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Superman Returns [Blu-ray]
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Studio: Warner Home Video Release Date: 09/09/2008 Rating: Pg13

If Richard Donner's 1978 feature film Superman: The Movie made us believe a man could fly, Bryan Singer's 2006 follow-up, Superman Returns, lets us remember that a superhero movie can make our spirits soar. Superman (played by newcomer Brandon Routh) comes back to Earth after a futile five-year search for his destroyed home planet of Krypton. As alter ego Clark Kent, he's eager to return to his job at the Daily Planet and to see Lois Lane (Kate Bosworth). Lois, however, has moved on: she now has a fianc¨¦ (James Marsden), a son (Tristan Leabu), and a Pulitzer Prize for her article entitled "Why the World Doesn't Need Superman." On top of this emotional curveball, his old archrival Lex Luthor (Kevin Spacey) is plotting the biggest land grab in history.

Singer, who made a strong impression among comic-book fans for his work on the X-Men franchise and directed Spacey in The Usual Suspects, brings both a fresh eye and a sense of respect to the world's oldest superhero. He borrows John Williams's great theme music and Marlon Brando's voice as Jor-El, and the story (penned by Singer's X-Men collaborators Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris) is a sort-of-sequel to the first two films in the franchise (choosing to ignore that the third and fourth movies ever happened). The humorous and romantic elements give the movie a heart, Singer's art-deco Metropolis is often breathtaking, and the special effects are elegant and spectacular, particularly an early airplane-disaster set-piece. Of the cast, Routh is excellent as the dual Superman/Clark, Spacey is both droll and vicious as Luthor, and Parker Posey gets the best lines as Luthor's moll Kitty. But at 23, Bosworth seems too young for the five-years-past-grizzled Lois. It's nice to see Noel Neill, Jack Larson (both from the classic Adventures of Superman TV series), and Eva Marie-Saint on the screen as well. Superman Returns is one of those projects that was in development for seemingly forever, but it was worth the wait -- it's the most enjoyable superhero movie since Spider-Man 2 and The Incredibles. --David Horiuchi

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Customer Reviews:

  • I could have seen this in the Reeve films.
    I mean, where's the super villians from the comics? It's Superman vs Luthor & kryptonite again..this isn't new stuff..its old! If Luthor's the villian again, why couldn't we get him in that armor or him & some super villians vs Superman? Geez.....more info
  • Is it TrueHD Audio? Yes!
    I recently re-purchased this movie because mine was just Dolby 5.1. You just can't have that with a movie like this. Dolby 5.1 sounds like you're watching a movie at home, while truehd audio sounds like you're at the theatre. Obviously, the better your home theatre system, the more apparent the difference. Yes, though, this is in fact dolby truehd, and is worth buying again....more info
  • Finally a new movie
    I have seen all the originals, all of Smallville, and most of the cartoons. This was a well made movie. Very much like the stuff mentioned above. There was a few twists they could have done without but still very good. Blu-ray totally the way to go looked amazing....more info
  • Coasting on 70's fumes
    It took me a while to get a clear focus on what this movie was about, and why the fans were so divided over it. Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull has helped me put things in perspective: either you grew up with the original movies and you dig old-timey nostalgia, or you don't.

    The intolerable thing about Superman Returns, however, is its unjustified praise. Optimistic it may be, but that's a far cry from "inspirational". Superman saving a jumbo jet and then touching down in a BASEBALL FIELD? That's desperation, my friend. Talk about unadulterated Americana. Superman has always been representative of the United States and its ideals, but what I'm getting from this film is like high-fructose syrup.

    As a standalone movie, its still not very good. I blame Margot Kidder for her abrasive, unattractive take on Lois Lane, because now there's nowhere else to go but up. And Kate Bosworth is definitely more attractive. Sadly, she looks barely twenty five and definitely miscast in the role of a sassy reporter. Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor is passable. I would prefer a bit more depth to his character, but who am I to fight city hall? In the silver age comics, Lex was always a nutty villain and his schemes made absolutely no sense. I guess I've been spoiled by the Smallville TV series and its unique portrayal of a dark genius.

    I was hoping for a bit more of Singer's trademark "realism" (like in the X-Men movies), but there's none to be had here. I can't blame him though; few would be brave enough to smash apart the continuity from an age-old, beloved movie. Still, he could have afforded to take a few more risks here. Superman baely has any lines in the movie; he just parrots Christopher Reeves and Brando's lines from the original film! I kept waiting in vain for him to develop some kind of personality. Give me a break!...more info
  • Not the best
    I am still a fan of Chrirtopher Reeve. Although this was a good attempt at ressurecting the series, it was still missing the action the the older movies had....more info
  • Why we ALL need Superman
    Superman is by far my favorite superhero and best onscreen adaptation of all the comic book characters. I have been a fan of the original Superman and was quite skeptic of this movie knowing that the great Christopher Reeve will not be Superman, but the movie did justice to the originals. It is visually stunning and has everything a Superman movie should have. Brandon Routh had an eerie resemblance to Reeve which mad him totally convincing as Superman almost immediately for me. Also Lex Luthor played by Kevin Spacey was genius! This movie is definitely a great addition to the Superman legacy. ...more info
  • The Passion of the Christ, I mean Superman
    Release date: June 28, 2006
    Director: Bryan Singer
    Runtime: 2 hours, 34 minutes
    Locations: New South Wales, Australia, and New York City
    Cast: Brandon Routh (Superman), Kate Bosworth (Lois), Kevin Spacey (Luthor), James Marsden (Richard White), Parker Posey (Kitty), Frank Langella (Perry White), Eve Marie Saint (Clark's mom) and Marlon Brando (Jor-el).

    STORY: Superman returns to Earth after five years trying to find out what happened to his homeworld. As Clark Kent he gets his job back at the Daily Planet newspaper, but finds out Lois Lane has moved on without him -- having a live-in fiance (Marsden) and a five-year-old child, not to mention winning a Pulitzer for her article "Why the World Doesn't Need Superman." Meanwhile Lex Luthor and his henchmen discover Superman's Fortress of Solitude and steal some of the alien crystals. Luthor's mad scheme is to create a new continent, killing billions of people in the process.

    Before seeing this film I scanned many of the Amazon reviews to see if it was worthwhile and the first thing I noticed was that most of the people wrote very long, detailed reviews. I thought, "Wow, these Superman fans really take ol' Supes seriously." I also noticed that people either seemed to love the film or hate it.

    Count me as one who loved it. I'm not the biggest Superman fan but I used to collect many of the comics and I loved the first two movies. I only had a half hour to kill last Saturday night but the movie was so good I watched well over an hour without really realizing it and finished it the next night. In other words, the film successfully pulled me into the story and I lost track of time. This is a good sign (especially when the film has so many dramatic parts).

    The story is an obvious retelling of the Christ story:

    -- Jor-el gives his son to protect (save) humankind.
    -- Superman repeatedly states that he's everywhere and will always be around (i.e. omnipresent).
    -- Luthor and his henchmen's beating of Supes is reminiscent of Christ's beating before his crucifixion.
    -- Superman sacrifices himself to save humanity from Luthor's new continent.
    -- When superman "dies" above the atmosphere of Earth he is shown in a cross posture.

    In adition to this, Lois Lane is an obvious type of atheism. Although she once believed in and even loved Superman, she's now convinced the world doesn't really need him. She's obviously unhappy and bitter; she lacks the pizzazz she had when she once believed.

    Of course, all this heavy symbolism is useless if the story itself fails to capture the viewer's attention. This is especially vital when the picture is two and a half hours long. But it succeeds!

    The film definitely has an epic vibe to it, even more so than the first in the series. It seems more serious, i.e. less campy, especially where Luthor and his team are concerned. The film also possesses an imperceptible reverent quality. Even though the whole Superman mythos is totally absurd, the film somehow enables the viewer to accept it as real. On top of all this there are numerous humorous parts, which are truly laugh-out-loud funny (watch out for the hilarious "It's a bird," "It's a plane" piece).

    Other things worth commenting on:

    -- Some complain that Kate Bosworth lacks charisma as Lois Lane, but this all fits into the bitter "I no longer believe" subplot. Bosworth is fine in the role.
    -- Some complain about Superman's 5-year visit to Krypton. What's the problem? Part of my youth was spent in Minneapolis and I've gone back there numerous times to quell my curiosity. Why wouldn't Superman feel the same way? Why was he gone so long and why did he need a crystalized craft? Because he was potentially exposing himself to large amounts of Kryptonite (radioactive pieces of his homeworld) which would severely weaken him, not to mention he gets his powers from the Earth's sun.
    -- Some complain about Lois' fiance and her son, who may or may not be the offspring of Supes. Wouldn't it be natural for Lois to move on after about two years waiting? Her "shacking up" before marriage can be attributed to her new "I no longer believe" mentality.
    -- Love is a strong theme here as is fitting for any retelling of the Christ story. Superman loves Lois and vice versa, even though Lois is initially in denial. Love gives life and saves from death.
    -- I liked the fact that Lois' fiance (Marsden) isn't made out to be a villain. Interestingly, Lois picked a man who, as a pilot, could fly her around like Supes, albeit less spectacularly. I also like the fact that the film shows Lois being faithful to Marsden even though she discovers she still loves Superman. The human heart is capable of loving more than one person, but can only be faithful or committed to one, if you know what I mean.
    -- Frank Langella is his usual charismatic self as Perry White.
    -- Kevin Spacey is excellent as Luthor, much better than Hackman; this is especially evident as the story progresses. His larger-than-life lunatic scheme is truly fitting for Supe's main foe.
    -- There are numerous dramatic parts where the film takes its time to tell the story; there's obviously no rush to get to the next cgi action scene. Those with ADD beware. Needless to say, this is a film for adults even though kids will enjoy many aspects.
    -- "Superman Returns" was one of the most expensive films ever made at $209 million but made most of it back in North America ($200 million) while almost doubling it worldwide ($391 million). What's strange is studio heads were disappointed with these numbers (!), claiming it should have made $500 million.

    BOTTOM LINE: I was truly surprised to discover how good "Superman Returns" is. This is an epic and moving superhero film -- sci-fi/fantasy at it's best, in fact. Is it as good or better than the best superhero films? Not only is it as good or better, it's deeper. ...more info
  • it takes more brains to be batman,it`s more fun to be superman
    Superman Returns is a very good film that could have been better.It is a very spiritual,emotional and magical film.Superman has the POWER OF THE GODS.He is like an angel from heaven wth superhuman strength and power that he uses to protect himself, save people and fight evil.Superhuman strength and power come from a SUPERNATURAL GOD.The airplane sequence is exhilerating and spectacular.Brandon Routh is perfect as superman,Kevin Spacey is excellent as Lex Luthor.Bryan Singer is a genius film director.I wish Kate Bosworth looked like Victoria Silvstedt or Elle Macpherson or Bollywood Indian film actress Ishaa Koppikar then Superman would have a very beautifull and attractive Lois Lane.Superman returns is very romantic and entertaining.The part when Superman tells lois she says "the world doesn`t need a savior",but every day" I keep hearing them cry out for one" is touching.Superman Returns is a great supernatural,fantasy film.Highlander,Wishmaster 4,and Superman Returns satisfy people`s hunger for spiritual entertainment.Superman is immortal,invincible and more powerfull than the HULK.


    ...more info
  • Could be Great but is only ok
    I was really hoping this movie to be great but is only ok. And please no nore Lex Luthor. They can make a great superman movie without luthor as main criminal ( doomsday anyone )...more info
  • Superman Returns? Ugh
    The producer, writer and director should be ashamed of themselves at this attempt at their interpretation of Superman. Every single stupid cliche of modern holywood is in this movie. Throwing money at CGI does not make a movie - a good story does - and the story that this movie tries to tell is horrific. I gave this movie one star, not because it was the least I could give, but because I hope people do see this movie and chuckle at what holywood thinks is entertainment anymore....more info
  • Ixnay
    This Superman was souless, it did not feel like a Superman flik. Compared to the Cristopher Reeve versions, there's no competition. Hey, Brian Singer stick to X-men....more info
    Brandon Routh did a great job as the newest incarnation of Superman, despite the huge shadow of Christopher Reeves being ever-present in the minds of most fans ( judging by many of the reviews, at least ). Bryan Singer layered SUPERMAN RETURNS with plenty of action, laughs, thrills, and bittersweet romance. The acting was great ( Kevin Spacey was a riot as Lex Luther ), and the CGI work was spectacular. I can't wait for the sequel....more info
    It was only okay. I'm so glad i bought this used and did not pay to see it at the theater. The movie received so much press coverage and hype--but it just did not live up to the expectations the movie makers made us believe it would be. Brandon Routh was not a good choice and not believable for Superman. The actor who played Richard White (Perry White's nephew and Lois Lane's fiance)- JAMES MARSDEN was EXCELLENT. He had more presence and character believability than clark kent/brandon routh. He's the same actor that played Cyclops in the X-Men movies_ But now you can see his eyes- it makes such a difference_ James Marsden has charisma and is very handsome....more info
  • Not like this, not this way
    There's no chemistry between Clark and Lois, there's no depth between these 2 leading characters. No wonder why Brandon has so few lines in the entire movie. He and Kate have the charm of a kitchen table.

    Stay away from this boring movie, especially if you're a comic book fan....more info
  • The End Of The SUPERMAN Movie Franchise!
    I watched it with anticipation for a possible great film,instead it was a very bad SUPERMAN movie! Kevin Spacey is a great actor but there's only one LEX LUTHOR and that it Gene Hackman,just like Kate Bosworth,she's a terrible actress! Well, Margot Kidder was a terrible actress as well but at least she was a better LOIS LANE! I don't know who Brandon Routh is but he tried too hard to be CLARK KENT/SUPERMAN but as everyone has said it Christopher Reeve was the better actor/character! ...more info
  • Best deal. great quality!
    I couldn't find this DVD in Wal-Mart (believe that?), so I went on Amazon and found it for this great price (about $6.00) BRAND NEW! It works great. I have no complaints at this time....more info
  • The "S" on his chest stands for sucks
    Honestly, I am a man of steel fan. I loved Superman I & II and even own the Richard Donner Cut of II. However, this is a disgrace to the man of steel. How dare they make Superman a dad, let along a dead-beat dad. It also brings to mind one of the worst lines in movie history, "I forgotten how warm you are." Everyone in the theater laughed at that. What, is Lois Lane in a competition with Anakin Skywalker at who can be the sappiest? Gag.
    As for the plot, eerily seems like Superman: The Movie's plot only instead of knocking California into the ocean They end up building land in the ocean. Same freakin' difference.
    This movie is an embarrassment. Don't watch it. Watch Superman I & II and like all other Supes sequels just pretend this abomination didn't happen. If there were a way to give negative stars I will. I hated this movie so much I went back to smoking. Thanks....more info
  • Gone In 2006 But Now He's Back In Me
    I saw this movie in IMAX back in 2006. I didn't like Superman but he is the best (yes better than Batman). The whole plot of this movie is that Clark Kent hasn't been Superman in ages but now he's back baby. The first thing he does in the movie as Superman is saving a jet from crashing. It was originally that a space shuttle would ride on a jet back to Florida before its next launch so they decided to invent a way so you can carry the shuttle to a certain point then it would detach and head for space while the jet heads back to the ground. BUT, the seperating mechanism fails so the jet heads for space with the ship. So Superman heads up to seperate the 2 and save the jet from crashing. The only 2 lines I remember are as follows

    Superman: (weekly) wha-what is that
    Luthor: Krrrrryptonite!

    So I am probably gonna get this movie but I need to think first. ...more info
  • brilliant, brilliant, brilliant
    i won't expend a huge amount of energy praising this film - others have done so far better than i could.

    i remember the first time i saw "superman the movie" as a child, and this amazing film succeeds as a most unsual hybrid of sequel, homage and, in some ways, a quasi-remake of the original film.

    popular opinion tends to hold that "superman II" is a classic film, but watching it through adult eyes, you'd be hard-pressed to seriously argue that case. a fine idea, with fantastic sequences - but a hammy train-wreck of a movie, as mangled after the dismissal of original director richard donner.

    i can only imagine that the inexplicable complaints about "superman returns," and the absurd statements of it being amongst the worst films ever made, come from the same folks who can't take a critical view of "superman II" and its ultimately embarrassing idiocy.

    "superman returns" echoes the dignified tone and character-driven emotionality of the original film, and does so with grace and respect for the source material. the casting of lois lane might be my only criticism, but brandon routh, kevin spacey, frank langella, and the rest of the cast step into their roles as if they'd played them the first time around.

    to those who didn't "get it" and would rather express over-the-top criticisms, without backing them up with intelligent explanation or examples, please stop trying to be film critics. your inability to objectively critique or string together coherent opinions should be cause for nothing less than embarrassment.

    if you are a fan of the first christopher reeve film, i strongly urge you to sit dow and take in the beauty of "superman returns," the only proper sequel to the original classic....more info
  • Even w/out Christopher Reeves, this movie stands strong
    You know, I {never} wanted to see this movie when it came out - but, after buying a copy for $1.00 at a dollar store, now I wish that I had. I was very skeptical at 1st, "a Superman movie - NO Christopher Reeve - how dare they make a movie, what a disgrace, what would Christopher Reeve think about this, if he were still alive???" - But, let me tell you this, for $1.00, I gave it an honest chance - and, boyyyyyyyy was I ever WRONG!!! Mr. Reeve would most definetly be proud of this movie, I surely would like to think. With the same feelings and emotion that Mr. Reeve brought to 'his' Superman - so does Brandon Routh to his. Lots of very intense action - this movie has now become 1 of my all-time favorites. Give it an honest try - you might find yourself very surprized - like me!!!...more info
  • Another deadbeat dad
    Leave it to Hollywood to turn a once-virtuous Superhero - who now only believes in "truth and justice" but not "the American Way!" - into another deadbeat dad with an illegitimate kid. PHOOEY! This is precisely the reason I wouldn't see Superman II - Superman and Lois Lane in the sack? Are you kidding me? Superman oughta sue for defamation of character! George Reeves and Phyllis Coates would have seizures. This one's cape looks brown half the time - and where's the American flag? How precious to add Messianic symbolism to the affore-mentioned deadbeat with the illegitimate kid. Give me a break! ...more info