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Taylor 5599 440 Pound Tempered Glass Body Fat-Body Water Scale
List Price: $39.99

Our Price: $29.45

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Product Description


  • Uses BIA method to measure body fat and body water
  • Measures muscle mass and bone mineral mass
  • Contemporary glass platform with 1.6" LCD readout
  • Weighs to 440 pounds - 200kgs.
  • Athlete and separate scale only modes

Customer Reviews:

  • perfectly inaccurate
    i bought this before thinking it would be a great investment. unfortunately my family soon noticed how inaccurate this scale is. it flucuates and has a horrible analysis(it can change results literally the next minute you get on it).

    i wouldn't waste my time on this or any other taylor scale(the last one i soon discovered was a taylor too). hopefully this collects dust when i return it at a store...more info
  • Not worth it
    It's a nice scale, but not accurate. Sometimes it's 4 lbs. under, sometimes 5 lbs. over. Never consistent. I have to place my weights on it to determine how much it's going to be off. I wish I could return it, but I've had it for too long. (I was in the process of moving when I purchased it & didn't start using it until recently.)
    Maybe just mine is defective?...more info
    I don't expect a $35 scale to accurately measure my BF% but why is this so INCONSISTENT?? The measurements really do vary by the second, with the scale on the floor in the same place. The weight measurement is pretty accurate however....more info
  • Useful features, but not a very well-built product
    I was excited when this finally arrived. It had lots of neat features that I was excited to take advantage of. I took it out of the box and instantly noticed how flimsy and brittle the plastic was. One small drop could easily break it, and render the entire scale useless. The next disappointment was when I turned it on for the first time. I'm not sure if I got a defective unit, but the display half-worked. Parts of some numbers were nice and bright, while others were barely visible, and others didn't show up at all. I would suggest Escali High-Capacity Bathroom Scale with Body Fat/Body Water Monitoring (440lb / 200kg) as an alternative....more info
  • cool scale
    I bought it for the body fat and bone mass features. To get an accurate weight, lay the scale on a flat surface. I think my weight is accurate. Amazon had amazing customer service!!...more info
  • Very reliable, sleek looking scale
    This scale looks just fabolous and most importantly our weight comes up pretty accurately. I am not sure how accurate it is with body fat, but that's just bells and whistles that I don't really need....more info
    As with other reviewers, I also had to read the instructions several times, (and yes, I am college edu-maca-ted.) Once I programmed my body info into it, I had no problems. It's a nice-looking scale (albeit with a flimsy plastic handle at the bottom). It appears to give consistent readings, although I have no way to verify if the bone mass, or muscle/water/fat readings are actually accurate.

    If all you want is body weight, just step on the scale. However, If you want the bone mass, water content, fat % or muscle %, then you press the "set" button and allow it to enter the correct mode, then step on with moistened feet. There are metal sensors that apparently send impulses through you feet. (You can't feel anything at all.)

    My only gripe is the display flashes each reading way too fast, (2 seconds for each of the 5 cycles) and the bone/fat/water/muscle indicator is VERY small. I have average eyesight, and I have to run the sequence 2 or 3 times just to read each function. This is irritating. I assume the small icons and quick sequenses are designed to preserve the lithium watch battery; but repeating the function 2-3 times ends up wasting battery power.

    ...more info