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Sony Bravia XBR KDL-40XBR6 40-Inch 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV
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Product Description

Performance takes center stage with the KDL-40XBR6 BRAVIA XBR(R) LCD flat panel HDTV. Chock full of features including HD 1080p Resolution and Motionflow 120Hz technology that provide smooth, natural images. Plus, BRAVIA Engine fully Digital Video Processing enhances overall image detail making every scene sharp, vibrant and life-like. You'll notice deeper blacks with Advanced Contrast Enhancer (ACE), while 24p True Cinema capability helps deliver the cinematic experience when used with 24p Output devices, such as a Blu-Ray Disc player. There are also numerous inputs including four HDMI connections, two HD Component connections, Digital Media Port and a PC input that offer you a wide range of Connectivity options. And with the gorgeous piano gloss black finish, you'll be wondering if the view is nicer with the TV on or off. 10-bit processor and 10-bit panel combine to create allow 64 times the levels of expression versus 8-Bit panels, resulting in smoother transitions from Color to color and faithful reproduction of subtle color changes Live Color Creation technology with WCG-CCFL backlight uses advanced chroma signal processing to widen color fidelity Dimensions - 37-5/8 x 25-1/2 x 3-7/8 (952.9x647.3x97.2mm) / 37-5/8 x 27 x 11 (952.9x683.7x278.3mm) with pedestal Weight - 47.3 pounds (21.5kg) / 53.9 pounds (24.5kg) with pedestal

  • 16:9 Full HD 1080p Resolution (1920x1080p) LCD Panel
  • DMex compatible; allows seamless feature upgrades
  • BRAVIA Sync (Enhanced HDMI-CEC)
  • BRAVIA Engine fully digital video processor
  • Advanced Contrast Enhancer circuit (ACE)

Customer Reviews:

  • Great TV, irritating remote-control design
    I bought this TV from an external website during the Pre-Christmas sale for $1400.00 (including tax and shipping). But I couldn't get to install it until a week back. I was pretty nervous initially as I had heard a good deal about "clouding (mura)" and flashlight issues in LCD TVs (particularly in Sony). Thankfully, I received one of the good sets. To see a photographic example of what mura (or clouding) looks like, please see the photos in the following web-page:

    In spite of the clouding/flashlight issues, XBR6 customers who received good sets with minimal or no clouding/flashlights were raving about the phenomenal picture quality and detail, especially in Blu-Ray.

    For example, here is the review of a person who actually owned a Samsung 850 Series and a Sony XBR6 for a month. He made a detailed, up-close comparison of the two at his home (rather than the typical in-store comparison):

    I had been a huge Sony buff from childhood, and took the risk of purchasing this set online. Thankfully, so far, my set has been free from serious clouding/flashlight issues. Picture quality is amazing in HD channels. The colors are vibrant and the details are very good. The sound system is also excellent. I am also glad that Sony has a matte screen (as opposed to the reflective screens of most Samsungs) since my room gets a lot of ambient light.

    It also seemed as if the picture quality got better with more usage.

    My only gripe is with the design of the remote. The backlight feature is useless as the labels of the buttons are NOT printed on the button, but above it. The most annoying thing about the remote is the absolutely shoddy "concentric-circle" button design. These are the most frequently used buttons. They are so closely spaced that one invariably presses one button for another.

    There is a lag when channel is changed on my cable-box when both the audio and video drop out for a few seconds, not sure if it is an issue with the TV or the cable-box or the HDMI connection. But it is not a major issue.

    I haven't compared the picture quality or features of this TV to other 40", 1080p HDTVs. I do know that Samsung offers a few more useful features like better multi-media connectivity and firmware updates at a lesser cost....more info
  • Simply the Best
    Like many of you, I get a liitle obsessed when deciding on a tech purchase. I studied HDTV's intently from August to Christmas. I visited every store, read every review and kept watch of every forum. The three finalists were the Panasonic 800 series plasma, Samsung 650-850 series LCD and the Sony XBR6.

    The Panasonic has great color reproduction and plasmas are far superior in off-angle viewing but the shiny screen and overall "dullness" of the picture requires that viewing is best in a darker room. The Samsung 650 offers good bang for the buck but the picture just seemed less realistic than the Sony. The Samsung 850 is thinner so the backlight is closer to the screen and creates a better picture than the 650. But the price is quite close to the Sony and the Sony still looks more realistic.

    Samsungs are very vivid in their default setting. The colors "pop" but tend to look artificial. Of course you can change the settings and tone them down but the Sony XBR6 consistently looks more real. Samsungs also have the shiny screen and it does show reflections in even a moderately lit room.

    I've had the 40" XBR6 for a few weeks now and it is fantastic! It looks even better now than it did the first week. Blu Ray is superb and HD cable looks great. ESPN in HD is amazing. Standard broadcast is also very good but you can't make a blanket statement about how a HDTV handles standard content. It all depends on the source. Some content looks great while others are blurry. It's not the TV's fault. The sound is excellent, no need for extra speakers. I have no clouding issues at all. The only knock on this TV, and all LCD TV's, is off-angle viewing. The colors wash out at a 45 degree angle but we watch this set head on so its not an issue.

    I watch the TV from 12 feet away and its perfect. I had a 46" for a few weeks because the "experts" say 12 feet should be a 46-50" but it was too big. It was beautiful but it just overwhelmed us and we couldn't enjoy it. If you want a full home theater effect go bigger but if you don't want to be moving your eyes and head back and forth all the time get the 40".

    If I could give the delivery a separate rating it would be 1 star. The TV started out from a warehouse only 400 miles away and it took 15 days to arrive. The tracking showed it just sitting in a warehouse 20 miles from me for three staight days. I wasnt given any contact info for CEVA so I had to complain to Amazon and get them to get CEVA on the ball. When the TV finally arrived the delivery men just set the box down and asked me to sign. I asked them if this is all they were going to do and they said "yes". So much for "White Glove" delivery. I've seen enough complaints about CEVA that Amazon should rethink it's relationship with them. At least provide contact info for CEVA in the very first email. Amazon has always been first-rate with me but this delivery was a joke.

    Anyway, you don't need to waste 200 hours studying TV's like I did. (unless you secretly like to do that sort of thing!) Just buy the Sony XBR6. You'll love it!...more info
  • Sony Bravia XBR Review
    TV has the best picture I've seen on screen. Very happy with this product that sets-up very easy for us old timers. Watching football is so realistic makes you feel like you've got a front row seat. The only thing I wish they had placed on the remote control is the timer function that is incorporated in the set but not the remote... just use an old remote for that operation, so all is well....more info
  • SONY=the best
    This is my 2nd hdtv..well i had a computer monitor with a 1900x1200 display..but this is officially my first real HDTV...and let me tell you it is outstanding....ive never seen such a beautiful picture before in my life..and when i got a PS3 it looked even better in blu soo happy with this product and im going to have it for a very long time.....more info
  • Sony Bravia TV
    The picture is like no other I've ever seen. Even when it is showing 1080I , the quality is like three-D.
    The service from Amazon was beyond expectations....more info
  • XBR + PS3 = Feast for your eyes
    I just got the 40 inch XBR6 and hooked it up to my PS3 and I must say, "WOW!". I was using my old CRT before and the games looked great already but since hooking it up to a 1080p set (with HDMI of course), I am sold on HDTV. The tv was fairly simple to set up. I don't have cable so scanning for signals to about 20min for me. The speakers are a better than my old CRT but I've set up a sound system for movies and gaming. The cross media bar (menu) is easy to navigate and the remote control has a layout that is similar to controls of the past so it wasn't confusing to use. I've played the same movie on my XBR (blu-ray & dvd), and I'm sold on the blu-ray format. Upconverted images looked better then dvds but they are certainly no substitute for true HD. My recommendation is: if anyone plans to get a 1080p tv, then they should also opt for a blu-ray player otherwise you'll not get the full HD experience. Why shell out more for 1080p true HD when 720p sets are much cheaper? Am I right? I'm completely satisfied with this tv and it should last me until the next generation of tv viewing arrives. Perhaps HD 3D? ...more info
  • Sony Bravia 40XBR6
    I could not be happier with this purchase. I had to do my homework before deciding on which model to buy since I had not had any experience with LCD TV's. The Sony definitely has the best and latest features. I purchased my tv through warehouse deals and saved about $700. A few minor scratches that cannot be seen without really looking for them. The picture is phenomenal and the sound is great with the HDMI cable. Do not use component cables, the sound is horrible! Huge difference when I upgraded to HDTV from Dish network. Now we have to tear ourselves away from the TV!...more info
  • Very good choice!!
    We replace an old TV for this 40 inches at a playroom at the house and we all enjoy the change the TV has all the features we wanted and is also very good looking.Also bought a blue ray disc player with it and what a difference!!! We spend a lot of time doing research and decided to buy this one first and then will buy a 52 for another room, is very recommendable, they hooked it up very fast and delivered on time for Christmas too.!!!We already ordered the 52....more info
  • Lots of bang for the buck
    I've had my XBR6 for several months. The mura is not an issue, I found that when I set the backlight down, it goes away. The colors are bright and sharp with blu-ray and some regular broadcasts. The menus are easy to read and use. Friends are really impressed when they see a very good visual blu-ray title, I recommend the movie "UlraViolet" to demonstrate the picture qualities. I will be playing "The Matrix" in blu-ray soon, I'm looking forward to that on this set. I wanted the XBR8 originally, but at 4K, that's too much right now. The XBR6 is top quality, the mura is not too bad, and the price was fair. I will be getting the XBR8 or new series Sony (XBR9, etc.) when the price is reasonable. Furthermore, I bought the XBR6 from Amazon and had a good experience.
    ...more info
  • This tv puts a big blemish on the Sony name!
    Hello to everyone reading my review...

    First of all, I want to say that I have for the most part been a Sony electronics buyer for a very long time now & I have always considered them #1.
    In fact my very first LCD tv that I still have is a Sony XBR2. It is a 32 inch, but has an incredible picture and has been the best sony lcd tv ever of to this point.
    I have never had a problem with it, and I love it... but I wanted something bigger...

    With that being said, I am going to put the hurt on this tv & sony a bit, so others will not be as disappointed as I was & hopefully someone very important from Sony manufacturing will read this review and finally make some important changes.

    So, a few weeks ago when I was finally able to afford to purchase this tv after two years of wanting it, I rushed to my favorite store(best buy) to get my hands on it, beings that it has been discontinued made me want it more.

    I thought I had all my bases covered, considering during those 2 years I had researched this tv in about every way I possibly could think of...

    Well I was wrong!
    I had read about the clouding/mura problems, but they seemed to diminish over the 2 years and like many other people, I counted on the fact that SONY had taken care of the problem in their lcd tv's...
    Well, I was again wrong!!

    The cons...
    1. the tv is has poor construction... The bottom speaker is in a terrible spot with almost no support. It is difficult when moving or lifting the tv to avoid contact with it.
    2. the tv doesnt rotate, and believe me with this speaker issue, it needs to be able to rotate.
    3. The clouding is DEFINATELY evident... Now I know that some of the previous reviewers downplayed the clouding issue, but if your like me(a true movie goer, and someone who thinks you should get what you pay for) then you will be disappointed with the clouding issue.
    The clouding does not always appear, and it mostly appears when the screen has black in it, but sometimes it covers over half the screen when it appears...and then right when you think it is gone, then it shows up again and ruins your experience.
    3. The cost is outrageous for a tv that has this kind of issue & compared to other Samsung, Sharp, LG, and even other Sony models, the tv is Grossly overpriced anyway.
    4. This tv DOES NOT have the best picture of the Sony line of lcds.
    5. Several members of the best buy home theater staff warned me about this tv, and recommended other brands. Im not talking about just 1 or 2 salesman, Im talking about all of them! Well I had to see it for myself, so now like them I agree(do not buy it).
    6. Sony obviously does not stand behind this product, or they would have fixed the problem a long time ago & they would have lowered the price to compensate for the problem. They just continued to sell this model tv as if nothing was wrong or they just DIDNT CARE.
    7. the sound quality is sub par from the tv speaker.
    The tv has a decent picture & some very cool features like the tv guide feature and some of the remote features.

    Now with all that being said...
    Thank Gosh Best Buy offers a 30day no questions asked return policy on anything you buy from them.
    So, after 2 weeks of thinking the problem really didnt exist, ignoring other reviewers & salesman, and even having 2 installers come out and again tell me that I should take it back to exchange it for a samsung, I finally packaged it back up and returned it.

    Before I left best buy that morning I walked out of the store with a 40inch Samsung model 40b640.
    The tv was only 2 weeks on the market and only had been in best buy for 2 weeks, but I was told it had sold like hotcakes, and told it was a great tv.

    I was able to exchange my sony purchase straight across the board for the samsung, and boy did I make a good decision.

    The Samsung is AWESOME. The contrast is 80,000 to 1. It has 4 hdmi ports. It has great sound. A rotating base. The tv is very light weight with a thinner construction compared to most other lcds(not including the new LED-LCDs). The remote is very easy to use & is back lit. The tv itself has a fresh/great look too it. The tv is very fairly priced, in fact I was shocked at the cheaper price. It wasnt on sale either...

    I put in Terminator 2 on bluray, and it was simply amazing how much more real, clear, and better it looked on this tv compared to not only the xbr6, but any other lcd that I have seen so far.
    I also watched an HDTV cable channel that I picked up with a rabbit ear antenna and just like with the T2 bluray disc, it also at times looked like I was doing the actual filming from behind the video camera...
    If you dont believe me, then please buy this tv and see for yourself...
    This tv is leaps & bounds above the sony xbr6 and considerably less in cost.

    Sorry Sony, but your poor quality on the xbr6 and failed handling of a serious consumer problem has led me to the competitor and I couldnt be happier at the moment...

    Sony, you need to remember something... Most people will stick with you & your product for years and years while supporting you, but when you do not address a problem correctly & stand behind your customers, then YOU WILL LOSE CUSTOMERS & YOU WILL HAVE A HUGE PROBLEM.

    I hope this review will get through too you...

    Thanks everyone for reading my review!!!

    ...more info
  • Excellent
    Excellent product. Quality video and audio. Cable,DVD,PC inputs work well along with outputs to an old stero system for theater effect. Being able to show family slide shows and videos from PC on a high quality screen is priceless.

    One item to remember is that no matter how high the quality of your TV it does not improve the quality or content of the product sent by the cable company....more info
  • 40 inch XBR6
    I just received this set along with the s550 blue ray from Amazon after having studied the hd sets for a year. It was a tough call between this and the Panasonic 800z plasma, especially at Amazon prices, but I feel with the portability, flexibility and efficiency of LCD, I am one happy camper at least for a few years.

    This set is beautiful with clean, minimalistic styling that I prefer over its more gaudy competition in LCD supremacy. The screen and frame are attractive, dont colloect dust, and glare free.

    The blue ray and even standard cable are outstanding. Great blacks. Great contrast. I have had the set for two weeks and have only changed the settings from vivid to standard, out of box flawlessness.

    I am a big fan of scifi, watching Sunshine or Serenity tonight. Last night was Stargate, and Dark City before that. Don't hesitate when the price drops again. this is a sweet set and 40 inches is a very attractive size. Mine is on the adjustable Z-line stand available at Walmart for less than 200. Or you could put it on a bookshelf on its own stand. The set is 45 pounds without the stand- very light and portable for a big set.

    Anka on AVS...more info
  • Sony 40 inch LCD HDTV Bravia XBR KDL-40XBR6
    Have been using the product since it arrived in early January 2009. Bought HDMI cables to connect to Sony 350 DVD Blu-Ray player. Picture is great --- resolution sharp and color saturation excellent.

    Our cable provider is Comcast and service is criminally exorbitant at $63 a month. To upgrade would escalate the bill to almost $100.

    So have not bought that service, consequently cable broadcasts exhibit some pixilation. But that isn't Sony's fault.

    Plan to switch to Verizon FIOS as soon as it is available.

    With initial setup, needed to set Blu-Ray (a resolution setting) to AUTO. Otherwise, even 1080i DVD was playing in 720p resolution.

    Went to nearby Sony Style store and even the employees had trouble finding the setting (although they knew immediately what needed to be done).

    They said Sony Bravia XBR settings are set automatically, so it had to be a DVD player setting. They were correct.

    Changed setting to AUTO. Now DVDs play at correct setting for the DVD as specified on packaging.

    Happy with Sony Bravia XBR6. Happy with Sony BDP-S350 Blu-Ray DVD player and expect to get a Sony Home Theater receiver in the near future....more info
  • Basic greatness
    I bought this from Fry's at the beginning of March 09 and it is great. I have it hooked up to Direct TV, HD DVR and a Sharp VCR/DVD. The DVDs could be better, I know that's the reason people go to Blueray but I'm not ready yet.

    The TV is so clear and sharp it's amazing. Especially TV shows with nature like Lost or Survivor, or sports. Watching a basketball game was like sitting at center court, I couldn't believe it.

    I almost bought the Samsung because I thought the color was brighter, but I'm glad I didn't. The glare on the gloss - even on the Sony - is annoying. I have this in a really sunny room but even at night the lamps glare off the bevel. If the XBR had been available with the silver finish I would have gotten that.

    I have to admit I have not really played with the picture controls - don't feel the need to. This was totally worth it....more info
    It is almost a month now with my New Sony! One word, " Awesome "
    Very easy to get out of the box and install the stand. Plugged in the power and hooked up the cable, turned the set on and was prompted step by step for set up. VERY Easy !!
    Beautiful picture !!! I highly recommend this TV.
    Promise date for delivery was set for two weeks after I purchased it.
    I live in Atlanta, and the TV was sent from Nevada. I Received it a week earlier then promised. Great service !
    ...more info
  • Very Nice TV, BluRay, game player
    Good value. This device has a very good balance of features and price. The XBR8 is over priced for what extra it does. Other Sony models do not perform at this level. Picture is very good. Sound is very good. Blu-ray is amazing on this display. My son's PS3 is very happy connected to it. Resolution and fast response draws positive reviews form his friends. They end up playing at our house. Good and bad. I don't get to use it, but I know where he is and who he is hanging with. Works with my mac and eyeTV. Connects with Apple router just fine. Has more than enough plugs. The only other device you should consider is the five color Sharp. White glove delivery was better than I expected. We had a severe snow storm at delivery time. The guy who made the delivery could not drive his company truck on side streets as the city does not plow side streets. So he parked his truck and used his personal vehicle to ferry in the Sony. A true gentleman, in every way. However, his gloves were tan not white;)...more info
  • Very favorable experience with the XBR and CEVA delivery
    My Sony XBR 40 arrived yesterday along with the 550 Blue Ray. Since I found the comments on Amazon helpful in deciding to buy these items, I wanted to add my impressions for others who may be considering the same purchase.

    The quality of the picture is wonderful. Perhaps I am more impressed because I am moving up from a Sony 27 WEGA. My Direct TV HD upgrade will not be installed for about two weeks so I decided to get an inexpensive indoor antenna (Philips Silver Sensor)to use in the meantime. I live in on the third floor of a building in Chicago. I pick up all the Chicago broadcast HD signals flawlessly with this set and the antenna.

    The XBR provides lots of opportunities for individual adjustments. For example, the closed captioning can be modified in terms of font, size, color, background, etc.

    Several people have commented about the physical configuration of the remote. The two concentric circles of buttons in the middle of the remote can be initially confusing and it is difficult to push the buttons on the inner circle since they are small. This is easy to solve - just push the center button (select) the same time you push one of the inner directional buttons.

    It appears that people have had some good and some bad experiences with the "White Glove" delivery process through Amazon. Mine was all favorable. Once I got my tracking number from Amazon I went directly to the CEVA web page and used the number to track my delivery. They will send emails each time there has been a status change. They called to schedule the delivery three days earlier than Amazon had predicted. When the delivery truck was delayed because of heavy Friday night traffic, the driver called to let me know they would be about an hour late. Once they arrived, they removed the set from the box, set it up on its stand and then placed the set on my furniture. The driver suggested that I not turn on the set for about an hour since it had been in his truck in sub freezing weather since early in the morning - he said they were delivering about 35 HDTVs that day! This seemed good advice to me. I hooked up all of my equpment while waiting for the tv to get to room temperature. Once I turned it on everything worked fine and has continued to do so since the delivery. So far this has been a great experience....more info
  • Excellent Product
    This is the best product in 40" LCD TVs. After comparing different models for few days, I had come down to XBR6, Z4100 and Samsung 630, 750. Sony's have much sleeker frame than Samsung. Also Sony's colors look slighly better than Samsung in compared models. XBR6 offers great sound too. Further, Amazon offered great deal on this model during Xmas that I couldn't refuse.

    Suggested improvements:
    1. Remote is too big
    2. swtiching between TV/DVD/VCR requires some efforts. Should be a one click option (like TV/Video button)
    3. Sony should offer brushed metal frame in XBR, too like Z series TVs, or some visual mark that will differentiate the XBR6 models from the rest models....more info
  • Disappointing...
    I bought this TV on clearance. Thought I was getting a steal on an XBR. The reviews (including cNet and Amazon) were mostly positive and it seemed like a good set. Not so much. From the get go I noticed immediately that the picture seemed dull and dim. The backlight would seem to randomly dim and this problem was especially noticable during live sports. I did as much research as I could on this issue and realized that the panel has an ambient light dimming function. I disabled this feature in the settings, adjusted the picture to recommended settings and still was left with a less than satisfactory result.

    Fortunately Best Buy has a 30 day return policy so I packed the set up and gave it back. I decided to spend a little more (the XBR went for 1399 when I purchased it) and got the new Samsung B750. Amazing... I have zero regrets! The difference in picture quality is amazing. I would think twice about purchasing the XBR6. There is a reason it is on clearance everywhere!...more info
  • Performs less than expected
    Sony Bravia XBR KDL-40XBR6 40-Inch 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV

    We bought this TV last weekend and found the old rule to be true: The more software features and unnecessary gimmicks, the more feature stickers all around, the less compelling is true hardware performance.


    Picture: Despite all the hype, the picture quality is not great. In Vivid mode, colors are unnatural, in particular green. Darker objects in front of a bright white background cause strong glare effects. In natural or theater mode, this is better, and colors are more natural, but the screen does appear relatively dark. Could be subjective, though, as our previous CRT TV definitely had brighter, more natural colors and picture quality. Maybe Sony just didn't get it right to properly adjust one of their selectable picture quality settings. Gotta play with manual adjustments once I find the time.

    Sound: The built-in speakers are a joke. They have cheap computer speaker quality and distort already at much below 50% full loudness (using a BR disc playback or TV). For a >$1,000.- TV set, the least one could expect would be decent audio performance and speakers.


    Screen resolution is good when using BR player or HD-TV input, and the sound is excellent when one directs it to a good external audio system. Connectivity to many peripherals including BR disk player, VCR, USB stick or Apple Mac Book Pro via HDMI-to-DVI and separate audio cable is good, computer content can be displayed very well. Set-up is very easy and fairly intuitive, even though the components of the central "wheel" on the remote could be further apart for easier use. No clouding yet, but the multiple reviews mentioning it scare me.

    I'm not sure yet we will keep the unit, but we did like screen performance better than that of the glary-glossy corresponding high-end Samsung model in the store.

    Before you buy this TV, definitely go to a store with a large selection and test-view different models and manufacturers. Always reset all TV settings to manufacturer levels and preferably bring a Blu-Ray disc to play for comparability. Also have them play the sound - Fry's didn't feed sound in their large store so we couldn't check that. It might have "turned us off".

    ...more info
  • Perfection - Period
    I've had this fine TV for 2 months now and have exorcised all the demons you've probably read about. I got some THX blue glasses and made adjustments to "unvividized" the set. I've added a Samsung HT-Z310 Home Theater system, run a trick 5 wire component cable system to my Wii player. My HD provider is Dish Network. I've read the AVS forums and made my purchase decisions based on all I read there.
    Here's the good news, I bought it from Amazon, good price, no shipping problems. Took it out of the box, set it up, turned it on (SDTV) and WOW! Added the HD 2 weeks later and W O W!
    No flashlights, no foggy splotches, deep blacks on DVD's get pixely or splotchy sometimes but that's about it. Wii comes alive with the component cable - didn't try it on the standard cable - just remember to set it up as 480P!!
    No fan noise - apparently a big complaint for some - my set made 10/08.
    Bottom line - bought it, good price and delivery, easy setup, superb picture in all modes - only complaint - sound is kinda cheesy from onboard speakers - audio settings tweaks make it marginally better. But maybe its just my listening style. Thoroughly satisfied with my setup!
    ...more info