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Death Magnetic
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  • Not bad
    Overall this was a good CD. It reminded me of master of puppets at some parts. There are only 2 major complaints i have about this cd. One is that all the songs sound very similar. There isn't enough variety on this cd. The solos and riffs all sound the same. Second, these songs are way too long. Each song is like over 6 minutes at the very least. I remember one song even being 10 minutes. Talk about overkill. There were so many times in that song where they could have ended it. Basically it got annoying because the songs just kept going with no real structure or purpose. An average cd, so 3 stars. ...more info
  • The clipping distortion is absolutely inexcusable
    Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater said this was a top 10 pick for the year. I don't have any Metallica albums so I asked for it for my birthday.

    The sound is HORRIBLE. Whoever decided to mix it this way should be put in jail. Like another reviewer said, compare this to "Fear of a Blank Planet" by Porcupine Tree, which has superb sound, think how much better this album would be if it sounded good.

    Atrocious. Inexcusable. Totally ruins this album for me. (And I was inclined to take Mike seriously. I wanted to love this album, I really did....)...more info
    I have been listening to Metallica since "Ride the Lightning". I remember when "Master of Puppets" came out and I was floored! I could not believe that they could get even better than "Ride...". I think the feeling I get from "Death Magnetic", is the same feeling I got from "Master of Puppets".
    After churning out crap for three albums (For the money I'm sure), they have renewed my faith as a metalhead. The "Black" album was just okay, even though they scored high marks from fans and reviews, but honestly, Bob Rock almost ruined this band as much as made them rich..

    To me the Bassless "And Justice For All" was the last Great Metallica album until "Death Magnetic". They went with a producer that knows how to get actual SOUND out of his bands. I can't believe the reviews talking about how this album sucks. They must've liked the albums were the band wore make-up and sang about hotrods and stupid crap. These people really need to start from the beginning and listen to every album from "Kill Em All" on through this one.
    KILL EM ALL- 8/10 Not a bad start. Really started the Thrash movement.
    RIDE THE LIGHTNING- 10/10 Changed my taste of music for the better. This album really was the best when it came out and still holds up pretty well.
    MASTER OF PUPPETS- 10/10 Keeping up what they started, toured with Ozzy. Got tons of fans. Cliff Burton was a god! But then he left us forever. Still one of the greatest albums ever made.
    GARAGE DAYS- 9/10 Raw and still thrashy. Newstead gets on board and does well. I still love this CD.
    AND JUSTICE FOR ALL- 9/10 Would have been the best they put out if not for the crappy mix. (I still can't believe they haven't added the Bass yet). Great song structure, very mature and yet very heavy. No Bass, Drum Kicks to high end and trebley. Vocals rock! This will get 10/10 once Lars and James re-mix it.
    THE BLACK ALBUM- 7/10 Other than a couple of tracks, the album has a slow boring vibe to it. This was a decent mix by the team, but the music lost me where it picked up a whole new legion of fans...Not quite a sell out. But you can feel it coming.
    LOAD- 5/10 They are SOOOO much better than this album. A complete sell-out in my opinion. Even though I liked "Hero of the Day" (and I am ashamed), this is for the most part- garbage.
    RELOAD- 3/10 No comment.. I'm sure your girlfriends like it.
    I am going to skip a couple because they aren't REALLY albums, okay?
    ST. ANGER- 3/10 not because it's a sell out, but because they needed to put out a really crappy album and explore why they do what they do, and FIX IT! The drums reeeeaally suck on this (Lars, listen to other people). James's voice was really irritating, but I felt like they were coming back musically, but this still sucked.
    DEATH MAGNETIC- 10/10 - Because they pulled their heads out. and gave the true fans what they wanted! A cross between "Master..." and "And Justice..." With really good tracks. Really, I can't find one track on this album that sucks. It's like they reinvented Metallica all over again. And like I said before- It gave me the same feeling "Master of Puppets" did when it came out.
    I hope with this release it's just the beginning for the new Metallica of old. So, to sum it up- Great songs, great vocals, great topics and a renewed faith in Metal for all!!!
    ...more info
  • The Hamstercaster UNLEASHED!!
    URRRRRREEEEYES!!!! A couple of factors make Death Magnetic the best album Metallica has produced since Justice, Master, and Ride. Metallica finally chucked Bob Rock to the weeds and snagged Rick Rubin to reignite the group. That coupled with Kirk, for lack of a better term Unleashed, my god man!! Kirk Hammet makes this album. He seems to unleash his frustrations with being confined by James, Lars, and Bob Rock for the past two decades in a funky , metal, F&*$ Y%#! If it could be imagined over his body of work that Kirk had this in him, I never could. He has managed to put one hand on the unique riffs and solo's that helped make Justice, Master and Ride so great and another on a current funky metal edge that drips with thought and flavor.

    There also seems to be a fundamental shift in the lyrics and vocals from what they've produced over the last several albums which is also refreshingly reminiscent of their earlier stuff. This album appears to have been devised with allot of thought and patience in contrast to the last few and demonstrates why they are who they are. This is the one I've been waiting for! Metal horns!~~!
    ...more info
  • Hail the first REAL Metallica album in 20 years!!!
    I have loathed every Metallica album released since the Black album. I admittedly liked the "Black Album" but felt it was an overall turn for the worst from the same band that brought us masterpieces like "Master Of Puppets" and "...and Justice for All." I was proven right after the putrid "music" released from the 'Loads' to St. Anger (arguably the worst metal album ever recorded). I could have easily ignored "Death Magnetic" but thanks to my gullible nature, I picked it up.

    All I have to say is I am glad I got it. Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater described it as "the first real Metallica album in 20 years." I wholeheartedly agree. It only loses a star with me for production issues. I don't know who decided on the compression rate used for the final release, but that person miscalculated badly. To remedy the problem, it is a good idea to adjust your levels for less midrange and more bass to even it out. If you have a good sound system, you will quickly know what I am talking about. If you have a less desirable may not matter.

    Death Magnetic sounds like the same band that Metallica once was with an update in sound. Sure, there are hints of the more recent releases from the band, but they have pulled off a helluva ride! Good job, guys. Can you do it again??? We shall see. ...more info
  • Excellent Music, Great Packaging, Worthy Price
    I purchased both a physical, digital and LP version of this disc in anticipation of its release. I was not disappointed. The packaging for both the physical CD and LP version is phenominal. There are a few minor discrepencies with the CD packaging (for instance, the coffin cut out obscures much of the lyrics), but the LP package is absolutely flawless. It was very well put together and i'm proud to say i own it.

    Each individual LP sleeve shocases the brilliant artwork also seen in the CD version, and as a bonus the entirety of the album's lyrics are printed on their own sheet for quick viewing. The lithograph seems a bit pointless to me, but worthy of framing (if that's your thing). I should note the box the LPs come in is very fragile and easy to scuff, so be wary when storing or displaying it. I don't really care for it, but i can understand other collectors who would.

    Since the LP's are printed on 180gram slabs and mastered at 45RPM, Each song takes up the entirety of one side, each disc having two songs (5 total sleeves, each with a piece of artwork on either side).
    there is some controversy over sound and production issues, but i don't think they are large enough to really bog the record down in terms of overall quality. For those with questions about the mastering on the vinyl as compared to the mastering on the CD version, unfortunately the LPs were cut from the same master tapes as the retail version and suffer the same compression issues many fans mentioned. I will say though that the vinyl version has a warmer, beefier overall sound and is still leagues above the retail edition.

    The music is awesome. Metallica really put out a fine record in 2008, and one i am happy to announce i listened to over... and over... and over... and OVER again until i was just too burned out to listen anymore. I highly recommend this box set for any avid collector or any die hard fan with an extra $115 bucks to spend. ...more info
    No doubt about it, the band's best work since Puppets! The "new addition" of Trujillo on bass linked with Hammett (sheer artistry on lead guitar!), Ulrich (back-bone jarring work on the kit!) and Hetfield (vocals, are the best he's sounded in years) make this a true classic! Better buy a backup copy 'cause you're gonna wear the first one out! ...more info
  • 5-Stars Some of the best Metallica
    Not much to say, not sure why just one song from this CD is getting radio time (except that radio stations hate 7 minute long songs). There are easily 5 songs that could be receiving heavy playtime on hard rock stations. Great rifs, fast, furious but never sloppy guitar driven rock....more info
  • A new masterpiece for Metallica
    I believe this CD firmly cements Metallica as the greatest metal band of all time. We all know about their legendary 80s tracks and then the departure in the 90s to blues-rock which turned off many of the fans.
    But Death Magnetic is a true return to the style and composition of earlier works. And in my opinion, the songs on DM rival anything off Master Of Puppets, Ride the Lightning,etc.
    I feel confident that 20 years from now I will be listening to the songs off DM on a regular basis and still enjoying them, which is the earmark for a classic and well-crafted song.
    Although I like every song off DM, my favorites would That Was Just Your Life, All Nightmare Long, and The Judas Kiss.
    As has been said, there is clearly a problem with the mixing and you can hear clipping especially on the song Broken Beaten Scarred. Whle this is an annoyance to be certain, it doesn't take away from my 5 star rating.
    Pick this CD up and enjoy it!!!...more info
  • Metallica's finally Metallica again. I don't say that lightly.
    Wow. Metallica's needed to put out something like this for a while now.

    Metallica was best known for their work in the 80's, where they co-produced some of their best albums with Flemming Rasmussen. However, after the band put out ...And Justice For All, the band decided they wanted to go in a different direction for the next album and for about the next 13 or 14 years, the band was produced by Bob Rock. There wouldn't have been much wrong with that except Bob Rock always seemed to view Metallica as a prog-rock group as opposed to the metal juggernauts they were. The end result was one album that was commercially successful, but three subsequent studio albums that either left their fanbase divided or left their metal fans feeling alienated and disinterested.

    Maybe it was the response from St. Anger, maybe it was getting Rob Trujillo in the band, maybe it was seeing what they've become in Some Kind Of Monster. At some point, the band decided they had enough with their direction and decided to change directions to save themselves and their career. The band brought in Rick Rubin and, using his knowledge and tutelage, directed Metallica back to where they came from. The result is this album.

    So what will you get from this album? An overwhelming amount of overdriven hard rock/heavy metal songs that have that sound Metallica's refined over the years. James still wails the lyrics out as he's always done, he and Kirk still nail the solos Dave Mustaine loves to hate, and Lars alternates from the ...AJFA rock beats to the early Metallica D-Beats while throwing in a sufficient amount of double bass when needed; giving Metallica the groove that's carried them from underground to mainstream while maintaining metal credibility.

    The difference? Well, Rob Trujillo makes this album sweet as all get out because his playing style is a perfect compliment to the band. Also, this is the first Metallica album I've remembered in some time that's had a good portion of harmonized melodies. Put it together and you get everything you've come to expect from a traditional Metallica album plus a few surprises.

    I liked all the tracks on this album. My favorites were "That Was Just Your Life", "Cyanide", "The Judas Kiss", and the instrumental "Suicide and Redemption". I liked "Suicide and Redemption" the best because not only was it instrumental, but it sounded they broke into Rick Rubin's stash, listed to some Kyuss, Black Sabbath, and Pelican (!!!) records, and jammed afterward.

    For all you diehard Metallica fans, you probably own this album already. For all of you alienated fans or those thinking "is it really them?"... yes, they have returned to familiar form, so feel free to get this album. There's a lot to like about this album and if someone's gonna hate on it, then frankly they're only hating on it because they've either got nothing better to do, are embarrassed to admit Metallica's good again, or are still stuck in that herd mentality that Metallica should be despised forever for releasing Load, Reload, and potentially St. Anger depending on whether or not you get "scene points" for liking St. Anger.

    This is the best Metallica album released in a while. I recommend everyone check it out. ...more info
  • a solid revival after the suicide attempt that was St. Anger
    nothing here to complain about, its got all the catchy riffs, epic moments, and awsome solos we came to expect from one of the pioneers of metal. as greedy as i think they are, and as little i like them as people, i can still give them respect for their accomplishments in music. metal wouldnt be where it is today if it wasnt for metallica. part of why i always thought they were perfectly named. its not a full revival of their gloy days, but its their best album in over 15 years, and thats more than i could've ever hoped for after what they released, especially the atrocious St. Anger (where were the solos? where was the variety? what happened?) oh well, good to be long past the days of that album. Death Magnetic is a sign that these guys still have what it takes, and a sign of more good(possibly even better) music from Metallica in the future....more info
  • Solid five stars, best effort in 20 years.
    I felt compelled to write a five star review as the four star average does not do this CD "Justice". It is the best Metallica recording since, and yes that includes the beloved "Black Album".
    Having just seen the band in concert, I am happy to report that new tunes like "All Nightmare Long" and "The End Of The Line" stand out as setlist favorites alongside such classics as "Master Of Puppets", "...And Justice For All", "One" and "Ride The Lightning"....more info
  • Well... Its better than St. Anger
    First of all, when you are writing a follow up to an album like St. Anger, chances are it can't possibly get any worse. St. Anger was, without a doubt, one of the worst albums ever. So the fact this is better doesn't say much.

    As for the actual music, this IS NOT THRASH. They haven't written a thrash album in nearly 21 years. Anyone who says that clearly needs to reacquaint themselves with what thrash is and what it sounds like. This is heavy metal at best, and borders upon plain rock at some points. Regardless, it sounds forced, like they are trying far harder than they should need to.

    As usual the drumming is (mostly) passable and competent, but is pretty poor and uninspired (which is no chance for Lars, as he's never been particularly good.

    The lyrics as well range from pretty horrible to fairly decent. Lines like "Love is a four letter word" and "almost like your endless fight/cursed, the day is long/realize you don't belong" are nothing short of pathetic. Really Metallica? When did oyu hire Fall Out Boy to pen your lyrics? Are you going to go slit your wrist now too?

    I was both excited and intrigued to hear that they would return to writing an instrumental. Sadly, it is a bloated and frankly, boring filler track, certainly nothing up to par with the ones they used to be able to write.

    The best part of this album is by far the soloing of the great Kirk Hammett. And, although the solos he produces are quite good, some of them carry on far too long for their own good and become simply boring near the end.

    Ultimately though, whether or no you like this depends, as other reviewers have mentioned, on what your 'fan' status is with Metallica. If you are the true-blue thrash fan and think 'Ride the Lightning" was their last truly great album, you'll hate this. If you are like me and think "...And Justice For all" and "Metallica" were 'ok' you might be able to listen to this and find it mediocre at best. It is heavier than either "Load" or "Reload," making this an iffy listen for fans of those two. And if you were a fan of "St. Anger" you have no concept of what good music is so it doesn't actually matter to anyone what you think of this album.

    Metallica should realize that their glory days are long, long gone and that they need to take the hint and retire rather than force and album like they did with "Death Magnetic."

    This earns 2 stars simply because "St. Anger" was much worse and some moments are decent, especially the Hammett solos.

    ...more info
  • Back From The Dead At Last with "No" Snare Drum =)
    When I heard that Metallica was releasing a new album and it was going to be called Death Magnetic I was so scared. I really thought it was gonna be a complete dupicate of St. Anger, So at first I hesitated of buying this album mainly because of hearing no guitar solos and that god awful Snare Drum in St. Anger. So how did I approach myself of buying this album I borrowed my friends the day it came out and listened to it one good time. To tell everyone the truth I was not disappointed at all at this album. I absoloutely love this album, It was almost as if I just put Ride, Kill, Master, and Justice in all at once. So as soon as I gave the album back to my friend I went out to buy the album. So my suggestion to anyone and every Metallica fans out there, This album is a complete Masterpiece compared to St. Anger, So if your ready to relive your childhood with Metallica as you once did with Kill, Ride, Master, and Justice. Do yourself a favor and go pick up a copy of this album. Believe me you want be disappointed. =)...more info
  • poor music
    Well the cover is cool but the music does not have anything special. I miss the time when metallica had more melody and less trash....more info
  • Surprised To See Me?
    After St. Anger I did not expect much at all from Metallica. It was kind of like when Van Halen made the irreversible down hill slide. It became comical to watch members come and go. With Jason being gone it had a similar feel to their last album. Fortunately I think such a fate has been avoided with this effort.

    The production values are back to what they should be. The songs are written well enough to enter the pantheon of Metallica-dome. Though it must be said this album cannot compare to "older" Metallica. I would take Ride The Lightning, Master Of Puppets, or even ...And Justice For All over this any day. But at least this may persuade stations to play something besides Enter Sandman an extra thirty times per day.

    I am postive towards their different shifts in the musical spectrum. I feel if Load and Reload were self-edited and joined as one album it would have been a really good album. (Think Devil's Dance and The Outlaw Torn with such lame tracks like Ronnie thrown away instead). That is only to say I'm not an unreasonable Metallica fan. So for people with less extreme tastes on the subject this may help you make a decision.

    The album is good, not great. Worth owning, but know in advance there has been controversy with clipping issues. It's not your speakers blowing up; the effect was intentional and not decided upon by the band at all. Nevertheless it's still a good time....more info
  • Best metal album of the new millennium
    Look people, I've read a ton of these reviews and I really agree with parts of almost all of them. Rather than reiterating what's already been said, I will make it simple. Show me a better metal album which has come out this millennium, and I will go buy it. You can try to analyze it to death and compare it to previous works all you want. Metallica are not in their 20s anymore. The world is a much different place then it was when MOP came out. Death Magnetic fulfills the world's desperate need for relevant heavy metal today better than anything else out there. Sure the band has pulled some of their past work into these new songs. Did you expect the album to sound like ACDC or Metallica? Sure Metallica tried to fix the production quality issues from Anger without going all the way back to the perfectly overproduced sound of the 90s material. This is heavy metal people, not Mozart. It's not supposed to sound good on your 16 speaker Bose BMW car stereo. It's supposed to sound good on 20" speakers and live in concert, and I am sure it will. Quit listening to Metallica on headphones and go buy a real stereo people. As for the vocals, James has been tearing his vocal cords for decades to bring us the best heavy metal vocals known to man for over 25 years. Kill, Ride, and Puppets were great albums, but back then James was just a kid, and sounded like one too (go listen). In Death, he sounds like what he is today, a man who's voice is "broken, beaten, and scarred" but still capable of delivering better than anyone else in the business. As for the rest, does heavy metal music get any better than Death Magnetic? I won't even waste time going into detail. Anyone who loves the album knows what I am talking about. Those with complaints and those who feel this doesn't live up to work from the 80s, do me a favor. Pretend for a second you are looking for a new metal band and assume Death Magnetic is a new band's debut album. Listen to it loud on some big speakers (throw your ipod and headphones aside) and then tell me there's a better heavy metal album out there from this decade. Please, cause I will buy it tomorrow. Death Magnetic covers the entire spectrum of heavy metal, and in a single album defines the genre. Simply put, Death Magnetic rocks. Don't sweat the details, just turn up the volume, listen and enjoy. Who knows how many more Death Magnetics will be produced in our lifetime....more info
  • METALLICA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \m/
    At this point what does this band have to do to please people. They give an old school record, with the old school logo. Solo's for days which I love. The record is loud as HELLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which I really love.
    I feeling like all the die hard MetallicA fans should be tranported back to lets say 86. I'll be nice I put you back before Cliff died R.I.P. So all of yall can swing your long hair till you break your necks. This is a great album the best since And Justice. I do like the black album and Load for that matter, RELoad I can do without it just ok. It goes to show you can't make some people happy. And whats with everyone saying this abum sounds messed up. Its sounds fine to me with or without my head phones. I have a really good stereo with a subwoofer. This damn album will blow the roof off of your house. Good job boys as far as I'm concerned there back to form. METALLICA RULES ONCE AGAIN AMEN....more info
  • Crap Magnetic
    This album is horrible. Simple as that.

    I'm not going to write an elaborate review because I've already wasted my money. I will not waste any time on this, as well, aside from the time it took to listen to it. And, yes, I did listen to it all the way through. Once. And it never left its case again. The only reason it has not made it to the trash is for sake of collection.

    Boo, Metallica. Boo. I really wanted to like this, too....more info
  • Great album + horrible quality = Death Magnetic
    One more vote here for Death Magnetic being an album full of potential but ruined by horrible quality. Listen to the Guitar Hero version and you will understand what I mean, even though the GH version still sounds over compressed....more info
  • Better!
    As fans of "old" Metallica, we are happy to see that they are moving back to the old school Metallica sound. The last couple of albums, while acceptable, were like walking into a wind...we felt tired at the end. If you have given up on Metallica sounding like Metallica, try this out. ...more info
  • Metallica an ever evolving band!
    Death Magnetic: from the start of the first track 'That Was Just Your Life' it is clear to the listener that the experience will be a solid treat, of the Metal kind to be exact.

    The album opener 'TWJYL' is a classic Metal piece in all the ways possible! It instantly earns its place along side other classic Thrash/Metal milestones like the songs: 'Among the Living' (by Anthrax) and 'Seasons in the Abyss' (by Slayer). Not to mention the song's similarities in sound, structure and tone to its two predecessors!

    The album continues with 'End of the Line' and 'Broken Beat & Scarred'... both solid Metallica songs. The album takes a pause with the slow yet heavy piece 'Day That Never Comes' (similarities to 'One' are clearly noticeable!)

    Overall the album 'Death Magnetic' is a solid experience, but somehow none of the songs manage to surpass the experience of the album opener. 'All Nightmare Long' manages to come close and stands out! 'Cyanide' is a very strong, innovative piece. A mixture of the old Metallica and the NEW!

    Overall this album reminds us of the Metallica that we knew, yet at the same time there is something 'new' and fresh! It is clear that Metallica is always looking to innovate themselves and evolve. Especially within the rigid confines of Thrash/Metal genre, filled with purist fans that frown upon the slightest change to the carved-in-stone rules of Metal!

    Looking back at Metallica's creative path and progress there are some experimental, daring and unfamiliar territories explored with LOAD and Re-LOAD. Then failures and un-inspired periods with St.ANGER. And now a point where the old and the new start to come together in DEATH MAGNETIC!

    When Metallica first exploded to the music scene, along with pioneers such as ANTHRAX, SLAYER they were all introducing something new, something progressive and breaking all the old rules. And if there should be any rule to creativity it is just that, always innovate and create new grounds.

    After Death Magnetic, the anticipation of what may come from Metallica in the future is exciting, to say the least!

    'EVOLVE'... might perhaps be a suitable title for the next album?
    ...more info
  • Your ears must be superior to mine
    I just don't get it. "Fans" seem to want to hate on everything Metallica does. Would you all prefer that Metallica just re-release Master of Puppets, Ride the Lightning, and And Justice for All? I mean, this album is excellent. It's far and away one of the best albums I've heard in a long time. Everyone wants to complain about the sound quality. I've been playing this album since the day it came out and I haven't heard anything wrong with it. Are my ears messed up or something? I think it sounds awesome and I love how loud this record is. This is fine metal my friends, at this point it doesn't matter what Metallica does, people are going to hate on them. Bottom line--if you like Metallica, buy this album. You won't be dissapointed. If you do buy this and you hate it, ask yourself; What is it that I want from Metallica?

    P.S. I am thankful that my ears are not so superior that I can pick up on the annoying subtle nuances that make this record unlistenable. ...more info
  • Awesome deal
    The seller shipped very fast, and the item arrived sooner than expected. It also came just as described, and the price was very reasonable. Would buy from this seller again....more info
  • Metallica's headed in the right direction..
    First let's get the obvious out of the way, this album is a thousand times better than St. Anger. It sounds much more like heavy metal than any of their studio albums since the 1991 Black album. It has a decent sound most of the time. Three things I don't like, however.

    1) Jame's voice is still a little wild and screetchy, he's got it all over the place. I want the intense, 80's voice back.
    2) The structure of the songs is a little clumsy in transitions at times, it stumbles from one sound to the next with no flow.
    3) There isn't one really catchy "hook song" with an awesome beat like Enter Sandman or One. I know, some fans who think they are more hardcore than others sneer at these, but I like them. I also appreciate some of the lesser known "sleeper" hits like Leper Messiah. At least they finally gave us another (nearly) instrumental song again, that was cool.

    Metallica has come so far with this one, I hope they will finish the journey back to true metal in the future. There aren't any horrible stinker songs on here, but nothing truly great, either. All the songs are either good or ok; I don't mind rocking them in my Mustang. When Death Magnetic comes up on my ipod random shuffle, I don't skip past it, like I do with Load, Reload and St. Anger. ...more info
  • Metallica returns to form
    First things first: The sound quality has turned so many people off of this album I thought I'd like to at least address it up front. It's not too great. Yes, apparently it's quite clip happy, like just about any major release today. If you're an audiophile, you will not like the sound. (The Guitar Hero III rip alleviates some of these problems, so search it out if you're holding back buying the cd)

    However, I want to focus on the music of Death Magnetic, not necessarily the way in which it was mastered. This is the missing album between AJFA and "Black" that I always wanted. I never felt there was a true transition period between the two. ...And Justice For All is my favorite album of all time...not Metallica album, OVERALL, in all of music. So to say I was dumbfounded when Enter Sandman hit the radio would be an understatement. In fact, I was right pissed for years. I dug some of Load, but to my surprise, the heavier hard rock songs weren't the songs I enjoyed. I enjoyed the softer songs like Bleeding Me and The Outlaw Torn much more than King Nothing or 2 x 4. And on I went through the 90's, waiting for Metallica to give me what I deserved, a proper Justice followup. It did not appear. ST Anger, for all I liked about that album, I found just as much to dislike, rendering it average.

    Death Magnetic comes at a time where I have found peace with Metallica and had all but given up on hearing the classic Metallica sound. So I immediately buy the CD and pop it in my truck stereo. I am completely bombarded with awesome riffage and thundering double bass from the first song on the last. I love the first song so much, I keep driving around to listen to what's next. This continues for over an hour until the last notes of "My Apocalypse" end. I hop out of my truck, smiling that I finally have a Justice to Black transfer album. I judge if a Metallica song is a classic by determining which of the songs I would want to hear during a encore at a concert. I can honestly say there are 5 vintage Metallica stone cold classics on Death Magnetic. "That Was Just Your Life", "Broken Beat and Scarred", "All Nightmare Long", "The Judas Kiss" and "My Apocalypse". In my book, an album by a band this huge, over 25 years in the business and is still hugely relevant, to release an album of 10 songs with 5 being immediate classics is just about unbelievable, but they've done it.

    I have two minor qualms with the album, and it's The Unforgiven III and The Day That Never Comes. While I think The Unforgiven III is a great song on its own, it doesn't truly fit the album, especially where it's slotted. And on the Day That Never Comes, I wish a vocal performance was laid over some of the final 3+ minutes of the song when the guitars just go insane.

    Other than that though, you're looking at a top 5 Metallica album. You can say it's fifth, but I wouldn't have a problem putting it as high as 3rd either. As with all Metallica records, it will come down to mood or personal preference in that moment you're deciding which to listen to, but ultimately Death Magnetic will be a legit option, something I haven't been able to say about a new Metallica CD in 17 years....more info
    It's very good to see that metallica still knows how to rock after so many years of crap , this album is actually good , it has some good songs and guitar riffs for a change , this isn't an awesome album but it's good....more info