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Cuisinart Chef's Classic Fry Pans
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Product Description

Chef's Classic Stainless Steel cookware is made of mirror-polished 18/10 stainless-steel. 3.5-millimeter-thick aluminum disk sandwiched in the base to ensure fast, even heating. Riveted handles of solid cast stainless-steel. Cool Grip™ stick handles dissipate heat through a V-shaped opening at the pan juncture, and have an opening at the end for hanging. Oven safe to 550 F. Dishwasher-safe. Imported. Limited lifetime warranty.

Product Features
• Constructed from mirror-polished 18/10 stainless-steel for a classic look and easy cleanup
• 4.5-millimeter-thick pure aluminum disk sandwiched in the base to ensure fast, even heating
• Pan rim is tapered to make pouring clean and easy
• Riveted handles are made of solid cast stainless-steel for ultimate durability
• Cool Grip™ stick handle dissipates heat through a V-shaped opening at the pan juncture
• Handle has an opening at the end for hanging
• Oven safe to 550 F
• Freezer safe
• Dishwasher-safe

Customer Reviews:

  • Cuisinart chef's 14 inch open skillet
    Bought as a gift. I thought the bottom would be heavier, but was satisfied with purchase and promptness in receiving it. Receiver of gift was very satisfied....more info
  • Maybe you should save your money
    10-in. stainless open skillet - Cuisinart
    In spite of meticulous attention to directions, and repeated attempts to follow those directions, I am unable to fry ANYthing without sticking! The one item I am successful with are ocean scallops. I must be doing something wrong, but I sure don't know what it is!
    I've just ordered the same size skillet in Calphalon. Non-stick of course!!!...more info
  • Don't know
    Didn't have a chance to use it since I returned it soon as I got it.
    There was a noticeable dent in the rim (lip) of the skillet. The lip is very thin and appears to be easily deformed. Wouldn't recommend this product....more info
  • Not Good
    I've used stainless steel pans for years, and this is not good. I bought this exclusively to cook eggs and omelets and it was a huge disappointment. Even on medium to low temperatures, it burns around the edges and always leaves residual marks from the food. I polished it every single time I used it, with a non-metal pad, but I NEVER ONCE was able to flip an egg. The egg just stuck to the pan like it was bonded with epoxy. After about 3 weeks I just threw it in the garbage (literally), since it did not do what I bought it for - to cook eggs.

    That said, the pan itself is (was) build pretty solid, with good rivets, and a nice weigh and feel, (which is why I gave it 2 stars), but even if used for cooking less temperamental food than eggs, I would not recommend it. It has a funky heat distribution that easily burns and discolors around the sides, and leaves marks from the food each time of use, even at relatively low temperatures. This would have to be polished aggressively after EVERY use, or I'm sure it would quickly turn into a blackened lump of metal.

    ...more info
  • Very nice skillet, well balanced.
    This is great skillet. Being a bit on the short side, I like a big pan that balances against my forearm when lifting. With a large family, I like to cook "big" and do it all in one big pan. It works great. However, I thought in the description it came with a lid. It does not! I will check into it . . ....more info
  • Great for an amateur
    This is a great skillet for an amateur cook. I'm a student who tries to find time to cook for myself and buying a skillet for $40 has made me more willing to throw a steak into the oven or make grilled cheese sandwiches to go with fresh pasta on a cold Fall evening. If you let the pan soak after cooking, things come right off with a sponge.

    This pan is really everything that I could ask for. The 10'' is a perfect size to cook almost anything in a stainless steel pan. I'll likely buy a Cuisinart 12'' non-stick for fried rice and the like.

    My only complaint about the pan is that the packaging is extremely ineffective at preventing damage to the pan. Amazon tried to protect the box with more than enough air packs but I noticed one pinky sized dent in the pan.

    I'm unwilling to return it, however, as I've heard that Amazon will ban users with too many returns and this was more cosmetic than functional damage. After I made my first steak with plastic utensils, however, I noticed two large dents/scratches near the first one. I can't return it now that it's been used and I'm not sure how Cuisinart's policy relates to this type of damage.

    Do yourself a favor and check your pans extremely carefully when they first arrive....more info
  • Blew a rivet off!
    I bought two of these because we have a large family. I had gotten a dutch oven from Cuisinart before and was very satisfied with it. These pans look very nice so I was extremely surprised when one evening my husband and I both heard a loud gunshot in our kitchen and found one of the pans blew a rivet off! I was scared to death! Fortunately I had a splatter screen on, so no one got hurt. I emailed Cuisinart and got no response from them. My husband called them today and they will only replace it if we ship it back to them at our expense. I don't know if it's worth it, it's a heavy pan. If you look at the other rivet on the same pan, you can easily see that that one looks like it's ready to blow off, so I can't use that pan anymore. I'll have to just keep my eye on the other pan....more info
  • excellent pan for the money
    you cant beat it for the money,i like to tose a pount of any kind of pasta in might brown on the sides a bit on high heat if your sautaing,but warm water and soap all you need...more info
  • Takes up a lot of stove top real estate!

    Was looking for the 18/10 stainless rating on the box when I received the pan but it was nowhere to be found. It is prominantly displayed on the other Cuisinart pieces I have ordered so perhaps it is not. Regardless, it is a nice pan with which I can at last cook an entire sheet of chicken pieces at once. One concern was the size of the pan compared to the burner size. The largest burner is about 9 inches in diameter whereas the pan bottom is a full 12 inches. My concern was even heating especially when simmering. Well, I found I just need to adjust the burner a little higher than I was used to and stir things up a little more often to ensure the center doesn't get over heated. I am using a glass top electric BTW. Would definately recommend. Oh, since there is no top I use a lid to a large electric wok I have. It just happens to fit. If you need to know the pan is a litle over 14 inches at the very top diameter. ...more info
  • Skillet
    This is a LARGE and I mean LARGE skillet - was bigger than I was thinking but if you need to saute large quantity - this will certainly fill the bill. Very nice heat distribution....more info
  • Great pan but NO LID
    I like this pan a lot, but since I don't have the set, bought it singly, there is no lid, and no apparent way to purchase one either. Very frustrating....more info
  • A little smaller than I expected!!
    A little smaller than I expected, but it still look nice and good.
    I find that often food will stick even if i use a lot of oil. Hrmm..not sure why.
    I bought this together with Cuisinart Chef's Classic Nonstick Hard-Anodized 12", and I like the non-stick more. The reason is use less oil and dont have to wash after used. ...more info
  • fantastic product-i recommend!
    I love the Cuisinart Classic Stainless steel 12 inch open skillet. I have been using it almost daily since it was delivered. GREAT pan. It heats food up much quicker than with an ordinary skillet. I used to have the 10 inch skillets and the 12 inch really makes a difference. More room in the pan and it makes cooking alot easier!
    The pan is very easy to clean. I love the added feature of the "helper handle". The pan is very well made!
    The only thing is, you need to use a silicone or teflon coated spatula or spoon , otherwise it will scratch the skillet. You just have to read the instructions about it before using. I have had no problem with it.
    I definitely recommend it! ...more info
  • Good pan for the money
    I needed a larger skillet and boy, is this pan big! It actually covers the 11 inch burner on my new range! It gives you plenty of room to cook in. It is not as thick as some other pans and you have to watch it carefully to make sure the food doesn't burn. It is also hard to store due to its size. But the price ($39.99) on makes it a great value! ...more info
  • Pan sticks
    Inexpensive. Nice looking. Convenient size. Pan sticks, however, and that is the reason for 3 stars. Perhaps it is me, but on my glass-top stove, the pan stuck when I tried simple egg-frying. Not sure what I could do differently - pretty simple operation. I have the 14" (great size) and it is beginning to stick too. I have the covered 10" and it is an excellent pan and very nice looking and, for some reason, does not stick....more info
  • 14 inch skillet is bigger than advertised
    We measured the thing and it is bigger than 14" in diameter at the top, and 14" at the base. Note that the product description says 13.5". The pan was so big, that we weren't able to use the 2 adjacent burners simultaneously, and had some difficulty with the 3rd burner. I suppose we should have measured our stove top before buying this pan. We usually buy Calphalon pans, and those pans usually measure just under the advertised diameter at the top. So beware of brand differences--we had to return our Cuisinart pan....more info
  • 8 inch skillet
    Beautiful skillet, cleans well, heats quickly and evenly. It is perfect for omelets. The surface cleans nicely. I was tired of non-stick surfaces scratching and needing to be replaced. I am going to purchase more of the Cuisinart stainless products. ...more info
  • Only Way to Go
    Get pan. This is the only way to go - quality stainless steal. Use it, soak it, rub it, slap it in the dishwasher. Rub metal on it. Can't hurt it. I only cook stove top this way now. Will never be fooled into buying those coated pans. ...more info
  • This thing is HUGE
    I haven't cooked with this pan yet, but it is absolutely HUGE. Probably waaaay too big for me. It literally covers at least 1/3 of my stove. Not 1/3 of a burner, 1/3 of the stove. If my stove was any smaller, it could use two burners. Just a note to those who have average or small stoves, since it didn't even cross my mind.

    But it is the best looking pan I have ever had, maybe it is supposed to be a decoration or something?...more info
  • Good Value
    This is a nice pan for the price. It's big enough to saute dinner for four. It produced a nice brown crust on my food....more info
  • For the price it's not bad
    I purchased this product hoping to replace my existing non-stick pan that I exclusively use to cook eggs. My old pan was showing its age and figured I needed to replace it. Plus sub $20 pricing point was the key to pull the trigger on this purchase.
    First of all, the design/look of the pan is absolutely beautiful. However, after trying to cook egg on this pan, I must say that I was dissapointed. My eggs would easily stick to this pan so needless to say it ended up as scrambled eggs instead. Now I use pan very sparringly when I need to stir fry vegetables. ...more info
  • Terrific addition to cookware.
    I purchased this skillet as a gift for my daughter, to replace one she had 'worn out'. She was quite pleased with the overall performance in cooking, but she was especially happy with the configuration of the handles on each side. So much easier, and safer when handling cooked food. I would recommend it to anyone; for price, convenience, and ease in cleaning....more info
  • Love it!
    This pan is a good size - not too big or too small. You have remember to use low heat for easy cleanup. Great for browning meat....more info
  • Cuisinart Chef's Classic Skillet
    Good quality for the special price. If you want it to be non-stick, do not use high heat....more info
  • Great big skillet
    A fabulous skillet at an amazing price. The large diameter and tall sides let you cook large quantities of food. It heats evenly, presumably because it's heavy -- it weighs 4 lbs., while my 12" All-Clad weighs 3 lbs., which means they're about the same weight proportional to area. And it's even beautiful....more info
  • Great big skillet
    We moved from an electric range to an area where everyone cooks with gas, and we wanted to take advantage of the ability to use skillets over 10". This 14" Cuisinart skillet has aluminum cladding on the outside that distributes the heat pretty evenly. The handle stays cool, and the second handle is very usful for shifting a large batch of meat to the pot after browning. We find it reasonably easy to clean, even after a messy batch of scrambled eggs.

    The skillet really feels big - it has twice the surface area of our 10" Cuisinart, which we are also very happy with. You can easily brown a pound of meat without the liquid from the meat turning the whole thing into a stew. We are very pleased....more info
  • Cusinart Stainless Cookware
    I expected this cookware to be pretty good... I am disappointed... The saute pans scorch, and are hard to clean. VERY unimpressed. Expected the quality of Cuisinart cookware to be much better. ...more info
  • Big pan
    I haven't actually used this pan yet, but I expect it will perform nicely when I do (I also ordered a 12" Cuisinart pan that is wonderful). I didn't realized how big a 14" pan is, but, let me assure you, it is HUGE. It's actually a little too large for my ceramic top stove, but I think I can make it work. If you have a normal-sized electric stove, a 12" pan is plenty large enough. I think this one would be better for a gas stove....more info
  • A little disappointing
    After owning and using many of this brand's products, I was a bit disappointed in the quality of this particular item....more info
  • Great line of stainless pans
    I am ordering piece by piece all of the Cuisinart Chef's Classic stainless steel pans and none have disappointed. What a fantastic price compared to its competitors. Solid, quality, flawless products. The 12" skillet is large and almost too pretty to cook in! The domed lid from my everyday pan fits this fry pan. ...more info
  • large skillet
    Beautiful skillet! I purchased this but returned it because it was just too big for my stove. I ordered the 12 inch one instead because these are beautiful, not too heavy, heat evenly and clean up like new. It has tall enough sides. If I had a stove with a little larger heating element I would have kept this size. ...more info
  • Put a Lid on it !
    I love the quality & size of my new 14" pan .....BUT I really hate it when a pot does not come with a lid! I called the company to encourage them to make a 14" lid. No response so far but they said they'd take note of it?...more info