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The Way of All Flesh
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Following the immense praise of From Mars To Sirius and recurring trips across the Atlantic for North American touring alongside the likes of Lamb of God, Children of Bodom, and Behemoth among others, GOJIRA established its stranglehold on the extreme metal spectrum with a linguist s touch, a lyricist s finesse, and a crushingly heavy live show that left audiences astounded, establishing the band s live performance as a spot-on recreation of the band s increasingly adept and intelligent studio output.

While 2007 wrapped with GOJIRA again touring North America on the Radio Rebellion Tour alongside Behemoth to the best reaction yet, the dawn of 2008 saw a nearly 10 month wait for while the band assembled The Way of All Flesh, one of the year s most anticipated records. This time revolving around the undeniable dilemma of a mortal demise, GOJIRA s soundtrack to the situation seems fitting. Shifting ever-so-slightly from the eco-friendly orchestra of impending doom on From Mars To Sirius to the band s new message of the equally uncontrollable inevitability of death, The Way of All Flesh melds the open and airy progressive passages GOJIRA has become famous for with the sonically dense sounds and bludgeoningly heavy rhythms that makes the band an equally intelligent force as it is unmatchably heavy.

Featuring a guest vocal spot on Adoration For None from Lamb of God s Randy Blythe one of GOJIRA s most vocal supporters from their first moment making an impression in the Americas and the now familiar Morbid Angel-isms of The Way Of All Flesh s title track join the angular riffing more akin to Meshuggah on Esoteric Surgery and the epic, artful plodding of the nearly 10-minute The Art of Dying, showing that GOJIRA have indeed opened a new bag of tricks for The Way Of All Flesh, while not abandoning the sound that first showed a massive promise of potential on Sirius.

It s more inventive than From Mars To Sirius and at the same time more straight to the point, GOJIRA frontman Joe Duplantier says of The Way of All Flesh. The whole album is about death, death is like a step on the path of the soul. The mystery surrounding this phenomenon is just so inspiring, and death is the most common thing on earth.

Customer Reviews:

  • Very Interesting
    I'd heard a couple of songs on satellite radio and thought I'd give the album a try. I'm impressed. It's more mid-paced than I expected but the music keeps it interesting enough that the album doesn't drag at any point. I'd say they sound kinda like Morbid Angel if they slowed down and added some electronics. ...more info
  • The Best CD of 2008... So Far
    This is what I could call "Art in music." There's something going on here aside from what we're used to, which is a group of salespeople looking to craft the next catchy tune to sell millions of records and get famous on MTV/radio. This is the craft of people who care about music as an art form.

    Having said that, this album doesn't contain the catchy tunes of their previous effort, From Mars to Sirius... and I consider that a good thing. Catchy songs infer repetition, and FMTS had a lot of repetition. Still an amazing album, possibly my second favorite metal recording after...

    THE WAY OF ALL FLESH! This album has knocked it out of the park. Hey good sir and/or madam, do you like metal? Buy this disc now. If you don't like it, you may not assume the title "metalhead." This is where it's at: heavy as bricks riffing, blood-curdling screams, near-robotic drumming, and bleak lyrical content. But it's INTERESTING! Non-linear song structures, long instrumental breaks, patches of ambiance, multi-length tracks; it's like listening to a Rush CD. (Side note: Gojira does not do solos. Solos WOULD NOT fit the music. And it's actually refreshing to hear a band that doesn't feel compelled to do solos just for the fact [Strapping Young Lad, anybody?].)

    There are elements of thrash, doom, death, grind, etc... it's a beautiful amalgamation. However, I honestly can't think of one band who I could classify as "sounding like Gojira." Truly, truly original stuff. And this originality, combined with unrelenting heaviness, help award THE WAY OF ALL FLESH "the Best CD of 2008 So Far". (Currently, Opeth's "Watershed" is second runner-up.)

    PS: Buy the album. You'll adore it. Sell your Trivium records and replace them with Gojira records....more info
  • Gojira level up
    Well ... This one has pretty much blown my crotch clean off. While 'From Mars to Sirius' had some promising sounds and riffage, it all seemed fairly samey in the end, being more a take-your-pick for me than a play-all-the-way-through album. 'The Way of All Flesh', however, has Gojira taking their unique sound, adding a few new tricks and forging a real crotch-explodingly fine album. Also, it's actually about death this time and not freakin flying space whales.

    Gojra's gigantic "harmonious jackhammers of woe" sound has really levelled up on this disc too, being fatter and more refined. The guitar tone manages to pull off an amazing balancing act between open, rich, detailed texture and massive, fat, sheer weight AND tightness (although drummer Mario Duplantier having the precision of an atomic clock might be helping the tightness along a little). Even more spookily, they're always densely layered, yet retain incredible clarity. Surely by all known laws of physics, stuff that bottom-heavy should sludge out completely, but low, intricate harmonies are clearly audible in the riffage.

    Joe Duplantier's vocals pull off even more creepy tricks. He seems to have the ability to melodically cookie monster, and often harmonises to form this howling, thick chorus of death. He's not afraid of the effects either, and the title track features a striking, inhuman vocoder-fueled requiem.

    Bravo, french arseholes. I want my crotch back....more info
  • Gojira power!
    This album is strange, yes it is,
    if you know this super band that is Gojira, and previous albums this one seems different, and that is good, because each album is different.
    I like it though I like more the previous one I must admit.
    That does not mean this one is bad or something, there are some really good songs on it, starting with the first, Oroborus and then the second, both great.
    I had different favorite songs after I listen to it for first days :)
    The album is with simple support, no booklet or something, is just about the music anyway!
    Gojira rules!...more info
  • Another Masterpiece From Gojira
    With each release Gojira has proven to be one of the most unique, creative, and skilled bands in the world of metal. This new album is no different; it's heavy, intense, and engaging.

    Lyrically and musically, 'The Way of All Flesh' is angrier and more agressive than their last few releases, particularly 'From Mars to Sirius'. The overall mood is darker, and to me, tells the story of a man trying to come to terms with a world gone mad, life, and death....more info
  • The Art Of Gojira
    Really, only 3 reviews?
    If you're here, just buy it.

    F*#% me...

    ...more info
  • Great, innovative, and original metal
    As some other reviewers have indicated, Gojira takes a few listenings in order to be fully comprehended and appreciated. I believe this is a quality of really great music. Even I did not like this album the first time I heard it and I am a huge Gojira fan. I think this initial dislike of Gojira's music is due to preconceptions of music. If it doesn't sound similar to something you liked in the past it may produce an initial aversion. But if you give it some time you will begin to pick up on the qualities that make this band and this album great such as their composition, aggression, and technically awesome musicianship. Another thing that makes this album a must buy is that it is a great whole album. Contemporary music today is filled with artists that release one hit single and fill the rest of the album with garbage. Gojira is like Pink Floyd, one of my other most favorite bands, in many ways such as musical innovation and producing great albums that need to be listened to from beginning to end. Do yourself a huge favor and buy this album. ...more info
  • beyond your expectations!!!
    Gojira - The Way of All Flesh

    It's is incredibly rare to find new, fresh and original bands these days and Gojira is unique and talented and totally fills out the description.

    Directly from France with hate, make no mistakes these guys are here to stay. I personally disovered their music with the album From Mars To Sirius and automatically got hooked. Now with TWOAF they brought the game to another level.

    Gojira's music it's just too damn original!! It's a little prog and heavy as hell, melody and depending on the song even sing along choruses.

    Here are some highlight songs from TWOAF: Oroborus, A sight to Behold, Vacuity, Toxic Garbage Island. After listening to those you will experience firsthand what's Gojira's all about.

    Great album from a promising band indeed, can wait for the next one.

    Cheers....more info
  • Couldn't Resist
    I couldn't resist writing a review for this. It's too good.

    If you're familiar with Gojira, their older albums, then you might as well just buy this and save time. This album is different from "From Mars to Sirius", "The Link" and "Terra Incognita", but it's still Gojira. It's unique, songs have vastly different feels to them and they give you a sense of deepening atmosphere with each track, but each one has the familiar Gojira sound and insanity.

    This album is a lot more heavy than their past albums, and whether that's a good or a bad thing is up to you. For me, it's a good thing, but obviously, too much change is a bad thing. I think they've found a good balance on this album, an extremely heavy album, yet with an incredible uniqueness that only Gojira could accomplish, while not changing so much as to "sell out" or make their past fans disappointed.

    Gojira, this album specifically, is for people who love metal, death metal specifically. For people who like their metal VERY heavy, but yet still have melody and uniqueness in a (mostly) bland genre where most other bands couldn't even compare. Each track sounds different, without losing their heavy and dark sound. It has melody and industrial elements, and brings it all together into one incredible package.

    If you like any of the descriptions above, then Gojira will be your god....more info
  • Finally ....
    The french production has always been either pathetic, or limited by the language, nothing to export (ADX tried, but the band is so bad !), so the situation was really not brilliant ... up to Gojira. The only reason i don't put 5 stars is that they sound really international, and it would have been cool to bring something a little bit different, some kind of local flavor ......more info
  • Near perfection...
    I keep going back and forth between this album and Bloodbath's The Fathomless Mastery for metal album of the year. No band can fill the void that Death left in the music industry, but Gojira come close on this record. I dare you to find a heavier band on the planet. The thing about this band is they are too much metal for one hand, but they don't sound like they are trying to prove it. Many American bands can learn a lot from the less-is-more philosophy that drives Gojira. If you want heavy, get this record. I whole-heartedly endorse this band's entire catalogue. ...more info