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Logitech Z-5 USB Stereo Speakers for Mac and PC
List Price: $99.99

Our Price: $63.40

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Product Description

Unlike standard PC speakers that focus sound in one direction, the Logitech Z-5 speakers use omnidirectional acoustics that create a substantially wider sweet spot - an especially helpful feature if you often move your laptop around your home or office. An innovative speaker technology previously found only in expensive home-theater systems, omnidirectional acoustics on the Logitech Z-5 speakers use forward- and backward-firing drivers to transmit sound evenly in all directions. Whether you're listening to your favorite song or watching a video on YouTube, you'll enjoy rich, articulate sound and minimal distortion - from every corner of your room.Delivering pure digital audio that's easily moved with your laptop, the Z-5 omnidirectional speakers can be quickly connected to any PC or Mac via USB. There's no need for an external power adapter or batteries.

  • Omnidirectional acoustic technology provides great sound at a consistent level, no matter where you are in the room
  • USB connectivity delivers pure digital audio that?s easily moved with your laptop from room to room, without the need for external power adapter or batteries
  • Includes a sleek remote control that works with a Mac or PC to let you wirelessly navigate and enjoy your entertainment options
  • Mac and PC compatibility allows you to use these speakers with any computer

Customer Reviews:

  • Great PC Speakers; Beat Competition
    I'm not too keen on the "oh, I just received this today and decided to comment" reviews, but I couldn't resist with this product.

    My computer is a MacBook Pro running 10.5.5 (about to be 10.5.6), but this product's box reassured me it would work (instead of being Windows-centric). It did. Right after connecting it, I was impressed with the imaging these speakers provided and the frequency response. I had heard them before after hooking them up to my iPod in a popular electronics franchise, playing music which I was already familiar (having frequently played the selected tunes on a high fidelity system). They sounded great in the store, but without the background noise of Christmas-shopping customers, they sound fantastic.

    The frequency response is what you'd anticipate from great quality PC speakers without a sub-woofer.

    What sold me on these over other PC speakers (namely the Z10 and the V2 Logitech models) were several reasons:
    1 - These speakers have an analog line-in should I ever decide to use an audio source other than my PC;
    2 - The price was right (esp. through Amazon), with free shipping & no tax;
    3 - The remote control.

    The Z10s were impossible to find since they've been discontinued, and the V2s didn't have a line-in.

    The Bose Companion 2 set were much worse than these Z5s, primarily because of their poor psychoacoustic processing. When the Bass hit hard in a song, the trebles noticeably dropped off. I'm not sure if this is a Bose "feature", but it disappointed me.

    The Creative Gigaworks T40 were a bit too big for my setup, unfortunately. Had they been shorter with a smaller footprint, I may have considered them. The Gigaworks T20 model was a disappointment. Sampling once again with my handy iPod, they distorted at higher volumes. When I know the iPod on max volume on the tune I was sampling doesn't distort directly out of the iPod on a higher fidelity system, why were the T20s distorting? That was not appealing.

    A nice surprise to these Z5s is the fact that I can use my Apple Remote and control my MacBook Pro through the speaker! In other words, the IR Receiver on the speaker acts as an IR extender. I suppose I should've realized this beforehand, but I didn't think of it. Works out spectacularly for me since my Laptop is tucked away while I drive it w/ an external monitor.

    Overall, a great buy. I'd highly recommend them....more info
  • Happy with the results for what I was expecting...
    The Logitech Z-5 USB speakers are not going to replace my Z Cinema setup any time soon, but they're very good for what I wanted them for. The quick setup with USB is perfect for laptop use, when you want something better than the laptop speaker sound. Sound quality is adequate for desktop speakers, especially with the omni-directional sound in the mid-range. I miss the bass response of the Z Cinema subwoofer, but on the other hand, I can move the Z-5 speakers around without breaking a sweat. :)

    The black tower styling meshes well with today's trend towards black computer components. The footprint is sufficiently small as to not take up precious deskspace. In that regard, it's even a bit better than the desktop speaker portion of the Z Cinema setup. If I was ditching the "out of the box" PC speakers that normally ship with a new computer, I'd be very happy to replace them with the Z-5 speakers. Not so much if I were looking for a surround-sound total sound immersion, however.

    Again, with the right expectations, these speakers fit their niche quite well....more info
  • Great little speakers!
    I have an Asus laptop that came with lots of bells and whistles, except for the tinny speakers. You would think for $2000 the laptop speakers would be great. They are now with the addition of these Logitech Z-5 speakers. :-) Though these are external, they are small (10" H by 3 1/2" square)and very sleek looking. I also have a desktop computer with 5.1 surround sound speakers and these speakers are as clear as those.

    I recommend installing the software that comes with the speakers so you can take full advantage of the teeny tiny remote. You can bring up your media player, run volume, skip forward or backward, play/pause and turn the speakers on orr off. You can also connect your iPod or other external media player. One thing I would mention is to turn off the speakers before you turn off the laptop, otherwise the speakers will stay on as long as the laptop is plugged in to the wall outlet.

    These speakers are powered by USB; for external speakers these are about as portable and good as it gets! Definitely recommended!...more info
  • Slightly above-average speakers for the price
    Logitech's Z-5 speakers feature "Omnidirectional acoustic technology" as the main selling point. Rather than containing one driver and emitting sound in a single direction, they have several drivers and are designed to produce sound in all directions (except up and down), so that the music follows you, rather than having to reposition the speakers everytime you move in your room. While I can see why this might seem like a great idea, I just didn't find it very useful. The description says "You don't sit in one spot when you're listening to music from your computer." Actually, I do. Usually the computer is on a desk or at the end of the room, and I am usually sitting right in front of the computer so that I can pick songs, change play lists, etc. I don't really have too many occasions where I am listening to music and suddenly I find myself standing behind the computer where I can't hear the speakers! Other than that, for the purpose of the review I'll pretend this is a feature that I desperately need and focus on the quality.

    Overall, the speakers actually sound a little "tinny," especially at higher volumes. The bass reproduction is especially bad when the volume is up, but really, it's hard to get good bass without a separate sub woofer. Even so, I've listened to other speakers that do a better job in this department, like the Logitech Z-2300 THX-Certified 200-Watt 2.1 Speaker System (Silver), which is only slightly more expensive. With the volume turned up to around 90%, there was significant crackling and I quickly turned it down, less I should crack the speakers.

    Although the quality is decent, I wouldn't recommend these speakers to anyone unless they are specifically looking for a speaker with omnidirectional sound. The quality is just not good enough for the price, especially when there are several other better-sounding speakers out there for a comparable price....more info
  • Limited design
    First of all I am a fan of Logitech products because they are usually the latest technology and they are also built well.

    These speakers are poorly designed. The biggest problem with them is that nobody (including Logitech) will say in their description what they do. The speakers come with a remote control which doesn't work just like that. I went and bought batteries thinking that they don't work because the battery is dead. Guess what, the remote works only in the supported applications which are: Windows Media Player, iTunes, Winamp and Real Player. I am not talking about skipping through tracks in any player out there, I just want to be able to turn the volume up and down from the remote. I would even give that up if the speakers had a volume adjustment knob. Bottom line, you cannot control the speakers from the remote if you use anything else besides the 4 players mentioned above. The only way is to adjust it from the computer and that might not be possible always.
    To me, these speakers are useless. They should make us aware somewhere in the description or even in the user manual.
    I would give it 1 star but the sound is decent for what I need which is audio books.
    ...more info
  • Logitech Z5 Speakers
    Well, I got these yesterday and had them up and running in less than 5 minutes with Microsoft Vista Premium. So far I have got exactly what I was expecting:

    1. Good solid sound with a nice range. The deep bass is non existent, but I knew that was going to the case going in to it. Even with that the bass response is good enough to meet my tastes. I would say the tone is rich, but not booming.
    2. Easy trouble free setup.
    3. They look really good sitting on my desktop next to my laptop.

    My only dislike: There is no way to listen with headphones without disconnecting the USB cable. Turning off the speakers just mutes them and does not remove them....more info
  • Excellent speakers.
    These are great speakers! They sound great. I especially like the fact that it comes with a small remote that works with iTunes and there is no need for a separate power cord....more info
  • The bad, the good, the ugly
    The Bad
    When I first started using the Z-5 speakers, I could use the remote to adjust the system volume, turn the speakers on and off and also control Windows Media Player (WMP). However, a little later I needed to re-install Windows XP. From that moment on, the remote would only control the volume when WMP was active and would no longer turn the speakers on and off.

    The Good
    I contacted Logitech support via their website on December 23, 2008. The next day I received a reply asking me to download the driver through a link to their website, rather than use the driver included on the disk that came with the speakers. I tried this and several other suggestions made by the support tech. None of these worked. The support tech said that he would make arrangements for UPS to pick up my old speakers and have new speakers shipped to me. UPS delivered the new speakers and picked up the old ones today (January 8, 2009). The remote still will not control the speakers, expect through WMP. I suspect the problem is software and will continue to work on this issue on my own.

    For others having a similar problem, I suggest finding and installing VolumeTouch 1.1. This program will allow you to control the volume of the Z-5 using the wheel on your mouse. This is not a perfect solution, but better than nothing given a remote that will not function.

    The Ugly
    Logitech had a rebate program when I purchased my speakers back on November 21, 2008. You just needed to fill out the form, include a copy of the receipt and cut out the UPC from the bottom of the box and mail this information to the rebate center. I mailed this information a few days after receiving my speakers. On January 7, 2009, I received an e-mail from the rebate center stating that my submission was "invalid" because it was missing the "Original UPC." I know I didn't forget to include that little piece of cardboard because, among other reasons, there was a hole in the bottom of the box when I packed up the old speakers to mail back to Logitech. However, it is gone and unless I cut up the box the new speakers came in, I would have no way of resubmitting my claim. I could in fact cut out the UPC on the new box, mail that in and then Logitech and I could do this "Kabuki" dance all over again. However, I know I would still come out of the short end of the stick.

    Apparently Logitech uses rebates as a means to increase their sales, but will rarely honor these rebates. Find this hard to believe? Just do an internet search on "Logitech Rebate Scam" and see how many hits you get and how old some of the complaints are. The complaints aren't just related to these speakers, but to numerous other Logitech products. I've always liked Logitech products and have bought a number of them in the past. However, I have purchased my last Logitech product. The sad part is that I would have probably purchased these speakers (at least before I was aware of the other problems) without the rebate offer. It's not the lack of the $15 rebate that concerns me, but it's the lack of honesty on the part of Logitech.

    So, as a final word, if you are still considering purchasing these speakers, I would not figure in any offered rebate from Logitech when considering your final purchase price.
    ...more info
  • Logitech Z-5 USB Speakers
    I waited a couple of months after this product came out and I have to say that they turned my laptop into a very nice sound system. The speakers are connected through a Belkin usb hub and they work great! No more draging a phono plug to front of the laptop. The remote works fine but really do not use it. I have many other Logitech devices and have not been disapointed with their perfomance. I would reccomend this speaker system to anyone using a laptop that is looking for a nice 2-speaker system....more info
  • Very cool looking speaker for a gadget lover
    I have been pretty satisfied with speaker systems from Logitech. The one I am using now is Logitech Z-680 5.1 channel THX certified speaker system and it still works great for my home theatre system. When I found about a Z-5 USB speaker, it instantly attracts my attention, since I have been looking for a nice PC speaker with a USB connection. Specifically, my 4 year old notebook computer does not generate any sound and I need a decent speaker for it. Since I am tired of having problem in the sound cord connected to the sound port of the computer, I was looking for a USB speaker system. I also know that a USB speaker gives better sound quality than a normal PC speaker on the market. I have been using USB sound devices like a USB audio interface (Line 6 Toneport UX1), a USB phone for Skype (IPEVO phone) and so on and they all show terrific sound quality. So, my expectation was high for this product. After a month long use of a Z-5, I would like to give 3 stars out of 5. Here is why.

    When I got this product, I was amazed by the finish and look of this speaker. This speaker is gorgeous. It has a really nice black finish and every bit of a speaker is nicely made. The tower like shape works great on the desk. When I grab a speaker, I feel very good because of soft cloth material that wrapped the speaker. I was naturally expecting silky sound coming out from this speaker, even if the nice looking case and fabric do not necessarily correlate to the high quality sound. The remote comes with it is also a real beauty and the rubber used for this remote gives me very nice feeling when I grab it. It is tiny and black.

    The setup was very easy. The Z-5 works without the setup CD that comes with it. Windows XP recognizes it as a USB audio device and it starts to work right away. If you use a setup CD for the installation, you will have a tiny utility that can map your favorite music player software to the audio note button on a remote. There is no other feature to adjust the detailed parameters of a Z-5 speaker. I am a type of guy who loves to change the parameters of a speaker to get the best sound for a given environment. However, for this speaker, there is nothing I can control of. I know this speaker is omni directional speaker, so I thought that I could control the ambience or surround effect of it. Wrong. there isn't any thing that I can adjust. And I am using a third party audio player software and the remote does not work with that application. So I wish I can configure the speaker with my favorite application, however, there is no way to do that right now. It works with iTunes and Windows Media Player well, though.

    When it comes to the sound, the Z-5 gives very comfortable sound that most of people like. The mid- and high-range sound is good and very expressive. So, if you love listening songs with a vocal and an acoustic guitar, you will love the Z-5. However, if you like the sound in all ranges equally, you might be little disappointed, since the bass coming out from the Z-5 is weak and not rich. I have tested the Z-5 with many different kinds of CDs and now I am using it to mainly listen internet radio and video files I ripped from various sources. It means that I use the Z-5 not for a music listening but for a casual use. Omnidirectional sound is working for me. I put the speaker on a desk and walk around the desk frequently. I still listen the same quality and volume of the sound in any direction. By the way, if has a regular 3.5 mm sound input jack in the back for external sound sources, such as iPod and MP3 players.

    Still, a USB speaker that does not need an external power source (it is powered only by a USB cord) meets my purpose and the sleek look and color of the speaker makes me happy. However, when some one pays this much money for a PC speaker, he/she is expecting better sound than this. I think this speaker is for a gadget lover who wants to put a really nice looking speaker on his desk. Yes, I love gadgets and cool looking products, so I am OK with the Z-5....more info
  • The best laptop speakers hands down!
    I am sitting at my laptop all day and I am usually listening to music or watching a DVD while I work. Although I have fairly decent built-in speakers, it still isn't like having a real speakers.

    These speakers sound amazing... the first time I listened to them I had to make sure it didn't say Bose somewhere on the speakers. LOL The only reason I didn't give it FIVE stars is because I felt they should come with some kind of carrying case. My laptop is very mobile.. I take it to work every day and then back home. My laptop case is heavy enough and with these speakers its just added weight.. at least with a carrying case, they would be protected. Because I don't want to run the risk of something happening to them, I will probably buy a set for work and for home.

    So, if you are looking for a nice set of speakers that aren't HUGE and that have awesome sound, I would strongly suggest investing in these bad boys. Don't misunderstand me, these speakers do have some height to them... standing next to my 19" CRT monitor, they are more than half as high. So, if you are extremely mobile, you too might want to either invest in something smaller or a set of two. But if you are looking for something with quality sound and not concerned about traveling, these are a great set of USB speakers.

    NOTE: I am using Windows XP Pro so I have no knowledge on how it works with Vista....more info
  • great sound, sleek design, conveninet USB connectivity
    I have a MacBook Pro that I like to use as a desktop at my desk, so I use a USB hub as a "docking station" to which I connect my backup drive, external keyboard/mouse, iPod dock, etc. Then when I want to use my laptop at my desk, I only have to connect the hub and all my peripherals are ready to go. That being the case, I was looking specifically for USB speakers - I didn't want to have to connect a separate stereo cable. These seemed to offer a good combination of quality, design, and price, and the reviews were good, so I went for it. I couldn't be happier. While I'm not an audio aficionado, I am a musician and music lover, and these speakers make my music library sound like new, bringing out lines and colors I never noticed or forgot after years of listening on cheap headphones. They have a very decent volume range. They also look great on my desk. If they didn't say Logitech, I would suspect they were a more upscale brand. (Maybe this is pushing it, but their look, if not their shape, reminds me a bit of the triangular Bang & Olufsen speakers.) I haven't done much with the remote, but it seems to work with iTunes out of the box. I think you'd have to be somewhat of an audiophile or require a subwoofer to find fault with these speakers. If you're a pretty typical computer user and music listener looking for above-average looks and performance at a below-average price, look no further....more info