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Sony Bravia XBR KDL-52XBR6 52-Inch 1080p 120 Hz LCD HDTV
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Product Description

Performance takes center stage with the KDL-52XBR6 BRAVIA? XBR? LCD flat panel HDTV. Chock full of features including HD 1080p resolution and Motionflow 120Hz technology that provide smooth, natural images. Plus, BRAVIA Engine fully digital video processing enhances overall image detail making every scene sharp, vibrant and life-like. You'll notice deeper blacks with Advanced Contrast Enhancer (ACE), while 24p True Cinema capability helps deliver the cinematic experience when used with 24p output devices, such as a Blu-ray Disc player. There are also numerous inputs including four HDMI connections, two HD component connections, Digital Media Port and a PC input that offer you a wide range of connectivity options. And with the gorgeous piano gloss black finish, you'll be wondering if the view is nicer with the TV on or off. DMex functionality expands your HDTV's capabilities by letting you connect optional BRAVIA Link modules, including the BRAVIA Internet Video Link, BRAVIA DVD Link, BRAVIA Wireless Link and BRAVIA Input Link (all sold separately) Live Color Creation technology with WCG-CCFL backlight uses advanced chroma signal processing to widen color fidelity Unit Dimensions (Approx.) - 49 1/2 x 34 1/2 x 13 5/8 in (1256.9 x 874 x 346mm) with pedestal; 49 1/2 x 32 3/4 x 4 7/8 in (1256.9 x 830.5 x 121.8mm) without pedestal

  • 16:9 Full HD 1080p Resolution (1920x1080p) LCD Panel
  • DMex compatible; allows seamless feature upgrades
  • BRAVIA Sync (Enhanced HDMI-CEC)
  • BRAVIA Engine fully digital video processor
  • Advanced Contrast Enhancer circuit (ACE)

Customer Reviews:

  • 19 days for delivery from Amazon!!!
    I ordered Sony Bravia 52XBr6 on Dec 19. Estimated delivery date they posted on site was Dec 30 with wrong Tracking#. Carrier was CEVA. Its Jan 3 today and I haven't got my TV yet. I called carrier CEVA to track the package and they told me that tracking# is wrong. Then, I called Amazon and they are also not sure of the tracking# and whereabout of the package. After making many calls to CEVA and Amazon and having conference calls with them, I came to know that tracking updates on Amazon site was wrong and useless. CEVA finally called me and setup appointment for Jan 7 for delivery. Not sure when CEVA will deliver the package. I would rate Amazon service very poor and suggest that they must change the carrier. I am worried about condition of the TV when it finally arrives and level of service....more info
  • Sony 52" XBR6 LCD TV
    Sony Bravia XBR KDL-52XBR6 52-Inch 1080p 120 Hz LCD HDTV
    Great "FREE" 'White Glove' delivery service. Delivered on time, put in place, hooked up & tested. The TV looks and works great. The sound is OK, but I'm sure a home theater unit will help. By far, the best deal in town. ...more info
  • bob's your uncle
    if you demand the best for your dollar.,.,boom.,.,this TV is for you.,.,after i got this thing out of the box it was 38 minutes till i was up and running.,.,boom.,.,the sony user interface is the best on the planet.,.,with in minutes the remote felt like it has been in my hand for a life time.,.,and trust me i am a hand made man.,.perfect.,., perfect.,.,i love this thing.,.,now leave me alone there is a great rerun of NEWS RADIO on.,.,boom bob's your uncle.,.,...more info
  • No Regrets
    Ordered it in December, got it within a week and a half. Delivery service was fine, no problems with the TV. Was looking at the Samsung 750 and 850 for comparisons before deciding on the the Sony. No regrets on this choice. What made me change my mind to get the Sony, even though it was more expensive that the Samsung was the fact that:

    1. The sound from the Sony was better than the Samsung
    2. Like the picture quality a little better, especially with the blacks in comparison to the Samsung
    3. Overall known quality.

    Don't get me wrong, the Samsungs are excellent TV and if you compare them with the Sony, it's pretty close but overall, the Sony just inched out a bit better and for the price, I'm looking at long term investment. Samsungs may be great now, but quality is stil uncertain in the future whereas the Sony has been around for decades and the past 3 Sony's that I've had lasted more than 10+ years. I have one that was still working since 1980 but I gave it away in favor of new technology, not because it finally broke.

    Overall - a good investment and great picture....more info
  • WOW
    What a TV. 52 inches of pure viewing pleasure. In the living room this set looks like a high quality studio monitor. Just excellent.

    The retailer Electronics Expo was terrific. Great delivery service and on phone customer service. Could not ask for better.
    Sony Bravia XBR KDL-52XBR6 52-Inch 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV ...more info
  • Sony 52XBR6
    I looked long, and did lots of research before purchasing this model.
    It has very good color, no problems with fast motion (hockey games are a good test)

    The only negative is that the Ethernet connection is only for updates, and does not have web access. You'd think it would have been a no brainer.

    It was delivered, on time, for free, by two guys in a van. They unboxed it, and made sure it powered up. No problems there.

    The price was good, not the lowest on the Internet, but there was no attempt to sell me any accessories, like the New York camera stores do, and what I got was new and not gray market, it was worth it. The Amazon guy on the phone was polite and helpful.
    ...more info
  • White glove service was great
    Sony picture is fantastic. Delivery took one week, box was pristine on arrival. They called to set up a time and were prompt. I was nervous about delivery because I live in a small town (Bend, OR.), and wasn't sure I could get white glove delivery. They came from Portland, OR., over three hours away, and the other side of the Cascade mountain range. Two guys who even helped me mount it on my wall bracket! After reading some of the comments about delivery problems, I can say Ceva transportation was perfect....more info
  • Sony, the best of any TV
    It'a a Sony... need I say more? It's the best picture, sound, and quality. It does not have any 'ghost' image when black, no picture. It's a truly great picture, many controlls and features, inputs, etc. The HD is the best ever....more info
  • Big TV in the living room
    Yep, I finally gave in and let my husband put a 52" Sony LCD in the living room. I am happy to report that the delivery carrier was on time, courteous, and competent, and the TV has no apparent problems. I am amazed at the functionality - seems more like a computer than a TV. The Wii hookup took just seconds; the USB connection allows me to show photos from a jump drive. Thankfully, the learning curve has been minimal....more info
  • Wow!
    I researched two models the samsung ln52a750 and the sony kdl52xbr6. I went to BB and compared them side by side, looked at consumer reports reviews for the 46 inch models, looked at the cnet reviews for the 46 inch models and checked out the amazon reviews for both. At BB, the samsung model really stood out because of its style and picture. What finally sold me on the KDL52XBR6 was the consumer reports ratings for manufacturing defects of the Samsung models. Sony ranked number 2 in manufacturing defects and samsung was much further down the list. No one who has bought an LCD Tv from Amazon with an extended service plan has had a good turn around time for repair. My choice was based on going with Sony because of the quality of the manufacturing process and near perfect picture. I think that the Samsung model has a slightly better picture and added abilitites to stream network media but for ease of use, ease of setup, and reliability Sony can't be beaten. My point is simply what use is a TV that spends more time in the shop than on your wall....more info
  • My Three Kings Day
    First of all, thanks to everyone who wrote reviews, I found them to be the best source of information on the web. I'm not repeating what others have accurately depicted and I'm sure you have done your physical in store comparisions before or after reading this.

    This set has an incredible picture as did some other comparable Samsung units I considered, however the sound on this unit tipped the scale in my favor as I don't plan on feeding it through a sound system all the time. My brother had performed his own independent research and ended up with the 46" version of this set right before the holidays. Actually I'd prefer the touch of color (TOC) Bezel with the Sony sound system although I'm completely satisfied with this unit and the integration of the speaker across the bottom.

    I haven't integrate the ethernet port into my home network yet, but did pop a USB stick into it. Viewing high resolution photographs from a professional camera setup is something that puts 10 inch digital picture frames to shame. Navigating through folders in an explorer style point and click with thumbnail images is fast and easy.

    I wasn't in a rush to order this and my patience paid off as Amazon ran a Blue Ray combo special after Christmas that saved me an additional four c-notes and this made Amazon the cheapest Web deal by leaps and bounds for me.

    Unless you own them, don't forget the HDMI cables. Good cables (V1.3) that also support 1080p data rate start at ten bucks on the same site, so don't get swayed into the big fat expensive ones that only local brick and mortar stores seem to sell.

    Lucky for me, the TV, Sony Blue Ray (550) and the cables all arrived the same day despite three different shipping methods for each. This was truly my "Three Kings day".

    One further tip, even though I have two High definition Cable DVR Receivers, I wasn't aware they also have a built in picture zoom feature besides the zoom built into these TVs. After a short panic attack almost suspecting a defunct TV and after a few hours of swapping TVs, and cable boxes, did I realize the source of the problem was a ill set cable box. Definitely freshen up on the capabilities of your set top box before slapping these puppies together, especially if times of trouble.

    I read the other reviews about shipping and must say I had a positive experience. The web site accurately states tracking info, and I received a phone call the day of delivery informing me they would be a couple hours earlier than expected. Two men carried the units, were professional and courteous. They unboxed it at my request and waited for me to inspect it for damage. I saw them momentarily put the box down in some snow (OMG) while closing up the truck, so a wet and possibly dirty bottom can be expected. Be prepared with some floor/carpet protection if its coming into your O.R.

    I've never heard anyone say that set is too big except my wife. Right now, I've been nominated to replace Mel Gibson on the impaling block at the end of Braveheart since our new XBR replaced her fine cabinet hiding our antiquated set....more info
  • Sony 52XBR6/DVD Combo
    I was lucky enough to get the 52xbr6/S350 DVD Combo deal at $2258 total both from direct including the shipping and no tax. After many hours of research I don't think that deal can be beat at any place on the internet or anywhere. DVD came the very next day and TV came a day early. White Glove service set the TV up in the minutes. Plenty of reviews on the internet-suffice to say its a great TV-and DVD. Very happy with the performance by and would recommend them highly. ...more info
  • Sony delivers!
    You could not pay me enough to choose a different unit over Sony's XBR lineup. I own a 52" XBR4 (now in the bedroom), and purchased the 52" XBR6 for the living room. Sony's televisions aren't as mainstream popular as Samsung's comparable units, as they are a bit more money, but I'm a buyer who prefers quality over cost, and Sony delivers to A/V enthusiasts who know what they want from a unit. Even the differences between the XBR4 (purchased Feb '08) and the XBR6 (purchased Dec '08) indicate Sony is putting great effort into their R&D to offer the best possible television to the market. Samsung and Sony share an LCD manufacturing plant in Korea; Samsung still makes great televisions, but the gloss screens weren't for me. Sony's matte finish screens and extra video options are great for those who like to tweak, and the Bravia Sync features are very wife and family friendly....more info
  • Great picture
    Great picture quality, nice sound. A little complicated on the settings since I am not familiar with HDTVs yet, but I'm sure I can learn it quite easily. All my friends have also complimented me about the clarity of the picture even if I don't have cable (I just bought an antenna)....more info
  • Sony Bravia 52in XBR6
    This is an amazing TV. Picture quality is excellent. Features and ability to connect any type of device you could imagine make it ideal for any application. I researched several models and vendors for about 6 months before this purchase and it met every expectation. I would purchase it again....more info
  • Overall agreat TV
    I would give this TV a 5 star had it not been for a little cloudiness that you can see if you pay close attention when watching dark sceens in non-HD. Other than that I have no complains, but for a high end and brand name like Sony I expect the best. I actually had a second TV shipped by Amazon but that was even worse, so I kept the original one. As for Amazon's service, I have to say I have nothing but a five start for Amazon. They had been very curtious, responsive and I got the feeling they really care about customer satisfaction. I will do business with Amazon any day if they keep up with this level of service....more info
  • Second Time's the Charm
    There are many reviews already raving about this amazing 52XBR6 TV, so I'll just say that I fully concur. Therefore I'll share some of the other great things about my Amazon experience.

    First, while waiting for a great sale price after Thanksgiving, and seeing the price bounce all around the $2400-range, I pulled the trigger at $2349. Two days later it hit $2219 for just an afternoon. I called Amazon and asked for a credit, and they took care of it, $130 back in my pocket.

    Second, delivery was great, not once, but twice! (more on that in a minute) TV arrived about a week after I ordered it, excellent! Pilot Freight came in, unboxed the TV, set it on the stand, let me check it out, then left with the box, 10 minutes tops.

    Third, a few days into ownership, I noticed the clouding effect (mura) that a few people have discussed in this forum. It was slight, and only noticeable on a totally black screen, but it was there. I waited a couple weeks, cleaned the screen a few times, but it didn't go away. For this price, definitely calling for a replacement. Called Amazon, very friendly Customer Service, explained the issue, and in less than 5 minutes I had another TV on the way. Seven days later the new set arrives. Pilot brings it in, sets it on the stand, and takes the first TV with them. Simple enough.

    Lastly, I continued to use my TV while waiting on the replacement, so I truly had no down time and really no hassle at all. I've had the replacement set about a week and no clouding (mura). I've read that the mura is a manufacturing defect in the LCD screen, its either there, or its not.
    In summary, as with many of my Amazon purchases, I'm very pleased with both the product and the service. So if you're looking for a new 52" TV, buy this Sony, and buy it from Amazon, the price and service can't be beat!...more info
  • The Jekyll & Hyde of HDTVs
    I spent a good 6 months researching HDTVs, reading reviews and visiting local stores to check them out before I decided on the Sony 52XBR6. But now I'm returning it; read on to find out why.

    The only reason I went with an LCD instead of a plasma was because of the screen reflection issue. Our TV will be directly across from a large bay window, with our sofa in-between the two. So my wife and I didn't want to constantly have a reflection of the window behind us in the TV screen. So I never even considered plasma for this single reason.

    After speaking to local salespeople, they recommended the Sony XBR6 over all other LCDs, including Samsung. They informed me that although Samsung TVs look nice, they have a quality control issue, where they allow an error rate of 8%-9% off the production line, as opposed to Sony who only allows 1%-2%. One store I went to that services the brands they sell said they stopped carrying the Samsung TVs altogether because they were spending too much time fixing them! So I ordered the Sony XBR6 and my wife and I eagerly awaited delivery.

    Upon setting it up, the picture was fine: very clear, and HDTV channels looked crazy good. We popped in the Planet Earth Blu-ray disc, and again we were blown away. I also liked the on-screen menus -- very fluid, sorta like the PS3 or an iPhone. We couldn't have been happier. Little did we know that we were seeing the "Dr. Jekyll" side of this TV, and once nightfall came the "Mr. Hyde" side would emerge...

    That night, we sat down to watch a movie on Blu-ray. Almost immediately, even before the opening credits came up (while the screen was still dark), I noticed lights shining from the corners and edges across the screen. There were also a couple of cloudy patches. I pointed them out to my wife, and she said "It looks like a marquee sign!"

    I played around with the picture settings for a while, but even when I set the backlight to "Min" (the lowest setting) and the power saving mode to "High" (which is supposed to reduce the backlight to save energy), I could still see the lights. Of course, when the movie was playing I rarely saw them because the picture on-screen overwhelmed the flaws in the backlight. But whenever a dark scene came on, or a scene faded to black before the next scene faded in, you could see these lights. I saw the lights no matter what the source: Blu-ray, DVD, cable TV. My stomach sank, because I found it so distracting that I knew I couldn't keep the TV if something couldn't be done.

    I contacted Sony tech support through their online chat feature, and after describing the problem and following a few of their troubleshooting tips, the problem remained. That's when the Sony tech support said, and I quote:

    "This is the characteristic drawback of LCD technology. If you think that the LCD technology is not acceptable, you may purchase a plasma display to avoid the clouds."

    Here's the kicker... Sony doesn't even make plasma TVs! So they were basically telling me to return their TV and buy a competitor's product!

    So why am I giving this TV 3 stars instead of 1? Because in all fairness it does produce a great picture when feeding it an HD signal, as long as the picture is relatively bright all across the screen. If you watch mostly sports, sitcoms, and animation, you'll probably never notice the flaws in the backlight. But if you watch a lot of movies or TV dramas with dark scenes in them, you'll find the backlight flaws totally unacceptable. Maybe you'll get lucky and get one without flaws in the backlight, but that's the chance you're taking.

    As for me, I'm getting a plasma, reflections be damned. In fact, I took my wife out to see the Panasonic plasmas at the same store where we bought the XBR6, and she said, "THAT'S the reflection you're talking about? That's not bad at all, I can live with that." And besides, that's what curtains are for, right? So it looks like our replacement TV will be a Panasonic plasma.

    But don't take my word for it -- see for yourself. I posted some photos of the leaking backlight here: info
  • Best mistake I ever made
    I had been thinking about getting a new HDTV for months, and I can't tell you the number of times I added this one to my amazon cart before ultimately chickening out. Anyway, I ended up having plenty of drinks with friends one night and apparently ended up buying it when I got back. Best thing I ever did -- I love this TV so much. It's awesome for video games, and blu-ray movies look AMAZING. So glad I'm no longer on the fence. ...more info
  • Sony Bravia XBR KDL-52XBR6
    I bought my first XBR in 1986. Everyone who watched it always raved about the quality of the picture and how realistic it looked. The Sony Bravia XBR KDL-52XBR6 does my old XBR proud, bringing the picture quality to new levels. High Definition content is superb, from old movies to new ones to live events. (If you watch alot of sports, you're going to love this TV.)

    I still have the XBR I bought in 1986 and watch movies and sports on it when I am working on a book or film score in my home office. If the Sony Bravia XBR KDL-52XBR6 lasts half as long I'll be twice as happy....more info
  • Good and fast
    Good product and delivered as promissed! Very good image and non reflective screen helps a lot in a clear environmet.
    I just did not find yet how to connect with my wireless network for DLNA application....more info
  • BEST T.V. EVER !
    This Sony Bravia combination with the Monster Ultra HDMI cable puts out the best HD picture I've ever seen.Couldn't be any happier with our purchase. ...more info