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McAfee Total Protection 2009
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  • If I were a turtle I would love it
    The minute I put it on my system I knew I should not have. My system slowed by ~60% (easily). Both McAfee and Nortons are known memory hogs, but I figured that maybe since Norton finally caught on and improved that issue with their 2009 version, that McAfee followed suit. I was SO WRONG!! I removed it within 48 hours (and it was a pain to get it all off) Thank goodnees I bought it as a GB special for only $10.

    I'm going back to Trend Micro..."if it ain't broke, don't fix it" I should have known better....more info
  • still great!
    Easy to use and superior quality. McAfee has continued their great product with 2009's edition. The only anti-virus I consider for complete protection....more info
  • Be very carefull
    After I installed this on my XP I was not able to register the product because it totally shut my Internet connection down, when I called for help of how to get it to work they wanted to Charge me close to ten dollard to talk to them, I do have a different version of McAfee on the computer with Vista and it has been a very good program. I am still looking for a antivirus for the XP, that I should not have to be afraid to install. I did have Norton on it but the updates were very slow...more info
    Virus came after as soon as installing Mcafee 2009.
    I accepted the change when virus attacked.
    (Mcafee alerted me though,,I dont blame Mcafee fully)
    TO SOLVE : I had to re-formatte the hard drive after scanning 3 times.

    After 2 week of use again their is new virus.
    Mcafee disabled it but was not able to remove it fully.
    It has asked me to reboot and scan again.


    We better watch out whats happening in the PC.


    ...more info
  • Save Your Money...
    Search Google for AVG virus protection.

    For $0 you can have top-flight protection and a much smaller footprint....more info
  • McAfee Full Protection 2009
    I am so happy with this particular McAfee product. Much better than what I have used in the past. Quick delivery and great purchase...more info
  • Thanks you Amazon !!!
    Amazing as always.
    I have always been satisfied by the turn-around time from Amazon. Have been using McAfee for continually over 3 years now, find this as the best anti-virus package. Would definitely recommend this product. Rebates have always been honored for me....more info
  • Taxes
    Turbo tax is the best...been using it for years and you can't make me switch....more info
  • virus products
    This is the best virus protection that I have used and I can use it on all 3 computers in our house....more info
  • Only Trouble
    There is multiple problems with this product I found. Basically slows down your computer by running constant checks, and updates. It does not allow you to set when these updates take place, so you could be in the midst of doing something like a game, and then your interrupted. This version actually slowed the computer worse than the 2008 system. I had trouble installing it on other computers also. The WORST problem is that it actually did not protect my computer from a virus it now has. Only a week after installing this product my computer was attacked by a virus, and is now looking to be repaired. The whole computer will not run normally now, and McAfee cannot even scan this problem and get rid of it. I contacted McAfee and they could not help me or answer as to why their product let in this virus. I can only say there has to be a product better than this, it is not worth the money. You are paying for only trouble....more info
  • McAfee 2009
    McAfee has been our Internet, Computer Security for just about a year now! I feel it is easier to use than Norton's! I love the SiteAdvisor! If the site is red, get off the page! Yellow, be very careful! If it is gray, click the McAfee SiteAdvisor bar, it will que it for being checked to see if it is safe. Green, it is safe to be on! On our computers, it has caught Trojans and quarantined them till we go remove them. I just feel a lot better knowing I have McAfee on my machines! At the present we still have 2008 in our PC's, but will be putting 09 in soon! I'm sure it will be probably better it is total protection!...more info
  • Help I'm Trapped! Watch Out You Don't Get Trapped
    I have no complaints about the operation of this product on a Windows Vista system, but somehow (in my opinion in a sneaky manner) without my awareness, the "Auto-renewal" feature was set up that automatically updates at the end of the year and directly charges your credit card!

    To stop this "feature", they give you three options, but none are easy. Using phone call costs you. The chat client doesn't download, and the email means you have to wait 48 hours for a reply.

    I am disappointed. Be careful you don't get caught in this trap. Otherwise, is OK product as far as I can tell....more info
  • Internet Security & McAfee
    I have reviewed this product on a prior purchase and have more information
    regarding my review subject. For security products to have maximum effect,
    you must start with the basics. Your Internet Explorer settings MUST be
    correct. Your operating system and browser MUST have all security updates
    installed. You NEED the latest versions of software which have security
    updates for known threats, such as Abobe Reader 9.1, Flashplayer, etc. You
    NEED the proper settings in JAVA. Your software settings and options MUST
    be set to protect you from downloading malware, like turning off the Pre-
    view Pane in Outlook Express, etc.
    I have all of these things, have used the McAfee product for 2 months and am testing it at the same time. After entering my Personal Information in
    the firewall component, I began to receive alerts about it wanting to be
    sent or blocked (my choice) to websites advertising on Yahoo and MSN. This
    means they are able to scan, detect, and except for McAfee, rob my PC of
    personal information without my knowledge or consent. This information is
    contained ONLY within the McAfee product, nowhere else on my PC.
    That means this product (1) has a defect, and (2) some security setting on
    my PC is enabling some software to run on it like spyware and detect per-
    sonal information, access it and transmit it without my knowledge except
    for my settings in McAfee.
    Seeing these website advertisers use IFRAME software as their delivery ve-
    hicle, I disabled in Explorer 'Launching programs and files in an IFRAME'
    and overrode Automatic cookie handling, accepting 1st party and session
    cookies, while blocking 3rd party and these websites' cookies always. The
    cookie settings did not stop the alerts, the Explorer setting did. I have
    not received any alerts since making these changes, despite keeping infor-
    mation in the McAfee firewall, AND now these ads do not display on my mail
    box screens at the top like they used to. My pages load and display much faster as a result too. I have stopped them DEAD COLD!
    For a complete list of Explorer and other settings, [...]and I will be happy to help you be more secure, McAfee or not.
    Despite 2 emails, McAfee has yet to even acknowledge me, much less address
    the problem. I found a Significant and Critical hole in their firewall. So
    I rated them 4 stars becuase of these things instead of 5 before.
    I still recommend this product for the comprehensive level of protection
    it provides, and have proven an effective solution to the defect outside
    of the product detailed above. Nothing is perfect and can be improved. has my permission to publish this review in its entirety with
    my email address, to protect its customers and our communities of users....more info
  • Decent Total Protection
    Have been with McAfee for 4 years now ever since I got my laptop. Has always been good and has blocked all viruses. Easy to use and updates itself frequently....more info
  • McAfee gets my vote
    I recently purchased McAfee Total Protection 3-user [...] and sent in a [...] rebate, making it free. Installation was seamless (took about 30 minutes) and I have had no issues with the program. For a few bucks more, the 3-user is handy to load on my other computers. I had McAfee Total Protection 3-user prior to this installation and I use XP....more info
  • Works Great
    Easy installation plus user friendly. However if your computer has other anitvirus protection you'll have to completely remove it or you'll experience difficulties. I've been using McAfee for problem whatsoever. Nevertheless I always opt for buying the CD rather than the download....more info
  • Dredfull
    Used the 2008 was fine. Bought the 2009 version to replace the old. WHAT A MISTAKE! Does not work well with Windows laptop keeps freeezing up...and has gotten so slow when it does go....Time to switch to Norton....more info
  • No assistance from McAfee?
    I could not get the program to load properly after many tries. I called Mcafee for assistance but they refused to help when told it was purchased from Amazon. Their refusal was not explained, nor whether purchasing from another retailer would change the outcome.
    If you are going to buy Mcafee programs be sure to find out their "A" list of retailers before hand. ...more info
  • Gets the job done!
    I always buy McAfee due to this program having great compatibility with my other programs. It also detected something right after I installed the program. I'm very happy with my choice....more info
  • great product at a great price
    Total protection at a great price, easy to install and best of all I was able to install it on 3 computers....more info
  • Loading McAfee
    I had a copy of McAfee loaded on my computer and when I attempted to load McAfee 2009, my computer would not accept the download. I contacted McAfee customer service and all they could tell me was that my present version had expired. Both the customer service group and the technical service groups were no help in resolving the problem and in fact hung up on me. I returned the software to Amazon and ordered Norton Internet Security 2009 which was easy to download and which appears to be more interactive and responsive. I will never own a McAfee product again!...more info
  • McAfee Total Protection 2009
    The product was just what I wanted and was shipped ASAP! Will definitely buy similar prodcuts again....more info
  • An outstanding product at an execellent price!!!
    This is an outstanding, easy to install and very effective product at an excellent price!!! Strongly recommended, especially for people who run older Windows versions!!! As a matter of fact it is the only security product that I know of that still protects PCs running Windows 2000!!! ...more info
  • Not worth it if it was free.
    A 30 day version of this came with a Dell computer. It is so "desirable" that Dell actually charged more to not install it!
    It keeps claiming that the Virus scan has been disabled (without giving a reason), then if you manually force it to look for updates (when there are none) it turns virus scanning back on.

    A good virus scanner should be silent until a virus is found. This one whines so much that that you might not know if a real problem occurred.
    I can't figure out what the firewall portion does that the built in windows firewall doesn't already do....more info
  • Choose any anti-virus software except this one
    If it wasn't scottrade, which provided me this software for free, I would never buy or download Mcafee. When is scanning for the virus, it makes your computer super slow. I have zone alarm on my other desktop, I have no problem with it when it is scanning....more info
  • McAfee 2009 review
    I am and have been a McAfee customer for quite a long time.I have tried several other similar products that fail to meet McAfee. I noticed that several sites have been switching to off brand software that can not be matched buy Amazon. Total protection at an unbelievable price, with a 3 user License, you cant beat that! I am an amazon customer and will be due to the gteat & fast service. ...more info
  • Great Bargain!
    This purchase was a steal! I also have the ability to utilize the same CD for my other 2 computers. ...more info
  • Big Disapointment!
    I purchased the 2009 product in hopes that it would not be as much of a memory hog as the 2008 Total Protection version that I had been using.Turned out to be so much worse that the 2009 version would actually stop scanning after completing only 32-39% of a "full Scan". The only way I could do a complete scan of my computer was to pick the "custom scan" option and scan each section of the computer separatly.This on a Vista machine with 4gb of memory.
    Adding to the frustration was the requirement to run the Mcafee "Vitual Technician" before you can send an email to Mcafee to report the problem. Each time I did the "technician" assured me "all components of teh program were working properly".That along with the programs' so,so performance in detecting spyware,large number of popup messages have caused me to give up on this product;sad,as I've been a Mcafee user for more than ten years. ...more info
  • McAfee Total Peotection 2009
    I am familiar with the total protection for business provided by McAfee. I was supporting a lan with 15 workstations and two servers last year without incident. Thus, when the time came for my own pc's protection I choose the total protection 2009. It installed without any problems on my first PC. After I registered online I downloaded/ installed the program into my other two pc's. They all work good. Unlike some other products in the market, total protection does not take control of all of the pc recources. It works unoticed to the user.

    I am very happy with it so far....more info
  • mcafee worked excellent
    mcafee worked great for me..I like the cleaner that comes with total had it for $20 cheaper then i could have gotten any were else..also like it that with mcafee you can right click any file and scan just that paticular one.....more info
  • not worth the money
    I have ran mcaffee for 3 months. It worked fine. Now it tells me every three seconds that my computer is under attack. Every website I go to is now unprotected (Amazon, AOL, google, compuserve, even Mcaffee). I tried to download Panda antivirus. Mcaffee identified it as ,you guessed it, a virus. This is the perfect software for the person who wants to shut down his computer forever. Once I figure out how to delete it from my computer I am going to run with Panda security....more info
  • Save Your Money
    Search Google for AVG virus protection.

    For $0 you can have top-flight protection and a much smaller footprint.

    Agree with this review...more info
  • Excellent!
    This product arrived sooner than promised, in excellent condition, less expensive than anywhere else I found on line and in stores, and it works beautifully. What more can I say?...more info
  • Fed up and Switched
    I got the message frequently: Your subscription can not be verified. Uninstalled and reinstalled, and this problem comes back after a while. So my PC is not protected!!! Click "fix" does not fix, and call to support line in India is no help at all.

    What a stupid software verification, if Microsoft asks you to verify every week, it is not going to be Microsoft. ...more info
  • McAfee is great!
    Easy to use and works effortlessly in the background. never had a virus or attacks on my system. A+...more info
  • McAfee is worse than the viruses it claims to protect against.
    I used McAfee Internet Security Suite for several years and it created more problems than it cured. It generated a nag pop-up that could not be controlled, returning as soon as it was dismissed. One year McAfee made an unauthorized charge to my credit card to renew three months before my subscription was to expire and at their full price, not the sale price offered in their regular e-mail offerngs. For the last several months the update manager program was consuming over 90% of my CPU time and the on line help was no help at all. Last week I completely uninstalled the entire mess and installed a competitive product which seems great by comparision....more info
  • McAfee Total Protection 2009 3-User Review
    I shopped around for the McAfee Total Protection 2009 3-User software and the best deal was here on Amazon....more info