Rayovac Sportsman LED Headlight (Pack of 2)
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Product Description

The Rayovac SPHLTLED 3-in-1 LED Head-Lite features three different lights -- a red LED for nightvision, a white LED for close range, and a long-range Krypton beam. The hands-free design and water-resistant construction make this a great headlamp choice for any outdoors enthusiast. Built for comfort with an adjustable headband, the SPHLTED is suited for almost any head size. This lightweight headlamp never needs replacement bulbs, and it can run for up to 200 hours on three AAA batteries (not included).

Customer Reviews:

  • not bad for the price
    I took one of these camping a couple weeks ago, so here is my opinion of it.
    The headband and batteries were simple and easy to install, I didn't even use the instructions.

    It was great for use around the campsite, for reading, and walking to the bathroom, but if you want something bright for hiking at night you'll want something more powerful as this only has 1 white LED which is only good for up close use and the regular bulb is like a focused beam on a mini Mag lite and it's only good at a distance.

    The controls are easy to learn and use, but they are a little tight so it takes both hands to turn it on and off.
    The headband is a little tight for me so I don't think it would be comfortable to wear for long periods of time.
    It's a little heavy with the batteries right behind the light. The headlamps with the battery pack on the back of your head is probably more comfortable.

    All things considered this is a great product for the price, but I'll be buying something brighter and more comfortable for hiking Half Dome at night next year....more info
  • Very Pleased with these lights
    From the time I received these headlights, I have been very pleased with them. Within the first few days of having them, one of my dogs escaped from my backyard. Needless to say, I was really glad that I had just purchased these headlights. I was pleasantly surprised by the light provided by the main flashlight component when I went outside to hunt for my dog in the middle of the night.

    I had already been pleased with this product concerning the main reason I made the purchase. I mainly use the white/blue LED light to work on my many consumer electronics and computers that I have around the house for a hobby. The headband allows me to have both hands free while I have ample light to see what I am doing. This is also great for getting light into those difficult places like the back of tv and dvd player to see for correct wiring. Additionally, the red LED light has already come in handy for working on an item in the room where my wife had already gone to bed. It gave me plenty of light to do the job, but it also kept the lighting to a level that was not intrusive to my wife.

    The headbands do a fine job. I have a pretty big melon on my shoulders, but I have no problems with the headband when adjusted to a maximum size.

    Lastly, this Rayovac product made such an impression on me that I went ahead and purchased some Rayovac rechargeable batteries to use in these lights when the included batteries finally become exhausted. ...more info
  • Better than expected
    Excelent product! Bought these last month fot our river running trip and we are very pleased with them. The straps are adjustable and easily put together. The headlamp has a clever system to adjust the light beam to different height levels so you can aim the light at what you are doing, like walking, cooking or reading. The three light modes are a plus. Other campers in our group appreciated the fact that we used the night vision mode, the red beam, and we were not blinding them with a regular white beam. I could not comment on battery life since I've only used the headlamp on on camping trip, but I expect it to be good. The only problem I had was getting used to the on/off control, which is a turn knob, and I turned it the wrong way a few times until I learned to turn it right. Very satisfied with this product and the price was right!...more info
  • great pair of lights for the money
    i was very highly pleased with these lights when i received them..the leds are great for long use for things like camping and fishing and the spotlight is great when you need a real bright light for anything. i would highly recommend this light to anyone....more info
  • better than expected
    wanted a light and simple headlamp for 2 daughters - 7 and 5 and this is perfect. Middle strap makes it easy to keep on their head. 3 lights are cool. They use them to read in bed. Well worth the money....more info
  • Awesome Product
    Have used this headlamp in overnight sailing races. The red light makes it nice as you don't lose your night vision. Also used it quite a bit on an island off the coast of Honduras. They didn't have power on the island for the whole time we were there so it made making your way around at night easy. Great buy!...more info
  • nice head set
    There are certainly brighter ones out there - but this product is fantastic. Wife and I used them in some lava tubes in Hawaii on vacation and they were fantastic to have. Quality is there, but do not expect a "heavens light" to blind airplanes with. I would reccommend ...more info
  • Economic, Easy to assemble and Easy to use
    Very cost efficient and compact, this was a great purchase. I read the instructions once and put the thing together in less than two minutes. I used it without a single issue these past two months and haven't regretted my choice once. The head band isn't restricting and rests comfortably on your head with a little pad on the back of the light itself to cushion the plastic on your forehead, making it comfy for even hours at a time. The head moves up and down to adjust the angle at which the light shines, and the light's 3 functions are each great, though i had minimal need for the third setting. Only complaints are that my forehead had one sweaty rectangle, a little matted hair, and I looked as ridiculous as all my companions in similarly ridiculous looking head lamps....more info
  • useful
    the white led it's some kind of dim but enough the red one it's very very useful...more info
  • excellent product
    I bought this based on the excellent reviews it received from previous buyers, and I must concur. It's really a great product. The light output and battery life are very, very good.
    It's true, it does take some studying to figure out how to assemble the elastic headband & insert the batteries, but it's very do-able. I would definitely recommend this headlamp.
    ...more info
  • Far Better Than Expected.
    Living in Florida, I bought this unit as part of my hurricane season ramp-up. It's just what I wanted and needed.

    I was amazed at the quality of the product; and the quality and quality of light produced in all three modes -- especially the red light. For it's size it's really bright and well concentrated.

    The only "down side" is the straps: it took me a while to figure out how they are attached, etc., because there are no real instructions with this unit. However, I got past my "senior moments" and all is well....more info
  • Best headlamp for the price (by far!)
    I now own three (two are spares), and have purchased a few for friends as well. This headlamp has three light settings: red LED (which I use the most: great for behavioral observations of nocturnal animals, and preserving your night vision), white LED, and the bright Krypton bulb. It runs on three AAA batteries (NiMH rechargeables work fine!). I've used my headlamp for months of field work (I study scorpions, and work all night, so this headlamp has gotten a lot of field testing). No problems so far. It's comparable to headlamps the sporting goods stores sell for four or five times as much. While likely not waterproof, this headlamp is definitely water-resistant (ok to use in the rain). I love it, and may never need another headlamp again. Though Amazon currently sells them as a "pack of 2", they are packaged individually, and each one comes with 3 alkaline batteries....more info
  • My favorite headlamp
    I have three types of headlamps and I like this one the most.

    Here is why: 1) it's cheap, 2) it runs a long time on three AAA batteries, and 3) the red light is awesome.

    You can use the red light and still keep your "night vision". I use it to read in bed becasue it is not as visible or distracting to others as a white light.

    My only problem with it is that the knobs are a little confusing, even after two years of use. I often have to twist twice to get the right setting. And I'm usually good at that stuff!...more info
  • The best headlight made for the price
    NASA may make a better one but for the price of this one, get it if you need it! I use mine surf fishing the RI coast. It takes a beating, is waterproof (as much as anything is in saltwater) and lasts for many hours using the red or white led's. The krypton bulb uses up the battery faster but I rarely ever use it. I have been using headlamps for almost 20 years and this is the best ever (AND the lowest price!)....more info