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Kodak EasyShare M820 Digital Picture Frame with Home Decor Kit
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Product Description

PRODUCT FEATURES:Simple to useSmart, intuitive media - done your waySet the mood with musicEasily access and transfer picturesStore more picturesViewing excellenceAccessorize your picturesong the border of the frame that tells you exactly where to touch - simply touch along the bottom and right hand side of the border of the frame to navigate menus.View news, weather, and sports updates to stay informed throughout the day, plus humor, horoscope, sports, traffic, and more - powered by Framechannel.

  • 8-inch high quality LCD with 4:3 aspect ratio; KODAK Color Science give your pictures crisp details and vibrant colors.
  • Play your videos or listen to your favorite MP3’s with the frame’s built-in speakers
  • Kodak’s Quick Touch Border makes it easy to control your digital frames; 2 decorative mattes included
  • Store up to 300 of your favorite pictures directly on your frame’s 128 MB of internal memory
  • 2 SD card slots are available to allow you to have extra memory to view more pictures

Customer Reviews:

  • Kodak EasyShare M820 Digital Picture Frame with
    Picture quality settings and size are realy good.Only problem after couple days very fine black lines apeared.Item was returne with no problem....more info
  • Pretty good
    I got this to entice myself to take more photographs. It's not perfect, but I'm happy overall.

    First of all, it's really easy to set up. You don't actually need to install the software. Just load your pictures onto a memory card or USB storage, plug it in, and the slide show starts. The screen is bright, it has great contrast, and the overall unit looks pretty with the included red or silver border. The frame is plastic and feels cheap when you hold it. You can't tell by just looking at it, though.

    My primary complaint is with the height to width ratio. The screen has almost panoramic dimensions, and as a result, it chops off a sliver from the bottom of horizontal 4x3 pictures, or displays black bars at the sides (you can choose which behavior you want). It's not a huge deal, but it's enough to be annoying, at least initially.

    The real question is if you want to spend close to $100 on this, instead of a 17 to 20" LCD monitor that you can use just for slide shows. A dedicated digital picture frame makes the most sense as something to be placed in isolation from your desk, or in guest areas.

    Overall 4 stars. It hasn't changed my life, but it's a competent product. ...more info
  • Easy to setup
    It was easy to setup and the interface was easy to use for the most part. Sometimes, the software seemed funky when trying to come from settings back to the photos play mode. If you put in an external SD card, it recognizes it immediately without any change in settings....more info
  • Terrible software and ease of use - BEWARE!
    I got this as a Xmas present today. I'm a computer expert. I can't believe how problematic the software is with this frame.

    The picture quality is actually very good compared to others I've purchased. I like that it takes multiple types of memory cards and it is a very nice looking frame. However, I couldn't get my computer to see the internal or external memory cards no matter what I tried. I finally gave up on it and just downloaded the pictures directly to my SD card. Kodak brags that it has 128MB of internal memory. Big deal! You can buy a 2 GB SD card for less than $10 these days. When will manufactures of electronic stuff quit being so cheap with the internal memory? I can't use it anyway because I can't access it from my computer.

    The navigation controls on the outside of the screen is a nice idea, but it is not intuitive to learn. Once I got the hang of it I was fine, but believe me - this is not how to do human engineering.

    Now for the bad part. The software took about 1 hour to install on my very fast computer. Most of the time was downloading the outdated software that came with the CD. I actually thought it had stalled once or twice. I don't think I have ever seen software take so long to load. Once the bloated software was loaded it failed to recognize my computer. Then it started locking up on me.

    I spent pretty much the entire afternoon messing with this thing not believing I couldn't get this to work. Surely it can't be this difficult to link to my computer? I must be doing something wrong? (I thought) If I was, I couldn't figure it out! (I updated firmware, uninstalled the software and reinstalled, changed the order of putting in the USB cable, rebooted the computer lots of times, looked at Kodak's website for help - which was useless!)

    BTW, the box says it comes with a USB cable but it doesn't. Nice touch Kodak! The very poorly written manual tells you this. (Maybe Kodak should fix this on their box?) And...if you are lucky enough to have a double flat male USB cable on hand, (which isn't common at all )it still won't work. It also has a fire wire connection which I didn't try because I didn't have that cable.

    Folks - this is bad engineering in my book. How does Kodak stay in business making products like this? I understand from others that the previous model was even worse.

    IMO this is a very poorly designed product. Too bad, it could have been an outstanding one if someone would have taken the time to write a simple software interface to it. Heck, I would have been happy just to transfer files directly from my PC to the internal and external memory on the display.

    I haven't decided if I'm going to keep it yet or not. I give it two stars because it wasted so much of my time this afternoon and I'm still mad about that. :)

    KODAK ARE YOU LISTENING? probably not....... :(

    ...more info
  • Love this product!
    This is a very nice frame looks great and works great.
    I would recomend this to anyone who wants a good deal and looks good to.
    I love it bought my daughter one of them and she loves it also....more info
  • Kodak M820 Digital Picture Frame
    Love it! Touch frame is easy to use and no fingerprints on your pictures. Picture quality is outstanding and the colors are true. Only drawback is the lack of an internal battery....more info
  • Great photos, user-friendly
    Just got this for my parents as a xmas gift, and I can say I am very happy with the unit. Setup is easy - turn on, watch the included demo video, and plug in your media (in my case, a USB flash drive) and you're good to go - the unit starts the slide show through your whole set automatically.

    The "touchscreen" is actually the bottom and right hand borders of the frame, and it's pretty responsive, although it may take a few minutes to get used to. You can play photos, music or video, adjust the transition timing and effects, and change the frame colors to your liking with the included Home Decor Kit.

    This is more than what I needed so I love it! All I wanted was a nice digital frame to display a good set of photos with varied transition effects and a clear resolution, and this unit does exactly that. Certainly not the sharpness seen in other high-end units, but in terms of value, you cannot go wrong with this purchase. Very much recommended! ...more info
  • Kodak Easy Share Frame
    I ordered this as a Christmas gift for my parents who are in their 70s and are a bit technologically challenged. This was very easy to operate -- you take it out of the box, plug it in, turn it on and it automatically plays a demo for you. To see pictures, all you have to do is insert a memory card from your digital camera. It was easy for them to operate, and they are very happy with it. I am glad I paid a little more to get this product as opposed to a cheaper frame that may be more complicated. ...more info
  • Video clips not filling the screen - solution available
    If, like me, you want your video clips to fill the entire screen of this frame (like it does with stll photos), rather than add in the black vertical borders, please feel free to email me for a solution at andynetter AT hotmail DOT com]. I've spent many hours trying to find a solution for this (Kodak were no help by the way!) and now that I've found one I thought it fair to share it. I will edit this post with step-by-step instructions when I have time to type them.

    Overall, great frame, really cant complain about anything. The iPhone-style finger-swiping to flick between pictures using the touch screen is very cool! Highly recommended prodct, shame about Kodak's rubbish customer service. ...more info
  • Pretty Nice
    I wanted a frame for my parents who are not computer experts. Since they have a easy share camera the two work well together the SD memory it uses is cheap and the picture quality is pretty good. I was worried about buying an off name brand since this will run 24/7, several friends at work have easy share frames that have been running for a long time. The buttons on the frame which make it seem like a touch screen without touching the display screen are very nice and with the white background I can't see any finger prints. All in all a nice frame. ...more info
  • Nice and Easy
    Just got this frame and it is great. I stay away from the software that came with the frame and just copy my digital photos onto a zip drive. The zip drive plugs right into the back of the frame and the pictures are there. It is really easy to copy from the zip onto the frames internal memory, just follow the buttons on the touch-screen. It shows really great pictures and with music also, it makes for a great slide-show. My mom is getting one for her birthday from me. Great frame....more info
  • Digital Picture Frame
    We enjoy the Kodak Picture frame, and it's really easy to use. The only down side to it is it's size. From a distance, it's hard to see the photos. The next digital frame we plan to purchase will be larger (12 inches or larger). The only other complint I have is memory storage. I would be more likely to purchase a unit with wifi and a larger memory capacity, so I can transfer a large number of photos direct from my computer to the digital frame....more info
  • Great Product
    I bought it for my dad and he loves it. It doesn't require to be technological savy, and can be operated very easily. His only complaint is that the frame does not save his definitions for each picture (such as the screen spreading and the magnifying). Overall, great product....more info