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Mobi MobiCam Audio Video Baby Monitoring System
List Price: $149.95

Our Price: $104.97

You Save: $44.98 (30%)


Product Description


  • Compact camera and receiver
  • Auto camera scan
  • Optional Internet kit allows user to view system from anywhere in the world
  • Large 2" color display expandable to two cameras
  • Audio Video output plugs into TV, VCR, DVD's

Customer Reviews:

  • Doesn't Do As Much As Expected
    5 pros, 6 cons = decent, but just ok, baby monitor system

    I bought this camera to replace a Summer baby monitor (also video, but the rechargable battery isn't holding much of a charge after 2 years), mainly because it had the internet feature & can watch 2 monitors at once.

    The Good
    1. The setup is easy (as with all monitors).
    2. Picture is clear, day or night.
    3. Sound is clear.
    4. It can monitor camera 1, camera 2, or you can make it toggle between 2 cameras.
    5. It does not interfer with our wireless network or wireless digital Panasonic phones (why I got this 900mHz version instead of the 2.4G version as reviewed complained about).

    The Bad:
    1. The angle for the camera is odd. Think about it -- camera for toddler near floor = asking for trouble. The camera lens will angle up but not down. When I place it higher on a bookshelf, I have to lie the camera on its side to be able to adjust the angle downward so I can see into the crib. I definitely can't mount it on the wall like the Summer unit. BTW, lying the camera on its side affects the night vision, so you have to have it at the very edge of the shelf, practically leaning over the edge.
    2. The monitor unit eats batteries! It takes SIX AA's in just the monitor unit, and after 1 week of occasional use (about 4-5 hours total?) I had to replace them. So, a little constraining to have to drag the AC plug around to different parts of the house.
    3. The internet connection feels like a rip off. You only get TWO hours of monitoring per MONTH unless you want to pay $9.95/month! If I buy an internet hookup, I expect to be able to watch my monitor any time or have my family be able to watch any time as well.
    4. The internet connection is awkward. You have to hook up the physical monitor to a computer constantly with a bunch of wires & adapters. So, at night (when I actually use the monitor), I have a choice of having the monitor hooked up to my computer OR be able to watch the monitor next to my bed. Who wants a computer running next to their bed all the time with a tangled mess of wires?
    5. The voice-activation feature is quite annoying if you have it on while you are sleeping. It sounds like it is having interference constantly, is quite loud with the static, and blinks the monitor on & off. This may be fine if you are recording, but I don't have a need for that feature.
    6. It was made in China, so it seems a little cheap. Several times the button for switching the cameras has gotten stuck so that I had to pry it out with a screwdriver.

    In all, I like the fact that it will switch between cameras (planning for baby #2 now), so I will keep it. I am sorely disappointed that I got the internet hookup though. I wish I had gotten the extra camera instead for the same price.
    If you just need 1 camera & no internet, go for the Summer baby video monitor. It works great!...more info
  • Mobi Cam even sees the baby in the dark
    I bought the Mobi Cam for my first granddaughter. My daughter and son-in-law live in a 3 story town house and they did buy a monitor but only with sound. When I saw this I thought it would save them the trip of running up circular stairs just to check on the baby. Anyone who has a new baby knows that you are always running to "check on the baby" with every sound they make. Well, when they installed the Mobi Cam they loved it .... This even shows the baby in the dark bedroom!! No more wondering if the baby is just fussing or really needs your attention. This works!...more info
  • bad experience
    I've had a bad experience with the Mobicam monitor.
    The sound interference is terrible and I hear static all the time. When I decrease volume to reduce static, I could not hear the baby crying.
    The video is rather glitchy.
    Overall, I would not recommend this product....more info
  • Happy Parents
    I just have to say this MobiCam is great. The picture and sound are just so clear. The monitor/camera very easy for any parent to set up and use, but I bought this MobiCam AV and the MobiCam Av Internet Kit to make sure our nanny wasn't mistreating our 2 yr old son. We've had this unit for a month now and sadly to say we caught the nanny spanking our son for crying. My wife and I had to let her go. Thanks to the Internet kit I was able to come home and watch everything that happened that day by recording it on my PC. ...more info
  • fantastic
    I honestly don't know how any new parent can make it without one of these baby monitors. I love this MobiCam monitor. We use it every time we put our baby down. It is fantastic to watch her without having to go in her room every 5 min. The quality of the picture is great along with the battery life. There is no interference which I love. I would definitely recommend this to everyone. ...more info
  • great visual monitor!
    i am really enjoying this product - the picture quality is great including the night vision. it is very easy to travel with as well....more info
  • Best baby monitor
    I wanted a monitor to view both children with the scanning option. I tried two other types with no luck.I purchased it with an additional camera,which works great all around the house, day and night. The color is great, and I love the size of the display. I would recommend this product to anyone. ...more info
  • surpasses other monitors
    I purchased the product after having tried two other more expensive ones. This by far surpasses the others. I could actually get rest with my newborn because I felt so sure that I could rely on this monitor. I also bought the Mobi Internet kit just to make sure my daughter is safe when I am gone. It's so easy to log on with my cell phone. I am very happy with this monitor and internet kit....more info
  • worth every penny
    This monitor is great. I can watch my daughter from downstairs and know that she is in her bed or playing and if she is really crying for me or just falling asleep. It is so great and worth every penny. Great Picture and Sound. ...more info
  • Great picture, ok in every other way
    I let my husband, the techie chose the baby monitor. I'll start by saying it has a fantastic picture. Very clear even in low light. Convenient size for taking from room to room. There is an optional wi-fi connector so that you can broadcast to your own computers or across the internet to family.

    The downside: the camera doesn't rotate down very far. If you are planning on setting it on a table next to the crib, it won't work. We had to hang it from a curtain rod to get a view of the inside of the crib. If you plan to carry the monitor around with you, buy rechargable batteries. The battery life is only about 2 days with minimal use. I try to keep it plugged in if at all possible. There is a brightness level on the side of the monitor; ours never worked. It affects the contrast minimally but the not the brightness which leaves it VERY bright at night when I'm trying to sleep.

    So overall, I like it. It just needs some finessing....more info
  • no good
    Unfortunately the monitor stopped working day 3. I was so disappointed because it was finally an affordable video monitor. After much debate I opted to pay more & get summer infant one. So far I am very pleased with my decision. ...more info
  • Love/hate relationship with this monitor
    We had our heart set on a video monitor (not just an audio one) and it was between this and Summer. We decided on this one because of the Internet option so we could see our little guy from work.

    When the monitor works, it works FANTASTICALLY. We can see our baby both during the day and at night due to the infrared. I like being able to see his eyes -- if they are closed, I leave him be even if he's whimpering/crying because it means he'll be able to go back to sleep on his own. If they are open, I go to to see what's bothering him.

    That was the love part. The hate part is that there is static galore. The monitor flickers and buzzes even if you place anything near it -- it doesn't even have to be anything electrical in nature, the screen fizzes out even if you put your hand by the monitor. If you have a wireless phone, it will crackle louder than the TV in Poltergeist. It is super annoying and I spent a lot of time finding the perfect spot to place the monitor where it wouldn't be affected by anything and where I could still see it.

    We have our unit on continuous video monitoring so we always plug it into an A/C outlet, otherwise, we would go through way too many batteries.

    I wish we could purchase another video monitor so we can leave one in our room and put one downstairs.

    As of now, we haven't really used the Internet option. If that feature isn't important to you, I would try the Summer unit instead since that's the one our friends recommend and it seems to have pretty good reviews on Amazon....more info
  • Mobi Video Monitoring System
    I used it twice for 10 minute and the third time it broke. The screen on the monitor went blank. I sent it back for a full refund. ...more info
  • Video Quality Poor (very blurry)
    Purchased this product purely on reading reviews from Amazon and I wish I had done more research. I was very interested in a 900mhz video monitor, one that would not interfere w/ my 2.4ghz internet router.... Well, needless to say, I am returning this product only after 10 minutes of use. Video strength was fine, but the video quality was poor. It was very blurry, nothing like what the advertisements looked like on the box and/or web sites. Perhaps I received a damaged or defective item, regardless, I am not interested in a replacement item and/or trying another item from this manufacturer. Hope this review helped....more info
  • Still Going Strong
    I bought this monitor and the MobiCam Internet kit a few months ago for our son, so we could monitor him at all times and with the Internet kit it makes it even easier. We had gone through several other video monitors that were either so small you couldn't see anything or with so much static that you couldn't hear. This monitor is none of those things, a few months later it is still going strong. No static, picture is great, and the night vision works great too....more info
  • disappointed after a few weeks of use
    We were very excited about the capacity of checking the image via internet and bought also the internet kit. We bought both products before our baby was born and testing it in the house was fine. We needed to contact the manufacturer to get some help to work in the internet and the "company" seems to be quite small.
    Now that the baby is born and we need it the most the statics make it impossible to keep the volume on during the night and the monitor didn't work all the time. Unfortunately we got very disappointed with the performance of the camera and decided to return as a defective product, not taking the risk of getting a replacement. We have just returned it so I can't say how that was handled yet....more info
  • It works
    I like this monitor a lot but I wish the battery life was longer (it lasts for about 4 hours) and it gets staticky when I move around it, which gets annoying. But it works, the picture is good and the volume is great....more info