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Caselogic BUA10 Ultra Portable 7-Inch - 10-Inch Laptop Attache (Black)
List Price: $29.99

Our Price: $20.52

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Product Description

PRODUCT FEATURES:Slimline case compatible with 7-10" ultra-portable PCsCasual, soft-sided styling provides an alternative to the "typical" laptop attacheInternal Smart Organization pockets provide a place for your USB, blackberry or other electronicsExternal Speed Pocket - magnetic, quick-access pocket for your power brick or accessoriesRemovable, adjustable shoulder strap and padded handles

  • Slimline case compatible with 7-10" ultra-portable PCs
  • Casual, soft-sided styling provides an alternative to the "typical" laptop attach¨¦
  • Internal Smart Organization pockets provide a place for your USB, blackberry or other electronics
  • External Speed Pocket - magnetic, quick-access pocket for your power brick or accessories
  • Removable, adjustable shoulder strap and padded handles

Customer Reviews:

  • The best netbook case I've found
    This is the best netbook case I've found. Most of the other products in this category seem to forget the inevitable slew of accessories and junk that accompany a laptop. This has a large front pocket and several internal pockets, and holds my 1000HE, its power brick, a bluetooth mouse, and a USB cell modem. Nothing else I've seen has enough space.

    The build quality feels solid. Its fabric is lightweight by feels very strong, and the hardware feels like it could hold something that weighed 10 times as much.

    My only complaint is the magnetic closure on the outside pockets. Magnets haven't been a major problem to hard drives in years, but I still make sure my netbook's hard drive faces away from the front. ...more info
  • excellent purchase
    I purchased this bag for my Acer Aspire One and have not been disappointed. The computer fits well and I have room for my mouse and power supply. This is a well made bag and should last a long time.
    My only dislike is the magnetic catch for the outside pouch will not close with the power supply inside. I would recomend this for anyone who needs a bag for their one....more info
  • Excellent Bag
    I purchased this bag after searching high and low for the "Perfect Bag".
    This bag is just what I wanted, something more vertical than horizontal. I will be using this for my Dell Mini 9 and it fits perfectly. The outer pocket holds the ac adapter and the inside pocket holds my wireless mouse. The bag is well constructed, nicely padded. I think I will also have room when I purchase my external optical dvd drive. I love this bag!!! Case Logic always seem to have the product I need. I highly recommend this for those who have net books....more info
  • Great 10" netbook bag!
    Excellent - exactly what I needed and what was advertised! It is a bit tight for a 10" netbook with all the accessories, but perfect for travel without the cords....more info
  • Excelent Protection, affordable price
    The case is very good quality and looks very nice. It fits my Asus netbook (10 inch screen) perfectly. If you need to carry your computer around all day (like most netbook users)this is a good choice. Four star rating for these minor drawbacks.
    1. No room for power adapter (It would be really nice to have a separate compartment for the power adapter) It wont fit in the main compartment (and if it would i dont think it would be a good idea to place it there) and it doesn't fit in the front pocket either. It wont close.
    2. The notebook compartiment should not contain any accessory pockets to avoid risk of scratching the computer.
    If you plan to carry just the computer or just get a better protection than the one the included sleeve provides this is a great choice. If you plan to carry lots of other items, you should look for other options like the Geno Laptop messeger bag or if you prefer something with more style look at the Solo TCA511-4 Tech Collection Netbook Mini Instant Messenger Bag (Black)...more info
  • Tight fit for the NC10
    I found this bag to be a little too tight for my Samsung NC10. I want to keep the Samsung-supplied sleeve on my netbook to offer further protection from scratches. However, with this sleeve on, it makes it difficult to close the zipper. Putting my notebook mouse into the inside pouch makes it even more difficult to close the zipper and causes a bulge on the inner side of the bag. I have resorted to putting the mouse and power supply into the outer pouch, but they are too much for the pouch, with the power cables sticking out of the top. The magnet that keeps the outside pouch closed doesn't do any good because the power supply and cables are just too large for the pouch. I'll try winding up the cables neater, but it shouldn't take me more than a few seconds to stow the laptop and its accouterments. This bag does get bonus points for the shoulder strap. The BUA10 does the job of carrying my NC10, power supply, and mouse, but not as well as I had hoped. I'll keep using this case until I find something else that is compact but large enough to stow a mouse and power supply inside the case.

    Edit 3/16/2009: With use, the NC10 seems to fit into the bag easier than when I initially got the bag. Just like how a new pair of shoes eventually gets broken-in. It is no longer difficult to get the zipper to close when the NC10 is in its carrying case inside the BUA10....more info
  • Great Case for Netrbooks
    I was tired of lugging my old 17" lap top around on trips, so I bought an hp mini 1000. This great little netbook needed a compact case to carry it around in. The Caselogic 7x10 is perfect. It comfortably holds the 10" screen mini, and the little outside pocket is just big enough to hold the power supply. The only negative might be the magnetic clasp for the outer pouch. In a perfect world it would have a better closure. The case appears very well constructed of tough material, its adequately padded, has hand grips and an adjustable shoulder strap....more info
  • Great case for netbooks
    This is a great case for my HP2140 netbook. Well padded with ample room for my netbook mouse and bluetooth headphones. Exterior fabric looks and feels durable. Very comfortable slung over the shoulder. Would have preferred leather but extensive searching found no such product. I guess netbooks will have to have a greater market foothold before a leather version appears....more info
  • Caselogic Netbook case
    I bought this case for my Samsung nc-10 netbook. It fits perfectly. The case is very well made and seems like it will protect my 10.2 inch netbook for years to come! The power-brick magnetic compartment on the front of the case is very well thought out. There is a smaller pouch on the inside that can store flash drives and a wireless mouse. Even comes with a removable shoulder strap. The best case i've seen for a netbook. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Best Netbook Bag
    I have a 9" and a 10" Asus Netbook and looked a long time for the perfect carrying case for the 10". The 9" has a much smaller case and will fit in a jacket pocket, but the 10" will not. I tried sleeves, but they will not fit anything other than the computer. On the otherhand, the Caselogic will carry a small mouse and the charger comfortably. It is very well thought out and for my money the best case for this size computer.
    ...more info
  • As sleek as it gets.
    I'm carrying the Asus 1000 in this bag and it fits perfectly. It has just the right amount of padding and can be carried alone or slips nicely into my old Eagle Creek day tour. It came to a choice between this or the Sumdex, which was a bit cheaper but the Sumdex was too roomy for the netbook and not as nice IMHO.

    If your looking for sleek and minimal this is a big improvement over the neoprene but the cost is at a premium for sure. You get what you pay for....more info
  • fits hp mini 2140 w/ 6-cell battery (room to spare!)
    When I comparison shopped for neoprene sleeves vs. other options, this bag stood out since it is priced reasonably close to the same cost as the simple neoprene sleeves by other companies (e.g. Tucano). The slim form factor of this case keeps it ideal for its primary purpose of storing the netbook inside other bags, but works just fine outside on its own too!

    The volume of the bag is actually perfect to accommodate the HP 2140 with its protruding 6-cell battery, so it's ideal. A bluetooth mouse fits in the inside pocket and rests under L-shaped battery protrusion just fine.

    I'm a bit leery of the magnet in the outer pocket clasp... magnets are never a nice thing around storage media or other electronics. At worst, I will just cut it out and replace with some velcro or something later....more info