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The Recession [Explicit]
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  • Takes Time to Get Used To
    I personally am not a huge fan of Jeezy to begin with. But I figured well maybe since I like 'Put On' I'll like the rest of the CD. And I listened to it, and was like eh.. it's not a big deal. But it takes some time to get used to obviously. It is extremely repeative. Like the line in 'Put On' ..."Call that bitch my bodyguard, call that bitch your bodyguard? yeah that's my bodyguard." He does the same thing in another song, maybe more, but with different words. In 'My President,' he doesn't stay on topic, or make a point. Like the person said that rated the CD 1 star. Nas killed him on his own track, but is that much of a surprise? It's Nas. His verse made sense, but listening to the rest of the words, it's like what are you even trying to say? "My president is black, my lambo is blue, and I'd be goddamned if my rims ain't too"??? It's more about his life, or someones life. Not even trying to relate to the actual topic. No doubt it's a good song, but it defeats the purpose.

    The songs somewhat sound the same, but that's usual from him.

    My favorite song are...

    Put On
    Get Allot
    By The Way
    What They Want
    Takin' It There (Mostly Trey Songz part)
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    Young Jeezy is growing up. The young man who brought us the term `Trap or Die' and those ridiculous Snowman T-shirts is transforming right before our eyes into a respectable artist. He started off as a `thug rapper'. He followed that up with a more retrospective side. Some people thought he went soft, so he came back with "The Recession".

    Jeezy is a throwback to the B-Boy days of the 80's and early 90's. You can see him chillin with Rakim or slamin' with Onyx. He has improved his lyrical content as on "Crazy World" which is about as real as a Channel 5 news report on why the hood is so messed up. "Who Dat" is a great hype song. If you listen to this song and don't start slam dancing then you don't have a pulse. NaS shows up for the political anthem "My President". "Put On" ft. Kanye West is excellent even though I wish the remix with Jay Z was on here. I also like "What They Want", "Don't Do It" & "Amazing". The album is kind of long and certain songs could have been left off. Like the regretful "Everything" ft Anthony Hamilton. And "Circulate" just doesn't fit. All the other songs aren't standouts but they flow nicely with the vibe of this CD.

    Yes, Young Jeezy raps about guns and selling drugs but he's not bragging. The way he does it is reminiscent of the way Jay Z did on `Reasonable Doubt'. He's not promoting it. He's telling stories from the hood the way he sees it. No alternate persons. No made up Mafioso characters. Jeezy isn't trying to be someone else. He just wants to be himself.
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  • Very Pleased
    The product was exactly as described. Great condition. Took longer to get here than some other things I purchased, but still made it in good time. ...more info
  • A Genius at Work
    Here a quick rating of the album. Over all it's one of Jeezy's best. Scale 1-5 five being the best.
    1. The Recession (Intro) (4) Very fitting start to this CD
    2. Welcome Back (4) Fairly average song but excellent beat
    3. By the Way (4) Good bass bumpin' song
    4. Crazy World (4) Good song
    5. What They Want (4) Great beat, great rapping
    6. Amazin' (4) Ok beat but the lyrics are great
    7. Hustlaz Ambition (4) Nice beat
    8. Who Dat (4) Excellent beat, love these southern songs
    9. Dont You Know (4) Love the chorus
    10.Circulate (2) Kind of annoying, song to take up space
    11.Word Play (2) Not bad, I just don't feel this one
    12.Vacation (5) Love this song
    13.Everything (3) I would give this song a higher rating but Lil Boosie is on it
    14.Takin' it There (3) Average for Jeezy, very good for rap
    15.Don't Do It (3) One of those songs you just skip
    16.Put on (5) Should of left Kanye out, just my opinion
    17.Get Allot (4) Great beat, catchy
    18.My President (5) Possibly the best song I have ever heard. I also support the message, "Obama for mankind"!!!!!...more info
  • Still Jeeeeezy
    Jeezy came threw again with another awesome CD! PUT ON is a radio hit but you need the albulm to really see what this cd is all about. Jeezy is still true to the streets and packs this cd with featured artist and awesome word flow on hott beats. I recomend this CD for gym hype and a party jumper....more info
  • Ehhhh... must be drunk to enjoy this...
    I have to agree with the low reviews here. Sorry. People who gave this 5 stars right off the tip obviously are stuck on repetitive beats from the South and really don't have a clue about real rap. It's funny when I hear people talk about West Coast rappers that I love (Daz, C-Bo, etc) being "too simplistic" and just talking about their guns and drugs, etc. etc.... Jeezy drops the most repetitive album in history here. The beats are simple, and boring.. and redundant. I could pound these out in my basement, with a couple 40s, probably in about two weeks. Jeezy's "rough" sound is probably the main thing that makes him popular, along with some street cred. But if you try to size him up as a rapper, instead of just a G with some history, he doesn't match up at all to the other recent releases (Icecube, The Game, Lil Wayne, even Daz's new CD blows this one out).

    If you are drunk and high you can probably thump this one, but try to listen to it sober and then tell me that it's still good. Three 6 Mafia basically dropped the foundation of the 4-4 verse (if you don't know beats or music theory just ignore that comment). And THEY did a good job with it... but that doesn't mean everyone can. I dunno, maybe this CD will grow on me, but as far as recent releases to compare it to, I'm stayin with two stars.
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  • Another good one from Jeezy
    It's been 20 months since his last studio album, and the Snowman returns with another good one. About equal with his "Thug Motivation" album and slightly under his "The Inspiration" album. I See a few bad reviews for this saying it's the same old formula he always has, but why change what you're good at and what people like hearing you spit. With 18 songs, it's longer, much like his last 2 Major label albums were. Of the 18 songs, 3 are almost classic, 8 are ok, and the other 7 are good or real good songs. Guests are minimal, on only 4 songs, so you get alot of Jeezy. Production is decent as well. Midnite Black and Drumma Boy each do 3 songs, DJ Toomp, DJ Squeeky, Don Cannon, Terry Allen, Shawty Redd, JUSTICE League, Inkredibles, Fat Boi, DJ Pain 1, Simon Gidewon, Tha Bizness, and Crown Kingz all do 1 song. A nice albm for his fans to have.

    #1 - 8
    #2 - 9.5 (tight beat)
    #3 - 8.5
    #4 - 8.5
    #5 - 7.5
    #6 - 7
    #7 - 7
    #8 - 7.5
    #9 - 7.5
    #10 - 9.5 (tight beat)
    #11 - 9
    #12 - 7
    #13 - 8 (f/ Lil Boosie & Anthony Hamilton)
    #14 - 8 (f/ Trey Songz)
    #15 - 8
    #16 - 9.5 (f/ Kanye West -- tight beat)
    #17 - 7
    #18 - 7.5 (f/ Nas)

    check all my reviews...more info
  • kc1
    i agree, a lot of the songs sound the same. i think jeezy realizes his own sound so he raps over beats that will compliment his raspy voice however, he needs to be able to swtich up his style. 17 songs on the recession sound alike. put on, amazing, i don't know you, etc. they all have that long drawn out dark sketchy beats. some of the beats give me a headache while i was driving. i was starting to get dizzy. you definately have to be high to listen to the album. overall, i give the album about a 5. not even close to thug motivation or the inspiration. he will probably do 500,000 or less....more info
  • FIRE!
    The Recession is FIRE!!! You can listen to it str8 thru!! This album is clearly better than The Inspiration....wasnt really feeln that one! But Jeezy came back with The Recession. I listen to this cd on my IPOD everytime I work out...:)
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  • Young Jeezy's Best Album 3.5/5
    Young Jeezy hits the nail on the head for making a relevant album with a theme "recession" we all can relate to. This is by far his best effort, He has a message of how to stay motivated through hard economic times and recognizes the historic change in America and the hope we all have with the next presidential election and Barack Obama. He has a universal message on this third effort as compared to his last he is focused on grater issues than just motivating trappers or street hustlers. But with almost every album there are always downfalls.

    Lyrics--- 3/5 Young jeezy is not the most lyrical rapper but his style and swagger is intact, he has sort of an old school rhyme cadence and basic lyrics and metaphors but his raspy voice is his gold. He has great energy on this record.

    Beats---- 3/5 the sonic synthesizers and southern style drum patterns are displayed through every beat with the 808 bass, double time hi hats and major keys mainly used there is not much variety in the beat selection.

    Creativity---4/5 This album was released during one of the hardest economical times in U.S history, that and the fact that America will have its first Black President, plus the ongoing War in Iraq which are all of the issues and topics that jeezy covers on this album making it have a real connection with Americans. Plus you still get sociopolitical and street music all in one. The featured artist such as Kanye and Nas sound right at home as this helps to add some vocal variety.

    Overall---3.5/5 I Think this is his best effort in terms of the real-life topics that are relevant to the current times, Jeezy seems to be sincere and patriotic and also still is at the top of his game and swagger. He was tired of people saying he can't rap and talked about some things that actually matter. I think the album would have been better with more variety of producers and song topics some of the music sound average due to similar sounding production and Jeezy's slim vocabulary, but overall this is his best effort.
    ...more info
  • The Best of Jeezy...
    I have to admit, I really did not like Young Jeezy's first two albums. I just felt that his content was recycle from everyone else that I have ever heard of from my music catalog. Don't get me wrong, Jeezy has put out great songs and displayed that he does have credentials to become greater than what other critics preceived him.

    And, then, The Recession came out in 2008...and it is his best effor yet.

    Young Jeezy displays his best lyrics yet, tackling more issues of the struggle and pain of the everyday person living in America, along with other political tracks and even giving it in his signiture style flow. This time around, unlike his last couple albums, there are barely any guest appearances on the album, so it focuses clearly on Jeezy. Great tracks include "My President" (which was before Barak Obama was sworn into office as President), depicting that there is a new day approaching and he celebrates that by even predicting that his "President's Black". Other songs like "Crazy World", "Vacation" and even the lead single "Put On (feat. Kanye West)" are heavy production and even heavier lyrical content depicting harsh times living in the everyday environment that you and me live.

    Overall, Young Jeezy's "The Recession" is, by far, the best album of 2008 and into 2009 for its lyrics because it throws it back to the days where lyrical content really matter instead of trying to put a party album together. For hard-core hip hop fans who love substance into their albums go and grab this album....more info
  • More Of The Same
    Young Jeezy is most famous for his unique husky voice, his ad libs (yeah, hahaha) his past life as a hustler and his obsession for earning fast money and drugs, infact he's known as Snowman for good reason. He almost came from nowhere in 2005 with an excellent album in "Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101" and one year later he also dropped a great sequel in "The Inspiration". Both albums featured the aformentioned themes and a production (mostly from southerners) that was rough with with pompous synth beats. Jeezy may not be among the best rappers, but he's easily recognizable, A great storyteller and a guy that mix themes about the hood and how he got away from it and got rich. "Soul Survivor" with Akon became his biggest hit to date reaching a memorable #4h position in 2005. Other memorable songs were "My Hood", "I Luv It", "Dreamin" and "I Got Money" where Kanye West recently borrowed his voice for "Can't Tell Me Nothing". Jeezy also recently appeared on big time R&B artists songs like Usher's "Love In The Club" and Mariah Carey's non-single "Side Effects". He's without a doubt an emcee to count on.

    With Jeezy's third album "The Recession" we find a very simular concept coming back, (production and themes sound exactly like his past two). Afterall, songs about money is what name dropping is to The Game or hustling is to Rick Ross. Alot of fammiliar faces are also back on the prodution side like Shawety Redd, Drumma Boy, Don Cannon and J.U.S.T.I.C.E League, what dissapoint me is the lack of guys like Mannie Fresh, Cool & Dre, The Runners or even someone bigger like J.R Rotem or Timbaland. As popular as Jeezy is he could bring some better name to the blueprint. The most memorable songs here nonetheless are "By The Way" where he ends every line in the chorus with the title name. "Amazin" which is a trademark Jeezy song, raw, streetsmart and catchy, kind of like what T.I does. "Circulate" breaks the synth barries and goes old skool soul (samples Billy Paul) and is a welcome addition here. "Word Play" is for the haters and it is simular with a soul sample. "Mr President" with Nas follows the same formula as "Black President" and Jeezy sais his president is Black. He's more suited to talk about the streets then politics, but in these election times I understand his thoughts. Unfortunately there is alot of filler too, more songs about money, drugs like "What They Want", "Hustlaz Ambition", "Don't You Know", "Get Alot" and the naughty "Takin It There" with Trey Songz. The two singles so far have also been luckluster, "Put On" with Kanye West talking nonsense with a vocoder and "Vacation" with it's obvious purpose. There are also other songs that I won't get into.

    Overall, The "Recession" got it's moments even if they're few, but instead of expanding his barriers, Jeezy mostly recycle what he already did and with an album of 18 songs there is simply too much filler and too many songs sounding the same. I was hoping that this would be the album where Jeezy did something new and got the commercial success he deserved (New Producers, some interesting guests) but instead he play safe with songs mostly for his fans. Atleast he didn't invite Lil Wayne. However, this album is just alright. Give it a try if you like his past stuff, otherwise try something else. 2'5.

    ...more info
  • Imperfect, But Good Effort & Stretch for Young Jeezy - 3 ? Stars
    THE RECESSION is by all means a stepping stone for Young Jeezy. It is imperfect, as stated in the title of this review as generally it falls a bit lax in comparison to both THUG MOTIVATION 101 and THE INSPIRATION. The redeeming factor that THE RECESSION has over both of those albums is it has more credibility - Jeezy tries to abstain from his cocaine-driven rap in favor of spitting rhymes about more credible issues, even tackling the notion of a 'black president', quite a stretch from "snow", if you know what I mean. Essentially, it does not always work, but most of the time it does, hence making for another solid album for Young Jeezy.

    The album opens with "Recession (Intro)" which is by all means solid, if a bit too lengthy in duration. "Welcome Back", the first true track of the album is better and the production is as solid as ever. I think that the production work from THE INSPIRATION was slightly better than THE RECESSION, but the production work on THE RECESSION is strong by all accounts (no big names though). "By The Way" is another solid performance, though not necessarily incredibly memorable, a problem with a lot of THE RECESSION's material. Single "Crazy World" is perhaps the first genuine hit from THE RECESSION in which Young Jeezy is definitely in his zone. This is an exceptional single, if ultimately underrated. The production work is sound as well.

    "What They Want" is equally as enjoyable as "Crazy World", as is the addictive "Amazin'". "Hustlaz Ambition" is solid if not as memorable as the best of its predecessors. "Who Dat" falls in the same boat as "Hustlaz Ambition", save for the fact that the production of "Who Dat" sells it more than Jeezy's rhymes. "Don't Know You" is not an outright hit necessarily, but it is another fine track, nearly at the level of "Crazy World", "What They Want" or "Amazin'". "Circulate's" soulful production is a radical departure from the production work that Jeezy fans are accustomed to hearing him spit over. It yields surprisingly solid results.

    "Word Play", "The Vacation", and "Everything" all play very well, if a bit less satisfactory than the very best. "Takin' It There" (featuring Trey Songz) and "Don't Do It" are solid, though average. "Put On" featuring Kanye West is by far the definitive track of the album, hence a brilliant choice for a first single. No questions were raised in my mind when I heard it received a Grammy nomination, Jeezy's very first. "Get Allot" is filler in comparison, though "My President" redirects the lost momentum in one of the albums valedictory moments.

    Essentially THE RECESSION is flawed because it is too long. None of the material is 'B.S.', but it is not always organized satisfactorily. Furthermore, while production is sound by all means, maybe that superstar producer might have tightened up a loose end or two. The biggest problem remains that it is is just too long - had it been cut to about 45 minutes with the top-notch material remaining in play, it would've been stronger. 3 ? stars, nonetheless. ...more info
  • Young Jeezy Best Trapper Alive
    This album is fire beginig to the end. Jeezy has awesome featurettes and beats. "Put On" of course is a hot track along with "My President","Crazy World","Everthing","Amazin","Welcome Back"....I didn't even like Young Jeezy until this Album. You ave to get this item if you want to hear great music. Tha Carter III and The Recession sre neck to neck in Rap Album of the year!...more info
  • 5 stars/ Its the recession
    Jeezy's new album the recession is his most complete consistent out of the 3. The first 2 were straight, but this one here is his best. He got some fire production form the album who includes drumma boy, shawty redd, dj toomp, the inkredibles, justice league, and don cannon. You can see the maturity in the songs my president, crazy world, circulate, and the recession(intro). He still got that humor and those adlibs in his songs. The 3 produced drumma bot tracks im amazing, hustlerz ambition, and put on feat kayne west all has some fire to it and it also proves that drumma boy is one of the most underrated producers right now.

    To the reviewer that stated that kayne west was speaking nonsense in his verse, I gotta disagree 100 percent. If you listen to the lyrics, he is speaking about his mother (RIP) and how money and the fame doesn't mean everything. Had to put that out there. The other tracks that hit hard on this album include put on, circulate, my president, crazy world, everything( best song on the cd), who that, welcome back, get alot, and what they want. Top 10 alnum of 08 in my opinion; so cop jeezy's junior album if you want to heat a more mature young jeezy....more info
  • Young Jeezy - The Recession
    This album really surprised me alot. I was never really a big Jeezy fan until this album. I remember hearing his first two albums all the time and thinking he was alright, but i never bought the albums. But with The Recession, i felt like Jeezy was coming with more of a purpose with this album. Because with his first two albums, i felt like they were more mixtapeish albums, that had a more underground feel to them, not that they were bad albums, but The Recession seemed like it was a more thought out and more touched up album than his previous work. The huge first single, "Put On", really helped this album achieve its now platinum status with its extremely radio friendly sound and hook. And even thought "My President" wasnt huge on the radio, it still had a very large underground popularity, because it is a truly legendary rap song with two phenominal rap artists who both released stellar albums this year, and it just was the perfect song for the time. But where the album really shines is on its album tracks, like "Welcome Back", where Jeezy spits venom to his competion over this banging track by DJ Speedy. Or on the TA produced "By The Way", Jeezy flows on the track with his signature heavy swagger. Buy by far my favorite track on the album is the Crown Kings produced "Get Allot", because its real track and Jeezy just kills the banging beat with some phenominal verses. But this album really solidified his place as one of the elite rappers of oug time, because with The Recession, Jeezy gets to share my Rap album of the year award with Nas, which honestly really surprised me because, like i said, i wasnt a big Young Jeezy fan to start out with. But with this album, Jeezy really showed that he can do more than just club/radio rap, but that he can also do real rap. This album really brought Jeezy up in my book, because it is a front to back banger, and I will definetly be buying his next album as well.

    A-...more info