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Tracy Anderson Method Presents Dance Cardio Workout DVD
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After working for 10 years to develop my method, I have turned down every opportunity to have it reach the masses - until now. I have figured out an effective way to take everyone on the life-changing journey that my method has to offer. This DVD will help you get the kind of results that I know you never thought were possible. My Dance Cardio DVD is a follow up to last year's Dance Aerobics DVD and it is full of new combinations. It features a break down section so that you can learn the routines at your own pace and you will have the exciting option of following me from the back just as if you were in the class with me. Dance Cardio is the perfect complement to the muscular structure work of the Mat Workout DVD. Take the time to get good at the moves featured in these DVDs and they will be all that you need to be on your way to a life free from wondering if you are doing the "right" exercise to get the body you want.

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Customer Reviews:

  • Wish I had researched this first...
    Can I begin by saying I love aerobics and dance videos. I wish I could say that this was a good purchase, but immediately after putting it on, I regretted it and wanted a refund. It was expensive and I wouldn't have minded that so much if it were do-able. If you are looking for a DVD that you can just put in and start sweating to, this is definitely not the product for you. However, if you have a lot of spare time to learn many choreography moves prior to the actual work out (or are just taking a break from your MTV back-up dancer gig), then definitely order this one. ...more info
  • Su Cooper
    Love Tracy Anderson's style. Didn't love this DVD as much as the Mat Workout. It's really hard to keep up, but with persistance I'm sure it can be done.
    ...more info
    This DVD is not for the weak of heart when it comes to working out!
    Lost 2 inches off my bust, waist and hips in 1 month of doing this combined with the mat 6-7 days a week as she recommends. I was also restricting my diet to 1200 calories a day and eating only fruits, vegetables and nuts.
    It's a great workout but is very intense. I would not recommend the cardio if you have any kind of knee problems as I do not and mine were killing me for the first 3 weeks due to all of the jumping and hopping that you are required to do in all of the combinations of dance.
    If you need to drop weight fast, Tracy will do that for you! She is incredible. ...more info
  • Video only for those that are trained dancers!
    I was so excited when I saw this woman on "Oprah Winfrey;" she transformed Gywneth Paltrow (already amzing body) from a yoga lean to a dancer's long and lithe physique. I was aware the video would be difficult, Gywneth even admits that it was hard learning the routines. Nevertheless, I gave it a try. I should have listened to my instinct. I liked to dance, but only had formal instruction as a child. Before I even attempted the workout, I watched it; within 5 minutes I knew I wasted my money. Don't get me wrong, I think this method works, but there is no way I will ever be able to do her 1 hour combinations, unless Tracy were personally there by my side giving me private lessons in a dance studio. On another note, I think her mat workout is great, but I've had to find other options for cardio. Again, as my subject line reads: Don't waste your money, unless you're a trained dancer!...more info
  • DVD Dance
    To fast paced, although looks to be it would be very good, if I had any dance experience. ...more info
  • The DVD didn't Work
    The DVD didn't even work. Not in any dvd player. It is expensive and if it doesn't work then you have to go through a huge hassel to return it. ...more info
  • Great Workout, but not for the uncoordinated!
    I have no dance background and am rather uncoordinated, so this dvd is a huge challenge for me.

    I'm so glad I do it in the privacy of my own home and not in a gym class, as I just know I look completely ridiculous! I'm constantly messing up the steps and making a huge fool of myself.

    But the point is - it gets my heart pumping and I sure do work up a sweat. I've only learned the first 2 dances and I know this dvd will keep me challenged for many months - probably years to come, so it's fantastic.

    I can't even imagine getting through the entire dvd without resting, but it's given me a goal to work towards.

    I love Tracy's Method and am seeing awesome changes to my body, using her Mat Workout. I highly recommended it.

    ...more info
  • Dance Cardio Workout
    I bought this video after researching it a lot. And what I read is true, it will get your heart pumping. Trouble is if you aren't coordinated and dancing isn't your thing don't buy it. It is all high energy dance routines and it makes you work! You also have to really learn the routines and it takes quite a bit of room in front of your TV, not for the very small living room. Overall I love it, I love to dance and it keeps me from getting totally bored like most other workout videos. It is a great cardio workout and my calves are killing me when I am done. If you like to dance you will like this one, if not skip it....more info
  • Good workout, but not great for an apartment
    This video is physically difficult. I am runner and decided to switch up my workout routine. I have had a hard time getting through the first three songs. The steps take a little while to learn (there is an instructional part first), but it is very difficult to do this dvd unless you have A LOT of room to move around. I live in NYC apartment and even after moving some of my furniture out of my living (which is a decent size), I still find it hard to move adequately enough to do this workout without getting frustrated. It is a great workout if you have the patience to learn the dance moves first and have enough space. I have the mat workout as well and that requires far less space to perform those moves. I have not made any other changes to my exercise routine or diet and people have asked me what I've been doing because I look better. Tracy Anderson knows what she's doing....more info
  • Great workout!
    This is not for the average person. I wish I could say it was because it is a great workout! You really need to have some dance in your background or be extremely patient. She does a very good job at going through the steps though. A little slo-mo on the remote does help....more info
  • Unique, challenging workout
    I love this because it is challenging mentally as well as physically!! For an exercise DVD, this type of workout is long overdue. It is not for uncoordinated people, or those who rely heavily on cues. If you like dancing to music or feel inspired to when you watch dancing with the stars...give this a try!

    The only issue I had with this was footwear. I have wood floors, and trying to do this workout in sneakers caused me to twist my knees. I ordered Bloch dance sneakers and now my movement is continuous/flowing, a much smoother experience =)

    ...more info
  • Great Dance moves, but hard to follow.
    Tracy Anderson Method Presents Dance Cardio Workout: She demonstrates some great dance moves and she breaks down the movements at the beginning, BUT, there are alot of movements and steps. When you get ready to actually put it all together it is hard to follow and remember all the moves, and I thought I was a fairly good dancer and coordinated. However, I love the mat workout DVD....more info
  • Tracy Anderson Dance Cardio Workout
    This workout is a GREAT alternative to mix it up when your regular, old workout starts to get boring. While I still have yet to decide if I agree with all of Tracy's comments like "no lifting over 3 pounds, or you will bulk", I have seen great improvements very quickly with the dance workout. Throw on a heart rate monitor, and you will see that you are burning calories like mad and getting a great cardiovascular workout. Yes, the steps are challenging to learn, but it's such a great feeling of accomplishment when you can finally keep up with her! I didn't think it would be enough to do everyday in terms of cardio, but once you start learning the routines and can play them all the way through, it kicks your butt!...more info
  • Not Recommeded
    I would not recommend this video. The steps are difficult to learn. There are only three dances on the video. Tracy is doing the steps on a wood dance floor, but at home the moves are difficult to execute on carpet. The video format and music are frankly boring......more info
  • Harder than I thought
    I received this dvd in record time all the way up to Alaska. I put it in almost immediatly to find out what I was in for. The first parts of the dvd is Tracy going through choreography for the video. You actually cannot skip this and you shouldn't proceed until you have the dance moves down. The excersise portion of this is the dances put to the music and it's fast paced. I will definitly need to work on the moves for a while before I am able to do the video. Not everything is qued, but it seems easy enough to follow. She includes a lot of ballet moves into the workout along with jazz. I would recommend this video for more advanced workout people and not so much for any beginners or people with two left feet. Also make sure that you have an area that has a smooth surface. My workout area has carpet and it is difficult to do the turns as needed in my gym shoes....more info
  • Wrong DVD in box
    What was supposed to be the dance video was her pregnancy video and it was labeled incorrectly-so you didn't know until you played the dvd....more info
  • Tracy Anderson method - Dance Cardio
    I received the product faster than expected which is good.

    The only feedback I have is that when we buy video products we have an option to see a demonstration. The steps are too hard to follow, for people who has no dancing background are not recommended to buy this. The only benefit I get is to do the warm up exercise....more info