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Garmin 010-10816-00 City Navigator North America NT DVD
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Product Description

With nearly 6 million points of interest and detailed road coverage for the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico, City Navigator North America NT delivers all the data you need to navigate North America on DVD. City Navigator brings you the most detailed street maps available so you can navigate with exact, turn-by-turn directions to any address or intersection. You can also route to restaurants, gas stations, hotels, attractions and more. Powered by NAVTEQ, a world leader in premium-quality digital map data. Contains traffic data for compatible Garmin devices that use traffic receivers Enhances pronunciation data for compatible Garmin devices that speak street names (example - Turn right on Main Street.) Includes MapSource, computer software that lets you plan trips on your computer and transfer waypoints, routes and tracks between your computer and your Garmin device System Requirements - Windows XP SP2 or newer; Intel-based Mac or PowerPC G4 or later OS X 10.4 or later (Mac) 1 GB RAM At least 1024 x 768 display 24-bit color monitor 2 GB free disk space USB port DVD drive

  • Displays nearly 6 million points of interest - hotels, restaurants, parking, entertainment, fuel, shopping and more
  • Includes highways, interstates, business and residential roads in metropolitan and rural areas
  • Includes detailed information such as turn restrictions, roundabout guidance, speed categories and other navigation features
  • Gives turn-by-turn directions on your compatible Garmin device
  • Includes postal code support for Canada

Customer Reviews:

  • Does what it should
    I've seen some gripes about this product. To me is seems easy to use. Unlocking was fairly smooth. After that I was able to load the entire US map on a 2GB SD card (it takes a bit over 1GB so there's plenty of room left). After that I can find just about anything I need nearby from my eTrex Legend HCx....more info
  • Ciao America!
    Well, I'm an Italian guy moving to the US to join my wife who was already here. Everything is new for me, especially streets, highways and towns. I'll start scheduling appointments for interviews around, in my area (New Jersey and New York). That's why I bought this product: I already own a Garmin Nuvi 360 with European maps preloaded. It's more or less everything you need to reach a place, so why not continue to use it also here in the US? Currently I've not tested it US-wide, but my area is covered in a really detailed way. I love Garmin. ...more info
  • Garmin City Nav NT
    This product works wonderful, is extremely easy to use and has helped quite often to aid in various navigational settings and has never reported an erroneous location.
    ...more info
  • Map update program better than I expected
    Garmin Map Update 2008 City Navigator for North America NT (010-10989-00 and 010-10989-50) As I read the other reviews I expected to have trouble with this program and I did. You must have all info with you and expect to call then for help. The help line was helpful as if they had this type of problems all the time. There software protection is extreme to the point that it will bring in the program hackers. The upgrade worked and my unit is much better than it was. The errors I have seen so far have been small ones. This is a good upgrade for an older unit. Unlock code only good for one unit upgrade. I now have three different Garmin units that I use. With the price of the upgrade (Close to the cost of some new units) and it is only good for one of my units I will be looking into buying a different brand next time.
    Prof. Gadget...more info
  • Garmin N.A. maps
    The maps are great. There are two things that prevent me from giving the a 5 star rating. First you are only licensed to put this software on one garmin GPS device. That means you would have to buy two copies if you wanted it for your hand held and for your car unit. The second problem is that every few years you have to dish out for a new set of maps....more info
  • Bob,TN
    I have to learn how to use it, to get the most out of it...more info
  • very useful
    This map kit is very useful for the handheld Garmin's. Takes a very long time to send through the usb, over 2 hours to transfer 1.3 Gb. The whole DVD will not fit on the largest microSD you can use, which is 2Gb...more info
  • Over priced and still missing 10 year old data
    This item is very expensive and only allows use on one(1) gps unit! I bought this to go with my Rino's and was very disappointed in the fact that I had to spend another $100+ to get maps, then to find out that it only works and 1 GPS and I had to spend another $100+ to get the second one installed was not fun.
    Once installed it doesn't have basic streets in my area that have been around for over 10 years! All in all I wish I could get a refund....more info
  • Too bad it's the only option for South America
    It seems that if you need maps for Peru and Ecuador, this is your only choice, The coverage is only so-so and there is little city detail. These maps are locked to the PC and MAC users beware. If you have a PC and a MAC, you can convert the maps to be readable on the MAC but you need a PC with internet access to do this. And by the way, your PC had better be running XP or Vista. Windows 2000 may work but 98, 98SE do not....more info
  • what you might expect
    Yep, it maps that work with the Garmin just as expected. I was a little surprised about all of the hoops that are necessary to jump through to get the thing "unlocked" but it worked as it was supposed to.

    Another surprise is that you can use it only on one of your Garmin GPSs. You might think that if you buy multiple Garmin GPSs that you might not have to buy multiple map updates (one for each GPS)...not the case.

    Otherwise an ok product....more info
  • Garmin 2007 City Navigator
    Our family purchased the Garmin 2007 City Navigator for a trip to Florida. The maps were easy to download to our Garmin eTrex Legend HCx. We used the maps in cities we were unfamiliar with. We were very happy with the routes selected. If we chose not to follow a route in order to explore an area, the route updated quickly and accurately. ...more info
  • Garmin City Navigator NA DVD
    The DVD Product is perfect as delivered which is the out of date 2008 version. It was advertised as the Current Map Set with the 2009 Map Set Garmin Part Number. Disappointed in the accuracy and therefore the price....more info
  • Very Pleased with City Navigator NT 2008
    I have been debating for a long time on whether to purchase the City Navigator NT for my Garmin GPS 76CSX unit. I have Topo 2008 on my unit already and it has worked well. I read several reviews from people who have problems installing the City Navigator and also having it take hours to install as it did with one of the guys I work with. I bought it anyway and decided to give it a try. It only took about one and a half hours to install and it works very well....more info
  • Don't buy if you want current maps
    Do not buy this item if you want current maps. I just purchased this item from (at a higher price of course). This is a 2008 version of the City Navigator maps. The Amazon listing does not mention this fact. There is a 2009 version of the maps. Amazon should not even be selling this version. Garmin wants to charge me for an updated cd and of course wants to charge shipping and tax as well. Can you spell rip off....more info
  • Great detail
    You need this for your Garmin GPS. The detail is great, shows every small road and even sometimes just ruts....more info
  • Overall, I'm satisfied ...
    I was hesitant to purchase this software given some of the negative reviews, but after owning/using it for about a week on my Colorado 300, I'm satisfied with its performance. I placed my order 4 January 2009. The version shipped by was the 2009 version - says so right on the packaging. The install process was neither complicated or draconian - I was NEVER prompted to enter any personal information to unlock the software, and had it installed and running in less than 15 minutes. The product code is no longer buried in the packaging - mine was on a bright green label attached to the dvd case.

    I used it to plan a recent trip to northern Minnesota. I've never used any gps mapping software before, so it did take me some time to learn how to plan and use routes, waypoints, and points of interest efficiently. Since I'm a new user, I believe the learning curve was entirely appropriate and quite manageable. Like any software, it does not have human intuition. So, for instance, it will plot the shortest route by time or distance, without consideration for winter driving conditions or road construction. To that end, you'll still need to be able to read a map and make decisions on the fly. Still, I found it to be a useful navigational tool whose maps and POI's are 97% accurate in my experience....more info
  • Good product
    This is a good mapping program but one has to remember if you are buying this you are purchasing it for a secondary use to your field GPS. Meaning if you want a GPS for your car look at the Garmin Nuvis. It does exactly what it is designed to do. Good product!...more info
  • Excellent Software
    The software installed easily on my computer and I was able to unlock the maps with no problems. There was a Mapsource update available and it downloaded and installed without a hitch. An update is available for City Navigator North America NT. Due to the date of purchase I had for the full version, Garmin is sending the update DVD at no charge and is waiving the standard $75 update fee. This is the exact same thing Garmin did when an update was released shortly after I purchased the City Select v6 software and a v7 update was released shortly after. All of this was taken care of quickly and without any hassle.

    The amount of time it took to download the maps to my GPS unit was much faster than the download time required when I was using the City Select v7 software. The City Select v7 software was non-NT and took up about 1.8 GB of space resulting in a download time of a little over 2.5 hours. The City Navigator North America NT maps are just under 1 GB and the download only lasted about 1.5 hours.

    I am completely satisfied with City Navigator North America NT. The main areas where I travel have been updated and are much more current than my previous City Select v7 software. ...more info
  • World Map review
    I used the Garmin Mapsource Worldmap in Cameroon, Africa. It was a blessing to have and compare with printed maps available. We always knew where we were, which made us feel good. The maps are off a little bit from where the GPS thought we were (less than 1/2 a mile at most) and some roads were different, but given the conditions in Cameroon everyone on the trip was extremely happy we had the Garmin 60Csx and the worldmap loaded and operating at all times....more info
  • Unlocking is a nightmare
    As others have said, the shipped product is V9 for 2008. Attempting to install City Navigator NT North America V9 places only the locked map into your existing MapSource. Now the nightmare begins.

    CTRL-U from MapSource brings up the unlock wizard. The only option it gives is to go online. The Garmin website it takes you to is a swamp of circular steps and silently failing scripts.

    Into this morass I tried to invoke the arcane codes it required. Unfortunately, you don't know what codes to use? Does Garmin mean the GPS serial number or the City Navigator serial number? What in tarnation is the "product code"? And where is this magic "unlock certificate" with a six letter secret code?

    I finally located the certificate hidden in the massive, and tough, plastic outer packaging.

    Entering this, the Garmin website refreshed but seemingly did nothing. Hello? Meanwhile, MapSource just sat there telling me that V9 was locked.

    Navigating the Garmin site to MyMaps, I retrieve all maps for my GPS, to discover the worse-than-useless Garmin site just applied my new certificate to an old City Navigator V7 that I had.

    So Garmin stole my money. They won't do a thing to rectify the problem.

    If a software developer with 24 years of experience can't get this poorly implemented unlocking crap to work, what chance do you have?...more info
  • Super accurate maps of Podunk
    This software is great for traveling over the road or in the woods. The maps are incredibly detailed and accurate. The auto-routing functions work great in the urban areas. (In rural areas it gives some kind of crazy directions) No major issues and it loads easily onto my e-trex Vista.

    Downside.....You must use the lock on road function when navigating over the road. Otherwise it will show you out in the middle of fields on rare occasions.

    Save your money on the Garmin Topo map and buy this guy. I tried them both, and this mapping software beats the pants off Topo 24K....more info
  • Decent update, bought it to update my basemap.
    The user functions are ok, not quite like using a google map. Wish it had topo!!! Cuold really use it with bike trails and routes. ...more info
  • What Garmin GPS Units SHOULD Ship With
    If Garmin sold their GPS systems & advertised that they did not come with software, & that software to make the GPS unit functional would cost you an additional $100.00, they probably wouldn't be in business very long. Thus, when you buy a Garmin handheld GPS unit they provide you with "base maps"... which are utterly useless for anything other than nagivating your way across North America on interstates. To make your Garmin handheld GPS functional, you really do need to purchase this $100 add-on.

    Once you get it installed, your GPS unit is fairly functional. But getting there can be a bit of a challenge for those of us who are not rocket scientists (I only have a Ph.D.). But a phone call to Garmin tech support resulted in a very friendly, very knowledgeable individual who was able to step me through the process of getting the maps loaded properly onto my GPS. The call-wait time was under a minute, which pleasantly shocked me.

    The documentation provided is, as is typical of the industry, somewhat sparse, and so you will need to commit a few hours of playing around and exploring your system to become proficient with it. Once you add this software & get it all working, you'll be pleased with the quality of the Garmin handheld....more info
  • Swell
    A good product, just a little bit overpriced, especially after you just buy a device....more info
  • Garmin rips off customers again
    Bottom line: Do not buy this product to update last years version unless you got a new gps and need a new unlock. You will not get anything new out of it. Garmin's maps are the worst at this kind of stuff. I really cant wait til Google releases full maps for gps units, i know there are mods, but you know what i mean. Someone needs to come in and kick Garmin in it's rear and give it a reality check....more info
  • Not much better than Basemap
    This adds very little detail over the Trip and Waypoint manager basemap. Added are some city names, topo lines, railroad tracks, small waterways, and obscure airports. I have not seen additional roadways and would not have purchased if I knew there would be no more road detail. Often in Latin America, the roads are incorrectly placed, making marked road tracking difficult. Standard Garmin Quality, which I have come to appreciate....more info
  • Don't Buy Garmin
    I bought a Garmin GPSmap 76CSx for bicycle touring, along with the MetroGuide USA map navigation software for building routes -- but the GPSmap wouldn't follow the routes I created using the MetroGuide software (among other things, it wanted me to bicycle across the Hudson River on water). When I spoke with Garmin, they told me that I needed City Navigator and not MetroGuide, so I bought City Navigator.

    It doesn't work any better than the MetroGuide did. On a recent trip, after carefully laying out a route on local roads in City Navigator and downloading it to the GPS, the GPS ignored the route I had downloaded and tried to get me ride a bike on Interstate 95. ...more info
  • Great Maps, High Price
    I received a Garmin eTrex Legend HCx GPS for Christmas (for my Geocaching habit), and I wanted to be able to use it for directions when I travel. For the price of the GPS and this map software, I could have bought a nice TomTom 720 GPS. The Garmin software doesn't seem to allow me to edit for roads that have been closed, but the TomTom does. The most frustrating thing about the software is that Garmin locks it to a single GPS unit. If I upgrade to a newer GPS (or if it breaks), I can't move my $120 maps to it. Grrr....more info
  • Thanks for the good service
    The service was very good and quick. The company will hear from me again when the new City Navigator comes out.
    ...more info
  • Works well for me
    I bought this map for my eTrec Legend HCx so that I could plan cross country auto trips. I have only used it for one short trip but it performed well. Routing could be a bit more straight forward.

    I must agree that the unlocking and installation is very aggravating who are they trying to protect it from, the CIA cipher division?

    I will update this review after a 2500 mile trip this spring.
    ...more info
  • You can find anything...
    BOught this to add onto my Garmin hand held GPS, and it goes into detail as a true street navigator. You can look up and mark any address you want now and put it in your GPS to help you along the way....more info
  • Nice software but a bit pricey
    I add this software to my Gps and it went very smoothly. I put in a 2GB chip and it filled half of it. The program works great but I have found that it is missing some streets and does tell you to take the wrong route some of the time...more info