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Swann BlueAlert Movement Video Recorder Security Kit
List Price: $199.99

Our Price: $149.99

You Save: $50.00 (25%)


Product Description

Swann Communications Blue Alert Movement Video Recorder Security Kit (SW244WBW) Take advantage of the latest in wireless and flash memory technology to quickly set up an effective monitoring and recording system for your home or business. The Swann SW244-WBW BlueAlert Security Kit consists of a color camera that sends quality video wirelessly to the compact and slim DVR. The DVRs low profile design means that it can be discreetly placed on a shelf or bookcase, making it a very useful tool for covert, portable or for space constricted monitoring applications. Video automatically starts recording when motion is detected by the camera. This not only saves storage space but also makes it easier to locate event material. Motion detection parameters can be fine tuned by the customer to ensure that only relevant material is captured. Images are recorded in the JPEG or AVI file formats and are stored to the included 128MB SD card, which can be upgraded to a maximum of 2GB by the user. Users can view recorded material simply by transferring the SD card to a PC or by connecting the DVR to a TV via its RCA jacks. The DVR will accept one additional wired camera, which can then be viewed together with the wireless camera on a single screen in a PIP format. However, the DVR will only record one camera at a time. Features : Compact, low profile DVR suitable for discreet recording applications? Automatically starts recording when sensing motion from the camera? User adjustable motion detection parameters? Included 128MB SD card stores over 2,000 images or 250 AVI videos (10 seconds each)? Also accepts optional SD memory up to 2GB in capacity? Supports 1 wired and 1 wireless camera (records 1 camera only)? Displays two cameras on the same screen (PIP) Specifications: Digital Video Recorder Signal System:?NTSC Compression: JPEG, AVI Channels:?2 (1 wired, 1 wireless), records 1 channel at a time Storage: Includes 1...

  • Record AVI video files or JPEG photo images; Includes a bonus SD 128MB SD Card (Included)
  • Add an SD memory card for easy back-up (any size up to 2 GB)
  • Built-in PIP (Picture-in-Picture) feature allows you to see one wired and one wireless camera simultaneously on your monitor
  • Conveniently connect wireless or wired cameras
  • Compact size for discreet storage and operation

Customer Reviews:

  • Excelent picture
    I whish it comes with more than one camera and I wonder how can you switch between them. Other than that I loved it....more info
  • Back to the drawing board
    I had high hopes for this product. I have been using wireless cameras for a number of years now and thought this would be a great addition to my collection.
    Unfortunately it isn't.
    It has a very high price for just a single camera. For the price of this single camera, I have purchased entire security systems.
    For $170 you can purchase an X10 security system including 3 cameras, a color TV Monitor, motion detector, hookup to your VCR that will only record when motion is detected. All cameras have built in microphones so you can listen as well as see.
    You can upgrade for a little more to a zoom, pan and scan type of camera which allows you to either manually pan your property or rooms in your house or program it to pan the area on a continuing basis. If you see something, you can stop panning and zoom in for a close up look at what caught your attention.
    With motion detection you can record whenever anyone approaches your home in your VCR for later review without wasting tape when nothing is happening.
    The picture transmission is crystal clear and it works in hot or cold weather, unlike the Blue Alert which only will work indoors unless you live in Southern climates.

    The Blue Alert also seems to suffer a great deal from interference from other electronic equipment. I can't put it anywhere near my computer and get a picture that is not so full of snow that the place you are looking at is virtually invisible. Since I have so much wireless equipment, microwave ovens, wireless telephones, cellphones, satellite TV with controllers that transmit signals to TV's in other rooms of the house there is a storm of electronic signals flying around my house all of the time. The Blue Alert can't compete with these signals, even in the middle of the night.

    So this is nowhere near as good as other systems I have used. That is unfortunate since for the price that is being charged for it you can get 3 cameras with sound that will work indoors and outdoors. For $60 more, you can get 3 pan, scan and zoom cameras with color monitor or you can just pipe the signals direct to your Television and take the cost of the color monitor and purchase software that will allow you to receive the output from those three cameras on your computer anyplace in the world. So you can see and hear your children playing in the yard while you are in another state or country.
    This product just doesn't come close to doing the job and the fact that it can digitally record the information just isn't a big factor since other systems can use a VCR and motion detection to do the same job. Since I have two DVRs already, devoting one of my VCRs isn't a big deal since I hardly ever use more than one of the three I have what with two DVRs, three DVD players and my Windows Media Center Extension that also plays DVDs as well as movies from my Computer. In fact, it adds to the disk drive traffic I already have. ...more info
  • Poor product overall
    I have an existing wired security system (3 high performance 480 line cameras) in the house so was looking forward to this device. I currently have the cameras tied to a video processing board (a Swann too in fact) on a PC at home. This uses up a lot of electricity and takes up space but does a marvelous job of recording live video. This Swann device looked like a perfect solution to replace it. But was it?

    First off, the connections are sparse. I could only connect a single wired camera. Whooptie-do, most homes have more than one camera for security so this rules out a solution box right then and there. As for video output, there is only a composite output connector. Yep, same old connector from something from the 1980s. Since I only had a VGA/DVI monitors in the office where the security connectors came into the room from the outside, it was impossible for me to even hook things up without needing to buy more equipment. Could've at least had an SVGA connector. I guess a VGA/DVI connector is just silly out of the question. And this would've really been a great security box if there were some kind of network connection so that I could connect my PC to it so the box itself need not be connected to any kind of display and could email images out instantly during motion detection for further security protection (else these are useless if a thief just steals the box from you!)

    Oh well, I figured I could at least use the included wireless camera as a front door camera to see who was at the door when someone knocks on it, all from my living room boob tube which is only about 30-40 feet away. Nope, couldn't do that. The amount of static from the camera created a useless picture. I tried moving the camera closer to see where the static would end -- about 5-6 feet away was optimal. Up to 10 feet got increased static but somewhat usable. Beyond that there was no hope. Static is a major issue as the motion detection screws up since it senses the static as motion and starts recording. You end up having gibberish recorded. Then we have the recordings itself. This unit touts the ability to store a ton of video on a small data card. True, it can, but it accomplishes that by using heavy heavy compression. Keep in mind these security cams have poor resolution to start off with. The high compression just makes it even worse. You end up having useless data that will not hold up in court in the event a thief is caught; a judge will throw out the evidence as inadmissible due to the horrible quality not being burden of proof.

    The menu system is confusing. This is in no doubt due to the menu fonts looking like something from my old Commodore VIC-20 from the early 1980s. Honestly, it looks the same. I couldn't believe my eyes. Talk about hokey, Swann really needs to improve on this.

    In all, there is so much hope for a device like this. Like I discussed, it would've been nice if there were more connectors and better video recording ability. Swann, people can buy 8gb SD cards these days for cheap. Relax the video compression setting! Product is severely overpriced for its functions . This is really just a toy worth no more than $25 and even that price is too high since I can't imagine you can do much with this. This system just sits around collecting dust now since I can't do anything with it: I have no use to place a camera a few feet away from my TV, which if the unit is stolen I have no data available to view, and even if it wasn't stolen, it wouldn't be admissible in court.

    ...more info
  • Merely Fine
    I agree with pretty much all of the current reviews on this product. I actually don't think that the video quality is that poor for what the product is suppose to do. You should not expect camcorder quality, but I don't think that is really the point here. The strength here is that it is easy to quickly review the video that has been recorded because you just pop out the card and put it into your computer. If the resolution was higher then the file sizes would be bigger and it would take longer to load the video, etc and that would be a hassle.

    The biggest drawback for me is that the power cable for the camera is so short and can prohibit where you put the camera. This might be bad if you want to hide it in a book shelf of something and there is no plug nearby. Then you'd have to use extension cords and that could defeat the stealth nature of security cams.

    I did play around with connecting it to my sling box and that worked for live view on my computer - so that is an option if you already own this. Otherwise, you might want to step up to something more professional.

    Middle of the road - not bad, not complicated, but not cutting edge either....more info
  • Somewhat disappointing for the price; connection options not the best
    Basically, it does what it says. The video quality isn't that great, especially for the price. And I would really expect a USB interface on such a device to allow direct connection to a computer. I don't want to rain on their parade; it may a fine device for folks who only need a super-cheap (both in price and quality) security system, but I think customers would be happier getting something more feature-rich, and something more easily connected to a computer....more info
  • Some flaws, but still a good alternative to expensive secutiry cameras
    The Good:

    * A good alternative to expensive security cameras
    * Simple Menu to adjust date, time and sensitivity
    * Keeping data on SD card is a convenient option
    * Records in the dark

    The Bad:

    * Not as wireless as you might think
    * Picture quality could be better
    * Occasional interference and scrambled picture

    The Bottom Line:

    This cam was installed for a small warehouse. While it claims to be wireless, you would still need a power supply for the cam itself, while the blue box is connected to the back of your TV. Picture quality is mediocre at best--Do not expect to see faces clearly. Sometimes upon reviewing the SD card, the picture is jumbled up for few minutes or so(possible due to cable interference.) While this occasional nagging problem may not seem like a big deal, it could be a big deal if it happens during an important moment when you need this cam the most. Also, please keep in mind that this cam comes with screws, so you need to use power drill to attach it. However, we used heavy layers of heavy-duty tape instead to keep it mounted on the wall. Therefore while this could be a good potential alternative to expensive equipment, be aware of occasional quirks. Also if you are looking for high-quality resolution, you may want to look elsewhere. ...more info
  • Good for what it is..
    Watch Video Here: The Swann BlueAlert is a good product, not a great one. It does a lot for its price range and unlike other inexpensive security products it's completely self-contained. It does not require a computer to operate. My video review has footage from the device so you can see how it operates in the real world. ...more info