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Belkin 2-Pack Silicone Sleeve Case for iPod touch 2G (Pink/Purple)
List Price: $19.99

Our Price: $8.64

You Save: $11.35 (57%)


Product Description

This case protects your iPod and preserves its original look with a snug layer of rugged silicone.

Protect your iPod touch 2G and preserve its original look with a snug layer of rugged silicone. Drops and scratches are all but inevitable, unless you take some precautions. These silicone sleeves are an easy way to protect your investment with form-fitting construction from tough silicone.

The case provides access to all iPod controls, as well as the dock connector--you can charge your iPod while it remains safe and sound. Includes two sleeves--take your pick and replace it when you need to.

What's in the Box
Pink silicone sleeve, Purple silicone sleeve

  • Compatibility: iPod touch 2G
  • Includes two sleeves
  • Made of rugged silicone
  • Form-fitting design
  • Provides access to all controls and dock connector

Customer Reviews:

  • Podpad
    I bought the Belkin silicone case because of the reviews on Amazon. I wasn't disappointed. The cases are everything advertised and at a very good price too! They fit perfectly, look great, and keeps my investment safe---what more can one ask for....more info
  • Case fits nicely
    The case arrived and fits the iPod Touch (2G) very nicely. Although it is slightly thicker as a result, it is easier to handle and less likely to slip out of my hand and has some cushioning should it slip. I'm quite pleased with the product....more info
  • Very nice.
    These are nice to protect the iTouch. And we ordered the Red and Gray because we love our Buckeyes! And since my 2 boys have the iTouches and my husband (I feel really left out with my nano!) it makes it easy to tell them apart. You can charge them with the covers in most of our speakers. So they don't have to come off. And they help protect them when they get dropped or stepped on (like my 8 year has done!). VERY nice......more info
  • Wonderful Item
    These silicone cases fit the 2G iPod touch wonderfully! All of the ports and buttons are still very easy to access. The colors are very nice as well. I highly recommend this product!...more info
  • Nice product
    Nice product. I recommend this to those who intends to buy an ipod touch cover. It covers the case perfectly. It prevents any damage since its silicone. ...more info
  • It's a nice feel.
    These sleeves work great on my iPod Touch. Now I don't feel like the iPod is going to slip out of my hand. Plus it takes up less room in the pocket. My old leather case had a flap that covered the face. More protection I suppose, but a lot bulkier as well. ...more info
  • Looks great, fits perfectly
    This gave us one for each kid, and they (11 and 13) love these sleeves for their iPods. Just as shown in the product photo....more info
  • Great Cover, Great Price
    This was a great case for my iPod touch at a great price. It was much better buying this on amazon than from the iPod store.

    ...more info
  • Works well
    I bought the sleeve because my Touch had slipped out of my hands a couple of times. Since I put the sleeve on it is easy to hang on to....more info
  • Good cases, good price
    It fits the iPod Touch 2g perfectly, with no excess but no feeling of it strangling the device either. The feel of the device in hand is perfect - nice amount of grip and much more than the iPod without a case, but not as much as many cases. In my opinion, it feels better with the case on - it's softer, plus the 2g is just too thin to be comfortable in the hand without a case. However, it doesn't add much bulk - it brings it from the spec 8.5mm to (by my measurement) 11.2mm, both at the thickest point.

    I have the black/blue package. The black is what you would expect, and the blue is quite pleasant - I could tell you that it's just like the picture, but with monitor color profiles being what they are that would be completely meaningless. It's a nice color, however, and that's about the most precise description I can give. The blue is slightly translucent - the wifi antenna area shows through a tiny bit in direct light, but most of the time it looks solid.

    The buttons work fine through the case - slightly harder to press, but not bad. I have nothing to dock the iPod with beyond the PC through the included cable, so I can't say whether you will have to take this off when using it with a stereo or other accessory.

    Overall I would recommend it for those looking for protection from everything but high drops. Please note that there is no screen protector in the package. Add a third party screen protector and you have pretty good protection all around....more info
  • Shipping is NOT good
    Ok the product does exactly what it is suppose to do. And for 12 or so dollars, completely reasonable. But regular shipping cost as much as the product. Had I paid attention I would have not ordered them. It was my fault I ordered them, but I think the price for shipping is completely ridiculous. ...more info
    I bought this for my daughter's Ipod Touch. I have one and it is the best!...more info