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Repo! The Genetic Opera
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What do Paris Hilton, Sarah Brightman, Clown from Slipknot - Paul Sorvino, Steven Perkins and Bill Mosley have in common?

Directed by Darren Lynn Bousman
Produced by Twisted Pictures and Lionsgate
Written by Darren Smith and Terrance Zdunich
Starring Paul Sorvino, Alexa Vega, Paris Hilton, Anthony Head, Bill Mosely, Ogre, Terrance Zdunich and Sarah Brightman, (cameo by Joan Jett)

In the no-so-distant future, a worldwide epidemic of organ failures devastates the planet. Out of the tragedy, a savior emerges: GENECO, a biotech company that offers organ transplants...for a price. Those who miss their payments are scheduled for repossession and hunted by THE REPO MAN. By fusing ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW and BLADE RUNNER, this futuristic tale of horror modernizes the rock opera genre with original music and rich, dark production design.
This rock opera boasts an entirely original soundtrack that blends equal parts goth and punk rock to form an eerie and powerful musical narrative. All of the actors performed their own songs, and the music was provided by an all-star lineup that features performances from Richard Patrick (Filter), Steven Perkins (Jane's Addiction), Clown (Slipknot), Ray Luzier (Army of Anyone), Brian Young (David Lee Roth's band), Richard Fortus (Guns & Roses), Sonny Moore (First to Last), David J (Bauhaus/Love & Rockets), Daniel Ash (Love & Rockets), Blasko (Ozzy Osborne), Tommy Clefetus (Rob Zombie's band), Melora Creager (Rasputina). Also lending her voice to the soundtrack is the edgy pop star Poe. Japanese musician and composer Yoshiki Haysahi (of the legendary rock band X-Japan) co-produced the music with Joe Bishara to create one of the most diverse soundtracks in movie history.

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Customer Reviews:

  • The Land of Repo and Honey
    Let's do some music math: Jourgensen + Sondheim = Repo! The Genetic Opera. Or Cats Bauhaus = Repo! The Genetic Opera. Or how about (KMFDM - Sascha) + Sarah Brightman = Repo! The Genetic Opera?

    You get the idea. RTGO grinds Broadway musicals and industrial/gothic/metal influenced rock into a strange and disconcerting amalgam. Do show tune style vocals, used in a typical Broadway musical mix of narrative and story telling songs, thrown on top of dark and noisy music sound like a good idea to you? I say they are two great tastes that *do not* go great together!

    Nonetheless, there is something here for Skinny Puppy, Jane's Addiction, and Bauhaus/Love & Rockets fans. In addition to the usual assortment of faceless studio musicians who play on soundtrack recordings, Ogre, Stephen Perkins, David J, and Daniel Ash are on the album. Unfortunately, the liner notes do not say which tracks they play on or if they co-wrote any of the songs.

    Bottom line: go see the movie or the stage show. Then decide if you want the soundtrack. On its own, this album doesn't make a lot of sense. The music will be too abrasive for traditional musical fans. Goths, metal heads, and industrial freaks, on the other hand, probably will find the moon/June/spoon lyrics and "A Chorus Line" style singing saccharine and cloying....more info
  • This soundtrack rocks!!!
    This soundtrack rocks!!! Only problem is the songs are not in the order they came out in the movie. Some songs that were in the movie are not on the soundtrack and a couple of songs on the soundtrack were not part of the movie. My only guess is they cut the soundtrack before the movie came out. But all in all the soundtrack is awesome. Great to just listen to, but i like to work out or do yard work while I listen to it. ...more info
  • Awesome music
    Just a great piece of work, I can recommend this to anyone who likes good stories and great music experience....more info
  • You can't take this back
    Mix one part Pink Floyd - The Wall with one part Rocky Horror Picture Show, a dash of The Best Of Alice Cooper and Slipknot, run it through the blender with Pavarotti and Andrew LLoyd Weber and you might get a taste of "Repo! The Genetic Opera." Darren Lynn Bousman, (who helmed the second, third and fourth "Saw" movies), has created a lavish and bizarre movie from a cult play that seems desperate to become a midnight feature in movie-houses around the country.

    The music is confidingly oddball. Paul Sorvino (who is actually an opera singer) and Sarah Brightman (The Phantom of the Opera) are mixing it up with the likes of Paris Hilton and a dude from Skinny Puppy. Members of Filter, Love and Rockets, Janes Addiction and other bands add to the pulverizing rock of the soundtrack, while there is also a power ballad "I Didn't Know I'd Love You So Much" from Shilo (Spy Kids' Alexa Vega, belting like a girlpunk). The only thing missing is the Meat Loaf.

    Imagine Stephen Sondheim channelling Marilyn Manson and you may get a little more of the soundtrack. While there is not specific song that leaps out at you, the whole of this CD has me more than a little intrigued about the movie itself. "Repo! The Genetic Opera" may not be the best movie music you'll hear this year, but it may be the weirdest. See you at midnight.

    ...more info
  • Awesome!!!
    Amazing!!! I think that any music lover could appreciate this CD. I love really hard rock, and even though this has opera in it I loooved it!!! ...more info
  • Three of the best Sarah Brightman songs in a while!
    This review is mostly meant for Sarah Brightman fans considering buying this. My advice? If you love her, buy this. After the disappointing "Symphony" CD, which turned out to be a depressing rehash of Bocelli-style duets, she's back at what she does best on "Repo". There's classical/ethereal style soprano AND rock-pop that's truly fun. It's more like edgy Sarah we know, and she sounds very comfortable doing it. Best of all, the production isn't bathed in echo and pro-tools dull roar, meaning you can actually HEAR her voice. And you know what? She's sounds damn good.

    Here's hoping her next CD will be in the same gothic-classical vein....more info
  • Genius, just plain genius
    This cross between horror movie and musical is amazing. Yes, you'll flinch but be drawn in. The songs are spectacular and the characters are hauntingly beautiful. ...more info
  • Painful to listen to
    REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA is a rock opera written by Darren Smith and Terrance Zdunich, directed by Darren Lynn Bousman. The premise of the film involves a genetic company that offers organ transplants with a hefty price...miss a payment and the repo man will come and get the organ the individual bought. The soundtrack to the film is a mix of opera and rock. Normally I like that fusion of opera and rock but not here. I found this soundtrack to be absolutely dreadful. Considering the amount of talent on the album like Sarah Brightman, Melora Creager of Rasputina and M. Shawn Crahan of Slipknot, one would think the soundtrack would be any good. Unfortunately it is not. I could barely get through listening to this soundtrack without wanting to stick needles in my ears. Even Sarah Brightman wasn't good. She was totally off-key. I won't even get into Paris Hilton, that would be like shooting fish in a barrel. Some people may have enjoyed this cd but I didn't....more info
  • If you like the movie - you will love the album
    The movie and the soundtrack did not get a lot of attention, when it was released in 2008. However, it is actually a pretty good mix of glam and goth rock. The CD even includes some songs, that did not appear in the movie.

    If you like dark goth inspired music, then this album is right up your alley....more info
  • A classic dark rock opera!
    I've had this cd for only a couple weeks and I've got it memorized. The music is driving, tender, tantilizing and provoking. I can't wait to see the movie on Nov. 10th in Portland, OR! Check out the webpage for the movie at info
  • Doesn't work as a purely "musical" or auditory experience
    I am a fan of ALL kinds of music -- including rock, industrial, opera, "show tunes" and cabaret -- and, as a result, was very intrigued by this CD. Unfortunately, AS A CD, it just doesn't work. While it draws from all of these genres, it puts forth a watered-down version of each genre, and the different elements do not come together to create something greater than -- or even equal to -- the sum of the part. The melodies are very simple, the lyrics are banal and the singing is, for the most part, less than adequate. Only Anthony Head does a decent job -- and he gets the only number that is, in and of itself, a good song -- the Kurt Weill-esque "Thankless Job." Worst of all is the always over-rated and annoying Sarah Brightman who, as usual, sounds like a cat who just got thrown into a bathtub full of water.

    All that being said... I am still intrigued by the concept of the movie and, perhaps, the CD makes a good "souvenir" of an interesting film. I will revise my review accordingly if that turns out to be the case once I have gotten the opportunity actually to see the movie. but as a CD in and of itself -- not so much....more info
  • This gets better, musically, without the visuals.
    Normally, if you listen to the soundtrack to a movie, and it's not that great, it gets worse with the visuals removed. This, in contrast, is even better with only the audio. (Which is not to say it's anything other than fantastic in any format.)

    "Repo" is such a gothic vision that it's hard to concentrate on the music; there is so much going on onscreen, and the acting is so good that it distracts from how detailed and inventive the compositions are. So, if you get the CD, you'll be glad you had the chance just to listen to it.

    Anthony Head, particularly, gives several nuanced vocal performances that are, within their own style, as good as Sarah Brightman's. This is really, really good music.

    The CD is a worthwhile purchase for other reasons, though: the CD contains two songs, at least, that are not on the regular (Non-Blu-Ray) DVD. Specifically, "Can't Get it Up if the Girl's Breathing?", and "Needle Through a Bug", aren't on the regular DVD.

    Both tracks and their associated video content add a lot to the movie, and it's worth it to have them in audio or video. In fact, I'm wondering if we can get a director's cut....more info
  • Fantastic
    This is an awesome soundtrack. Fans of Sarah Brightman will love her vocals on this especially Chase The Morning. ...more info
  • Wow! What a great musical
    I found out about this musical by pure chance - and I am so glad I did!
    Although possibly for "adult" listeners (due to some of the language) this has a dark humour enjoyed by all my children as well as us oldies.
    All of the tracks are fantastic (which is surprising considering Paris Hilton is singing on it)and I now can't wait to see the film or buy the DVD.
    It is difficult to describe the cd as a whole as it has many different musical styles in it from opera to rock, and I would highly recommend it to someone who likes something a bit different. ...more info
  • You Know You Want It Baby Geneco's Got It
    Seriously, why are you even reading this review. Obviously you have seen this movie and love it. You find yourself singing Zydrate Anatomy in the shower. Just buy this CD. Seriously, stop reading, scroll up, press the Add To Cart button and buy this. Then listen to it. Heck, create a religion and worship it. Our children will be asking us about this movie one day. Show them the light.......more info
  • Beautiful!
    A good mix of the songs used in the movie. There were a couple missing bits, but nothing terribly important. Mostly interludes....more info
  • An Acquired Taste

    I must admit, the first time I heard songs like "Mark it Up" and "Zydrate Anatomy" I was less then impressed. Even after watching the movie for the first time, I couldn't help but feel like everything missed the mark. But then, I found myself singing songs like "Night Surgeon" (my favorite), "21st Century Cure" and "Gold". There is some adjustment to the style and singing, but once that is made I couldn't help but absolutely fall in love with the soundtrack. At times I will cringe at what I consider to be rather poorly executed lyrics, but seriously these are minor details. Is this soundtrack for everyone? Definitely not. I myself have been drawn into Repo!, its characters and its music.

    And after all, "Pavi steals all the hearts!"...more info
  • Repo! Review
    The soundtrack is decent. Some of the songs sound different from what you'd here during the movie. Also, the songs are not in the order of the movie, they're not in sequence. It's also missing a few of the shorter songs from the film, such as Graverobber's little ditty telling everyone to "Stay tuned..." and a few others. Overall, it's not a bad listen. It's like watching the movie over again if my DVD player was shuffling the scenes....more info
  • Love the movie liked the soundtrack
    Well I love the movie but the soundtrack is missing some songs though I do enjoy it. I just wish there was more to it. But anyway I would recommond it to all repo fans out there...more info
  • This CD is awe inspiring in it's brilliance!
    While the title says it all, I must say plainly that I am impressed with ALL the tracks on this CD. But then again, I watched the movie on a lark with my love. And I was blown away by it. The CD itself is a wonderful rendition, basically the songs are the same as in the movie, but in audio format with tracks....more info
  • interesting...
    an interesting musical but it adds nothing new to the genre. The music is good but not really good enough to stand on its own. I give it four stars however because I'm now really intrigued and want to see it. Considering that I suppose it's not that bad. But again, it brings nothing new and reminds me...musically anyway... of rent. the story seems new however (At least to me) and as I said before, I'm intrigued to see it now. The preformers do a good job but no voices stood out as special (though i know there are some pretty famous voices in here)...perhaps it was just the recording. I wont discard this Cd however until I've actaully seen it preformed. Sometimes I appreciate things better that way and I hate to discover that now I love it and have to actually purchase the item...heaven forbid......more info
  • Great soundtrack from start to finish!
    I throughly enjoy listening to this soundtrack. All of the tracks are very well put together with some impressive talent! I'm excitedly waiting for the movie. If the soundtrack is any indication, the movie should be great!...more info
  • Quite good, considering the crowd it's marketed towards
    I expected "Repo! The Genetic Opera" to drive me crazy, really, associated with and marketed towards the same "mall goth", Rocky-Horror-and-Nightmare-Before-Christmas-worshipping teenage crowd that's responsible for making mindless, repetitive, immature EBM a popular genre (and obnoxiously continuing to refer to it as "industrial" music) as well as keeping Hot Topic in business. "Repo" and the rest of this subculture often try to present themselves as somehow dangerous, edgy and underground, which they are not. Actually, though, at least in terms of the soundtrack, there's very little to dislike about "Repo" itself. I haven't seen the film, but at this point, I may well do so.

    The topics found in these songs, (addiction to surgery, mass addiction) are reasonably macabre, but the creators' point here is not to freak the audience out. It's by-the-numbers dark comedy, and it is cheesy, but not as over-the-top cringe-worthy as I expected, and none of the songs are unwelcome or annoying when they're stuck in my head all day.

    It is, as expected, poppy and simple music. Power chords, catchy choruses. This is not vintage musical theatre; there are few flashes of classical inspiration, despite the involvement of Sarah Brightman. What makes it worthwhile are the singers, actors, and characters. It manages to capture a mildly dark feeling, while at the same time staying lighthearted and funny, most by using clever wordplay.

    Anthony Stewart Head, who I've always been a fan of, delivers a fantastic performance. He has remarkable duality between monster / loving father. Nivek Ogre, from longtime favorite band Skinny Puppy, is completely unrecognizable here. I had to look up what tracks he was part of; if I hadn't, I'd never know. This is not necessarily a bad thing. His traditional persona would not have worked here. All of the acting is exaggerated, as it should be in this sort of production.

    Basically, the soundtrack to "Repo" lacks substance and is squarely in the realm of mainstream music. Anyone who ponders whether this is actually the equal of "Nightmare Before Christmas" or "Rocky Horror Picture show" (which is desperately wants to be) needs only to look to the music, and notice the complete lack of depth or melody, by comparison. However, if you saw the trailer and it made you want to see the movie, you probably won't be disappointed. It's consistently entertaining, and a lot of fun. 3 stars....more info
  • Cult Classic
    The music is phenomenal. The songs are catchy, unique and have some great talent behind them....more info
  • I really expected more.
    I really wish that I would have realized exactly who was making this film before I went to see it.

    I had very high expectations for this film and its soundtrack. The concept is original and fascinating, it has potential to be a very well rounded film. Deeply developed characters, well crafted dialogue and song, skillfully executed gore, and a very artsy overall feel was what I expected.

    This is what I call a "pretty movie." I adore the cimematography. It is shot beautifully! It has an airbrushed quality to it, but it works. It is simply a beautiful film.

    What I have a problem with is the meat and potatoes of it. I hardly think that the characters are well developed, and I have a hard time figuring out what the story is. The strongest character in this movie is Rotti Largo, but I think it's because Paul Sorvino is type-casted (which I don't have a problem with at all.) The vignettes are cute, but they are the main source of actual plot points. I wouldn't have a problem with all of the dialogue being sung if the songs were more well crafted. I really don't feel that they lyrics convey a story, and the music is repetitive and predictable. However, I think it's sung well. I was suprised at how much I liked Sarah Brightman's singing, Anthony Head was just amazing, and Paul Sorvino's operatic tenor voice was absolutely delightful! I also got a kick out of the vocal stylings of Paris Hilton.

    In a nutshell, the movie is pretty, the singing is enjoyable, but it's not enough to make me want to buy it or even watch it again. There's one thing that I need to be right in order for me to like a musical: the music.

    I guess I shouldn't have expected that much from the director of Saw 2. The other guy who wrote the music and lyrics is predominantly into creating visual art.

    I've read that this is the middle of a trilogy of films, that they're going to make a prequel and a sequel. I am interested in seeing that, I think that maybe the concept can't fully blossom in one film. I hope I'm right!...more info
  • Additcted to Repo!
    I have seen the road show twice and the CD with 22 tracks lets you relive the show over and over.

    I love every track.

    Better than Rocky Horror, better than any goth club, sexier than ever.

    Meting the Graverobber/writer (Darren) in person was so awesome!

    Review by LN (G.B. Clarke's wife)

    Approved by the STEAK NIGHT crew. (an exclusive Buffy the Vampire Slayer inspired group)...more info
  • Well....
    Let me say this...I Love musicals...I love Sarah Brightman.....But regrettably this is not my idea of a musical. I wanted it due to Ms. Brightman's involvement , it simply isn't my cup of tea. Not that it is all that bad , just not my cup of tea....more info
  • A-Fing-mazing
    It was Amazing Every Song Scored A !0 out of 10 with everyone who listend to it, to bad a few songs are only available on the blu ray version of the DVD, other then that no complaints, as far as rumors yeah its true it was made on a CD r but still with enough orders the more popular it becomes we may see a store release...more info
  • Amazing soundtrack for a unique movie
    This soundtrack is awesome! The tracks are not in the same order as they appear in the movie, but that's a quick fix for anyone with a CD drive in their computer. The music is completely worth it, my husband and I have been listening to this soundtrack non-stop in the car for a while now. I'd definitely suggest it to anyone who has seen this movie!...more info
  • Love it... BUT
    Okay I got hooked on Repo via the new Musical on DVD. Anthony Head is perfect. Ms Vega is outstanding. Paul Sorvino was a complete surprise, wonderful job. Even Paris was good in her role.
    But back to the cd after watching the movie. So when I bought the cd I was certain I'd be completely happy. While I love the songs still I am vexed by the way the cd was cut. The songs are not in the order of the movie, very dissappointing. And worse they cut out so many perfect song moments!! You get 2 or 3 songs not shown in the movie but what's the point. I would have rather they extended the other songs and left those off. Like 'Bug a Needle'. Without seeing what this song was supposed to be about, it made no sense at all! They left out the start of the Night Surgeon where Rotti is forcing Nathan to remember. Come on guys that was beautiful work!!! Why wasn't it on the cd?? And why wasn't Gravdigger's last song on the cd. It was a very important message. The 'dummy's' part is not included in Thankless Job, I can deal with that better. Because I just end up singing that part. hehe
    Either way this is a phenominal musical and if you haven't given it a try you should. But warning you will either LOVE IT or HATE IT!...more info
  • When is Sarah Brightman singing?
    I keep listening and trying to figure out when and if Sarah Brightman is singing in any of the songs. Think I find her at times, but then not sure. There is no listing telling you who is singing what songs.
    Also not my type of relaxing music. Too modern for me and loud....more info
  • Its... okay?
    I'd like to preface my review by stating that I am in NO way a fan of musicals.

    That said:

    Given how unique the description made this particular soundtrack sound, I was sure that I'd either love it or hate it, as some reviewers have pointed out.

    Granted, it is unique, but at the end of the soundtrack, I don't have ANY strong emotions for this soundtrack. The only response I have is a shoulder shrug and an unenthusiastic "meh..."

    The good news is that sometimes the combination of industrial music with opera makes for some truly haunting and cool moments (and flashbacks to the final boss battle on "Jet Grind Radio"), and its an interesting feeling to hear a style of music that are very grinding and urban combine with the DRAMA! and THEATRICS! of some big Broadway style songs (ACTING!!!), though I suppose Nu-Metal (which has its roots in Industrial) is theatrical enough on its own, so the combination is an oddly natural fit.

    The bad news is that the production leaves the music clean, processed and pushed into the background, which dilutes it of its power. I suppose it kinda needed since the lyrics form the story and have to be clear enough to be heard. But Industrial music is supposed to be LOUD and POUNDING and you don't get that here. This problem is made worse by how generic the riffs and music are. Again, I'm sure its more forgivable in the actual movie, but as a standalone soundtrack it just doesn't do it for me.

    As for the quality of the songs, most are short and seem incomplete, not surprising since its an opera, and the music is supposed to go hand in hand with the visual component of the medium. Still, some are catchy and fun ("Infected" is nice, as is the punk "Seventeen") Others are just cringe-worthy in how bad they are("Thankless Job" and "Mark It Up" especially), but the majority is just kinda boring and forgettable.

    But as I keep saying, I'm sure this will all come together better in the movie. Truly good musical soundtracks, however, transcend their theatrical origins and make for good listening experiences OUTSIDE of us viewing the production they were prepared for. Those are the soundtracks that you're happy to buy and you listen to them on other occasions. This one doesn't do that for me. I can't imagine listening to these songs outside of when watching the movie.

    So in my opinion, the soundtrack for "Repo! The Genetic Opera" isn't a good soundtrack. Its mostly not a BAD one either. Its just... okay....more info