a terrorist, but subsequently breaks out of jail with several other terrorists bent on wreaking havoc against the United States.

    The most interesting part of the plot, however, is that Cheadle's character Horn, isn't a true terrorist. He's been planted there as an off the books operative of a U.S. government agency. Only one person knows of his whereabouts. Horn struggles with conducting terrorist operations which cause death and destruction even as he is helping the government.

    Unfortunately, half of this plot is not fulfilled. The plot line of his involvement with the U.S. government is cut off halfway through the movie for no apparent reason. The entire story is simply left to die and never addressed or explained again. The result is a run of the mill movie that leaves the viewer wondering what caused the director to end the most interesting element of the plot. At the end of the movie I simply couldn't believe it was over. There was so much more that could have been done with this movie.

    The only plus of this movie I can recommend is Cheadle's acting. He's definitely a serious actor and his acting skills are much more than the characters he's portrayed on Saturday Night Live. Overall though, this movie is a rental at best....more info
  • Strong acting keeps this movie above average
    Ably written and directed, this kind of movie could be terrible in lesser hands. But it's pretty darn good, in large part due to the very strong performance by Don Cheadle as a terrorist/double-agent, and also Said Taghmaoui as his fellow terrorist/friend. Shockingly, this was written by Steve Martin (yes, the comedian!)...more info
  • Ambiguous. How far can one go?
    Taken as a thriller about terror and the intelligence work that fights it, I would not have hesitated to give the film 5 stars. It works very well within its own definitions. Cheadle is his usual brillant self as a Sudanese American Muslim army sergeant recruited by the CIA to go for a terror network leader by way of finding his way into the organization. He does it well and gets near the target, when he becomes a target himself for the FBI who have identified him as a top terrorist.

    Cheadle's Shamir is a serious man. He is a devout Muslim. Working for the US against other Muslims is hard for him. Carrying out the terror network's assignments in order to rise in the ranks is also hard for him. He has doubts about right and wrong. In the end he confirms his taking the side where he started his adventure and becomes a 'hero', which leaves him with a bitter taste.

    I find the movie far superior to the recent 'Body of Lies' (Crowe and Di Caprio) about a similar subject, because it is far more authentic and consistent. It is a good thriller, but in the end one can not forget that there are questions of credibility here that are not explicitly discussed by the film. How does the hero start his career in the US forces against his religious friends? With all his thoughtfulness about right and wrong one would have liked to understand what makes him tick. He is constantly quoting the Koran, and one wonders how he justifies his position. He never says, at least not convincingly. The Koran says that killing innocents is wrong? Maybe somewhere in an isolated spot, but more convincingly it supports the terror leader's position. Statistically the outrages far outnumber the nice places.

    Taken as a whole, the movie advocates a soft approach to the conflict of scripture interpretation. That is maybe reasonable, but not intellectually pleasing....more info
  • Solid thriller with though provoking message
    While there have been and will be better overall thrillers, the ideas it explores about the nature of extremism make it much more interesting. The pacing was a bit slow and there is scant action, but there were good performances all around and the story was engaging despite the lack of explosions and gunfire.

    Highly recommended....more info
  • Entertaining, but too flawed to really be effective
    Part spy thriller and part serious look at the roots of terrorism, Traitor is a compelling, if flawed movie. It's a complex tale starring Don Cheadle (Hotel Rwanda) as Samir Horn, a former US Special Forces operative turned (maybe) jihadi. Guy Pearce (LA Confidential) plays the FBI agent trying to track down Horn and head off a major terrorist attack planned by the group Horn is now a part of. It's a fairly typical, post-9/11, post-Bourne Identity, globetrotting spy movie with all of the plot twists, double agents, and suspense you'd expect from the genre. It's also a bit heavy-handed in terms of political correctness, going out of the way to remind us that despite the actions of nearly every single Muslim character in the film, real Muslims are not terrorists, etc.

    Don Cheadle, one of the most underrated leading men in Hollywood, gives another first rate performance as Traitor's troubled protagonist. It's a credit to his acting skills that he makes even a terrorist (or is he?) arouse a degree of sympathy. He seems genuinely guilt-ridden, frustrated, and in over his head. My only complaint is that he seems too American at times, as if the hustling thief from Out of Sight is just under the surface. Pearce, who gave such a memorable performance in LA Confidential, is less impressive, which is due either to the lousy script he was given or the lousy Southern accent he affected for the role.

    Despite Cheadle's performance, Traitor never quite makes the jump from "rent it" status to truly memorable movie. Compared to the Bourne movies - an unavoidable comparison - Traitor falls well short of the mark. I appreciate what they were trying to do, but the movie was either too slow or way too fast, and even the ending, which seemed extremely clever at first, is pretty absurd once you have time to really think about it. Traitor is a solid C+ movie that will entertain you for a couple of hours, but doesn't have much to offer beyond that....more info