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HP LP2475W 24in LCD Monitor 1920X1200
List Price: $649.99

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Product Description

The super-sized HP LP2475w 24-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor offers premier performance and connectivity features in an elegant 24-inch diagonal wide-aspect screen engineered for power users, designers and workstation users who appreciate expansive widescreen presentation of their graphics, video, and data projects.

  • 1000:1 LP2475W DVI HDMI DP USB

Customer Reviews:

  • Great for gamers... but still flawed
    This is an IPS-tech monitor which makes it MUCH better than the TN-tech monitors sold at your local Best Buy.

    BUT, as mentioned by other reviewers, (1) there is a slight green-to-magenta slide in color from left to right when viewed with lots of white stuff on screen, and (2) when the screen is black, you can see the uneven lighting at the corners. I don't know if these flaws are HP's problem, or a tech flaw of all IPS-tech monitors.

    Anyway, the height/tilt adjustment was a big plus for me, plus plenty of inputs to choose from. I bought this monitor for gaming, so I will give it 3-stars until something better comes along.
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  • Good for photography
    I finally bit the bullet and sprung for a decent monitor to attach to my MacBook Pro. I do tons of photography and felt I needed a decent monitor for viewing my prints during post-processing. This LP2475w is truly excellent for this purpose. It does require calibration, but then most do. I use the basICColor Display 4 software along with a Spyder3 puck, and am able to get truly excellent color calibration. They say the blacks are not as deep as the S-PVA panel of its little brother, the LP2275w, but they are plenty deep for my needs, and having an H-IPS panel that allows for very wide angle viewing without color change and a wide gamut is really nice. After calibration, this monitor is capable of encompassing virtually all of the Adobe RGB gamut....more info
  • Excellent For Casual Use, Just Make Sure It Fits
    Loved this monitor. It is so much nicer in person vs. the screen pictured on the websites. The stand is silver and sturdy, allowing you to position the screen any way your heart desires. Set up is a breeze however be warned, I recommend you use Google to look for the proper instruction manual via a PDF form instead of relying on what comes with the monitor. The included materials are a simple illustrated guide. If you want the real guidebook, get it online first before you try to hook this screen up.

    Colors were fantastic but you need to calibrate the monitor. The preset colors are simply too bright. If you don't own a calibrator or don't want to buy one, I recommend checking out the TFT Central website as they have a preset calibration set for this monitor.

    One word of warning, make sure you are ready for 24" inches. I found it too big for general web browsing and email, so I returned it and got a 20" IPS panel instead. This monitor is best for graphics, photo, and video work.

    Last note, I recommend purchasing from Amazon for a lcd monitor. Mine came with zero dead pixels and I was able to quickly send it back. If you purchase elsewhere, make sure you know your retailers policy for lcd returns in case you get a dead/stuck pixel, etc. ...more info
  • Fantastic monitor if you know how to use it
    Top notch performance, even more so when calibrated. Webpages are rendered better w/color management sensitive software, inc Firefox 3. Buy from someone who will take a return, because if it isn't great, it isn't right.

    Wonderful color, accurate, detailed, great depth and contrast, wide viewing angle w/little shift, excellent build, very flexible/adjustable stand, VESA mount, many input options (although the PIP function is limited).

    For those having text issues, the problem is likely with Windows Cleartype. This OS function (started in XP) takes advantage of the fact that one pixel is really made up of three sub-pixels. In an attempt to make text look smoother, Cleartype partially turns on the sub-pixels next to the ones that should be black to make up a character. Because this monitor is so responsive, you have to turn Cleartype way down, which actually sharpens the text image, and removes the perceived fuzziness. Using Microsoft's website [..]
    we found that setting 2 or 3 from the bottom eliminates the issue....more info
  • Excellent monitor for photo editing
    The HP 2475W is a very good monitor for photo editing provided that you calibrate it properly. Ideally you should use a colorimeter (Spyder, Gretag-MacBeth, Huey, etc.). Out of the box, the color isn't off by much but the default brightness is blindingly high. It's far too bright if you want to match what you see on the screen with what you get from your printer. If you don't have a colorimeter, at the very least you should turn the brightness way down - to maybe 20%.

    The monitor's menu system allows you to set contrast, brightness and tweak individual colors using the "custom color" submenu. You should use that feature to tweak the default output. The menu is a bit of a pain to use but once you set it up properly you won't need to change it very ofetn, although I'd suggest re-calibrating it after a month's use and then checking calibration every couple of months.

    Once it's calibrated it's well suited for use with Photoshop or similar image editing software. It works perfectly for normal office software, but if you're not doing color-critical image editing it's overkill. The LCD panel uses relatively expensive IPS technology rather than the more common and less expensive TN technology. IPS gives you more consistent color when you look at the monitor slightly off-angle. And with a 24" monitor you can be sure you'll be looking at the left and right edges off-angle even if you're looking straight at the middle of the panel.

    The stand is solid and versatile. You can adjust height, tilt and swivel left & right with one hand, and it pivots 90 degrees. It comes with pivot software. It has a set of 4 USB ports that connect to a USB port on your computer and that work even with devices that do not normally work off of a USB hub.

    The monitor has more input options than you can possibly use and it comes with a full set of 6' cables - two HDMI cables, an HMDI-to-VGA cable, S-video, two DVI cables... The only (very mild) complaint I have is that I needed a slightly longer cable because my desktop computer case is a bit further from the monitor than usual, and the 6' HDMI cable barely made it. I replaced it with a 3 meter (10') cable so it would be easier to pivot the monitor.

    To be fully compatible and to get the most out of the monitor, your video card needs to be capable of 1920 x 1200 output. I think video cards made for desktop computers in the last 3 years (or more) will be able to do this. Even the video card on my Dell laptop can handle that resolution level.

    All in all, this is a less expensive solution than a LaCie or Eizo and it's highly satisfactory - once you calibrate it.
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  • Expensive, but worth it.
    This monitor has every connection you could desire, is just the right size, and is very adjustable (height, tilt, aspect, side to side). The picture quality is fantastic. I have used it with my work Dell D620, personal MacBook Pro, and my wife's MacBook Air. It interfaced with all of them easily. I used the X-rite Eye-One calibration tool to hone in the colors and tone down the brightness a bit. This monitor has a very large color gamut and can be quite bright. Off axis, the screen is still legible and colors don't shift. If you're wondering how big 1920x1200 is, it's easy to view PDF files at 100% with two pages showing. Same with reading word documents. The screen allows you to easily view and compare two files. I've seen monitors at 1/3 the price, but would buy this one again in a heartbeat....more info
  • It's just not good for H-IPS.
    I just bought this LCD and it's not what I expected. I've been researching for LCD for about a month and it was really hard to choose among this LP2475w and Dell 2408wfp.

    First of all, I had some dead pixel problems. This is not the main concern cuz I can exchange it anyway. However, the real problem is this monitor has really really really really poor default color calibraion or something like that. I don't know about others but mine has really dark screen and poor color accuracy. Overall, it's like orange tone. Therefore, I had to calibrate by myself to get a good output but it looks like it needs some kind of expensive professional calibration software or tools rather than freewares or adobe gamma or so on. I think this is a major issue about this LCD cuz I'm pretty sure that there are many people who are not familiar with calibration.

    I'm just returning this and going to get Dell 2408wfp. It's now on sale ($470) from dell website. I'm not a hardcore gamer so the input lag is not an issue for me. ...more info