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Skooba R101-101 Checkthrough Checkpoint-Friendly Laptop Bag (Black)
List Price: $139.95

Our Price: $69.99

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Product Description

Security checkpoint friendly laptop bag.

  • Designed primarily to hold all 15/15.4 inch laptops, but many 16 inch and compact/slim 17 inch models will fit. Laptop section interior is 15.5 x 11.5 x 1.5 inches (for reference, a 17-inch Macbook Pro measures 15.4 x 10.4 x 1 inches)
  • Ballistic exterior, smooth nylon interior, file section, cargo pockets for metals, liquids pouch included. detector items and allowable liquid (3-1-1) bags, and more
  • Approximately 20 pockets and compartments, including easy-access doc-pocket for ticket/passport, pass and passport, pop-out/no-snag hideaway ID holder, and much more.
  • An exceptionally crafted business case, with brushed nickel hardware, fine tailoring and stitching details. Incredibly comfortable and beautifully executed carrying handle reinforcement at all stress points
  • Designed to re-fold just by picking the bag up by the handle or strap at the end of security. Zip again when convenient. Check through bag is equally secure whether the inspection zipper is open or closed

Customer Reviews:

  • TSA folks love it!
    This bag is excellent! Have been in four airports to date and all the TSA people have used the word "cool." The other day at Reagan International in Washington a TSA person helping customers get their items through X-Ray insisted that I take the laptop out. I told her it was one of the new TSA friendly bags -- she was not familiar with the term. I told her that it would be OK and that the X-Ray guy would love it! She gave it a shot and watched the bag go right through. The X-Ray guy said, "as long as you don't put any wires on that side, you're good to go!" Just as the video shows, as the bag comes out of the X-Ray machine, you reach under, grab the handle, walk away, and re-zip the bag together at your convenience.

    Of all the designs I looked at this one seems to be the best. Construction seems excellent and the carry handle is very comfortable. Plenty of storage space. ...more info
  • Great Bag!!
    Makes going through the airport check in so much easier!! Being able to just unzip, lay down the bag then grab on the other side is so great. Padded handle is easy also. And the storage for items besides the computer is also wonderful. ...more info
  • Great Product, Fly through security
    Great laptop bag, just returned from my first trip with it, and the TSA reps at both airports were impressed with and appreciated it making things easier and move faster.

    I'd highly recommend this for even the leisure traveler that has a laptop, and certainly for the frequent business traveler. Has great room inside as well for documents, adapters, etc....more info
  • I love it!
    Absolutely no problems going through airport security. I simply unzipped the bottom, and laid it flat on scanner check through. Once that was over, I could repack laptop with some added protection - no worries, it fits fine under the seat. (Hawaiian, United, Virgin). I do recommend the bungee strap (it is an extra charge), IF you will be carrying a fully loaded bag - it makes a difference in comfort.

    For traveling, I simply place this bag on a wheeled carryon and it's good to go. Great quality and lots of pockets....more info
  • Excellent, Well Designed Bag That Makes Travel Easier
    I purchased this bag a while ago, but have waited to review it until fully using it on multiple flights. I am very happy to say this bag is a wonderful travel companion.

    The bag has multiple pockets (all of which are easily accessible), and the largest interior section is excellent for books, magazines, snacks, etc while flying.

    I used the bag through Reno, Dallas, and Greensboro airports and never had any issues whatsoever with security. In fact, I have my laptop in a Belkin Foam Sleeve (for extra padding) and simply placed it underneath my laptop while heading through security and it passed through with no problems.

    This bag has been a huge help around town and it really proved itself handy for flying. I would highly recommend it to anyone!...more info
  • It is checkpoint friendly but it's too large
    I bought this because it's TSA friendly, on that score it succeeds. I've just taken it on a trip to Chicago and I had no trouble taking it though the checkpoints, you just unzip it and run it through the X-RAY.

    I don't like it as a computer case. My biggest complaint is that it's twice as thick as it ought to be. When one of my colleagues saw it he asked if I'd gotten a job selling Fuller brushes. Even though the bag is the size of a suitcase it has very little padding to protect the computer, this might be a compromise to make it TSA friendly or it might be bad design. I also don't like the handle, it's uncomfortably thick.
    ...more info
  • Slightly disappointing
    I bought this bag sight unseen, and had high hopes due to a favorable review on CNET. First off, it's big. I know it needs to be a certain size to contain a laptop, but I also use it as a primary 'manbag' to bring to work each day, and it's a bit of overkill for that.

    But the most troubling aspect so far is a tear on one of the front small pockets. The material is reipping from the stitching, and this is after 6 weeks of use.

    As far as the airport screening factor, so far so good, but keep in mind you still have to unzip this thing and lay the laptop down on the conveyor belt. I see that as only 15% less work than taking it out of a bag. I also was surprised at the amount of padding for the computer compartment, thinking there should be more.

    As far as positives: It looks good, there's plenty of pockets, a nice padded handle and shoulder strap, and it should make for an easier airport commute.

    For $100 or so, and now with a tear, it's tough to endorse.... but I'm rooting for it!...more info
  • Convenience and 'solid depth' over cushion; that's why I like this over the Targus
    I agonized over picking this Skooba bag and the Targus Zip-Thru. It wasn't until I bought the Skooba that I found the Targus Zip-Thru video found on YouTube. (Just do a search there for 'Targus Zip-Thru.') After seeing that video, I firmly believe I made the right choice.

    Of course, take a look at the Skooba video on this page -- it's also on YouTube.

    First, the good: The Skooba bag is extremely convenient, in terms of accessing your things. The outside 'travel pocket' separates passport from boarding pass, which is great (the Targus does not). The boarding pass pocket is 'deep' enough to even carry 5-10 brochures, above and beyond the boarding pass.

    The main travel compartment is really great, if you are looking for two features that the Targus does not have. (1) Mesh pockets. In some of my old laptop carry-on's, I have just had a large outside pocket, and then I have to throw everything in there, and root through a ton of stuff to find what I want. In the Skooba, there are 4 PDA-sized pockets in the main compartment (I have small Canon Powershot, a multi-mode memory card reader, pack of tissues, and a big pack of gum in mine: these items all 'poke' out a bit so I can see what they are without opening the pockets), and another 5 (decently large) pockets scattered around. The latter 5 pockets are *all* mesh (see the 2nd picture, the drawings are unfortunately inaccurate in that the pockets don't look like mesh ones). Which is great! Because I can open the main compartment zipper, and in 5 seconds I can scan the insides of the mesh pockets and be sure that everything I packed is still in there. If you watch the Targus video, you'll notice that virtually all the pockets are covered in a non-mesh material. That means that unless your memory can dedicate items to pouches or unless you develop a fixed routine for each pouch, you're gonna be spending a lot of time checking and re-checking that you packed something. I just want to throw a cord into one of the mesh pockets and be able to glance and check later.

    (2) 'Solid width' in the main compartment. If you take a look at both the Targus and Skooba videos, you'll notice that the Skooba non-laptop compartment is much larger. More accurately, behind the panel with all the mesh pockets is another space, and the bottom of this space actually has a solid width, versus the bottom (well, both 'bottoms') of the Targus non-laptop compartment which doesn't (e.g. a true 'accordion' style)... This means that if you like to travel with bulky items besides your laptop, the Skooba is far superior. What kind of bulky items am I talking about? For example, the hard carrying case for my noise-canceling over-the-ear headphones (Audio-Technica's). And my rolled-up 'First Class Sleeper', which is about the size and shape of a rolled-up large umbrella. In fact, as a test, I took a 1,500+ page Business Law hardback textbook, and it fit in this part of the non-laptop compartment, with width to spare!... On this note, it's probably feasible to fit a whole change of clothes inside the Skooba. The Targus laptop video seems to suggest that the Targus couldn't.

    (3) Stitched loop in the back, that can go over the telescoping handle of your checked bag. Great feature.

    The bad: The Skooba is by no means a perfect bag. As others have noted, it doesn't have much cushioning. It does come with a detachable small cushion at the bottom, which probably provides some protection if your strap breaks and the bag falls while upright. But it certainly doesn't have cushioning for the laptop's 'face.' I dunno about you, but I don't exactly drop my laptop bag a lot, so I can see past this design flaw. Besides, it's not difficult to throw some air bubble packaging in there if you really wanted to protect your laptop.

    Also, true enough, it is a pretty thick bag. I had kinda been hoping to use this for my everyday work bag, but like others, I will stick with my old bag. But if you like convenience and 'solid width' in your bags, then this is likely far superior to the Targus. (If you somehow anticipate checking your laptop bag, don't get the Skooba!) And if you want an overnight laptop bag, I believe this is about as good as it gets.

    Hope this helps!...more info
  • Great bag, great price & great experience
    I just took this bag to the West coast and this bag proved to be a fantastic travel companion. When I first got the bag I was worried about its size, but the bag fit just fine under the seat in front of me on my AirTran flight. The numerous pockets and gear slots prove to be a great way to organize yourself for travel and makes the retrieval of devices, cables, and other things you need on the go very easy.

    I was looking at much more expensive bags (bags in the $250 - $300 range) and I'm very pleased with the price and value of this bag. I do recommend upgrading to the more cushioned strap and you may want to look at some type of gear bag to carry your power charger for your laptop and other larger cables and gear. ...more info
  • Too big, no padding
    First, kudos to Amazon that got this to me in ONE day, and I didn't pay for any overnight shipping, or any special handling.

    The guidelines for underseat storage is 36 inches total. Unfortunately, I found this out after I bought this bag. The bag is 37.5 inches. I will probably return this bag. Skooba needs to take 1.5 inches out of the middle of this bag!!

    I was also dissapointed in the lack of padding around the edges of the laptop. The pictures make it appear like there is thick padding, but there isn't.

    ...more info
  • Great function
    I bought this bag for my husband, who flies frequently, for Christmas after researching several "airport security-friendly" bags. The design combined with cost of this one made it the best choice in my opinion.

    My husband really likes the bag--and especially the separately purchased superbungee strap. (The bag's description makes it hard to tell whether it comes with a strap at all. It does, but it is a basic one and not as comfortable as the superbungee.) He has yet to take a trip, so we can't say how TSA will handle it.

    The only drawback is the aesthetic. It's a pretty run-of-the-mill looking bag. It will be nice when some more stylish ones come out....more info
  • A good idea but needs refinement
    The designers of this bag have hit on a good idea but the design needs some additional work if it is to be fully successful.

    The bag is large, in fact too large to fit comfortably under airline seats. This means contending for space in the overhead bins. These, of course, are becoming increasingly crowded as people try to duck baggage check charges by carrying on their goodies.

    Despite the large size, padding around the laptop is minimal. Others may view this differently but in my own case I do not want to have to treat my laptop case as through it were a carton of eggs.

    The bag is also quite thick and I am not quite certain why this is, given the limited padding.

    As others have noted, the stitching on the interior pockets and lining is not industrial strength and could fail if the pockets are overfilled.

    Finally, travelers should be aware that not all TSA agents will allow the bag to go through X-ray with the laptop in place. This is especially true in smaller airports where such bags are less often seen. Arguing with TSA about the allowability of anything is a losing proposition so be prepared, at least occasionally, to have to remove your laptop and put it in a bin. Also, be very sure not to pack anything else on the laptop side such as a power supply or video cable.

    I hope that the next version of this bag will remedy some of the deficits noted by me and by other reviewers. At the same time, TSA should become more familiar with this type of bag. ...more info