Intel SSDSA2MH080G1C5 X25-M 80GB MLC 2.5-Inch 9.5mm Solid State Drive
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Product Description

The Intel X25-M SATA Solid State Drive (SSD) delivers leading performance in industry standard 2.5" form factor while simultaneously improving system responsiveness for mobile applications over standard rotating drive media or hard disk drives. By combining Intel's leading NAND flash memory technology with the innovative high performance controller, Intel delivers an SSD for native Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) hard disk drive drop-in replacement with enhanced performance, reliability, ruggedness and power savings.Since there are no rotating platters, moving heads, fragile actuators, or unnecessary delays due to spin-up time or positional seek time that can slow down the storage subsystem significantly, the Intel X25-M SATA SSD enables fast read/write access times and a significant I/O and throughput performance improvement as compared to rotating media or hard disk drives.

The future of computer storage is here! With the Intel X-25M Mainstream SATA Solid State Drive, you'll experience dramatically faster disk performance and greater durability than traditional hard drives. Since it uses NAND flash memory instead of spinning platters for storage, there's no waiting for disks to spin up, and there are no moving parts to worry about breaking down.

Experience blazing fast disk performance with the X-25M drive.

A New Kind of Storage for Faster Data Access
The X-25M is an SATA hard drive with a capacity of 80 GB in a 2.5-inch form factor that will work anywhere a regular 2.5-inch hard drive does, such as in notebook computers and external enclosures.

But don't think that the X-25M is your normal drive. Instead of using spinning platters like traditional hard drives, the X-25M is a Solid State Drive (SSD) and uses flash memory for storage, giving you dramatically faster data access. If you need more disk space, the X-25M also comes in a 160 GB version.

Performs Even Faster than Other Solid State Drives
Intel has been making memory chips for decades, and this experience is on clear display with the X-25M drive. This drive uses Intel's Multi-Level Cell (MLC) NAND Flash Memory that delivers better performance than other SSDs thanks to an advanced architecture and technologies such as Native Command Queuing, which enables up to 32 simultaneous operations. The result is sustained sequential read speeds of up to 250 MBps, sustained sequential write speeds of up to 70 MBps, and a read latency of just 85 microseconds.

And by using the SATA interface that offers data throughput of up to 3.0 Gbps, you can duly take advantage of all the speed. What all this means for you is that applications launch instantaneously, files copy in less time, and your overall productivity is significantly increased.

Higher Reliability and Silent Operation
Compared to traditional hard drives, the X-25M is both faster and more durable. Since it doesn't have spinning disks or writing heads, there are fewer parts to fail. It is also less susceptible to vibrations and shock and is completely silent. The X-25M is rated at 1.2 million hours mean time before failure (MTBF) for superb reliability.

Lower Power Consumption is Good for the Environment
The X-25M also consumes far less power than traditional drives, which saves you money and makes it an environmentally friendly choice. When installed in a laptop, you'll experience better battery life, so you can work longer on those cross-country plane trips. Additionally, the drive is certified RoHS compliant for its use of non-hazardous materials.

The Intel X-25M Mainstream SATA Solid State Drive supports Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology (SMART) commands as well as additional SSD monitoring. It is backed by a three-year limited warranty.

The X-25M has no moving parts for faster and more reliable performance.

  • 80 GB Solid State Drive provides outstanding performance and durability in a 2.5" form factor
  • No moving parts for faster performance and higher durability
  • Sustained sequential read speeds of up to 250 MBps and write speeds of up to 70 MBps
  • SATA interface provides up to 3GBps data throughput
  • Backed by a three-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent drive
    Had this drive for 2 months now on my Mac Pro, works great. Very snappy. Boot time is about 12 seconds. I was afraid that 80 GB would not be enough, but it's actually quite OK. I store all large sets (videos, pics, music...) on a different drive (using symbolic links for some key folders).

    No problems with the drive itself so far. Everything feels extremely "snappy", that's the best word to describe it I guess :)

    Oh and another thing I appreciate greatly: extreme silence. Not even a hint of the usual hard drive "grr brrr" background noise (of course).
    ...more info
  • X-25 made my quad-core feel more performant than my i7
    I recently upgraded the system drive of shuttle system I use to take back and forth to work. I replaced the Western Digital Velociraptor with the Intel X-25 80 GB SSD (after doing some serious data consolidation onto my second drive).

    The performance impact is staggeringly positive. Startup is somewhat faster; application response time is superb. Most importantly, the responsiveness of the computer under heavy operation is noticeably faster. As a software developer, I often compile code in the background while doing other things, like browsing the internet. In such situations, the responsiveness of doing things like launching Firefox is an order of magnitude better than with my velociraptor drive.

    I'm going to have to buy another one of these, because even though my shuttle is a quad-core, my home PC with a better processor (i7) now feels sluggish!...more info
  • Gloriously Fast... When it Works.
    I've used this drive in three machines with varying success: An HP DL145 server, a Unibody MacBook Pro, and a Lenovo T61p.

    I originally bought the drive for use in the HP server, but it wouldn't even POST with the drive attached. Checked for BIOS updates, etc, but had no luck.

    I then tried it in my MacBook Pro (2009) and found that while OS X worked wonderfully, I couldn't install Windows. It seems the Apple EFI BIOS emulation used for Boot Camp doesn't support the drive. This was a serious bummer.

    Finally, running out of machines, I tried it in my aging T61p. It breathed new life into the machine. Everything is substantially (subjectively) faster. Even emptying the Recycle Bin is now CPU bound! Subversion is now network and CPU bound. It's wonderful.

    In summary, the drive is glorious when it works. It just isn't a drop in replacement for any SATA drive....more info
  • Saved myself another year from my replacing my desktop!
    This little unit kicked big a wallop into my 2 year old system, which until recently, I was seriously contemplating replacing!

    I've been eyeing this SSD from Intel since it was released late last year with great reviews, unfortunately, while I'm an admitted techno geek, was too cost prohibitive. Finally, the price dropped further in the pass several weeks, while still making it expensive, but easily within my reach for PC hobby.

    I've read and re-read some of the write-ups about this unit and it stands alone in it's class. Easily installed. Beyond whisper quiet. Small footprint. Extremely fast. iTunes, Photoshop Elements, Outlook instantaneously pop-up! It's great. It's also shaved boot-up time with Vista as well.

    Was contemplating replacing my quad Q6600 cpu for a i720 cpu, but this clearly is proving to be a tangible speed enhancer to an already fast desktop. Couldn't recommend this drive enough. I'll be using my VelociRaptor for my digital photo files from now on.

    ...more info
  • Outstanding, well worth it
    I upgraded from a 5400rpm Hitachi drive in my notebook. The difference is profound. Like other reviewers. In 15+ years of building computers for fun and profit, I would concur with this drive being the most notice single component upgrade I have added to a system since 3Dfx cards in the late 90s. SSDs will be the next greate paradigm shift in computing....more info
  • Fast and Healed my hot running XPS 1530 laptop
    Fast boot, faster sleep and wake. Splash screens blaze by - blink and you miss them.
    Increased battery life by a half hour, Cooler running. No annoying hard drive clicking! Great for multitasking and noticeable improvement in responsiveness. The most eye-opening differences are when doing program installs and in boot/sleep times.

    After recently buying a Dell XPS 1530 laptop with an 8600GT graphics card, I noticed the fan noise was very annoying as was the continuous clicking from the hard drive. I like dead silence in my machines but because of many GPU heat failures and upset consumers, Dell had 'upgraded' the Bios to run the fan precisely when the CPU temps hit 55C and the GPU hit 70C to bring them back down by 10 degrees.

    All set to return the laptop and get a Macbook, I delayed and installed Windows 7 64 bit beta. Wow, big speed improvement over Vista but the fans and hard drive were still annoying me.
    Enter the Intel 74.5GB X25-M. It is a bit pricey but probably saves me a half hour of precious time a day, the fans run much less often, battery life is improved and there's no vibration due to the drive that I can feel while typing. Simply use an external HDD for data. Well worth it especially at the new low price!...more info
  • SSD is fast
    Instead of buying a new laptop, just upgrade the hard drive to SSD. It's just great (your machine will feel twice as fast)....more info
  • One of the best but high priced
    This is a very nice SSD, even if it is a bit slow on the sequential write speeds. Intel is a good company and they seem to thoroughly test their products. This drive just plain works and works well! However, they did recently release a new firmware for this drive to address some issues.

    Because of the premium price and competing SSDs which are faster in certain cases such as sequential write speed (like the OCZ Vertex drives) selling for less and/or having more storage, I can only give this SSD 4 stars. It's still a great SSD, just a little overpriced in my opinion (as of May 2009), and that knocks a star off.

    On another note, my Dell XPS1530 boots Windows 7 x64 in about 15 seconds with this SSD. That is from when I hit 'Enter' to select the OS to boot at the boot manager to when the login screen appears....more info
  • breat product
    This hard drive helped me to speed the booting process up as other people stated. It acts like a normal hard drive and so far I don't have any compatible problems with any of my software.

    The only flaw was, that I could not copy the image from my operating which was installed on my previous hard drive to the new SSD drive. The system just would not boot.
    So I had to reinstall windows and adjust my operating system environment which really took me a while and I'm still in the process to reinstall my programs.

    I have two more spinning had drives and once a SSD with more space comes out, I will swap them, too....more info
  • Don't Replace Your Laptop! Replace Your Hard Drive!
    I bought this SSD to place into a new laptop I purchased (Samsung X460). However, prior to using the new laptop I figured I would install this SSD in my old laptop first, just to see if it made a difference. It did! Vista now boots in about 15 Seconds and shuts down in about 5 seconds! No more need for hibernate mode! Word documents open immediately! Visual Studio projects that used to take 10-20 seconds to open now open in 1-2 seconds! IE opens immediately! The list goes on and on! Needless to say I'm very happy with the results so I returned the new laptop unopened and kept my money.

    This drive is by far the best upgrade I have ever performed. Since installing it my laptop now runs substantially cooler. It used to get so hot in my lap but not anymore! I will never go back to spinning drives again!

    The only con I can find about this drive is the storage size. It would be nice to have 120gb+ drive but as of today the larger Intel drive is simply too expensive. To be sure, there are larger drives out there from other manufacturers, but in this price range none come close to the performance of the Intel drive. However, my laptop does have an SD card reader so I slapped in a 16GB SDHC Class 6 card to help out. I use the SD card to hold my music files and other data files. It works out perfect!

    Again, I highly recommend this SSD. For the price it is the fastest SSD available. The bottleneck in most computers is the hard drive. This item addresses that issue.

    Performance Tips(to try): If you have enough RAM(3+GB), disable virtual memory. You can also disable pre-fetch. For further improvements, just Google "SSD Optimization Tips." Most operating systems were designed to work with spinning hard drives and some of that stuff may hinder the speed of a SSD....more info