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(Patent Pending) Assorted Colors Silicone Skin Pouch For Nike+ iPod and Nike Plus Nike+ SportBand - Compatible with all Shoes
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Product Description

Compatible with Nike+ iPod or Nike+ SportBand for Apple iPhone 3G, iPod Nano-Chromatic 4th Generation and iPod Touch (2nd Generation)

  • Young Micro Branded Product. 100% Satifaction Guaranteed - Lifetime Warranty
  • Compatible with Nike+ iPod or Nike+ SportBand. Attaches to any shoe with shoe lace
  • Made from 1mm thick imported silicone skin that is water proof and tear resistant
  • Slot opening on the back to quickly gain access to Nike+ iPod sensor and on/off switch
  • Easy to install; 4 attachemnt points. Young Micro Sensor Shoe Silicone Pouch is Patent Pending

Customer Reviews:

  • colors good, lacing bad
    Cheap and comes in every color but its big and the lacing takes forever. I didn't find it very comfortable either....more info
  • Great for using Nike+ in non-Nike shoes
    Great little holder for the Nike+ transmitter. I can run in whatever shoes I want know, not just Nike Sneaks!...more info
  • Nike+ Silicone Pouch
    This product is great - particularly as Nike shoes don't fit my running needs. Easy to use - holds the sensor tight as is necessary for accurate reads. Quick shipping. Love the colors!

    ...more info
  • Great after market product
    This holds the Nike iPod sensor snuggly and I don't have to worry about it falling out, even if I'm trail running. I recommend this product if you're not willing to buy the special Nikes that have the space in the sole for the sensor. Only drawback is I feel a little nerdy with this purple silicone pouch attached to my left shoe, but it can be a good conversation starter :)...more info
  • Simple and it works
    The product works as described. A little hiccup with shipping, but the seller fixed the issue and I received my item....more info
  • Perfect Product!
    I've used the sensor pouch/case for months now & its perfect! I've run thru rain-storms & puddles & it hasn't even so much as gotten wet because of the secure, rubber case; I love that it doesn't shake or make noise, I don't feel it at all. The sensor slide in easily, like putting a button on, and other than when I initially put it on, I haven't had to touch it. This should be sold with every Nike sensor! ...more info
  • product doesn't work
    When I hooked this up to my Nike plus, it would not register at all. Evidently, the sensor must be in your shoe and not on a pouch on top of your shoe. Waste of money...more info
  • didn't have to buy new shoes
    This product works great. It held the pod and stayed secure on my shoelaces. I love my sneakers and didn't want to have to buy new ones. Now I don't....more info
  • Silicon Skin Puch for Nike+ Sensor
    Really ingenious way to use the Nike+ sensor without paying extra for the Nike+ shoes. Straps onto the laces on top of shoe. Easy to take out if want to use the shoe for something other than running or walking - like walking on the beach, or playing basketball, etc. Taking the sensor out will hopefully extend battery life, which is the major complaint with the Nike+ sensor. I also got great service from the Marketplace vendor used by Amazon; fast delivery and actually cheaper to go through Amazon than to go directly to the vendor's website. The silicon pouch so far appears to be sturdy, flexible and very practical....more info
  • Skin touch for Ipod Nike
    Great prduct let's you use the I pod Nano to monitor your exersice without limiting you to one set of shoes....more info
  • Great!
    This is a great product -- nike could easily make this but they would prefer you use nike shoes. The Silicone Skin Pouch is a way around this! ...more info
  • Silicone Skin Pouch for Nike+iPod
    This product works perfect, and will work with any lace up shoe. Saves you hundred plus $....more info