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Samsung SC-MX20 Shoot & Share memory camcorder w/34x Optical Zoom (Blue)
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Product Description

The MX20 makes it easy to capture everything you want to remember and some you might want to forget. It features an optimized recording mode for YouTube, a schneider lens with 34x optical zoom, image stabilization and face detection. The MX20 also features the longest battery life in its class, lasting up to three hours.

  • Record high quality video images with 680K pixel CCD, plus Schneider Lens
  • Get close to the action with 34x optical zoom / 1,200x digital zoom
  • Also shoot H.264 (720x480i) - 6 hours recording with 8 GB card, or 16 hours with a 32 GB card
  • Designed and optimized for easy YouTube uploading
  • Features an advanced image stabilizer and a 2.7-inch LCD viewfinder

Customer Reviews:

  • Terrible video quality, critical flaw in aspect ratio
    This camera is extremely disappointing. The most important point I want to make is that I own a Canon Powershot SD1100is point and shoot camera which also takes video, and the video quality is far better than this camera. I wasted over $200 on this video camera and I could have used the camera I've already got that takes better quality video.

    The other major flaw, that many people have pointed out, is that the wide screen video is not really wide screen. It records using the same resolution as standard, but squishes more data into those pixels, so the image is squashed vertically. This is then supposed to be stretched by the aspect ratio to 16:9, but the camera has a flaw and does not do that. So unless you do some software conversion (NOT included with the camera) you have distorted videos when you film in the widescreen format.

    It records in MP4 format. The advantage is the compression - smaller files - but at the expense of quality. Also, Windows XP can't thumbnail these files like it can .AVI files (Canon uses), so you can't preview them in Explorer or My Computer.

    If you're going to spend $200, you may as well get a Canon powershot camera and then you'll have an awesome still picture camera with great battery life, more compact, and better quality. Don't waste your money on this....more info
  • Great!
    I really like this product. I no longer have to fear the camera. It is so easy to use that you don't even need to read the directions. It takes great pictures and can be up and taping in seconds. I really like the way it tells you how much battery time is left. It is so much more informative than just a low battery light. I would definitely recommend this camera!...more info
    I just received my camcorder today and I already love it! I don't understand all the complaints others are having. I had no trouble importing my videos in 16:9 mode using the Cyberlink software that's included. I've already burned my first DVD and it looks GREAT on my 56" Samsung TV. The cam feels good in your hand and the buttons are all in easy reach. The zoom is awesome! Yes there is a little shake at full 34x zoom, but that's to be expected. I also own a Flip Ultra and for a few more bucks, this cam blows it away! I can't wait to try the interval recording mode (try to find that on another cam in this price range). I got the blue one and it is very nice looking. The cam has a good quality feel to it. Get one for yourself. You won't regret it....more info
  • A note on recording time
    Important points:
    Full 3 hours recording even when the view finder is left open
    2 gig video length limit (but the camera works around this by creating another file when 2 gig is reached)

    I'm not going to review this item in full as it has been done so before.
    I bought this camera to record 3 hour meetings. I was concerned the claimed recording time (3 hours) may be possible only when the LCD view finder was turned off (closed). I was happy to find this was not the case. I just ran a test recording with the view finder turned on for a full 3 hours.
    Note file size is limited to 2 gig per video (this is common with low end video cameras). With some camera's this means recording stops when the file reaches 2 gig, I was happy to find the camera automatically continued recording to another file. It does mean I need to join 3 clips together, but thats very simple to do with Apple QuickTime, Final Cut, or any media editor....more info
  • good for the price
    The only down side of this video camera is that the zoom control transitions so fast. Just a slight push on lever zooms the picture rapidly to a wide view. Its worst when you try to do a close-up, aim for the face -you get right to person's nose in no time.
    Now re. the software that comes with it. It's useless....more info
  • Great for what i use it for
    I bought this camcorder to record my daughter growing up and so far i have been extremely pleased with the results. can save the videos to my computer very easily and haven't had the same problem as some of the other reviewers with the 16:9 ratio problem it works for me....more info
  • Video is skewed by design - MUST READ
    I will skip over all the good things this player has to offer (battery life, optical zoom, features, 16:9 format) and get right to the showstopper I came across: The video images are skewed, i.e. the proportions are off! Practically speaking, if you record something in 16:9 mode, the resulting video is horizontally compressed and people look squeezed and too thin. I've done a number of experiments and research and also talked to Samsung tech support and it boils down to the following design flaw: Unless you use the web and mobile mode (meant for YouTube etc.), the image format produced by the player is ALWAYS 720 x 480, regardless if you record in normal mode or 16:9. 720 x 480 equals an width/height ratio of 1.5. A 16:9 image should be a width/height ratio of 1.78 while a 4:3 image should be a ratio of 1.33. But the player always reformats and distorts images to fit the 720 x 480 format. Therefore regardless of the mode, all images are distorted and there's nothing you can do about it. Tech support confirmed this.

    I'm not sure why nobody else has commented on this yet, but to me this is a killer because video always looks distorted and the proportions are off. I am now returning this camcorder for this very reason.

    I had bought it to document the birth of my 1st son and now all I have is distorted video. Very disappointing. I ended up purchasing QuickTime Pro which offers the functionality to resize video, but the resulting quality is obviously not as good as the original should have been.

    Do not buy this camcorder if you cannot live with distorted images/video!...more info
  • Excellent camera for a beginner
    I was really excited to get this camera, as we really needed one. While this isn't the most professional camera to use, it's really handy to bring out when you want to shoot events in your life. We've used it for weddings, birthdays, hanging out in parks and the airport. Uploading the videos was a breeze. It's great for beginners because it's pretty much a point and shoot camera. It's very small and not heavy at all, but not too small that it won't fit in your hand. If you're looking for a present for a high school grad, this would be a perfect gift.

    Pros: easy to use, small, lightweight, good quality.

    Cons: no printed manual. The manual is on the CD but since I'm the type of person that likes having a hard copy, it makes it difficult since I don't want to print out the whole thing. ...more info
  • Great For The Price
    I bought this for snowboarding. I use it on the mountain, the swivel hand rest and swivel screen work great! Good amount of time on a 4 gig card, no battery issues at all in lower temps, really surprised at the quality of the vids in the snow. Has a snow, high speed, sport settings along with others make it a steal for less than 300 bucks!

    ...more info
  • Must Have!!!!
    Amazing Camera. So easy to use, Records excellent. transfering with the memory card sooooo easy. You will love it! Fits in the hand w/ ease. I might even buy another! Comes with Software! Highly recommend! Bought from E-Tronics, fast ship, Love Amazon, love E-tronics. Be sure to get an 8GB Memory card for plenty of recording space. ...more info
  • Great camera when on a budget
    I was impressed with the Samsung SC-MX20L. I was upgrading from an old analog camera. This camera is a good first step into digital. It has great battery life, approx 3 to 4 hours. With an 8gb memory card, I can get 4 hours of record time at hightest settings, which is more than enough for short videos of the kids or small trips. The daytime recording is great. The one drawback is that the battery drains if in the camera, even if it isn't being used, but as long as you take it out between uses, it is fine. The video quality isn't HD, but it is better than a Flip video, because it has a greater zoom and image stabilization. Night shots are a little grainy, but show me a digital camcorder at this price range that isn't!...more info
  • alls well the ends well!
    I love the camera, but it almost gave me a heart attack! (metaphor) the camera would NOT charge. I work at a dept. store, and a customer old me her son's did the SAME THING! This made me contact Samsung themselves. They responded swiftly, but I heard the customer say her son's did that for a I thought why not charge it again! Voila, worked again, and I can not wait to do more videos on Youtube! So if you want something that can hold good footage, do buy this camera! The best thing about the memory is you can CHOSE to put it on DVD. Good for movies, shorts, or even fun outings!...more info
  • Good quality for the money
    I bought this camera online during Christmas time. With free trial Amazon Prime shipping, I got it in two days, right before Christmas. It has easy to use features, like the swivel grip, the many color modes it can record in, and a compact, yet sleek, red design. The only negative I have is that it doesn't record very clearly at night, a common complaint with any video camera. I was hesitant to buy the Samsung brand because I had not heard much about it in regards to recording equipment. However, I am impressed with its easy-to-use features, as well as it more advanced features....more info
  • Very Bad!!
    Buen dia,
    Sres proveedores, la c¨¢mara que adquir¨ª no funciona, segu¨ª los pasos que indica el manual inclusive y nunca enciende. Necesito saber cual es el procedimiento para realizar el cambio o devuluci¨®n de inmediato.
    Les escribo a estas fechas en vista de que vivo en Venezuela y recib¨ª el env¨ªo hace poco tiempo. Agradezco sus gestiones y sus prontas acciones.
    Yraly Gonzalez Daza...more info
  • Awesome!
    I bought this camera when it first came out. Great point and shoot for the price. I use it mostly for recording my daughter and shes always on the move as most kids are. It takes great stable video and i dont get sea sick watching it later. Quality and intuitiave design would sum this up! Samsung did a great job here! Also has threads for adding different lenses if you really want to get fancy. Not to many camcorders in this price range have that....more info
  • a skate filmier / scooter(er)s perspective
    some people think your going to get vx2000 hd quality out of this. your dumb. its 200 dollars. the zoom to me is useless, but there are creepers out there that like spying so its good for them. this thing EATS memory like a depressed girl eats icecream. yea the internet format saves memory, but its terrible. the more you compress something, the worse it looks. use tv superfine, get a 4 gig memory card, and after everyday put the videos on the cpu and take it out of the memory. i film alot of skate / scooter videos (yes i scooter is there a problem?) and i really like it. the reason its 4 starts is because the image stabilizer isnt AMAZING but works ok. the quality is great. cant get better for 200 dollars. i do sugest if your a skater / bmxer / scootrer, you get a fisheye and a tripod. both can be really cheap. for this camera the filter size is 30.5mm so.. cheapest your going to find. the people there are sooooooo legit its crazy. as for a tripod this is incredible for the price. its solid and strong but still dirt cheap, like cheaper then dirt, dirty dirt, like dusty dirt cheap. make sure you turn the image stabilizer OFF when useing BOTH things. dont feel like explaining just do it. the lens gets really dirty really fast, but cleans with out a problem. its got the different settings blah blah.. oh and there is a button on the side you can press to see the battery life without turning on the camera. mine says 114 minutes (used it for like an hour already at least.. and its accurate to. its bigget then it looks, so that good. i like it big :)...more info
    this is a very nice camcorder for the money! like any camcorder it takes time to master. this camcorder has many features and a image stablelizer to boot. its very easy to use. but for three times the cost you should go for the canon hv30 for quality pictures. this camcorder will get the job done and i have no problems recomending it at $200.00 ...more info