Burn Notice: The Fix
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Covert spy Michael Westen has found himself in forced seclusion in Miami -- and a little paranoid. Watched by the FBI, cut off from intelligence contacts, and with his assets frozen, Weston is on ice with a warning: stay there or get "disappeared." Driven to find out who burned him and why, he's biding his time helping people with nowhere else to turn. People like socialite Cricket O'Connor whose own husband has vanished, along with her fortune...

Customer Reviews:

  • ho hum
    Let me start by saying I've never watched the show. But I picked up this book because I've been impressed with the author's brother's (Lee Goldberg) books, including the Monk series which got me hooked on the TV show. But this book was a snoozer for me. Way too much smug narration from the lead character (in this case, "characters" are not welcome) with a story that was confusing and not very compelling. I stuck it out to the end, for the grand finale, which wasn't all that thrilling once I got there. Perhaps the hip talk between Michael, Sam and Fiona works better on TV than it does in print? I hope so....more info
  • burn notice
    My husband found so many misspelled words that he gripped the whole time he read it. Whatever happened to spell checkers?...more info
  • Sure, I was embarrassed to be seen reading it...
    but it was entertaining in trashy sort of way.. pretty much just like the show. It really was amazing how much reading this book felt like watching an episode. If you like the show, you'll like the book....more info
  • Will help bridge the gap to season 3
    I enjoyed this book. The author does, in my opinion, capture the characters well. The humor of the show is present as is the nifty planning by Michael and his friends.

    The author is of course somewhat hamstrung by writing a story that happens esentially between any two season one shows. As a result, nothing super important can happen. These books are intended to be fun, easy reads that give us new adventures as we wait for season 3 to begin, and this one does that very well. Is the plot deep and complex? No, but neither is the average Burn Notice show. The person Michael is helping always has a very simple plot. The mystery is left for the Burn Notice action and these books cannot go into that. That story must be left for the show.

    My only problem with this book is the profanity. I am not a prude, I was not offended. But the way the author uses profanity in this story comes off as forced, unnatural and jarring. We just don't expect Michael Westen to talk like that. It felt very much like the author was saying "Look what I can do now that he's not on TV!" Profanity for its own sake is pointless.

    We must keep in mind that anytime a writer comes to play in someone else's sandbox that there will be some folks who don't care for the interpretation. But the show creator picked Goldberg and overall I think it was a good choice....more info
  • interesting book
    This book spent a lot of time setting up the characters which I guess would be needed if you've never seen the show. I thought the author stayed true to the characters and had their "voices" down pretty well. It seemed to me that it took a little long to actually get to the action, but I enjoyed it. I would read others if they are written....more info
  • Great book version of the show!!!
    My only critique is that Mr. Goldberg needs to get the next one done! This was a page turner. ...more info
  • Guns, spies and double-cross. Another episode of Burn Notice - my favourite spy show
    When Michael Westen finds himself blackmailed by an ex-KGB associate into recovering some stolen money and also helping a socialite who has been conned out of most of her wealth he needs to do so without getting his family killed or hurt by the various bad guys who are soon so frustrated by Michael that they start threatening people they shouldn't.

    This novel captures well the feeling of the TV episodes of the series. You can easily see each of the characters on TV as you read the novel and it feels like reading a missing episode. I don't read a lot of TV/Movie novelizations these days but this was an enjoyable read and I'll pick up the next novel, Burn Notice: The End Game when it comes out based on how good this one was.
    ...more info
  • Close your eyes and hear Jeffrey's voice!
    I enjoyed this book immensely. Waiting for more of the same to read. Yeah, it's wacky but with this book we were able to get a little better into the inner workings of Michael. It's fun - enjoy reading it. The only thing I didn't like was some of the language....more info
  • Great Idea, Poor Execution
    I was very excited to see a paperback of my favorite TV show. I wish this had lived up to my excitement. Instead, it was a very long, somewhat boring attempt at capturing these great characters and sticking them in a book. The characters were molded to fit the authors writing style. Michael was too cynical, Sam too slovenly and Madeline too annoying. The only person who was close to accurate was Fiona, but it would be difficult not to portray her accurately as she's fairly one dimensional.

    The "voice over" that works so well on the show is drawn out and over done in the book. Frequently, a page or two goes by between dialog while we get instructions on the history of whatever; Fisher Island, a magazine, a half dozen branches of the secret service.

    I'll stick to the actual TV series which it top notch. I'm off to buy the DVD's now.
    ...more info
  • Just like the show!
    I had recently began watching the show just before the second season finished. I quickly got hooked on it, and was wanting more once the season finished. I found out that there was a book, and immediately ordered.

    The book is very similar to the shows. Packed with adventure, excitement, and dry humor. Having not been an active reader, I read through the whole thing in record timing.

    If you like the show, you'll LOVE the book!

    Can't wait for the next one to come out, which will be in about a month....more info