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They Must Be Stopped: Why We Must Defeat Radical Islam and How We Can Do It
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They Must Be Stopped is New York Times bestselling author Brigitte Gabriel’s warning to the world: We can no longer ignore the growth of radical Islam--we must act soon, and powerfully. Gabriel challenges our western and politically-correct notions about Islam, demonstrating why radical Islam is so deadly and how we can halt its progress.

Brigitte Gabriel speaks her mind:

*Fundamentalist Islam is a religion rooted in 7th century teachings that are fundamentally opposed to democracy and equality.

*Radical Islamists are utterly contemptuous of all “infidels” (non-Muslims) and regard them as enemies worthy of death.

*Madrassas in America are increasing in number, and they are just one part of a growing radical Islamic army on US soil.

*Radical Islam exploits the US legal system and America’s protection of religion to spread its hatred for western values.

*America must organize a unified voice that says “enough” to political correctness, and demands that government officials and elected representatives do whatever is necessary to protect us.

Brigitte Gabriel has fearlessly faced down critics, death threats, and political correctness, and is one of the most sought after terrorism experts in the world. They Must Be Stopped is her clarion call to action. Gabriel thoroughly addresses the historical and religious basis of radical Islam, its frightening encroachment into societies around the world, and its abuses of democracy in the name of religion.

Customer Reviews:

  • They must be stopped
    Great condition and right on time. Bridget nails it again on her take of radical Islam....more info
  • A nice book for people who hate Muslims
    It is unfortunate that unqualified people like this author can call themselves terrorism experts and be able to say what they want in a book and get paid for it. That is the world we live in and we must live with it. I read this book and it was basically everything we have already heard repackaged with a new title. She again goes on the attack against Muslims and Arabs and tries to hide her intentions by saying Radical Islam when she really means Islam in general. Brothers and sisters, if you praise this woman and give her credit, you are giving credit to hate speech. The intolerance she preaches is what leads to more hate crimes against innocent Muslims who may abhor terrorism. She once called Arabs and Muslims barbarians and was later forced to apologize for it. Her true colors show up in this book once again.

    The thing that I remember most is from the first few chapters of the book. Chapter one, Islam 101, is like a tornado that whips you into a frenzy to hate everything that Islam stands for. The next chapter was so ridiculous; I had to jot down a few things on paper. She talks about the Prophet Muhammad and his migration from Mecca to Medina. She says he went to Yathrib, which is the old name of the city, and he did so "in the hope of recruiting more followers." This is not true. The Prophet preached peacefully in Mecca for 13 years and when he finally left, it was because he was forced to leave because the persecution of Muslims had reached an unbearable level and the Prophets fellow Quraish decided to murder him. The Prophet himself did not want to leave the city of his birth, but he had no choice. This is according to every Muslims and Non-Muslim historian in the world and you can check this on any website. It is interesting how she overlooks this fact but repeatedly talks about how Jews were exiled from Medina. She never once brings up the fact that the Jews were only kicked out after they were found guilty, and they admitted it themselves, of committing treason. And I also wish more people would research why the Jews were in Medina in the first place. It was the only city in the Arabian Peninsula at the time that Jews were located in. Could it have to do with the fact that they were waiting for a Prophet to come?

    She then goes on to say that after he migrated, "it was at this point that Muhammad and his men began to fight...and begin 1000 years of Islamic terrorism and domination." I don't know where to start with this one. How can she call herself an expert with stupid generalizations like this? She goes over the Battle of Badr in two small paragraphs and neglects to mention that it was 300 Muslims fighting 1000 fully equipped Meccan soldiers. The Muslims were fighting for their lives as they were on the verge of extinction. To call them terrorists is to show your one sided biased view. I imagine she would also call the Bosnian women terrorists who fought the Serbs when they were being raped and executed in the 90's. We all know her position on Palestinians. Israel could demolish a Palestinian home, steal his personal belongings, imprison his family, rape his wife, and if he picks up a rock to throw it at the Israeli, she would call him a terrorist.

    The last thing I remember which was completely untrue was when she talked about the Jews and Christians paying the jizya or tax. She said they paid it at humiliating public ceremonies where the beard of a Jew or a Christian was grabbed and they were slapped behind their ears. I checked the reference on this and with such details, I expected to at least find it in a weak Hadith, but it comes from Kitab al-Wajih fi-fiqh Madhab al-Imam Shafi. I have read on al-Imam al-Shafi and the only thing he ever said about al-Jizya was that non-Muslims were to pay 1 dinar of gold per year and there were exemptions for poor people, handicapped people, females, children, and monks. She also neglects to mention that all the Hadiths state that non-Muslims were guaranteed protection for paying and they did not have to pay the Zakat that Muslims were forced to pay. She obviously does not remind us that the terrorist Muslims did not kill the Christians or Jews when they did not pay the tax either, but only put them in jail. There are more things that I can say, but I think you should have gotten the picture by now. Please use your good judgment and don't just follow or agree with what people say. You should check whatever you read; even what I just wrote and I appreciate Amazon allowing us to make these comments.
    ...more info
  • this is a must read for all western governments and society

    excellent book on the biggest danger ever to confront the Western World.
    All Western governments should be forced to read this and take steps to avert a catastrophe in our non muslim world....more info
  • Perspective
    This book is an excellent analysis of the background of Islamic jihadists which is necessary to fully understand their motivation. It also explains why the usual foreign policies of the past, including detante, are wholly ineffective in dealing with this new global threat. It is a real eye-opener. I heartly recommend it to everyone wanting a better understanding of the fragile nature of our Western civilization today....more info
    I loved her opinion and felt her pain in regards to what hapened in her country. Great point of view....more info
  • Isn't that what the Crusades were for?
    This book is scary, I have a feeling this is exactly how the Crusades started. They hate us, they'll attack us, they're barbarians. Islam is a good religion, it is Christian based, so it has a lot of things in Common with Chritianity, a lot of the mistranslations from Arabic to English from the Quoraan unfortunately give a lot of misundertood ideas and are promoted as distored Islamic ideas. To me, this book is about promoting hatred more than fighting it. If you start getting scared of Islamic schools, veiled women, bearded men, then where will it stop? Will you start thinking about hurting them? about throwing them out? will you not let your children be friends with their children? There are 2 Billion muslims in the world, most of them are living peacefully. Please don't scare them to death. They don't like what's going on any more than you do....more info
  • A Flat, Frightening Rant.
    Maybe it was just bad luck that Brigitte Gabriel published her latest anti-Islam book right before the public attention turned away from "Islamofascism" and more towards issues such as the tanking economy. We can probably assume Gabriel thought the US or Israel would surely be at war with Iran by the time the book came out, and so therefore she would be making a killing on sales with the world embroiled in World War III, who knows. But here we have "They Must Be Stopped," a semi-sequel to her bestseller "Because They Hate," and like the first book, and the books of her colleagues such as End Times salesman John Hagee, Gabriel tries to panic the masses with enormous warnings of invading Muslim hordes.

    "They Must Be Stopped," like her previous book and the works of Hagee, Evans and other Bible-thumping war mongering imperialists, covers little new ground and basically recycles the same themes as "Because They Hate." Gabriel had a powerful, frightening experience as a Lebanese Christian, which she tries to milk as cover for her hateful rants calling for radical nationalist, neofascist reforms in the United States. Gabriel comes across like those Cuban exiles in Florida who suffered under the Castro regime yet support terrorism against Cuba, even war. Gabriel presents alarmist, unfounded warnings about the need to tighten the border, because Hezbollah could use Mexico and gasp! Venezuela to infiltrate the US, she presents second-hand evidence, murky sources and cites no serious journals or official sources anyone could take as serious.

    Without a doubt there are radical Islamic groups who are extremely dangerous, but Gabriel and her ilk try to paint the situation as some sort of cosmic showdown while ignoring some basic truths such as the fact that the U.S. is currently occupying two Muslim countries and have brought about such destruction, that one top Iraqi scholar describes the US invasion as worst than Genghis Kahn. Gabriel devotes page after page to criminal activities by the Palestinians, yet dismisses Israeli crimes in the occupied West Bank and Gaza. She cites Arab commentaries calling for the destruction of Israel, yet ignores the well-documented Israeli calls for the same towards the Palestinians. Of course Gabriel cites Iran as enemy #1, but skips over important history such as the U.S. overthrow of Iran's government in 1953, an event which lead to the Islamic Revolution and a prime example that interventionism, especially for oil, is not good. Gabriel seems to share the neocon view that "your terrorism is bad, ours is good."

    Gabriel's domestic ideas are equally ignorant and very much disturbing. Like in "Because They Hate," she lashes out at the growing Muslim community in the U.S., warns citizens to keep an eye on those growing mosques and Muslim schools and calls for the need to implement heavy-handed nationalist measures in the education system, public security force and other institutions. Again Gabriel uses pathetic sources and nothing anyone could term as serious scholarship. "They Must Be Stopped" reads like those manuels handed out to communities in Nazi Germany warning everyone about the "Jewish threat," or McCarthy's America where the "Reds" were hiding in your neighborhood or local supermarket.

    It is interesting how quickly material like this became dated, especially with the collapse of the Bush Doctrine's vision and the emergence of a tanking economy, not to mention the Bush White House's backpeddling on striking Iran. I suspect "Because They Hate" will quickly join John Ashcroft's biography at the dollar store racks, this one apparently hasn't really cracked the bestseller lists. People learn fast.

    ...more info
  • Articulate and passionate
    I've read several other books on Islam, and this one rounded out what I've been learning with the author's personal experiences and first hand knowledge of what it's like to live in a Muslim country. She also did an impressive job of delineating trends and choices by the American and European governments that brought us to where we are today. A highly recommended read for everyone!...more info
  • Enlightening
    Probably the most frightening and yet enlightening books I have ever read. Gabriel does not hold back by presenting the facts as they are and dispels many myths behind Islamism. She also provides some interesting and valid reasons to curb radical Islam. This is definitely a book everyone should read....more info
  • "They Must Be Stopped" by Brigitte Gabriel
    Having read Brigitte Gabriel's book, "Because They Hate", I became very interested in the threat of radical Islam. Her book was basically a very chilling biography of her life in Lebanon from her beginning as a happy, young Christian girl to her nightmare of a life throughout her teen years as a virtual captive of the muslim murderers who destroed her once-beautiful country. With that background I looked forward with great anticipation to reading her next book, "They Must Be Stopped."

    In this book she documents the ultimate goals of Islam to rule the world and rid itself of ALL infidels and establish a caliphate to control the lives of the entire world to worship one God, Allah. This book is not a biography nor a's a primer on what Islam's goals are and makes one aware of all the trickery and deceit being perpertrated on an ignorant and uninterested populace as we slowly fall prey to the followers of Mohammed.

    I found "They Must Be Stopped" to be fascinating, interesting, educational and instructive in our struggle to maintain our way of life in the west. I recommend it highly!...more info
  • They Must Be Stopped
    Everyone in the Western world needs to read this book. Brigitte Gabriel's book is a must read if you want to know the enemy we are facing, how they think, how they fight and how dire the threat really is....more info
  • Boo!
    How horrendously ignorant people are of Islam. One of the three main religions in the world, and the fastest growing religion in the US (for good reason), it is a religion (not political, though, often from any religion comes pathological politics, because of bad people, essentially, and their using a powerful thing to their evil deeds) full of gender equality, peace to the n'th degree, tolerance and love of all mankind. I should know, as I've been practicing it for the past 37 yrs, and am surrounded by good American people who practice it, the way all religion should be practiced. Please don't project the evil deeds of horrible people, who USE the name of this great religion for their horrendous deeds. Those people are not Muslim, though they call themselves that. It's like Hitler used to call himself a christian. No one blames the religion, we all agree Christianity is one of the three 'Religions of the book' (loosely interpreted from Arabic)-Judaism being the third, with Jesus being one of our revered prophets, and Mary having a whole chapter (or Sura) in the Holy Quran in her name. And by the way, the Quran is the miracle of Islam. A whole book, written of God's words, delivered by the Angel Gabriel to the prophet Muhammed. It's Amazing! Please do me a favor before having such bigoted views, and read it. Or, if you want lighter material, perhaps 'the girl in the tangerine scarf' would help. Please seek the voice of the moderate, as those are the quiet majority. We are excellent citizens, highly moral, well-educated, balanced, bottom-line good people. (Trust me, I've lived with these people all my life, and I've rarely confronted the religious wacko, and if there was such a person, everyone would be avoiding him/her.)
    Pretty much like any other person practicing moderate religion, be it Judaism or Christianity or any other monotheistic religion. Extremism, in any religion, is repulsive and flatly wrong, as God is kind and full of love for humanity, if only they stayed on the right path. 'Do good, think good, and say good'. I wish you open-mindedness, and tolerance, for the good of Humanity....more info
  • The truth about Islam
    This is the second cd set I have purchased from Brigitte Gabriel. I also purchased both of her books with the same names as the cd's. If you want to know the truth about Islam you will want to hear or read both of them. This one and "Because They Hate". ...more info
  • Defeating Radical Versions of Islam
    The author presents a workable strategy for combating terrorism. i.e.

    o tighten borders
    o increase surveillance
    o explain that the jihadist ideology leads to terror
    o increased training of counter-terrorist agencies
    o financial audits of Muslin organizations
    o enforcement of the oath of allegiance to the USA
    for new citizens
    o improve airport security
    o end the tax exempt status for educational institutions
    that teach hate
    o speak out against mosques which advocate terrorism

    The author emphasizes that the enemy seeks to destroy or conquer the world and then submit everyone to the rule of Islam. Few in the West understand the danger of this ideological goal as clearly as Brigitte....more info
  • They Must Be Stopped
    Bridgett Gabriel tells it like it is. If you thought you were beyond being shocked about what has and is going on in this country, this book will change your mind. "They Must Be Stopped," should be read by every American who loves this country. If you hate political correctness, this book is for you. I urge you to read this book. You will not be able to put it down. ...more info
  • They Must Be Stopped:Why We Must Defeat Radical Islam and How We Can Do It
    An easy read about what radical islam is really about and how it's idiology is spreading like a cancer within the western world.The presidential election is only a month away.Read it NOW!!...more info
  • Reliable Knowledge
    This book gives responsible counterpoint to media fiction about Mid-Eastern affairs and the world goals of Islam. ...more info
  • Radical Islamic terrorists.
    Brigette Gabriel should be required reading by anyone who values our way of life and the country we have. She is a recognized authority on the very real danger the entire western world has facing us. We better wake up....more info
  • Lots of info. Scary!!
    This is a good book with lots of info and plenty of history. Don't believe the negative reviews, she can back everything up. The last 30 or so pages are all footnotes and sources cited. She explains the history of Islam and it's plans for the future. Very scary....more info
  • A must read!!
    The perfect sequel to her first book. She continues with more proof why we must stop Islamofascism. She must be listened to before it is too late!...more info
  • A profound shake-up
    The scenarios described in this book would be scary if they were only half right. Two days after I finished it, the Hawaii state senate passed a resolution designating a day as "Islam Day". It was a shocking confirmation that our ignorance and PC thinking will not help us fight the growing threat strict Islam presents to the U.S.

    Read this book, act on its advice and most of all, spread its message to friends and family....more info
  • Muslim terror
    This is an excellent book for someone that believes that Muslims are just ' missunderstood '. Read in conjunction with Usual and Cruel Punishment by Nonie Darwish. Two truly frightening books....more info