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Fever Pitch
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  • A Grandslam!
    I still find this one to be one of my favorite movies. It has just enough sports & just enough romance for both guys & girls to enjoy it.

    I loved the relationship between Barrymore & Fallon. It was believable & funny. Thought it was the perfect match & both balanced each other. I totally feel in love with Jimmy Fallon in this movie. His role in this movie showed me the perfect guy.

    Not a Red Sox fan, but a baseball fan in general. I still liked the storyline. This is one that I watch over and over again, & still continue to love....more info
  • i love this movie!!!
    i absolutely love drew barrymore. so of course i needed this movie in my dvd collection. it's adorable... funny, romantic... the whole bit! i recommend it to everyone!...more info
  • Location: Boston, but not a Boston accent in sight
    Maybe they should have used Adam Sandler after all: being from NE he could do the unique accent. But as usual every main character's voice said California actor.

    I did enjoy this film even though I'm not at all into sports. It was fairly believable until the end, and it was funny. ...more info
  • I'm a Yankees fan, but that's okay
    The first time I saw this movie, my college roommate and I had rented this movie. We popped in the movie, watched it, then promptly started it over again. Tragically, I later lost the copy I purchased and had to resort to good ol'

    Anywho, this is truly one delightful movie and I happily consider it one of my favorite romantic comedies. "Fever Pitch" is sweet, funny, and packs a pretty darn good message about relationships and priorities. Fallon and Barrymore have wonderful chemistry. The story balances detailed side characters without going overboard. In fact, all the characters are properly quirky. The film flows well with plenty of romance and laughs, and who can resist that overall devotion to the spirit of baseball?

    Though at times I am one of those geeks that has to have every little detail on the DVD, I'm quite happy with the bare essentials this has--including a trailor and various documentaries. It's all done very well and kept in the same spirit of the movie itself.

    This is a handy little DVD, and the movie should appeal to baseball fanatics and hopeless romantics alike....more info
  • Perfect date movie
    This is a cute an adorable film. even women who do not like sports will like this movie. Drew Barrymore is as ever loving as always. Needless to say most Red Sox fans will add this to their collection. if your not sure what to rent on a date...this is surely an option....more info
  • Partial home run.
    Fever Pitch starring Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore almost nails it but this romantic comedy falls short. Fallon's acting stalls while Barrymore just looks bored and confused with her role. This film isn't a disaster, it does have some cute moments but Fever Pitch is forgetable. Only watch this film if you are a die-hard baseball fanatic, otherwise you can skip it....more info
  • Even Yankees Fans Enjoy This Movie
    I saw this movie in theaters a few years ago when it first came out. I was with my best friends, one of which a fellow female Red Sox fan who I knew would love it because, after all, it is a romantic comedy involving the Red Sox. My other friend is male and a die-hard Yankees fan. We eventually started dating and he's come to tell me he loves this movie and wants to buy it. The movie centers around a very perfect couple, Barrymore and Fallon, who have their relationship tested when the baseball season begins and Fallon finds himself torn between two loves. If you like the Red Sox and romance movies, you will love this movie. Even if you don't love the Red Sox, I'd recommend giving this film a shot!...more info
  • Calling All Baseball Fans
    I am a HUGE Red Sox fan and just a baseball fan in general. I absolutley love this movie. I think Jimmy Fallon is hysterical and the chemistry with Fall and Berrymore is believable. Of course I love all the aspects of the Red Sox played throughout the movie. I give it five stars without hesitation! ...more info
  • Good gift for the baseball fan!
    This movie was a great gift idea for my boyfirend as a Valentine's Day gift. He loves baseball and it's a movie we can watch together and both enjoy!...more info
  • Funny Movie
    I just watched this movie had plenty of good laughs. I recommend this movie to those are fans of Drew Barrymore this is one of her best movies and Fallon is solid as well....more info
  • An Rarity- A remake that was better than the original
    This one was better than the original- a British comedy with the same title. I used to own a copy of the British film - which was quite good- but finally gave it away. The original story involved soccer- and a hapless fan of Arsenal (a London team). That film had most of the same plot but no where near the same emotional punch and chemistry- and an ending that just sort of tailed off- almost an unfinished and certainly unpolished film.

    In stark contrast we have the remake starring Drew Barrymore. The chemistry flows far better in this film, the story is tighter and actually makes far more sense. Substituting baseball was perfect (the title actually fits better). The basic story line was preserved but the changes from Arsenal fan to 'God's most pathetic creature- a Redsox Fan' added a lot to the film. The end of this film is also a little clunky but was made necessary by a completely unforeseen event- A championship....more info
    I have enjoyed Drew Barrymore, especially in EVER AFTER. I was looking for a video that had character building traits so I could share it with the children I work with. I was so disappointed in the the DVD that I literally pitched it! ...more info
  • A Movie about All the Great Things of Boston...The Red Sox, Young Professionals and Students and Truly Believing !!
    Great Movie about Truly Believing in Something that is Totallty Out of Your Control....Through It All. The Legacy of the Red Sox and the Curse. Oh Yeah..The Main Plot of the Movie is Great Too. Buy It...Rent It...Download....Well Worth It !!...more info
  • Great viewing! Don't miss
    This movie has it all: comedy, sports, love story, and it's all wrapped around a true event. One of the best ever, and anyone over 12 can see it. Seen it 2-3 times, and I never, ever watch movies more than once....more info
  • Romantic Comedy at its Best
    I have seen this film about 10 times and I always laugh at the same parts. This is almost a perfect movie, that is in the sense that each actor - Ben the Teacher and Lindsay the Worker - seem almost perfect for the role.

    Lower middle-class math teacher and devout Boston Redsox fan meets up and coming businesswoman one day. The rest of the movie is the story of their trials, tribulations, fun times and sad times. Of course there are problems and of course these are resolved. There are so many good parts it's hard to know where to begin - the dance Ben forces on his buds who want tickets, Lindsey and her dad watching Ben & friends on TV at training camp, his room, the dinner with the parents and last but not least, the "RUN". I could watch that one scene over and over. This is one of the best!!!!!...more info
  • Cute and Fun
    Since I live in Boston, Red Sox had been everyone's topic during each summer. It was actually quite amusing to see a red sox fan being depicted in a major motion picture. I think the story is very cute and well thought. I really enjoyed watching this movie....more info
  • Very Entertaining Date Movie
    Good comedy about a ad exec working her way up (Drew) and a teacher (Fallon) who meet and fall in love...but there's a problem; he's addicted to his baseball team. Excellent subplots. Very funny in places. Its a good down to earth romantic comedy....more info
  • Great movie!
    This is the best movie ever. I'm married to a Red Sox fan and this is my life!
    Too funny!...more info
  • Really Charming Romantic/Sports Comedy
    Not being a baseball fan (I am a HUGE hockey fan) I caught this one on HBO, and I ordered the DVD as soon as the credits rolled. It is a charming romantic comedy....more info
  • High in Boston flavor
    It is ok for a sentimental purchase I guess..something you feel it'd be good to have especially after the 2004 Red Sox victory coming after 86 years. ...more info
  • Not Just For Baseball Fans
    This is a really good romantic comedy. I'm no baseball fan so you don't have to be a baseball fan to enjoy it because I thoroughly did. The movie overall is about a Red Sox fan and a workaholic girl and their relationship even through baseball season.

    There is good chemistry between Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon. The movie does a good job of making Jimmy's character Ben enduring. You can see what Drew's character Lindsey sees in him even though his extreme love for the Boston Red Sox competes with his love for her. So many movies leave this out, you wonder why in the world the two are even attracted to each other anyway; but not in this movie.

    I really enjoyed Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon together. Drew has had so many wonderful romantic movies (watch Music and Lyrics, its five star)Music and Lyrics (Widescreen Edition) but I really look forward to seeing Jimmy in more roles of this type. I thought he made a wonderful romantic lead.

    For a truly charming, romantic comedy that will have your interest from the very first scene, watch Fever Pitch.

    ...more info
  • Loved it!
    Great movie! It was really cute and I liked Jimmy Fallon much more than I thought I would....more info
  • Yankee fan likes a Red Sox movie?
    I am a true Yankee fan and although the Red Sox are now our biggest rivals I still enjoyed this movie. I had to close my eyes at the end for a few seconds when they showed the Red Sox comeback in the AL Championship series.

    Because the Red Sox our biggest American League rival people think it was always that way. But it wasn't. When I grew up in the 1950s the Red Sox had great hitters like Ted Williams and Pete Runnels. But they were never a contender. The Yankees rivals were the Indians and White Sox, the only two teams to beat them out for the American League pennant. But those rivalries were nothing compared to the Brooklyn Dodger vs New York Yankee rivarly that develop when they meet in the World Series 4 times in the decade.

    In this movie Jimmy Fallon meets Drew Barrymore and falls in love with her. But this happens in the winter and the true Red Sox fanaticism doesn't really come until baseball season. She gets a hint when she see how his apartment looks like Fenway Park. But the true understanding doesn't hit until she see him with friends on ESPN while they were down in Florida watching for the new prospects.

    The theme of the story is all about her finding time for a man in her life and we see how this very succesful woman is embarrassed when she is caught sleeping on the job. For Fallon it is about finding time for her with his busy schedule attendiing Red Sox games. He inherited two season tickets and before the season starts he and his friends get to decide who gets to go with him for these games. With Drew in his life he picks her to go with him to the most important games. One day he had to miss a game for a dinner appointment with her parents.

    The last straw seems to be when he hesitates about taking a trip with her to Paris because the Sox would be in town. In the end he is depressed and decides to sell his tickets and show her that he would give up the Red Sox for her. If you go see it watch how it plays out. It is very funny and romantic.

    For me the most interesting part was that it was filmed during the 2004 season and so as they filmed the outcome was in doubt because it hinged on how the Red Sox would do. The soap opera story of the Red Sox being humiliated in game 3 of the AL Championship Series, then being down with no wins and three losses even their die hard fans were throwing in the towel. After all no team in the history of the playoffs and World series had ever comeback down 3-0 to win a 7 game series. But in Hollywood fashion they did. That gave them the impetus to reverse thecurse and sweeo the Cardinals in the World Series. Fallon and Barrymore actually attended some of the games and were filmed there.

    This film is good for men and women. Men love it for the baseball and an undersanding of how serious fans can be about their team. Women love it for the romance, a real chick flick....more info
  • Cute, Romantic Comedy
    Fever Pitch" shows what obsessions or deep passions can do to a relationship when both partners don't share the same thing or at least at the same level. Ben (Jimmy Fallon) is a devout Red Sox fan. He is a fanatic. He goes to every game, his apartment looks like a Fenway Park gift shop, and he goes to Florida every spring to watch the team play in spring training when the games don't count. Lindsey (Drew Barrymoore) is a young executive on her way up in the real world and is more or less married to her job. When the two of them eventually go out on their first date, she gets really sick, and he stays the night and takes care of her. This blows her away and she is sold. The relationship is full steam ahead, but the problem is that it's wintertime and baseball season hasn't gotten started yet. She doesn't know what she is in for.

    Naturally, the Red Sox get in the way. Lindsey tries to be a good sport about it and even tries to learn the game and the two of them actually start going to games together and she becomes a fan as well. But things get out of hand when the team gets closer and closer to the playoffs and thats when problems arise.

    "Fever Pitch" is cute, sweet, and has some funny moments. Jimmy Fallon is well cast and Drew Barrymoore isn't as annoying as she normally is. But there isn't anything really special about this film.

    Even though the plot revolves around fanaticism towards the Red Sox, it's not overloaded with sports. You don't have to be a fan to enjoy this film....more info
  • Great Romantic Comedy!
    I'm not one of those movie-goers who sees the words "The Farrelly brothers" and has to rush out and see the movie. I couldn't tell you anything else that they've done other than this movie. What I do know is that THIS movie was very well done from script to screen! The writing is taut and believable. The dialog is humorous when it needs to be, serious when it has to be. It's just REAL. The entire movie has a sense of realism to it that most in this genre seem to lack.

    I could spend a whole review just talking about the on-screen chemistry between Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon. Of course, I am starting to believe Drew Barrymore could have on-screen chemistry with a mop and bucket. She's simply one of the greatest actresses of our time. She can do drama, Thrillers, and comedy. She can do Action and Romance. She can simply do anything and make it believable. But she goes beyond believable in this movie. As with so many of her recent films, she goes right to ENJOYABLE! and even that is an understatement.

    My fiancee' was not a big baseball fan when we first watched this movie. After watching it, baseball has become something over which she and I bond. It truly is a family night now and I have Fever Pitch to thank for it. Now if they'd only make a football movie with the same effect! ...more info
  • To all Red Sox Fans!
    If you're a true blue New Englander, you'll love this light romantic comedy. Jimmy Fallon is hilarious in his depiction of an overly zealous Red sox fan witnessing the demise of the "curse of the bambino" and the winning of the world series. ...more info
  • One of my all time favorite baseball movies ...
    You already know the plot - up and coming Yuppie businesswoman Lindsay (Drew) falls for schoolteacher Red Sox fan Ben (Fallon). But like a lot of Farrelly Brothers films, there is more depth, character complexity and charm than first meets the eye. The relationship between Ben and Lindsay seems REAL - replete with all the challenges and adjustments and compromises necessary to make a relationship work. The baseball scenes are pure magic. A film of utter charm guaranteed to make you smile and warm your heart....more info
  • Part Baseball Movie, Part Romantic Comedy
    There are two stories in Fever Pitch: one) the city of Boston's love/hate relationship with their Red Sox and two) a romance between a diehard Red Sox fan and a yuppie woman.

    While some of the plot is a bit formulaic, the chemistry between Drew and Jimmy was fantastic. I found this a bit surprising, since to a certain degree, Jimmy Fallon was pretty much playing Jimmy Fallon. However, I think Drew Barrymore really makes a great effort in this role: you could tell she has come a long way in some of her "romantic" roles. Because the two characters have vastly different lives, they have to make sacrifices and accommodations in their own lives, especially when they begin to fall for each other.

    You can probably forgive the fantasy ending. It is a movie after all? Romantic comedies have a way of suspending belief just like action films sometimes.

    This movie is a winner in the end, though, because I think that it is a great baseball fan movie. You will love the fantastic scenery of Fenway Park. It is also a great romantic comedy, something light without too much "mushiness." There is a lot of wittiness in Fallon's character that give it the light edge. Maybe guys and gals will both agree on this one.
    ...more info
  • Home Run!
    I love this movie! Drew Barrymore is so adorable! And for the first time I like Jimmy Fallon. I've never been a sports fan but I can appreciate how it brings a city together. And people together in general. I remember when my hometown won the World Series when I was a kid. I was on the bus and people started hugging me. Total strangers hugging me, just a kid. It was great.

    My husband is a member of "The Church of the NFL" (his term). He even watches college football sometimes. I would never dream of bothering him or complaining about him watching football. This movie made me wonder if I shouldn't try to understand the game better. Just so I can join him in his enthusiasm.

    If you have real passion for some sort of professional sport or just like a good romance film I highly suggest this film. ...more info
  • Don't You Love Baseball Movies?
    I'm a Mariners fan, but whose heart wasn't with the Red Sox in that now epic World Series? Even though this was merely a romantic comedy, the film is now one of my favorite baseball movies. It's as much about women dealing with a man's passion (obsession) as it is about the relationship and the sport from the rabid fan's perspective. Somebody told me that the plot is actually a rip-off from a book written in England about a soccer team. Don't know if that's true, but I've seen Fever Pitch three times and would rank it a little below Costner's "For Love of the Game," yet with a better soundtrack. ...more info
  • can you see me
    I was at the game when Drew ran to Jimmy
    left top corner in the orange jacket
    great movie to watch with a non sports person

    Yaa like yood evahh get seats that good, they were wicked pissa
    you would need to live in boston for that one...more info
  • Hollywood ruins a good story with PC
    I will start with the things I liked about the movie:
    1. Jimmy Fallon is funny and believable as a hard core Red Sox Fan. Even though I am a Giants fan, I can relate.
    2. My Dad was a big Sox Fan and I can appreciate the history of the team.
    3. The Sox beat the Yankees which warms my heart.
    4. Filming at Fenway was nice since I've never been there.

    What I didn't like:
    1. Yet another women good, men bad movie. Why is it okay for women to obess about shoes, purses, clothes and movie actors but somehow when men are passionate about a sport or a team, that's a sign of what little boys they are and "we women have to fix that."
    2. A cliche ridden movie-man likes Sox, woman dumps him because of his passion, he sees "the light" and gives it all up for her. Please......
    3. So unrealistic it should have been a Bugs Bunny cartoon. Woman runs across Fenway and 1)it gets televised (never happens), 2) she isn't tackled and beaten up by security and 3) the fans don't boo because she interrupted a important game??? Hollywood crapola. ...more info