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Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization
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Product Description

Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization is the third offering in the award winning Civilization IV series. A re-imagining of the classic Colonization game Sid Meier created in 1994, Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization is a total conversion of the Civilization IV engine into a game experience in which players will lead a European nation on their quest to colonize and thrive in the New World. Players will be challenged to guide their people from the oppressive motherland, discover a New World, negotiate, trade and fight as they acquire great power and battle for their freedom and independence. Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization does not require the original Civilization IV game to play. Detailed Tutorial Guides Players In Their Conquest - Civilization IV - Colonization provides an enhanced tutorial that will help both fans of the game and brand new players on their way to ruling the New World. Mods and Community Tools - Players will have limitless options for modifying the game to suit their needs.

Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization is the third offering in the Civilization IV series. A re-imagining of the classic Colonization strategy game Sid Meier created in 1994, Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization is a total conversion of the Civilization IV engine into a game experience in which players will lead a European nation on their quest to colonize and thrive in the New World. Players will be challenged to guide their people from the oppressive motherland, discover a New World, negotiate, trade and fight as they acquire great power and battle for their freedom and independence.


  • Classic Game Design: The strategy classic is rebuilt with improved visuals, while retaining the addictive gameplay and fun that are synonymous with Sid Meier games.
  • Establish a New Nation: Play as the English, Spanish, French or Dutch and journey to a brave new world in search of freedom from your oppressive homeland.
  • Detailed Tutorial: Enhanced tutorial helps both fans of Colonization and new players on their way to ruling the New World.
  • Multiplayer Offers Tons of Replay: Compete with friends from all over the world via the Internet and "Play by Email" modes or compete locally via the Hotseat and LAN modes, offering multiple ways to conquer the New World.
  • Improved Diplomacy: Sustain peace and support your followers as you engage in advanced negotiations with natives, other colonists and the hostile homeland. Trade resources, gold and land as you build the foundation for a self sufficient and powerful colony.
  • Historical Figures Provide Adaptive Gameplay: Acquire founding fathers such as John Smith, Patrick Henry and Samuel Adams who will help guide your nation to freedom based on your gameplay style.
  • Mods and Community Tools: Players will have limitless options for modifying the game to suit their needs. Game includes modding tools including a map editor using XML and Python.
  • New Interface: Both Civilization IV fans and players new to the series will feel right at home with an interface that's been built to be accessible and easy to navigate.
  • Civilization IV not required for play
  • Classic game design
  • Detailed tutorial
  • Improved diplomacy
  • Historical figures provide for adaptive gameplay

Customer Reviews:

  • Flawed
    In full agreement with the review by Wm Kerney. I have waited for years for a remake of the old Colonization game and was thrilled when I saw being released. I have played and enjoyed nearly all of the games Sid Meirs has designed (although I wish he would leave his personal political views out of them) and am reluctant to rate this game so low but it is a big disappointment. After playing the game 3 times at beginner level I have not come even close to winning. While it has been possible to build a strong and growing economy it seems virtually impossible to be able to do so at the same time one is building the 'Liberty Bells' needed to declare independence along with a military that has any chance of defeating the enormous force the King sends to quell the rebellion. A frustrating game that was a major disappointment. ...more info
  • Many changes for the worse. Doesn't feel like Colonization. Blurry graphics. SecuROM.
    I had long been hoping for an updated version of Colonization that provided national borders, better graphics, and streamlining of trade.

    This is not that game.

    We now have cultural influence, but it ruins the game.

    I am an accomplished Civilization IV and Colonization player, but the mechanics in Civilization IV: Colonization seem to work differently.

    For instance, I founded a colony, then some turns later the French founded a colony near mine.

    I experienced moderate growth in mine, while they experienced unrealistically rapid growth in theirs.

    This lead to my colony's resources being slowly but surely taken over to the point my colony was worthless.

    Presumably I need to play it much longer to learn the exact rules for culture, but after all the other problems I couldn't be bothered.

    Most annoying are the graphics. Everything is brown. So brown you can't tell what's what. Worst are the resource graphics, which are just a dark brown charcoal smudgy outline on a lighter brown paper. Some of the pictures bear no resemblance to the item they're supposed to portray. It takes me out of the zone when I have to stare and squint just to see what I'm looking at. Very stupid.

    The soundtrack was one of the best aspects of the original. Not so in this one. Very muted and lacking in character. I miss all the old fiddle ditties and American colonial songs.

    Lots of little things are now done in the Civilization way, and this detracts from the experience. Presumably the people writing this version didn't have the time to get it right and just took some shortcuts. Either that or they were limited by the Civilization IV engine.

    And to top it all off, it uses SecuROM copy protection, which is known to be invasive and cause problems on some computers.

    I ended up wishing I'd never installed the game, and would advise you not to either.
    ...more info
  • Great game, will be better when they fix it
    I had another review written, but after reading some already posted, with which I agreed, I decided mine needed revising. Yes, Colonization is fundamentally flawed. I've played 8 or 10 games now at the easiest level; an experienced Civ IV player, I should have begun winning at the easiest level almost as soon as I figured out the system of labor and specialists, of cities producing tools and horses and cash products.

    Instead, I've put dozens of hours into this game and can't win even at the easiest level. I have only launched the revolution once - the game's ultimate goal, where the colony you built breaks away from the mother empire. I had fought off one wave of the empire's attackers and made a dent in the second, when time ran out. No matter, I would have lost anyway; the empire had a bottomless pool of forces compared to mine.

    The game I've got going at the moment, I've done everything right. I grew my colony a little slower, got each city finely tuned, coordinated production of tools, guns and horses as best I could. Not perfect, mind you; the terrain allowed little ore mining, permitting little tool production. Maybe I shouldn't have refused a tax hike, suffering a tool embargo. I was up to 50 percent Rebel Sentiment, enough to declare independence - Rebel Sentiment functions like Culture in regular Civ IV - at least a hundred turns before game end, and I had only started promoting Rebel Sentiment relatively late. I avoided wars with neighboring colonies or Indian tribes.

    All no matter: the Empire at the moment has a force of approximately 170 ships, soldiers, dragoons and artillery. I've got about a dozen cannon and soldiers; I could create about 10 dragoons right now. I have 5 ships. I could really put the heat on buying guns and horses and ships, crank my tool production as high as possible so I could make more guns, and outfit my soldiers. But, come on, against 170? (Note: the king's force got up to 300 units before I quit the game.) At the easiest level? Also, it must be noted that since you can't make Man O'Wars, you need at least two ships, a Frigate and a Ship Of the Line, to sink each Man O'War combo transport and warship coming you way. If the king has 30 ships, I'd need about 60.

    So the game is flawed. It's also flawed in its punishing you for building cities or actually doing anything with them. What's sad is that it's so much fun to build the cities. If you were ever a Sim City nerd, you'll love this one. I keep starting new games despite the fact that I can't win these.

    Here's a suggestion I haven't seen in other reviews: Keeping track of your cities' growth and fixing their various imbalances is complicated enough that I personally can't do it without taking handwritten notes. I finally created a grid where I can pencil in numbers - in the lumberjacks column I can note 2 for Baltimore, 1 for Jamestown and 1 for Plymouth because I need them there - as well as note which cities need tools or guns imported to finish a project. The city screen might include a memo field where you could do this, or a grid like I created.
    Regular Civ IV doesn't require as much followup at the city level - in it, you can queue up your projects, shift your workers around to fine tune production, food or gold, or just get a city to crank out the same thing repeatedly. Colonization's cities require constant fiddling, and that's really much of the game.

    Building the empires is fun. Once they get rebalance this game it'll be even better.
    ...more info
  • Fun game, but seriously needs patched.
    I bought the game when it first came out, and it plays like the first Colonization, but the graphics are updated. The city management is pretty simple. It's fun to make colonies and build them up, but there are some things that I hope they patch to fix issues:
    1) You can't train soldiers anymore, perhaps that's intentional.. but considering the other flaw, it makes the game impossible to win on the easiest level.
    2)The Europe screen sucks, in the original, it at least had some appeal and seemed like you were somewhere else, not just off the map.
    3) It's clear you don't have to fight the Indians, it's way too easy to build with Indians around giving you stuff all the time and you don't need to give anything in return, and they don't seem to get too mad when you rob their burial grounds.
    4) EVEN playing at Settler level which you can win at that level in Civ IV in your sleep (ok I exaggerate a little.. but it is really easy if you know how to play the game).. the game is achingly easy at this level, able to wipe out the other country colonies, but the Europe troops come in when you claim independence and kick your butt.. the last time I played it, I made my cities strategically and powerful with plenty of soldiers and dragoons, and I was able to hold em off, but lost because I couldn't defeat all the troops, and I still had to defeat 100 dragons, so many ships and soldiers, it was insane. that made me afraid to play again.. and I haven't, which sucks cuz I do LOVE the game, but it's not winnable IF you play the game right.

    I hope the patch fixes those things.

    ...more info
  • good game ! like usual.
    very good game. the new interface is really nice.

    Only negative point : very hard to win the game. king army is really strong...more info
  • Ring Ring...Yes who is it? Hi I'm Sid and I'd like to phone in a game
    Like many other reviewer on this game I have been playing Civ games since the first one. I, like many, thank Sid for his innovation and leadership in this category of games. That said, Sid Meiers Civilization IV Colonization is a piece of junk.

    1. You can't win. You must defeat the REF to win. As mentioned in several other threads the `math' that creates the size of the REF is ridiculous. In marathon games on the easiest setting, where I have cheated using the world builder creating perfect squares all the way around my cities I am unable to create a fleet even half the size of the REF...and the European ships are 50% stronger.
    2. You can't win. The REF forces have combat bonuses out of balance. They will land and will trade losses with your entrenched troops at about a 1-1 ratio. I have played on the easiest level, had every single military founding father, World Builder created my city on top of a hill in a forest surrounded by a river with a fortress. And even with all this advantage I traded at about a 1-1 loss ratio with the REF. Which might be ok except the REF will typically outnumber your land forces at about 6-1
    3. Trading stinks. It is incredibly tedious to operate you trade wagons and trade ships manually. So you turn them over to automatic. To load balance all the automatic trade routes I have needed to create import and export of all key resources (wood, ore, tools, guns, horses) and a quantity cap for each city. This allows the automated wagons to spread everything everywhere. The problem is that this method creates a zillion trade routes. If you ever want to establish a specific trade route (i.e. a ship to only transport rum from this city to Europe) you are given all the trade routes in random order. Managing trade routes is zero fun because of lousy UI screens

    Sorry Sid the original was better. check out the original at bestoldgames for the original

    ...more info
  • It's OK
    Play is fun, slower then CIV IV and less complex. If you like sim games, try it, but if you live CIV IV stay with CIV IV....more info
  • Not your grandmother's civilization
    This version of the engine has a whole new level of complexity, with war not the goal. It is about civilizing a nation, not about conquering civilizations. In that regard, this game is as much like the old Civ series as Go is like checkers.

    The mechanics of the game are a bit arcane, much like civ is, but I get the feeling of the Tycoon games from the trading with your competing colonists. The competition is really with the mother country, not your neighbors, and with the Indians, making friends pays off in the long run, while making enemies provides hellish paybacks.

    A truly remarkable game, but do not expect Civ V!...more info
  • Colonization is not what it used to be
    I played the original Colonization up until this one came out on a DOS emulator. I literally played the original game until it was completely worn out twice!
    The new game is good with great graphics and smoother play style. 2 things that I did not like about it was that the Founding Fathers play was changed and of course there are more, they do different things and you have to gather different kinds of resources to get them. The Founding Fathers have different contributions as well ranging from the ho-hum to the WTF to the actually practical.
    The 2nd thing was it took me a while to figure out how to get to the settlement screen. It is different assigning resources to the settlements and it is just awkward working with it.
    I will still play the game and will enjoy it tremendously. Those are just minor issues that I have with the game....more info
  • Simply the Best Game for PC Today
    The best game of the Civilization saga. Deep and full of gameplay variants off and on-line, this is a title that takes classic game and updates it in a very fresh way for 2008, without screwing around with the things that made it great in the first place.
    ...more info
  • Nice game - Sucky DRM (SecuRom)
    You know, I have always enjoyed Sid games, all the way back to the C-64 days. Absolutely loved Pirates. Now comes Colonization, love the old version and tought I could get into this one. Prices are fixed, the indian know how much stuff sells for and what the purchace prices are in the empire and do not give you a fair shake at all. I don't see how a person could win at this game. Now for the really horrible part, SecuRom!!! It is a menace to computers and just about locked me out of my own computer because I loaded a map making program. What gives, a map program? Getting tired of not being told what form of copy protections are on a program and then find out the hard way that it is using a service more intrusive then MicroSoft.

    My recomendation is not to buy it and not to buy ANYTHING with SecuRom on it. Sure you might have to wait and see, but your computer will love you for it. Get console versions instead....more info
  • Sid Meier Nails It!
    It is a tough gig taking a classic game and attempting to bring it up-to-date without messing with what made it great in the first place (similar to the challenge facing film-makers when they remake a classic movie). Sid Meier has seen both success and failure in this task. While the Civilization games continue to tick along and continue to get better and better, a great many fans of Railroad Tycoon were extremely disappointed with Sid's attempt to bring that franchise to modern PCs with Sid Meier's Railroads. 2008 sees his attempt to take Colonization (first released in 1994) and update it. I'm glad to see that the results are stellar.

    Civilization IV: Colonization is built on the Civilization IV engine. The graphics have been updated and look superb, but the Civ IV foundation is visible throughout--from the first moment you open the game. You'll recognize the entire process of creating a game and will even recognize many of the leaders. When the game map opens, you'll see how the graphics have been improved (light years over the original Colonization and a good step over Civ IV). The gameplay is exactly what you'd imagine if you took Colonization and mashed it with Civ IV. From Civ IV come national borders, nation-specific leaders and traits, and so on. The way the game plays out is largely unchanged from the original game. You still begin in a ship off the coast of the new world and still need to explore, build colonies, import labor from Europe, build and sell goods, deal with the natives (through either diplomacy or open warfare), contend with the other European powers, and put up with an increasingly demanding monarch. Eventually you will have to declare independence and defeat the king's armies.

    Though much has changed, much has remained the same. Colonization was one of my absolute favorite games when I was a kid and on occasion I still load it on my laptop and enjoy a trip down memory lane. With the release of Civilization IV: Colonization I can enjoy it with great new graphics and some excellent advances in gameplay. Sid Meier has nailed it with this great remake of a great game. Let's hope he takes another shot at Railroad Tycoon......more info
    To all of us who had loved the original 1994 game, this release was an early Christmas season....or at least it promised to be.

    Based on the well known Civ4 engine, Civ4-COLONIZATION is a standalone expansion (the original Civ4 does not have to be pre-installed) that offers the flavor of the classic COLONIZATION in a sparkling new packaging.

    The graphics are superb, the units well designed and their animated repertoire expected. If new to the series, the disproportional sizes of units and cities will look funny at first but one quickly appreciates the clarity this adds to the game.
    After playing this for two days (and everyone who ever played a CIVILIZATION game knows that these include many early morning hours as well...), I did not encounter but minor glitches: naval units making their animated turns on land, units going invisible once automated; nothing a small patch cannot handle.

    Both the production of units and their effective use require some getting used to before one can really enjoy the game - and (judging by my experience) I suspect that gamers who are new to the series will have less trouble in catching up with the learning curve than veteran fans adapting to it. Those endless hours in front of our screens, apparently, have engraved the familiar gameplay in our brains - and the grooves have set pretty deep by now...

    So, whether familiar with the Civ4 gameplay or not, prepare to adapt or forever remain loyal subjects. Because this is the point for both the original and this remake: become strong enough colonists to shed the shackles of the country of origin.
    This characteristic gives a two faceted gameplay: whereas the first half of every game is all about cooperation and trade and keeping the peace, once independence is declared the game turns into a fierce war theater - for which you better be prepared!

    The maps can be randomized but the small number of pre-made ones are exclusively on the American continent and the colonies of English, Dutch, French and Spanish (no, still no Portuguese! I guess Brazil founded itself). Be it in the form of a further expansion or a patch, leaving out the Asian and Oceanic colonies (from India and China to New Zealand and Australia) is an omission that needs to be corrected.

    Speaking of historic inaccuracies, although the New World colonies thrived on the labor of slaves, slavery never comes into play with this game and is not even mentioned. I do realize the developers' position and frantic attempt to avoid controversy, but I remember the CALL TO POWER series handling this shameful issue with class an racial consideration.

    Bottom line: Civ4-COLONIZATION is small standalone expansion of the Civ4 franchise that has the depth of a mod and adds little to the series besides better graphics and animated units. Innovation has always been a risky business...

    On an encouraging note, the hard lesson of the BIOSHOCK fiasco was not lost on the 2K GAMES people: Civ4-COLONIZATION harbors SecuROM DRM but not one of the latest nastier...combinations - the game requires no online activation and it does not limit the number of installations.
    These days, this alone deserved rounding up its rating from 3? to 4 stars....more info
  • The glow fades fast
    I was a huge fan of the original Colonization, playing it up to the point that it wouldn't run on the latest version of Windows, and so I was quite excited to give Civ IV: Colonization a spin.

    The first game through was a lot of fun, bringing back old memories and a few new twists. A few. I didn't feel most of them enhanced the game. I guess I was expecting more.

    To touch on a few examples: For those who played the old version, you'll find don't get Founding Fathers automatically; you have to earn them. That was cool. You can train your Native American converts to become professionals by "living with the natives." Odd, but okay, that one is cool, too. Your monarch can raise your tax rate or request you pay a lump sum to support his personal projects. You have limited diplomatic options between yourself, other European nations and the Native Americans. All good.

    On the flip side, there are the not so good things. Whereas before you could protest the king's tax hike by dumping a particular trade good in the ocean, resulting in an inablity to trade that item; you could always "buy back" forgiveness and resume trading that item. That feature is gone. In the old version, if you left a colonist working at a particular profession for long enough he/she would eventually become a professional. It made sense, but it's not an option anymore. (You can still send them to school). Your pioneers no longer spend tools, rather money, to make improvements. Your calvary no longer gets a "second chance" when they are defeated by downgrading to infantry.

    These are minor things, to be sure, but you stack a bunch of minor qualms together and they become a major beef.

    Other reviewers have complained about the imbalance between yourself and your home country during the end game after you declare independence. Many legitimate concerns: not impossible to win, but you better have stockpiles of weapons and horses if you have any hope. Forget any kind of naval advantage; the best ship you can build is completely inferior to the warships your monarch can put to sea.

    By the fourth time I played, I was over it. Unlike Civilization, you just seem to run out of new things to try/do. Once you get your raw materials/refined good production down (which is fairly simple), there's no real economic challenge. In the original Colonization, there used to be a sneaky strategy where you could provide a native village with guns and rum and they'd eventually go on the warpath against your rival Europeans. Perhaps this was deemed too un-PC, but such proxy wars don't seem possible anymore. The diplomatic options are very narrow. There's no hobnobbing with other European monarchs to attempt to curry favor (where is LaFayette when you need him?).

    I don't know what sort of effort is going to be put into refining/improving this game. I hope there is some commitment to making it better.

    Get this one from your bargin bin.

    ...more info
  • If you loved the original Colonization, you will love this one more.
    As a fan of the original Colonization, I always wondered why they never built a sequel or had any type of continuation to the game... well with this release I am pleased to say that Sid Meier and Firaxis have done an outstanding job of remaining true to the original game while significantly enhancing the game with improved graphics on the CIV-4 Engine.

    For those of you who like playing with the game settings to allow your cannons &/or other pieces to move more than one space, this is still contained in a file that can be modified to play with these settings. Most of the code seems to be contained in XML and Python, but it isn't difficult to figure out if you like messing with this stuff.

    The game itself has a very high replay factor, though I will advise with High Graphics settings, and if you manage to take over the whole world with lots of pieces in play, you may experience some significant delays in processing a round, but I still consider this game worth every penny....more info
  • Not ready for prime time
    This is a product that screams inadequate beta testing or lack of real thought into some design aspects. It may become a good game after several patches but probably not possible.

    As a preface, I am a long-time Civ player, but never played the prior version of Civ3 Colonization, so I am essentially a Colonization 'virgin'.

    Some aspects of poor design to me include the following:
    1) Recruiting of new colonists from Europe. The random selection of volunteer colonists is poor. These units can be 'rushed' but often cost as much as 5 times what it would cost to simply purchase the unit. This seems silly at best.
    2) Inability to recruit 'regular' colonists who are not specialists, the rarity and inability to recruit indentured servants, and the handling of petty criminals (the European govt should be paying me to take them off their hands...).
    3) Inability to retrain specialist colonists whose specialties are not useful in my settlements.
    4) The education system that takes progressively longer to educate each subsequent student even when you upgrade the school facility. At one point it was going to take 70 YEARS to university educate a single student.
    5) Rebel sentiment (the idea of the game is to gain independence from your European mother country) which does not increase with every tax increase from the homeland. Historically this was THE reason for revolutions in the Americas.
    6) The rate of increase of the home country's expeditionary force that will be sent to defeat you when you are able to declare independence. I have seen ridiculously large forces that could not possibly be defeated, more soldiers than I had people...
    7) The almost exponential cost increase of recruiting each additional military unit of a given type in Europe makes a competitively strong military virtually impossible.
    8) The inability to shut off the AI governor in colonial cities. Even with the tools available to emphasize and de-emphasize aspects of production, I still find the governor doing things I don't want done and don't anticipate.

    The early game play is the most interesting part but it drags due to lack of resources or access to resources. Once the colony is set up, however, the mid-game becomes simply dull and repetitious with far too much micro-management. The end game or revolution might be fun if I ever had adequate military to succeed.

    This is one of those games that if you are an old hand fanatic, you might enjoy. For new or first time players who don't want to spend hours reading fan sites and blogs in order to play, give this one a miss....more info
  • This game secretly installs malware
    Buyer beware - the product description does not describe some important
    aspects of the game:

    This game secretly installs copy-protection software called SecuROM which can cause many problems for your computer, some of which are:

    1. When installing the game the user is not informed that SecuROM is being installed.

    2. SecuROM denies administrators full access to their PC, and blocks the
    administrator from editing certain parts of the registry.

    3. SecuROM can interfere with the operation of hardware, specifically disc drives.

    4. SecuROM can interfere with the proper operation of software.

    5. When the game is uninstalled SecuROM is not uninstalled - it remains
    permanently on your computer.

    6. The manner in which SecuROM runs on your computer is similar to that of malicious software called malware, and many people do indeed consider SecuROM to be malware.
    ...more info
  • Fun for a while, but no staying power.
    Fun enough as a scenario, but hardly enough to warrant a standalone game. There is only one goal and one way to play, and a massively simplified military model belies its Civ roots.

    This is an economic micromamagement optimisation game, and can't really do much more than that.

    I'd suggest waiting for it to hit the bargain bin....more info
  • Dissapointed
    I originally wrote a beaming 5 star review several weeks ago praising how excellent this game was. Boy was I ever proven wrong. This is NOTHING like past Civ titles. Even Civ 3 is better then this game!! And I won't even bother going into detail about the SecuROM ver but yes, it is contained within this game. Sure, people will say its only used for the disc check aspect of security. That is a lie. This is indeed the same malicious software included in all current EA titles, of which there are multiple lawsuits pending against EA and DRM.

    But even without crappy DRM, the game itself is majorly FLAWED!!! Balance? YEAH RIGHT!! First of all, the very narrow minded victory that you have to achieve, declaring Independence from your parent country. Sounds pretty fun, doesn't it. The chance to engage in some massive all out warfare against the parent country. But be warned. YOU CANNOT WIN!!! No matter how many soldiers, cannons, dragoons, that you build, you will NEVER have enough to beat their army. This problem is actually made worse if you have many colonies up and running. As soon as all of these start declaring Independence, your king back home gets "alarmed" at rebel sentiment going on in the new world and keeps adding soldiers to his fighting force. Before you even know it, you'll be outnumbered hundreds to one. Very unfair and certainly frustrating to say the least. Secondly, and along the lines of possible victories you could have achieved had they cared to include them, would be ones such as economic, domination, even one like such as culture could have worked. But instead, all you need to do is declare independence and then fight an impossible to win war. So, every other aspect of this game, that has made past Civ games fun and endlessly re-playable, is pointless here.

    Overall, I feel like I bought a coaster. This is not a game I can see myself playing in several years, that is if the SecuROM will even let me play it. You want an upgraded Civ game with better graphics? Wait and see what the future holds. Hopefully a Civ 5 will come out and make me forget about this nightmare. ...more info
  • Found a show stopper bug
    I regret buying this game from The king's warships got stuck near my costal city. After that, the king didn't send any more troops. I had about 100 turns left but I wasn't able to finish that game because of that bug. Also, I think the review by William Kerney is dead on. Once you figured out how to keep the REF size small and buy/produce a lot of cannons, the end game becomes way too easy and every game feels the same. On the positive side, the user interface is pretty good. The graphics and background music is great. Trading to make money and managing "who does what" in my settlements is kind of fun for a while. This game has a lot of potential but I just don't see myself playing this game again until the programmers really patch this game....more info
  • Pointless
    I'm a big fan for all the Civilization Games but this one really let me down. The game seams pointless to me. They want you to colonize the New World but time runs out before you can even get started. I like conflict and taking over other civ's and in this game these thing take a back seat. I'm sorry. I put it away and maybe some day I'll try again. ...more info