Seagate ST310005FPA2E3-RK FreeAgent Xtreme 1 TB FireWire 400/USB 2.0/eSATA External Hard Drive
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Product Description

The Seagate FreeAgent Xtreme storage solution helps you easily safeguard all your photos, music, videos, and documents and access them with maximum performance. Included easy-to-use software helps keep your information safe and private, with automatic data backup and encryption of your important files and folders. Environmentally smart utilities help save energy by putting your FreeAgent drive in sleep mode once it has been idle for 15 minutes. You can take advantage of its flexibility to lie on its side or stand upright to maximize your workspace. Count on the FreeAgent Xtreme storage solution for quick access to super large files, added protection for all your content and to look really good on your desk. Conveniently store all your photos, music, videos and documents in one place thanks to large storage capacity. Experience blazingly fast data transfer thanks to eSATA, USB 2.0, and FireWire 400 interfaces. Enjoy a sleek, modern design that offers the choice of horizontal or vertical orientation to complement your desktop environment. Keep your important files and folders private with powerful software encryption technology. Up to 120 hours of HD video USB 2.0 - up to 480 Mb/s FireWire 400 - up to 400 Mb/s eSATA - up to 3Gb/s

  • USB 2.0: up to 480 Mb/s
  • FireWire 400: up to 400 Mb/s
  • eSATA ? up to 3Gb/s
  • Rotational Speed: 7200 RPM

Customer Reviews:

    WOW, what a nightmare I have been through the last 48 hours with this drive. Do not buy this drive if you use a Mac. Spend the extras 25-30 dollars and get the 1.5TB drive that specifically says Mac. I bought mine at Best Buy and they didnt have the other version and since this is a Firewire drive I figiured I would give it a go. I have never seen a firewire device not work with Mac. Well I am running a dual 1Ghz G4 and a Dual Quad Core Mac Pro and this drive wouldnt work with either machine throuh the firewire connection. It does work through the USB 2.0 connection, that is until it starts unmounting and mounting all by itself and thats when things get really interesting. My OS started freezing up, other applications started freezing up, basically this thing absolutely wreaked havok on my system. I had more crashes and more problems with my computers in the last 24 hours than I did in the previous 2 years combined. Again once I unhooked the drive evrything went back to normal.

    I have no idea why a HD would cause these sorts of problems especially when its a firewire drive. Why seagate designed a HD with Firewwire that is incompatible with Mac is beyond me. And why is the Mac version of the HD an extra 35 bucks? Its basically the same drive, a triple interface 1.5TB HD, yet the mac version is considerably more expensive. I have actually had a lot of problems with Segate over the last year and this last round of problems is my last with this company. There are simply too many other options out there to put up with this garbage. Do yourself a favor and do not buy this HD especially if your on a Mac....more info
    This is my first review on Amazon. I am a long time buyer here and an engineer by profession - so fairly knowlegeable. I have bought Seagate drives in the past and have absolutly loved them. In fact I have 3 Seagate SATA (160GB) still working in the two PCs that I have for the past 5 years (pre-maxtor acquisition), without any problem. I chose this one over the WD 2TB Studio Edition because this is 7200 rpm SATA. Also being a single hdd, i thought it would be cooler and less power hungry.

    But only if it worked. Here are some of the issues I have had this in the 5 hours that I have had this for.
    1. anytime I try to do a read or write, it woudl hang. The entire computer would freeze (contrl+alt+del wont work either) and would require a power cycle
    2. upon reboot, wont be recognized by the OS or even their own software. Need to do another power cycle of the hdd to make it even show up
    3. can't format (even quick format). Every time I try to format, I get an error saying format can't be completed. renderign the drive useless. So I used another xp machine to do a quick format to make it usable on my main Vista machine.
    4. Finally, the usual click, click, click ... and the drive is gone.
    All in the 5 hours that I have had this for. This is going back now. Will get WD 2TB Studio instead.
    I think it is either poor quality control on Seagates part or the extremely poor Maxtor (remember, folks wont touch maxtor drives with a 12 foot pole) have been rebranded as Seagate...more info
  • excellent drive
    Bought the drive for backing up my 1TB internal. Unit has run great for the last 3 months that I have owned it. I upgraded from my previous 750 GB FreeAgent which still is used for extra storage. Seagate includes a backup software package for backing up your computer. Although the software is pretty good for free, it is more suited for individual file backup rather then full system protection. The unit is fast and quiet....more info
  • Mac users -- avoid this drive
    Like others here, I am a long-time Mac user. Stidwell's instructions are a good starting point, but I've been through 2 shrink-wrapped boxes of this drive, and while the USB interface worked reliably, the Firewire (1394) did NOT always work. What is so odd about this drive is that if one unplugs the power and usb cord, and plugs in the firewire cord FIRST, then the power, the drive will often mount. But there were times I could not replicate a proper procedure to have this mount reliably EVERY time. This on an intel Mac mini and an older PPC G4 Cube. I repair Macs for a living, so I don't mind adventures with equipment, but for the general consumer, I would stay away from this particular model. Seagate still makes top notch product, but this model is not for the general Mac user....more info
  • eSATA & FireWire complete this drive, but no eSATA cable provided!!!
    The first reason I liked about this drive is 5 year warranty, the second reason was the features offered at the price (I purchased 1TB drive for $170, of course as time passes by it will get cheaper). The performance of this external drive is awesome, so far never given me any trouble and it is a true `Plug-N-Play' drive, no drivers or no hassles getting it started, pop it out of the box and use it right away. One more thing I liked about this external drive is that it comes pre-formatted in NTFS, so no sitting back and wasting time converting it from FAT32 to NTFS which I had to do for some of the other brand drives I purchased in past. That's about the good part, and now the sad news... even though the drive supports eSATA interface, Seagate does not provide eSATA cable along with the drive so if you want to use that interface, you would end up spending $20 to $40 more on the drive for getting faster transfer rates, as if you are using just the USB interface no point in wasting extra money for this model, but instead I would suggest buying FreeAgent Desk which serves the same purpose for less amount of money, if you only use USB interface. One more thing that I've noticed is that many people complain about the customer service offered by Seagate, personally I haven't required yet and hope I never need it but some of the reviews do say that they've faced hard time getting through customer service....more info
    This is the worst HD I've ever bought.
    Less than a week of usage and a lot of bad signs:
    1. "windows delayed to write"
    2. "windows was unable to save all the data for the file $Mft" which is the master file table and that my friends is really not a good sign.
    3. Then the click of death "click, click, click"
    The folks at Seagate should get arrested for selling this....more info
  • A Great Back Up Hard Disk
    This external HDD has everything I needed and more. There are a few points that I'd like to mention here; 1st is the bundled rubbers that attach to the sides of the hard disk, they're shaky and they keep falling off, secondly; the included stand doesn't attach good, the hard disk is shaky and may fall if bumped into by accident. Lastly, I wanted to get this HDD to back up my data as well as my PS3 data, unfortunately, the PS3 doesn't recognize it (maybe bcoz the HD's format is NTFS), I wonder if it can be formatted to FAT32!? (I'll try it later, hope it works). Overall, it's a very good storage unit and features many connectivity options and very good transfer speed....more info
  • DOA
    Sadly this 150 dollar paperweight wont turn on the first time out of the box. Waiting on hold with Seagate for a long time and have yet to speak to a human. Why me?!?! Zero stars for this loser. And what is with the huge and ugly white power supply?...more info
  • Great overall drive
    This drive is billed as one with plenty of room and it surely does!! My reason for buying this drive against all similar drives was the esata since I had a esata port on my new computer and naturally wanted to take advantage of the added speed. Ran a backup with the eSATA and it works fine - and much faster!! Done through USB a similar backup would have been at least an hour. With esata, the same file backup was approx. 20 minutes. An image backup took approx an hour - about 1/3 tbe time with usb.

    I would have given this item 5 stars, but since it does not appear to be possible to use the included software out of the box without checking compatibility with your esata card inside your computer, you are compelled to use usb. Seagate - hope you are reading this - upgrade the drives so users do not have to face this problem. EVERYTHING should work straight out of the box without a hitch. Otherwise, don't sell the item unless it can work ENTIRELY as advertised!!

    One small thing. The drive comes with a usb and a Firewire 400 cable, but no ESATA cable. WHY NOT?????

    Workarounds - Spring another $50 for a reliable backup software, such as Acronis, and you'll be fine with ESATA as well as USB and Firewire. Also - you'll need that SATA cable, so be sure to order the cable you see being sold separately on Amazon from SIIG. Checked with Seagate and they claim this is one of the ESATA cables they have tested and approved. Bought the cable with the drive and so far, everything works fine.
    ...more info
  • 30 Days and DEAD!!
    This was to be a backup for a server. Setup a breaze, quite, fast. Started clicking yesterday. Three or four clicks then drive as normal. This morning dead drive. can unplug power wait a min reatach it will start to spin click three times and power down. Some one has to get the bad one....more info
  • a product with lot of uncertainties
    just bought one yesterday.
    pros: very quiet, very thin. looks pretty nice but,
    1) once powered up, it'd gradually become very hot, has to use a mini fan to cool it down; really makes me wonder the plastic enclosure would stand such high heat;
    2) the software is not quite useful but a nuissance! already saved many stuff, but next time when i decide to delete them all, i'd just click on the drive's icon and format it with FAT32 to clean up all the crappy software from seagate! i should format it like i format my compact flash memory card anytime i want to clean up the files and make it as a simple plug-n-play external hard drive!
    3) default 15-minute power saving mode actually froze and crashed my windows, and this stupid seagate 1.5tb drive won't even start, only showed no external drive connected to the computer, but the power was on, the usb connector never removed. the desktop computer just looked like dead! couldn't even turn it on or turn it off, the flat screen monitor also looked like totally disconnected from the desktop! had to press the power button 5 times to get the windows back on. the whole external drive just looked dead, but when i touched it, i still felt the power was on inside the enclosure. have to unplug the power and the usb and took it to connect with a laptop, then suddenly it came back from the dead like having a resurrection! and i didn't even have to install the stupid 'seagate manager'! but i have to open the seagate software and copied it to a flash drive and then connect it to the desktop, reinstalled the darn seagate manager software, then went to add/remove programs to click on the "seagate" program and click add/remove, then chose 'repair' to get it work again!

    this hard drive really gave me a lot of trouble! got two external hard drive mini towers, one is 1tb, the other 2tb, never had such weird problem, nor needed to install any software to make them run, just plug-n-play. yet this seagate external hard drive is just like those desktops and laptops bundled with lot of crappy manufacturers' pre-installed junk which i often considered they are nothing but malicious junky software that i could always do without!...more info
  • Espectacular
    Es un disco con muy buena capacidad y versatilidad...lo mejor que he comprado en almacenamiento...more info
  • External Hard Drive
    I use as an external drive to DirecTV HR22. A little tricky to make work. Maybe a little too much storage, because it makes the receiver a little sluggish when looking at the playlist. I'm not sure what the problem is, maybe too many programs in one playlist folder. But you can record and keep an entire HD series of shows, plus lots of HD Movies and Sports. The trick to making this work with DirecTV HR22, is to start the HR22 until the light on the FreeAgent drives comes on, then quickly unplug the receiver only, and quickly plug back in, hopefully preventing the FreeAgent drive from going off (the light must stay on). The Drive must be on before the Receiver turns on for the Receiver to recognize the drive, but the drive doesn't come on if the Receiver is off. It took quite a while for me to figure out how to make this work....more info
  • Great Drive for home/office backups
    I've been looking for a hardware backup solution for a while. The last time I had to reinstall windows it took over 2 days to get the system back to a comfortably working state (what with Visual Studio 6, 2003, 2005, 2008, the Windows SDK, several 3rd party drivers and libraries, Windows Resource Kit, Windows Debugging Tools, etc...).

    This drive functioned perfectly without hitch on 2 laptops (one running Vista x64 the other running XP). Via firewire it took 65mins to backup 87GB of data (no compression). One thing I've noticed is that the software used to make the backup can really make a difference so slow performance some reviewers have seen may not be due to hardware.

    The only negative thing I can say is that the vertical stand is a little flimsy....more info
  • Do not buy this drive
    My drive runs for about 30 minutes then stops working. If you try to touch it at this point, it is extremely hot. This happens with both eSata and USB 2.0.

    I contacted seagate support and have not received a response after 10 days of waiting for one. I have read reviews from a large number of people in the same situation, and it does not look like seagate have any intentions of addressing the issue. To mass market a drive with this high of a failure rate is shameful

    I am returning my drive and never buying another seagate product again. ...more info