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Polar FT80 Heart Rate Monitor Watch (Black)
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Product Description

Dedication best describes those who are seriously into their training. FT80 is the most dedicated training partner for the most devoted fitness enthusiasts.

This intelligent training computer helps you achieve maximum efficiency and reach your workout targets for both cardio and strength training, plus its stylish design is comfortable during a hot workout or in everyday use. Innovative Strength training guidance feature helps you have a fitter body. New Polar STAR training program gives you weekly training targets, adapts to your training habits to guide you without being too strict and allows you flexibility during the week. Fitness test measures your aerobic fitness at rest in just five minutes. FT80 shows you the calories burned. Number of Exercise Files (with Summaries) - 100 Watch Features - Dual Time Zone Time of Day (12/24h) with Alarm And Snooze Date And Weekday Indicator Low Battery Indicator

If there's one word to describe people who train seriously for athletics, it's dedication. And if there's one heart rate monitor that's dedicated to helping you achieve maximum workout efficiency, it's the Polar FT80. The FT80 starts by checking your daily condition, and then guiding you to the ideal training intensity for your age and fitness level. Knowing your heart rate not only helps you reach your personal fitness goal, but also improves your physical condition in general, as it's vitally important to train at the appropriate intensity level. If you exercise too hard, you may quit before you reach the real benefit, but if you work out too leisurely, you'll struggle to lose weight at all. The FT80 helps overcome these problems by encouraging you to map out a complete fitness routine.

The FT80's intelligent training computer also helps you work toward achieving your exercise goals in other ways. For example, the watch offers a Polar Star personalized training program that adapts to your workout habits. By giving you weekly training targets and providing constant feedback, the watch guides you without being too strict, helping you reach your goals more efficiently. The watch also displays heart rate info in several ways, including as a percentage of your maximum heart rate, as beats per minute, and within a graphical target zone indicator. And should your heart rate exceed or dip below your target zone, the FT80 will sound an alarm that helps you return to form.

Users will also love the variety of proprietary Polar functions, including ZonePointer, Polar Strength Training, and Polar OwnCal modes. The ZonePointer is an audible and visual feature on the display of your FT80 that shows you where your current heart rate sits within your target heart rate zone. The Polar Strength Training mode, meanwhile, helps you optimize your strength training by reading your heart rate and informing you when your body is ready for the next set--an ideal way to optimize your weight training. Finally, the Polar OwnCal mode shows your energy expenditure during one exercise session, as well as your accumulated kilocalories during several exercise sessions. You can also set daily and weekly exercise goals in terms of calorie expenditure, helping you achieve both short-term and long-term goals.

Other watch features include a built-in fitness test that measures your aerobic fitness at rest in just five minutes; a ZoneLock mode that lets you activate a target zone in the midst of training with the press of a button; a Polar OwnZone mode that provides a customized target zone for individual exercise sessions; an OwnCode mode that prevents crosstalk from other heart rate monitors nearby; a recording mode that tracks your average and maximum heart rate, calorie expenditure, distance, and total exercise time, and then puts it in an exercise file (with 100 total files); water resistance to 50 meters; a 12/24-hour clock with a day/week indicator; a built-in backlight; an alarm with a snooze; a low battery indicator; and a Polar FlowLink connection for transferring data between the FT80 and a computer. Sporting an attractive black housing, the watch carries a two-year warranty.

Manufacturer's Warranty
The original purchaser of this heart rate monitor is backed by a limited warranty that states that this product that the product will be free from defects in material or workmanship for two years from the date of purchase.

About Polar
The first EKG accurate wireless heart rate monitor was invented by Polar back in 1977 as a training tool for the Finnish National Cross Country Ski Team. The concept of "intensity training" by heart rate swept the athletic world in the eighties. By the 1990s, individuals were looking to heart rate monitors not only for performance training needs, but also for achieving everyday fitness goals. Today, the same concept of heart rate training is being used by world-class athletes as well as everyday people trying to lose weight. Polar is the leading brand among consumers, coaches, and personal trainers worldwide and the company is committed to not only producing the best products, but also being the leading educator on the benefits of heart rate based exercise.

  • Black heart rate monitor watch with several innovative training features
  • Intelligent training computer helps you achieve maximum workout efficiency
  • Displays heart rate as percentage of maximum, bpm, and within target zone indicator
  • Polar Star personalized training program delivers feedback and weekly training targets
  • Offers ZonePointer and Polar OwnZone modes; water-resistant to 30 meters; 2-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Idea Poor Product
    Actually I purchased the FT 80 from my Gym, where they have been selling great numbers of them. I liked everything about this watch except for one MAJOR PROBLEM. Inside while on any Cardio machine (i.e. treadmill, stepmill etc.) you absolutely cannot see the screen. I was very disappointed because I like evry other aspect of the watch including the computer program and the easy way the information is transferred. Unfortunately, this renders the watch TOTALLY USELESS. My wife is a Doctor of Optometry and she had purchased it for me as a gift. After looking at it, she agreed that the contrast was terrible. Now, I am 59 years old and my eyes are not what they were when I was 25, but I workout 5 to 6 times a week with a personal trainer and still teach at the college level, so I am in pretty good shape for an "old guy", but I simply could not see the screen to read it without stopping, lighting the light and straining to try and read. Even then it was nearly impossible to see. My 30 year old daughter has the same watch and says she can see it but agreed that the contrast is very poor. I returned mine and would not recommend this product unless you try it in normal indoor lighting to see if you can read it. I was sorely disappointed in this product and with Polar for releasing something this poor in performance. I will certainly be very careful before I would ever consider purchasing another of their products. ...more info
  • Great under 3 zones
    I like the product just be aware it only goes to zone 3. Very cool though, definitely ideal to sync up with a computer (not a mac unfortunately). I have ended up using only the very basic functions, so probably could have been fine with a less expensive model, but it is good looking in my opinion. ...more info
  • Great Product! Worth it weight in gold. 5 star product...purchase is lower due to getting a bad reciever.
    This is an exceptional product. Works great. I owned the F55 for about 4 months before upgrading. It is also excellent. I can't say enough good things about these products. I am not a runner...I am an avid fitness person that needed to lose weight after my wife's 1st baby. So let me share a little:

    I am 34, 6'3" and 255 pounds with body fat percentage of around 34%. I bought these watches and began working out. I had started just doing cardio for an hour a day. I used the watch to monitor my intensity. Now I am 205 pounds and 17 percent bodyfat. I have added lifting to my workout but haven't bothered with doing anything online by added exercises ect. I just set it on and work out. EVERYONE is amazed by my progress. And I am pleased with my results. I have kept a strict diet but the secret is being able to monitor my burn and intensity to ensure I don't waste time in the gym. I am going to continue this program till I hit 175 pounds and 10 percent bodyfat.

    I have heard that ppl think the watch is a bit dark... it is, however you get use to it very quickly and it is just fine. The watch looks sharp and the program built in is great. I am working out now with goals in excess of 7000 calories per week and training over 7 hours. I admit I drag myself to the gym sometimes but the monitoring makes me hit my targets...

    I love it. You will love it if you are a serious fitness person. You can't go wrong with this watch. KUDOS to polar.

    As a side note, I also started getting annoyed with the lack of a really nifty program and online solution for the watch but now that I am using it everyday...I could care less. I prefer to use use my bodyfat scale and tape measure to see my progress. Again, I'm not a running so you may have issues with that, however with a resting heart rate of 50 and doing cardio machines at a level of 15 for 60 mins I assure you I am not to disregarded fully. As a point of reference, I started with a resting heart rate of 81 and barely able to workout for more than 20 mins before looking like a run down boar.

    ONLY BAD thing...when I got this watch the heart receiver was running out of battery within the week and the battery that came with it was dead. I need to send it in for replacement. I am using my old receiver. I did buy from Amazon. So I will update this when I contact them to get it replaced. I honestly haven't because I'm lazy. I have yet to see how they replacement works.

    Hope that helps...

    Majed ...more info
  • polar ft80
    this is like the best monitor device i have ever seen, this thing works incredible, i would recommend it to everyone....more info
    Based on the reviews you're reading and the one's I read before purchasing, the big concern is the display. With that reservation, I ordered it anyway, and must say I love the watch AND the display. It really is an attractive, full featured watch, that I much prefer over my RS200. True, the display is not as "bright" as black against gray, but it's clearly readable in and outdoors provided that you view it more or less straight on--at an angle, there is glare. That works fine for me, doesn't interfere with my workouts, and since I'm the only one who needs to read it, it's never a problem. The fit is great, really wraps around your wrist, and it's very low profile. And the black face is quite striking. ...more info
  • Love it!
    It is a little hard to read, but get over it. I am 34 and can see it fine. The watch looks great and works perfect. Still need to swim with it for a complete review. I was worried ordering it after reading the reviews on here but I am very happy I got it. ...more info
  • Absolutely Loving Every minute with it!
    I've recently been introduced to the wonderful world of heart monitors and this by far is the most advanced amazing piece of technology.

    Fit: Fit is extremely extremely comfortable. The belt strap is fabric and doesnt even feel like I have something on. Comparing the belt strap to a Polar F6 (Excellent watch as well) is like comparing a top of the line camry to a Lexus LS ! It also looks cool enough to wear it everyday.

    Functionality: I can keep going on and on about the functionality but let me just say that the cardio and strenght training is out of this world. You practically do not need a personal trainer to tell you how hard you need to work out and how much break you need between sets. After each work out the watch compares your workout from the pervious day and tells you what you are improving on. The weekly stats are awesome too. It comes with a really cool USB upload tool to work with the protrainer app you download from polar site.

    Its amazing!...more info
  • Great workout companion
    I just received this watch and have only worked out with it once, but so far, it is great. I did a bit of research on this watch, and the biggest complaint seemed to be the screen. A lot of people were complaining that theirs was too dim and they couldn't see it inside. I had absolutely no issues with it; perhaps it could have been a little brighter, but at no point during my jog did it require more than a quick glance.

    The reason I got this watch was the strength training aspect. The idea of having something monitor your rest period really intrigued me. I have to say, it seemed to work as well as one could hope. You can create workout programs through Polar's website, although the site is still clearly geared toward runners. They have a very limited number of pre-set lifting exercises; however, it is extremely easy to create your own on the site.

    The watch works extremely well while using it for cardio. It works with the cardio equipment at my gym. It also breaks your rate into three different zones and makes it very easy to see which zone you are in.

    Synching the watch with the computer is very easy. It comes with a USB device that allows you to synch easily.

    The watch fits really well, although I have a slight issue getting the watch off due to the clasp. It's not a big deal, but I do feel that could have been designed better. The watch looks good enough to wear in casual situations.

    I'll try to update this review as I use it more; I just wanted to get a review up here. I was trying to gather as much information on this watch as I could, and I was struggling to find any reviews on the web. So far, I'd recommend getting this watch if you want to use it for cross training. You may want to see it in person if you are concerned about the screen's brightness....more info
  • The triumph of form over function
    Great watch... except for the display, its fatal flaw. Outside during the day it looks great, with almost as much contrast as you see in the product picture. However, indoors it definitely is less legible than normal black on white watches. Furthermore, the crystal is very reflective - not a problem outside with only the sun, but in the gym the display is made harder to read by the multitude of reflections from the various lights. It's not illegible, but you have to work to make it out. Also, the largest time display (which is very large and easy to read) leaves out the seconds ; there is a display mode that shows the seconds but this one wastes half the screen space with an FT80 logo.

    On the bright side, the battery is user replaceable, as in all the new FT watches, so you don't have to send it away for replacement as recommended with the older Polar watches. Furthermore, it's actually a very thin watch, almost 50% thinner than my old Polar F55 and a Timex Ironman watch I had, so it's comfortable to wear as a normal watch.

    If it weren't for the display and crystal, this would be a great watch. If they come out with a firmware update that lets it display the normal black on white I'd recommend it without reservations. As it is, the FT60 might be a better buy - it's legible, and is missing only the stopwatch, OwnRelax, and strength training functions from the FT80 (according to Polar's comparison site).

    Update after two weeks:

    It's grown on me. I still wish it had a normal display mode, but the lack of contrast makes it more decorative. I wear this as a normal watch, which I didn't with my FT55 due to its appearance and thickness.

    I've discovered one annoying additional quirk - if you don't set it to autolock you actually have to press two buttons to make it lock.

    I also started using the Flowlink attachment - it's super cool. Basically you can just set your watch down upside down on it when you get on your computer and it'll upload your training sessions automatically - a very convenient feature, it's no longer a big production to do this.

    There used to be many more reviews for this watch in the 3-4 range, the all disappeared along with mine so I'm rewriting it.
    ...more info
  • Update to Review Titled 'Failure to Inform'
    Please see my updated review of the black version of this watch, which explains that Polar did step up through another customer service rep and resolved matters to my satisfaction. As noted, my original review was titled 'Failure to Inform'. Because of the actions taken by Polar referenced in my detailed review, I would change my rating to a 4 or 5. ...more info
  • Amazing!
    I have had this watch for over four months and love it. The best workout companion I have ever had.

    Here are the facts:

    The screen is completely readable even in dim light. I wear it swimming and can see the numbers clearly through fogged goggles.

    The buttons are not hard to push.

    I have not had a single issue with the software. The watch has been very reliable and the website has been a great tool in tracking my progress.

    The design is great! The low profile and smooth lines make it perfect for either powering out miles on the pavement or making business decisions in the boardroom.

    If you are looking for a great workout partner that doesn't take days off, doesn't complain about doing another set and that really pushes you to the max, this is the watch you want. I would suggest not purchasing any other watch even the FT60 if you are considering a Polar watch. The FT60 is the babywatch to the FT80, everyone knows that....more info
  • Avoid the FT80 until the technical issues are solved
    I purchased an FT-80 just prior to Christmas. Whilst I was fairly happy with it for the first couple of weeks (the dim back-light and anemic audio tones notwithstanding), I came across a significant bug in the workout data tracking that renders it useless. There is clearly an issue with the firmware or the memory - after my Monday workout the stats for the week switched to 255 sessions, 65535 calories burned and 99:59:59 hours of exercise. Anyone familiar with computers will realize the significance of these numbers - it looks like the entire data slot got corrupted.

    I thought this might be an isolated incident until I checked the Polar forums for the FT80. The posts are full of people complaining about this same issue, along with a host of other issues. There has been no official response from Polar, which is extremely poor. I contacted Polar technical support and have not heard back yet.

    I strongly suggest anyone considering this model checks the Polar forums here:
    [...]...more info