Sling Media Slingbox PRO-HD SB300-100
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  • No monthly fees
  • Streams High Definition video Around the house or over the Internet (requires minimum 1.5mbps upload)
  • Multiple inputs Up to 3 devices
  • Built-in Tuner ATSC/NTSC/QAM

Customer Reviews:

  • Almost perfect
    + Handles HD-content well, especially 1080i
    + Setup is simple and intuitive. I have two routers with a DMZ, and after a little tweaking, was able to get it configured quite easily
    + Continual software/firmware updates from SlingMedia mean that it's clearly a product that's going to be updated in the coming months/years
    + For the price, excellent
    + On-screen controls are easy to use, and Guide works

    - No HDMI support
    - Multiple devices of the same type hooked to different inputs cannot be separated with IR (meaning the IR signal is sent to all IR endpoints, which can cause some problems)
    - Watching on Mobile phone isn't optimum, but it is great. Wish they would full screen and do better QoS
    - Control mode is choppy

    - Would buy it again in a heartbeat. While it definitely has room for improvement, I'm hoping those issues are remedied from a software standpoint and offered as free upgrades. ...more info
  • Works as advertised
    Works really well, but doesn't have quite the video quality I was hoping for when away from home. Probably due to only having 768k upload DSL speed. at home it's pretty darn good....more info
  • Works Great
    Works as described. No HD stream on Mac.....bummer. If it had HD for Mac I would give it 5 stars....more info
  • Pricey, works for what it does, but no wireless?!
    So here's the scenario. You have one cable box, hooked up to your TV. But, you want to watch television on your computer. If there was a way to stream that content from the box to your PC (or even a compatible phone), that would be cool, right? The problem with the Slingbox PRO-HD, however, is that it's missing a crucial feature. It doesn't stream a darn thing wirelessly. You've got to connect the box to your router with an Ethernet cable or you're out of business. And, there's the rub. How many people keep a router near their TV? Or want to spend this kind of dough for a product that overlooks such an obvious and essential feature.

    Of course, if you can live with this flaw, the thing works. It'll not only stream to computers in your house (that are on an existing wireless network), but, apparently, to computers wherever Internet access is available....more info
  • It Works
    I bought one as gift for my son. His fourteen year old son had no problem installing it.
    His picture quaility and sound were both very good. Given his experience, I bought one for myself.
    Both of us plan to use it through our Iphone, once the iPhone application is approved.
    Unlike my grandson, I am not computer literate. Being seventy-one years old I had some difficult in completing the installation. I called Slingbox support and their tech support was able to complete the installation from their end.
    My over-impression of the product and tech support is very good....more info
  • Solid Product but has some flaws
    My connection specs for comparison:
    In network streaming wireless over G+MIMO ~30ft 108mbps.
    Over internet 20MB Down/8mb Up.

    -View Anywhere: Basically anywhere you got an internet connection you can view from. Works in SD with SlingCatcher.
    -Steam Quality: There is really no better alternative out there for quality that I have come across. Streaming within the house HD looks great from Comcast HD as well as QAM. Looks amazing when streaming in home over the network.
    -QAM tuner: Some people have complained about not being able to use both analog and digital tuners at once but you can solve this easily by using composite from a receiver or VCR if need be and selecting the alternative input.
    -Included cables: The box comes ready to go with cables for every connection the device accepts.
    -Easy Setup: It takes only a few minutes to get the device set up and working.
    -Looks way better in your AV setup than the previous red models.
    -Accepts sound via digital Coax.

    -Build Quality: The box itself feels much more sturdy and well made than the previous models. That said out of the box the mesh covering on the front did have an adhesive problem in one corner and would not stay attached. Tiny dab of super glue took care of it.
    -Slingplayer 2.0 Software: The software is very easy to use even for a novice pc user. Walks you entirely through setup start to finish. Has a wizard for setting up each connection type. SlingPlayer does have some bugs. Occasionally my transfer stream will drop way down and never fix itself. I usually can fix it by closing and then re-opening the player. The software includes a built in channel guide which is convenient. I sometimes experience bugs with this where the guide will come up blank or where selecting a different channel listing causes the guide to hang. I experience this on multiple systems so I assume its a fault of the software or Guide provider and not of the PC or connection itself. Outputs to PC at 1280x768 in HD.
    -Fairly steep streaming requirements over the internet. Aside from having no signal and needing to restart SlingPlayer I personally have not experienced problems but I do have a pretty good connection compared to most users. Don't expect amazing HD quality streaming over the internet unless you really can maintain a large upload. Verify your connection beforehand, check with
    -Sling Catcher HD: This is on the way so it's soon to be fixed but if you are hoping to output to a TV on the other end the only way to get HD is with a PC outputting it. As stated previously though, the Sling Catcher will still output in SD from the PRO-HD.

    -Lack of hand held remote support: There is no built in support for a universal remote control on the PC end, and Sling Media offers no real solution. There are some ways to make a remote work if you are willing to take the time to do so but it is very complex. I would like to see a USB IR receiver with slingplayer being programmable to a Logitech Harmony or even slings own remote. This is important to people who will use this with a Media Center PC!
    -Lack of recording ability: There are 3rd party ways to record or if slinging from a DVR box this doesn't matter as much but it would be a much welcome feature and one thing that Sling Media's competition does offer.
    -Does not accept inputs of 1080p. Not a huge issue since it doesn't output in 1080p and HD devices will send a signal the box can accept (720p/1080i).
    -Sling Player bugs: They do squash them and for the most part the software works okay, but its still got issues that need to be remedied. Most notable While running in dual monitors and maximizing slingplayer to monitor your start bar on the other screen will disappear.
    -No digital optical for audio.
    -No HDMI

    Overall, I like the Slingbox HD, but can't rate it 5 stars considering the few issues I have seen or experienced. If you have a room without cable, maybe want to catch the ballgame in HD at the office, professional on the go, or just liked to be connected this device gets it done. As of this writing it may still be one of the more expensive boxes for remote viewing but if you are looking for the best option currently available this is it.

    There is good support from Sling Media, and if you need help or have questions the answers can usually be found at the Sling Community webpage....more info
  • Slingbox Pro-HD
    Very good picture quality when used on your own home network, loses some quality when using over the net and no HD on a MAC. Still a good product over all. I had some problems configuring it because my router had some ports that were blocked, I called costumer support and they fixed the problem in 2 min. Excellent customer support! ...more info
  • Excellent Product
    The Slingbox PRO-HD is a wonderful product. I'm currently in the Philippines and able to watch the channels with no problem. Of course, you have to have a pretty fast broadband connection in order for it to work flawlessly....more info
  • slingbox pro
    Excellent price and delivery for Slingbox pro HD and had a little problem with internet connectivity because of router settings. But third call to tech support fixed problem....more info
  • Awesome...
    The Slingbox is my new favorite toy... There was a problem with the Ethernet connection but Amazon shipped me out a new one right away and haven't had a problem yet... I recommend this product to anyone that enjoys TV as much as I do......more info
  • A monumental step
    The Sling Media Slingbox Pro-HD is great. It is best on your home network, but I have found that with the support of HD streaming that its widescreen streaming out of network is much improved. I owned the original slingbox. I always loved it. I have found that viewing with my connection outside of my home network that it is essentially like watching a DVD with this product. The quality is pretty high. If you have a widescreen laptop this product is the ultimate partner for it. It is a big improvement over the original slingbox. I imagine that it will only get better with software updates.
    I don't have very much in terms of negative things to say because most of the issues are caused by poor network connectivity....more info
  • Not great but it works
    I may have a different entertainment setup than most people as I have two identical DirecTV HD-DVRs (HR20) that I was hoping to use the Slingbox for. DirecTV handles the remote conflict by allowing set up of a different remote code 3 for one DVR. I was thinking that Sling Media would be able to handle the same setup since these DVRs have been out for much over a year, but after going through their support multiple times and being told by Sling Media that it wasn't their problem to support remote codes on hardware, I was ready to return it. Users of previous non-HD Slingboxes had a workaround by getting an extra non-Sling Media file to handle the remote. This workaround broke with the HD version. Fortunately DirecTV came through with a workaround with a firmware release that allowed up to 8 remotes to be programmed. I could now use remote code 2 but that meant I needed to tell the Slingbox that my DVR was an old DVR that had remote code 2.

    Another issue that was confusing is that it states it has four multiple inputs to control four devices. The only problem means that is four different types of inputs, not four HD connections. So in my case one DVR is connected with componenent cables (yes, there's no HDMI connection available on the Slingbox) and the other DVR with S-Video.

    In order to effectively watch HD over the Internet, you need a high upload speed on your Internet from the Sling box otherwise you will get a lot of video/audio stutter. The quality of the video though is very good. The quality from the S-video connection is less but is watchable.

    Even with the limitations, I decided to keep the Slingbox because it does come in handy for watching over the Internet when you are not at home....more info
  • High-quality streaming, but with some network issues and limitations (4+ stars)
    The Slingbox HD promises to take your HD and standard video content and "sling" it to computers throughout your house on your home network or anywhere else via the internet. You control your device using a remote skin that looks exactly like, or close to, the real thing. The idea and the technology are awesome, but it has some limitations that may dissuade some buyers.

    First, the Slingbox does not have wireless capability. If you have your router and your media devices, including a cable connection, in the same room, and if you have an ethernet port available on your router, you're golden. Set up is a breeze, although you will have to download software from the SlingMedia site. If, however, you have a wireless home network and must set up the SlingBox in a different room, you are going to need additional equipment. Forget the company's SlingLink (Slinglink Turbo 1PORT Enet Connection Bridge (SL 150-100)) which supposedly makes the SlingBox wireless; it works well ONLY on the same circuit. For most people, this means that the router and television must be located in close proximity. Instead, I set mine up with a network bridge (Linksys Dual-Band Wireless-N Gaming Adapter) that makes the Slingbox work flawlessly. I get high quality streamed video on both Macs and PCs, both at home and away. However, this took me hours on the phone with SlingMedia to figure out.

    The device has several connectors: coaxial (for cable), standard, USB, and HD. Some people may find the HD claim misleading, since it can stream HD 1080i, not 1080p, and the 1080p devices must be changed to a 1080i output. The dimensions are roughly 13" L x 4.5" D x 3.5 " H. The box is surprisingly lightweight and can sit easily on top of a DVD player or other piece of electronic equipment.

    Before you buy, you should consider how you are going to use the Slingbox and where you are going to install it. Because the skin remote overrides what is currently being viewed, a remote user can change the channel on those watching at home. You cannot use it to watch different video content. (When testing this, I changed the channel on my sister during a crucial football play; you can imagine the cursing.) If you are buying this to allow someone in a different country to view US television, attach it to a rarely or never used cable outlet. Also, because the Slingbox allows only one computer at a time to view video, you may need to buy more than one Slingbox for multiple users, with each assigned his own.

    As long as buyers don't expect a complex media center that slings different media to different parts of the house or the world at the same time, they should be thrilled with the quality of the device.

    -- Debbie Lee Wesselmann...more info
  • Pretty good right now, and will only get better over time.
    I had a Slingbox Solo for over a year, but I couldn't take advantage of our HD antenna with that so I bought the Pro-HD which has the tuner.

    The Pro-HD flavor of Slingbox has a lot more inputs then my Solo, which does open up a lot of possibilities. Coaxial digital-in is nice to have. The installation is just as easy as the solo version. I have a mac with Boot Camp into Vista and the installation takes a little longer on Vista which I believe is because the Vista player has more features then the current Mac software.

    The HD works quite well. I only use it on a laptop but the picture quality is good. Maybe a little compression-e, but really nothing to complain about. Now the first thing to mention is as of January '09, Windows is the only OS Slingbox will stream HD. I prefer Mac OS X so that is a negative for me, but on the other hand a software update for the player is expected this year that will allow HD on the Mac as well. This is not to say you can't watch HD channels on the Mac now, it will just appear on you computer as 648x480. I did have a slight problem with the HD on the Vista side of things at first, but it was my own fault. Since I use Vista on a laptop, I didn't realize that I was in "Power Saving" mode which throttles the performance of my laptop, so when I fired up the HD, it was choppy. Luckily it wasn't long before I realized I should switch the computer to it's "Performance" mode, and the HD was nice and smooth.

    The remote viewing of the Slingbox is about the same as the Solo. You take a big hit in quality when you view remotely, but the convenience and the possibility of watching TV anywhere you have internet connectivity make up for it. Also my internet connection upload speed is pretty bad, so I am pretty impressed with the remote viewing as it is.

    Announced at the CES were the enhancements for the Mac software which would make the HD accessible; as well as announcing that the iPhone would be supported this year. That's what makes me think this good product will get better.

    ...more info
  • not happy with customer support
    The Slingbox hardware is great, but after a forced software upgrade to my MACBook, the program would crash when viewing the "remote control panel". Sling refuses to work on the problem unless I pay for extended warranty support. That leaves a very bad taste in my mouth.... Thanks for nothing Sling!...more info
  • Good but not great
    The product does what it says it does, but dont be fooled into thinking that it is as good as watching TV. I have icredibly fast internet speed, but even it has limits. I would say it is better for watching regular TV shows than it is for watching sporting events, especially since timing is everything in sports and you don't want your video skipping and jumping around. It just happens. Not a lot you can do about it. Also think they need more control options for DVR and DVD equipment....more info
  • Slingbox Pro HD
    This is truly amazing technology, but that's not to say it doesn't still have a few kinks in the system. It is really tied to your Internet connection and if it's poor, it won't work that well. Also, you really need to purchase the SlingCatcher if you truly want HD.
    My biggest complaint is that NO WHERE in the literature/web site do they tell you that your Cable/DirecTV box as well as the High Speed Internet Router all must be in the same room,on the same circuit in order for the Slingbox to work.
    We tried connecting using a SlingLink, but it too had to be on the same circuit and we were unable to use it.
    Their product support is good and they disclosed this info when we called them.
    ...more info
  • Slingbox randomly loses IP address
    I have had the pro model for several years and it randomly loses it's IP address. I cannot view it remotely. This has happened several times a year over the past couple of years and support is not very helpful. I have not been refused help due to the warranty issue. I am not good at networking at all and right now I cannot use my slingbox. Support was totally worthless. I would like to buy the HD version but because of the random router problems I am not making the switch. I love it when it works but I cannot get it to connect to the router now and I have done everything support emailed me. I am perplexed and would love to get it working again....more info
  • Slingbox Pro-HD
    Much better than regular slingbox. All connections needed to hook up to Directtv HD receiver were in the box. HD quality picture on my laptop. I do have some sound quality issues, but overall much better than old slingbox. Worth extra price paid....more info
  • Great product
    Product works exactly as advertised, very easy to setup, and is highly recommended. The hardware connection is as follows: My cable provider is Comcast. I have a coax splitter at the wall outlet with one feed going to a Motorola Cable box (SD not HD) with DVR. Composite out from the cable box goes to the composite in of the Slingbox and composite out of the Slingbox goes to my DVD player which is connected to my TV. The connecton to my home network is wired (not wireless). With this setup, I can't use the Sling box to view DVD's, which I did not care about, but changing the connections would allow this. The other coax connection from the wall splitter goes to the Sling coax in. This set up allows one computer to view and control all programming coming from the cable box (including DVR). Simultaneously, a second computer can view all programming coming from the wall outlet utilizing the Sling box TV tuner; two computers viewing different programming (if desired) at the same time!

    The software must be downloaded from the Sling website and works great on both Vista and Windows 2000 machines (have not tested XP but specs say it will work). Windows 2000 machines require an older version of the software that's available on the Sling website. You can set up the software on as many computers as you wish. The software easily lets you select which source you want: either the wall (which uses the Sling built in tuner) or the cable box (which uses the cable box tuner or DVR). Note that if one computer is viewing TV using the cable box input to the Sling box, a second computer can not also use this source. The second computer could, however, view programming using the Sling tuner (as mentioned earlier).

    I have not tried to objectively determine the Sling picture quality on the computer, but subjectively, in my opinion, it is more than acceptable. It is easily on par with a computer TV tuner card. I have not tried an HD source, but I got the HD Slingbox for "future proofing."...more info