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He Loves Me!: Learning to Live in the Father's Affection
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So many Christians believe God's love is fickle: when they sin, He turns away in disgust and anger. They vacillate between "He loves me" and "He loves me not" because of their behavior. That reasoning, writes Wayne Jacobsen, is as flawed as pulling petals from a daisy. Rather God's love is sturdy, enduring, and undisturbed by people's failings because God loves humankind not for what they do--but who they are. They are God's beloved creation.

Startlingly honest and empathetically written, HE LOVES ME! reveals the facts of God's relentless grace. Readers will learn how to live consciously, confidently in this love all the time. Questions for personal reflection and group discussion help make these truths practical and life-changing. Insecure Christians ready for a revolutionary relationship with God will find out just how accessible that is.

Customer Reviews:

  • He Loves Me
    For anyone who is interested in knowing more about the heart of God, this is the book for you. He Loves Me was a great encouragement to me and invited me to rest at a deeper level in Father's love. It was challenging, insightful, inviting, and revealing. What a loving Father we have and I am thankful for Wayne Jacobsen's writing....more info
  • This book brought healing after church abuse.
    I have always known that God loved me and it was so very clear when I first came to believe, but after over 20 years of being involved in church and other ministry, I gave up. This book came into my hands and has brought healing and restoration into my life. What I have always known to be true about God is now expressed in simple, easy language that can be understood by anyone. I thank God for Wayne and the struggles he went through that led him to the place that he could write about the Father's great love. I will never again be content with anything apart from the love of God. He Loves Me! Learning to Live In the Father's Affection...more info
  • He Loves Me
    If you have trouble believing God loves you, read this book! Best book I ever read. Helps you to see How much God loves you regardless how you don't love Him.

    Billy Pate...more info
  • He Loves Me! Learning to Live in the Father's Affection
    This book has helped me appreciate my journey toward God. I have had my conflicts with pleasing others and yet believing that in the end it doesn't matter who is happy with me. The pull to please others is so strong when I lose sight of God. My relationship with God has grown simply by understanding who He is just that much more....more info
  • Life Changing!
    This is the absolutely BEST book I have ever found on the love of God. It is fresh & refreshing & free from "religiosity". For those who are brand new Christians or those (like me) who have been saved for many years, this book will give you new lenses through which to view God & His love for you. It truly is a blessing....more info
  • Enlightening - full of "Oh, I get it now" insights for me!
    I've been reading, and re-reading these chapters for a few months now. The book came into my hands as a discussion suggestion to an informal fellowship group I attend, but it's really turned into a bedside companion. Just take a look at the index and pick out something you find confusing or are challenged by. This is the kind of book you can do that with. The chapters stand alone and I've been able to learn something from each. Parables especially have challanged my understanding - but WOW what a great insight into the Prodigal Son - which he suggests would be better named "The Parable of the Incredible Father". It all makes sense for me now! Thank you Wayne. From there all the way to "What really happened on the Cross" I've gained understanding. My book is beaten up, highlighed, coffee I'm about to order another for myself - and others as gifts. This is a "can't go wrong purchase" as far as I'm concerned....more info
  • Thank you, Lord!
    What a great feeling while being led to understand more about God's immeasureable love and be freed from the guilt that Organized Religion uses so effectively to get us to carry out their self-serving programs.
    It is one book that I have no reservations about offering to anyone, with any background or prejudices....more info
  • He Loves Me - Wayne Jacobsen
    In an age of overwork, programs and performance based assessments (of everything), this is a liberating book which majors on God loves for us, such great love. Jacobsen emphasises our need to know God and to abide in Him. He reassures us that we are loved unconditionally and that our service flows from our security in Christ, not as a method to attain that security. Thanks Wayne....more info
  • God Loves Me!!
    After reading "The Shack", I was looking for something that would help me put my new-found understanding of what relationship with God can look like into practice. This book did it. It is a biblical look at God's love for us and how it is the foundation of trust and true life-changing relationship. ...more info
  • He Loves Me! The Relationship God Has Always Wanted with You
    This book has made a huge difference in my life, and as a result I have not only purchased it for another person, but recommended it to several other people....more info
  • The Best Book I've Read On The Topic of God's Love For Me
    I've enjoyed a meaningful relationship with God for 37 years, and have read extensively on the topic of God's love for individual people. This is definitely the best, most specific, and down-to-earth book I've read on this topic. It has impacted my life and how I view God. It's very freeing indeed. ...more info
  • Transforming Truths
    Wayne woos me into intimacy w/ my Savior. A refreshing read about unconditional love that might come as close as man can describe it....more info
  • Do Yourself a Favor and Read This Book
    Excellent insight. A logical, biblical foundation for a new framework for understanding God's intended relationship with His children. Love, rather than fear. Even if you don't consider your relationship with God to be based on fear or "appeasement" (I didn't either), this book will challenge you to reassess many of the traditions and approaches that dominate many in the Evangelical Christian Church. However, the book is not written from a critical point of view. A freeing book. Approach with an open mind. This book is having a strong, positive impact on my life. I have recommended it highly to several friends....more info
  • I've been a Christian for 40 years...
    I think this author has been living in my head! He has opened Bible story after Bible story to show me a loving God in a new light. I sense that this amazing relationship is what I have been longing for and looking for in all the wrong places. The problem has not been my church, or a particular style of worship. It has not been my own failures, even though they are many. The problem has been my focus on my persistent personal efforts to earn God's favor, and my lack of understanding that He has loved me all along. May God give me the courage to embrace His acceptance and freedom.

    This book is a terrific read, as a standalone, or as a commentary for The Shack. It would make a perfect small group study guide....more info
  • Excellent book on God's desire for a relationship with His children
    This is an excellent book on the personal, imtimate relationship God wants with each of us. If you have read the Shack by William P. Young, this is the perfect followup to that book. This book will open your eyes to a view of God that most of us have never seen and didn't hear about in church. Come see what the God of the God of the Bible is really like and learn to live in His love. He wants a relationship with you based on His love for you....more info
  • Wow! My new favorite book about God
    This is the BEST explanation of the Father's love I have ever read! So much becomes clear as you discover page after page of insights into the eternal. Everyone should read this! Whether you are reacting to the offer of relationship with the Father through rebellion or religion - you need to come home. This book will point the way home.
    I have just ordered two more copies - one to replace the one I am leaving behind in Morocco for my daughter and her co-workers and another for my future son-in-law. I expect I will be buying many more and rereading it myself....more info
  • He Loves Me! Learning to Live in the Father's Affection
    This is the perfect book to read after "The Shack". Although I strongly believed everything this book has to say, it was a really good way to reinforce my beliefs.

    A must read for Believers....more info
  • A Wonderful Book for Group Study
    I would recommend this book very highly as a group study book. I have been using it for a Lenten Study breakfast and it has been recieved very well. I even had to order extra copies for another pastor to take back to her church. It is very accessible and is one of the best explanations of the atonement of the cross that I have encountered. It's purpose is to help the reader understand that God loves them regardless of who they are or what they do, and wants a real, life changing relationship with them. ...more info
  • Great Book
    If you view your life in Christ not as a religious thing you do but as a journey, you will want this book in your backpack....more info
    We've already ordered more for family and friends! This is one book that everyone should read - Christian or'll change (for the good) the way you see and think about many things. It is refreshing and inspiring! ...more info
  • A superb book leading to a deeper relationship with God
    This book comes highly recommended as a follow up book to The Shack, by Wm P. Young. You will never regret spending the money. Another book to accompany these two is: "So you don't Want to go to Church any More" by Jake Colson. These books speak of where the church as the Body of Christ is stagnanting today and is inspired writing for what it speems to be tan answer. ...more info
  • Good idea with alot of filler
    It just didn't hit me where I was looking to be hit. I think I need a woman's perspective....more info
  • One of the most beautiful pictures of the Father and the cross
    This book has revolutionized my thinking in many ways. I graduated from Bible college and have read many wonderful books on God's love and grace such as "The Ragamuffin Gospel," by Brennan Manning and "What's so amazing about grace," by Phillip Yancey. However, this book is a unique and wonderful new take on what God's love and the cross are really all about. This book will challenge your theology and your heart. It will cause you to ask deep questions of yourself and God. More than anything, it lead me to a deeper love and relationship with the Father. the chapter "What really happened at the cross," was one of the most revolutionary takes on the cross I have ever seen. I will be processing the insights gained from this book for years to come. Go and buy this book now!...more info
  • He Loves Me, Learning to Live in the Father's Affection
    This book along with it's recommended selections, has literally changed my life. To find, in print, the very things I have wanted to believe about God for so long has been indescribable!...more info