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  • Another fine piece of work for those who appreciated Thrust.
    Those who have listened to "Thrust" and "Headhunters" have had the opportunity to taste some of the most phenomenal compositions and arrangements that the music (and perhaps more importantly) and the jazz industries have ever seen. If you are one of the many who can appreciate the musical genius behind Mr. Hancock's work, you're in. Even if you're not really into his whole fusionfunk era (heaven forbid), it's pretty hard not to be captivated by the life and energy of this album.

    Of all the jazz cds I've heard, this is by far one of the most worthwhile, from start to finish; what mastery of touch Herbie Hancock has, throughout. From the beginning lines of a piano-solo "Maiden Voyage", past the vein melting, luscious beauty of "Butterfly", to the infectious kicks of "Hang Up Your Hang Ups", this album holds....more info

  • To the Delight of Headhunters everywhere!
    Take two incredible albums like "Headhunters" and it's sequel "Thrust" and throw away what you thought they were because once you hear the assorted tracks from those albums live, your perception will never be quite the same. Both original albums have passed the quarter century mark, and it is a pleasure to hear live (if you will, alternate) versions of these songs. Don't get me wrong, it is great to hear Chameleon and Spank-A-Lee as they were on the album. But I've been hearing them the same way, with the same solos, and the same breaks, and the same drum hits, for over 20 years. Come on! Who doesn't want to hear Herbie or Bennie stretch live for twelve minutes over these great grooves?

    The album starts out simply enough with Maiden Voyage. However, Herbie decides to take us out to sea by himself this bass, no drums, no horns. Pure beauty and tranquility all the way. With a trilling signal (at 6:24) everyone is in for the ride...including Bennie Maupin on flute! They segue directly into Actual Proof. But Herbie is still on acoustic piano! This is what I am talking about. I have listened to Actual Proof for years, but to hear it on acoustic piano!?! No Arps, no Moogs, no Rhodes, no Clavinets, just a trio (piano, bass, drums)! It is Pure Magic!

    This cd was recorded live in Japan over two nights at two different venues 3 days apart. The remaining songs are electric and from the other concert. They launch into Spank-A-Lee. Paul Jackson and Mike Clark (with Bill Summers on percussion) ride the groove into the Elysian Fields of funk to introduce Herbie. Bennie is deep in the soul pocket on all of these songs, regardless of the instrument. And Herbie...'nuff said. The only person who seems a little out of place is Blackbird McKnight on guitar. Herbie originally designed these songs to work without a guitar on purpose, and sometimes it is very evident that there is no room for McKnight to groove in the arrangement and he is stunted in most of his contributions.

    Watermelon Man is its usual "funky-as-you-wanna-be" self. Bennie is The Man on soprano sax here. No longer is he relegated to playing minimalistic lines like on the album, but gets his full share of blowing-time.

    Butterfly is, in the shadow of Vein-Melter, the one mellow piece in the set. Both beautiful and edgy, tranquil and propulsive all at the same time.

    Chameleon is the funk party of this disk, as one would expect. At the first strains of the synthesized bass figure the crowd cheers. Mike Clark (vastly underrated) lays the funk carpet down for everyone else to parade and strut their stuff. Herbie gets rather self-indulgent with the Arps and Moogs too a fault, but the atmosphere is still there.

    The Magnum-Opus of the disk has to be Hang Up Your Hang Ups clocking in just shy of 20 minutes. This is the only song where Blackbird McKnight's contribution comes to fruition. Mike Clark slips in and skips away hi-hat and snare hits like skimming stones across a pond. Bennie gets real raw on soprano for this one! Herbie's solo is the usual great fare that we are accustomed to.

    The only thing that I would change is Chameleon. The noodling on synths by Herbie does get annoying. I would take either less (or preferably no) noodling or another song in its place like Palm Grease or Sly. But get it regardless. Whether you like this era of music for the sheer kitsch value of hearing that 70's electric funk sound, or you dig the keyboard lines herbie puts down and the musical contributions by the other band members, you will never be sorry for having bought this album....more info

  • I give this one so many stars it would light up the world!!
    I am completely 100% biased- as I am a HUGE Headhunters fan with and without Herbie. I agree with some other reviewers in that you definately need to check out "Headhunters", "Thrust" and "Man-Child" before you get this slab of funkified goodness!! I searched for many moons to get my ears on this and I would have searched many more. The band stretches these songs out like a rubber band and just when you think it's over they bring the beat back and slap it upside your head-DAMN!! WHAT WAS THAT!! The sound is crispy clean, the songs are choice cuts from the above mentioned albums and the players- Mr. Paul jackson on funky bass, Mike Clark the ultimate funky drummer, Bill Summers congas & percussion, Bennie Maupin sax clarinet flute & percussion and Mr. Herbie Hancock piano clavinet & synthesizer. If you are into jazz, funk, fusion, rock & roll, reggae, or any type of music you need this in your collection-no matter what the cost is!!...more info
  • Mmmmmm, TASTY!
    I bought this CD based on the rave reviews below - these guys know what they're talking about! While I wouldn't say this is the funkiest ever, "Flood" serves up deliciously infectious tunes that will get you moving. What you get: wicked bass, bright and emotive horns, and, of course, Herbie stirring the pot with board work that stretches your head in all directions at once. Well worth the price of admission!...more info
  • funkjazzfusionacid all the way live
    herbie hancock fans who wanna hear him and headhunters live in concert from the mid 70's please cop this features acid guitarist dwayne blackbyrd mcknight right before he joinede funkadelic....more info
  • HERBIE IS GOD! Five stars is not enough
    Having been a huge fan of the albums THRUST and HEADHUNTERS, I was delighted to find out about this live album recorded in Japan in 1975. The playing is absolutely amazing through-out. Paul Jackson has got to be the best funk bassist ever. A few seconds of ACTUAL PROOF, should be enough for you to fall to your knees thanking god for putting such a funky man on earth. The real gem however is the 17+ minute pre-MANCHILD version of HANG UP YOUR HANG UPS. The drumming is tight, and Herbie gives the fender rhodes one of the most incredible work-outs ever. Originally a double vinyl lp, this cd is packed with funky licks....more info
  • Flood is a hurricane of ninja-like jazz/funk skills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Flood is in most ways BETTER than the original studio recordings of the same tunes. The live energy is intense and the same time, the quality of sound and performance are flawless (mostly). This is the pinnacle of funk. Herbie is a BMF!!!! The rest of the group is SLAMMIN'!!!!!! If you fancy yourself a funk musician, you MUST have these recordings...MUST!
    6 Stars out of 5!!!!!!!!!!
    !...more info