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Mannix: The Second Season
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Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 01/06/2009 Run time: 1277 minutes Rating: Nr

There's that great line in Blazing Saddles when Sheriff Bart grabs his gun to go capture the fearsome Mongo. "Don't do that," the Waco Kid cautions. "You'll just make him mad." Joe Mannix (Mike Connors in his signature Emmy-winning role) is a lot like that. Cut the brake line in his car, rough him up, or frame him for assault; once he's on a case, he won't quit. Doing the legwork and pursuing the thinnest of leads, Mannix is an old school private eye, which is why it's great to see him out of the high-tech Intertect firm and in his own no-tech private practice with his faithful Girl Friday, Peggy (Gail Fisher in her groundbreaking, Emmy-winning role). Mannix doesn't need computers to do his job. "I don't fly by instruments," he proclaims in "The Girl Who Came in with the Tide," "I fly by the seat of my pants like a barnstorming pilot." Which is why, in "Tide," when he recognizes a slain girl about town at the morgue and discovers she was in the company of the "swinging attorney" who once had Mannix's license suspended, he takes the case as a labor of love. Some cases put his gut instincts to the test. In "A View of Nowhere," he is convinced he witnessed a man trying to strangle a woman, but when he follows up, the couple denies anything is amiss. Some of this season's most compelling cases hit closer to home; in "In Need of a Friend," he reaches out to a man just released from prison after seven years for a crime he didn’t commit, and whom Mannix had helped to convict. Peggy’s love life also keeps him busy. In "Death in a Minor Key," Mannix goes to a small town to help clear the name of Peggy’s jazz musician boyfriend (guest star Yaphet Kotto) after he reveals he is a fugitive, and in "Last Rites for Miss Emma," her latest squeeze may be involved in the theft of morphine. In classic TV PI tradition, Mannix butts heads with the police (including a pre-M*A*S*H Larry Linville, and Robert Reed), but his "reputation" earns him considerable leeway. Mannix was a particularly hard-hitting series in its day, and it’s still bruising. In episode after episode, Mannix takes a licking, but keeps on ticking. His sports coats may now be out of fashion, but this tough and rugged series will never go out of style. In "an uptight world," it’s comforting to know that Mannix is on the job. --Donald Liebenson

Customer Reviews:

  • Mannix
    Great clarity! One of our all time favorites. Looking forward to more seasons. ...more info
  • Lacks Extras, but still MANNIX!
    After the beautiful, extras-packed Season One "Mannix" collection, I was surprised to find "Mannix: The Second Season" was no-frills all the way, from the slender plastic case, to a lack of any special features. Surprised and disappointed, as, in many ways, this is the first 'true' season of "Mannix" (with Intertect gone, and Joe Mannix the traditional private eye he'd remain for the rest of the series' run, complete with sweet, wise secretary, Peggy, brilliantly portrayed by Gail Fisher, and the first...and best...of his police department buddies, Larry "M.A.S.H." Linville and Robert "The Brady Bunch" Reed). As Connors had spoken glowingly of Fisher in the earlier collection, I had been looking forward to more of his anecdotes and memories, but, sadly, all that is offered are the episodes.

    Not that the episodes disappoint...This is "Mannix", after all! Ruggedly handsome, loyal to a fault, he is a hero frequently roughed-up and shot, but never defeated, the 'Bogie' of the '60s TV generation, complete with a gun, cigarettes, a gas-guzzling car (and car phone), and those amazing sports jackets...

    So cheers to the Second Season...and hopes for more extras, in future collections! ...more info
  • Mannix Season 2
    I've always been a Mannix fan so, I really liked season 1... but I have to tell you Season 2 is much better. The story lines have improved with Joe's new address at 17 Paseo Verde. Gail Fisher is not only beautiful... but she can act as well! I couldn't help notice the much better use of cinematography in season 2 that just wasn't there in season 1. The story lines are better and easier to follow and Chrysler supplied the cool cars. Joe drives a dark green Dodge GTS 340 convertible with mag wheels... it's sweet! We can only hope for the release of future seasons! Mike Connors where ever you are... BRAVO! Well done!!! ...more info
  • Mannix Season Two - A 40 Year Perspective.
    It is hard to add much more praise on this great series than already has but here goes. First I never missed this show as a child growing up, I watched it with my dad every Saturday night. It was the only night of the week I could stay up until 11:00pm. The first thing that strikes me as I watch the show 40 years later is how shows of this era tried to appeal to the best in human nature. Loyalty, integrity, honesty, sense of justice, and in Mannix case genuinely caring about many of the clients he was trying to help. Compare that to most shows of today that wallow in the worst of human nature even glorify it. I probably will never get a chance to meet Mick Connors or another hero of my youth James Arness of Gunsmoke but would like to thank them for helping to make a positive lasting impression on a little boy so many years ago. I highly recommend this dvd set. Thanks Joe ! ...more info
  • Mannix season 2
    I thought the digital remastering was awesone. I don't think the episodes are the original full length. I don't know why, maybe the originals were lost. There are scenes missing. ...more info
  • One of Television's All-Time Best Shows!
    I can still remember sitting on the floor on Saturday nights as a boy watching Mannix with my dad (it was one of his favorite shows). Even today the theme music can bring a tear to my eye when I remember.
    Just finished the first four episodes of Season Two and all I can say This show had everything. Fistfights, gunfire, booze, explosions, fast cars, beautiful girls...oh, and a crime to solve. The ultimate real man show....more info
  • Be Tough, Be Cool, Be Mannix
    Tough, cool loners don't answer to anyone except themselves, and that's the Mannix way. Go it alone. Be tough. Be smart. And, most importantly of all, be honest, brutally honest. The chicks all dig you, but chicks are a dime a dozen, and besides, you've got things to do. You've got a crime to solve. You've got a mystery to unravel. You've got a bullet to dodge. There are bad guys who think they can handle you, but you make them think about it a whole lot harder. The bad guys end up changing their minds, but you never change yours. You believe in yourself. You believe in the truth. You believe in helping good, honest people and turning dishonest people upside down. Your tough, never-say-die nature was made even tougher in the Korean War. You served your country. You came home a hero. And the hero in you found himself a new mission. Your new mission: be tough, be cool, be Mannix!

    If you're familiar with the show, all you really need to know is that the DVD's do the show proud. They have great picture quality and include all the episodes of season two with the awesome and beautiful Peggy. No special features, and that's a shame, but the show is as it should be: unedited and right at our fingertips. Bring on season 3....more info
  • Outstanding Show, Outstanding DVD Set
    This show just gets better and better.

    I watched this show when I was a young boy, and loved it then. Then it went off the air and I don't recall seeing a re-run since.

    When the DVD sets started coming out, I'm snapping them up the instant they're available. Season 1 was great, and this show just gets better; season 2 is great too!

    I've discovered, to no great surprise, that most of the shows I liked when I was very young no longer appeal to me. There have been a few exceptions, and the exceptions tend to be simply excellent. Mannix is one of those exceptions. A great show is a great show, no matter the age of the viewer.

    Also, Mannix holds up very well despite the unavoidable things that date it, such as car models, hair and clothing styles, a few stories that deal directly with the drug and hippie culture of the late 60's and early 70's, etc. Also, smoking is prevelent throughout, which also dates the show.

    I'm holding off sharing Mannix (and Mission Impossible and other old favorites of mine) with my young son (he's 2 now) for no other reason than the on-screen smoking.

    That caveat aside, I would recommend this set to anyone who likes great detective/private investigator shows -- it's a classic of the genre.
    ...more info
  • great show
    My father and I loved this show and been waiting to come out on DVD...I just hope Paramount releases all of the seasons.......more info
  • "Mannix" Hits Its Stride
    The first season of Mannix, as I wrote in a review of that DVD, was a major disappointment and did not resemble the popular private eye series that was so popular it lasted many seasons. Fortunately, when Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts became the producers in the second season, they jettisoned the unsuccessful high-tec "Intertect" connection that held the concept back and the series developed the popular format of the "man-of-integrity" and "heart-of-gold" private detective that will do anything to assure that justice is done, wrong is righted and money is not the most important thing.
    There are numerous episodes that put you on the edge of your seat, but I am only giving the series four stars because there is a problem with many of the scripts in that the writers didn't seem to know how to have Mannix carry out ordinary sleuthing and that clues suddenly, miraculously drop into Mannix's lap. In several episides, witnesses happen to notice what the license plate number on a car was that they happened to glimpse. How many people really notice license plate numbers of cars they see? Come on!
    Still, Mike Connor's marvelous acting (as the intro to the show says, "Mike Connors IS Mannix!"), outstanding directing by well-known directors of the era and otherwise interesting plots make the series very entertaining. I am looking forward to having more seasons come out in DVD....more info
  • As great as I remember
    Season 2 is the Mannix I remember! I've waited a lot of years to see this again. Appreciate the speedy delivery....more info
  • excitement provided again in the 2nd season of Mannix
    Mannix is rough and ready to deal with the bad guys. He is considerate with his clientele and seems to be a very perceptive and wise detective....more info