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Do You Know
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  • Welcome Back Jessica
    I am not a big country fan but I really like this CD. The best thing about is that its appealing to more than just country fans. I've always thought Jessica had a great voice and it really comes through in these songs. ...more info
  • An Abomination
    I don't know where to begin. This so-called "country" album is such a pathetic effort by this non-talented hack. Is it possible to trade Jessica Simpson for a player to be named later?? These songs could very well be ok if someone else sang this but come on, we all know this is a prefabricated, carefully crafted illusion.

    Please stay away from this disc at all costs. I'd rather listen to the Bloody Mary from the Universal Halloween Horror Nights commercials sing than this nonsense....more info
  • Jessica Simpson
    I liked Jessica Simpson, before she was with Nick, so I had to get her newest CD. She has such a great, big, voice! Awesome!...more info
  • One of the best albuns out there
    I can tell you this is her best work yet.
    Her shift to country music was the best thing that she ever did. Every song on this album is beautifully written and she sings the songs better than ever.
    To pick my favorites is almost impossible because I like them all so much, but "We might as well be making Love", "Pray Out Loud", "You're my sunday" and "Do you know" are the ondes that I listen the most. Her voice and emotion really makes you love all these songs.
    The second cd, which is a dvd, it's really great too. Basicly, it's an interview with her about this album and her inspirations. Also there's the video for "Come on Over" and a behind the scens.
    I ask all of you to strip down your preconceptions and buy this album. You will not be disapointed....more info
  • Leave the country to Carrie Underwood
    Well, I used to be somewhat of a Jessica Simpson fan back in her "pop" days, so I figured her country album couldn't be too bad. Turns out I was wrong- it is that bad. It's a unique blend of country and pop vocals, but real country music fans won't be convinced. The change in genre was simply a strategic move intended to give her dying music career a boost by marketing herself to new listeners. Well, that was a bad decision. Leave the country to Carrie Underwood, a real southern girl who knows how to properly sing country.

    I gave the album two stars because I know Jessica Simpson can sing. The problem is, she can't sing country....more info
  • Her best album to date!!!
    I have to say that I think this style of country music works perfectly for Jessica Simpson. It wasn't too country for one to say it was unnatural. The album deals mainly with love but also other issues thus making it well rounded. So we have the flirtatious 'Come on over', Break up songs like 'When I loved you like that' and 'still don't stop me' as well as 'Remember that' about an abusive relationship. However, Jessica also sought to inspire with uplifting tracks like 'Pray out loud' and 'still beautiful' which is an ode to Jessica's positivity about life even at the saddest of times. 'Man enough' and 'Might as well be making love' are truly beautiful and powerful songs, as is the title track 'Do you know'. This is the amazing duet with Dolly Parton where she serves only to compliment Jessica's vocal which reach a spine tingling peak at the end adlibs.

    Ignore the dud reviews out there that judge this album really on Jessica's partly tabloid created image/reputation rather than on its own merit. This is probably her best and most mature, honest and natural album. I didn't give it 5 stars only because on my earlier listens, I really felt that there could have been one or two more songs of an uptempo nature.

    Have a look out for the bonus itune track 'Never not beautiful'. That's a great song about loving those many special people in your life and the little things they do. Very pure and honest. It is a shame this was no on the CD copy. ...more info
  • Gone Country!!
    Jessica's new country album is Awesome! She should have gone country along time ago!! I heard that people magazine said it didnt "sound Country" Well Im hear to tell you, that whoever is working for People magazine's music department does even know what the **** country music is suposed to sound like!! Durrr! Retard!! YA, IM TALKING TO YOU @ "PEOPLE MAG" ...Anywayz, It's Awesome! SO BUY IT!! Oh, ya, there is a duet with Dolly Parton and I have to say... They sound A M A ZZ I N G together!!!!
    She's pretty cute to! ;-) GOOD JOB JESSICA!!! xoxo
    ...more info
  • Beautiful Album
    I've always been on the iffy side when it came to Jessica Simpson's music as her previous albums have been okay, but nothing stellar. This album, however, is without a doubt my favorite of hers. I'm not a country fan by any means of the word and hesitated about purchasing the album, but I heard some sample tracks online and immediately fell in love with what I heard.

    Her single "Come on Over" is a little too upbeat for my liking, but it's a nice, mellow song for relaxing on Sundays to. The hit of the album, in my opinion, is the emotional and poignant "Sipping on History," it's beautifully written and sung and Jessica showcases her talent here. "You're My Sunday" and "Pray Out Loud" are also wonderful songs, both seem much more mature and deep than her previous albums and are among my favorites.

    In "Do You Know", Jessica has certainly grown and reveals much of her personal trials and rewards. The music itself is very relaxing but also strong at the same time. It will quickly have you tapping your fingers and wondering how you became a Jessica Simpson fan.

    ...more info
  • Disappointed
    I really wanted to like this album but it failed to impress me. I've got to agree with several of the other reviews I read...She HAS talent and a beautiful voice when she's not yelling. I wish she could find a better niche in which her vocals can actually shine. The main thing saving this album from being a total failure is the presence of Dolly Parton's voice. I LOVED Jessica's first album but ever since then she's been going downhill. Like I said, she needs to find her niche and this is not it....more info
  • Once again, she over does it.
    I was willing to give this album a fair shake. I listened to the whole thing and found myself asking "why is this song so long?". Turns out, most of the song sound so similar that you have a hard time telling one from the next, an that's never a good thing. Ms. Simpson also get's carried away again trying so hard to do a good job that she over compensates. She does it with her very poor acting skills, and she's done it again here. Maybe she'll get it right next time. I don't get her as a country singer. Saying you're a country singer because you're from Texas is like saying you're an Eskimo because you're from Alaska....more info
  • I Did Know
    That she is a very talented singer, but this CD is really good, I liked almost every song in it. Maybe not the smartest girl on earth, but definitly one of the best singers, great powerful voice, and good material, and she co-wrote most of the songs....more info
  • Did I Know?
    Jessica sounds terrific, I love most of the songs of the CD, she also co-wrote 8 out of the 11 songs. Did you guys notice that all the bad reviews are from people that haven't taken the time to listen to her record (and probably never bought it) and are attacking Miss Simpson's character more than Do You Know's material?

    Track listing:

    "Come on Over" (Jessica Simpson, Rachel Proctor, Victoria Banks) *****
    "Remember That" (Proctor, Banks) ***
    "Pray Out Loud" (Simpson, Brett James, John Shanks) **
    "You're My Sunday" (Simpson, Luke Laird, Hillary Lindsey) *
    "Sipping on History" (Simpson, Laird, H. Lindsey) **
    "Still Beautiful" (James, Shanks, Simpson) *****
    "Still Don't Stop Me" (James, H. Lindsey, Simpson) *****
    "When I Loved You Like That" (Simpson, H. Lindsey, Aimee Mayo, Chris Lindsey) *****
    "Might as Well Be Making Love" (Gordie Sampson, Verges, H. Lindsey) **
    "Man Enough" (Simpson, James, Troy Verges) *****
    "Do You Know" (Dolly Parton) *****
    duet with Dolly Parton

    Excellent *****
    Very Good ****
    Good ***
    Fair **
    Bad *
    ...more info