Lucky Old Sun
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This deluxe version is a 2-CD connected slider pack that contains 4 bonus live tracks. It also includes a chance to be one of two lucky winners of the "Kick it Off with Kenny" contest, in which the winners will be flown to the opening of Kenny's 2009 tour (date/location are pending).

The connected element allows you to download the video to the album's smash single "Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven," as well as the highly sought after animated pirate video introduction used on Kenny's 2008 "Poets and Pirates" tour. There is also a link to Kenny's website and a link to view Kenny's catalog videos.

Kenny Chesney shines in his 2008 album, Lucky Old Sun which features 'Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven' which exploded onto the Country Music chart, landing at #22 with only 12 hours of airplay shooting to rise quickly to the top! Guests are the album are Dave Matthews, Mac McAnally, Willie Nelson plus The Wailers. Produced by Buddy Cannon and Kenny Chesney.

Customer Reviews:

  • Awesome Island Style Country
    Kenny's latest album takes you right down to the Caribbean while still maintaining the country feel. From his first single with the legendary Wailers to duets with Willie Nelson and Dave Matthews. This album leaves you wanting more! ...more info
  • This music sucks.
    Nu-country sucks so bad and Kenny Chesney just keeps releasing the same damn ablum over and over with his uninspiring mono vocals to stupid kindergarden lyrics....more info
  • Just so-so
    I have all of Kenny's cds. I am sorry to say that this one is not one of my favorites. I am glad I didn't buy it. The only songs I really enjoyed are the live versions of cuts from previous albums. But give it a listen. If you are a Kenny fan you will probably enjoy it just because you like Kenny....more info
  • What was he thinking?
    Don't get me wrong, I AM A DIE HARD CHESNEY FAN, but lately this album and his last concert (he was drunk and had a hard time singing! NOLA 2008) I went to have me asking myself if Kenny hasn't reached the "Garth Brooks, I am out in left field" part of his life? I mean, why is it people start out with one type of music, become very successful, then they start to branch out??? WTF! I pay to see and hear classic Chesney beer drinking, college kegger, party type songs, and story type songs, like "Jack and Diane", "I Go back", "Tractors Sexy"etc, not this wishey washy I am rethinking my life while laid back on my own private island with my million dollar yacht and with my so called friends scrap...!!! Their is a reason Underwood beat him out of The CMA Entertainer of the Year, ya think he will figure it out or is his reign over?...more info
  • Made Me an Instant Chesney Fan!
    A friend made me listen to this CD and I can't thank her enough. This effort of Kenny's is a little bit Jimmy Buffett -- whom I enjoy -- and country too. His voice is so smooth and romantic -- more so than Jimmy's, (sorry, Jimmy.) The songs range from country topics, "Down The Road," to, yes, more island and boating themes. Don't most people enjoy songs about the sea? I love many types of music, and if Kenny Chesney likes to move his band in between a couple of genres, it gives his fans options too. The live songs thrown in have so much energy, I want to see him in concert the next time he comes to town!...more info
  • My favorite KCHES CD to date!!
    This is my favorite Chesney CD to date! Highlights for me are 'Ten With a Two' and 'I'm Alive'! This CD is fantastic and you can just feel the emotion in these songs! Much more personal of an album than Poets & Pirates in my opinion. ...more info
  • sorry but not country
    I love the early stuff but this so called "island country" just don't cut it. Really Island country is just something people made up. Stick to the country Kenny and leave the Island music to Jimmy...more info
  • Best "vacation" CD ever!
    I was hesitant to buy this CD at first, after hearing only previews, but once I only regret was not buying it sooner. Sure, it's "island country" but the songs are fantastic...making you feel as if you are on a beach, relaxing and Kenny's voice is absolutely amazing. My favorite song on here is actually "Down the Road". Not as "island country" but fantastic! ...more info
  • Down to Earth Guy Singing his Biography Truthfully
    I find Kenny Chesney to be one of the few artists that I can say we share the same upbringing. I can relate to every song and it is his life as well as my own. Being raised in a small town, you have to make the best of it. Whether it's an "old Stone's cassette", "write your name on the water tower" or "miscounting all the beers you drank". It says we have something in common and he is loyal to his roots and even though you may travel to other places and love those also, we still return to who where we come from, who we are and what we believe in - even if we have found "another" place we find similar to our hometowns - they both give us the same peacefulness and familiarity we know and love. He is the real deal. From being humble, honest and down to earth. To expressing his love for his second home and the way it makes him feel. The real emotions he has experienced and lived. He sings what is real....more info
  • This Is Kenny Chesney!!
    I am a Big Fan of classic Jimmy Buffett. The problem with that is I'm not a big fan of his new stuff & as a result I was left with a big void for that style of music. So when I heard Kenny Chesney's " Be as you are " CD I was real excited! The problem with Kenny Chesney's career & what most people don't understand is Island Country is Kenny Chesney! Built on the backs of his true fans who loved "Be As You Are" corporate Country snatched him up from us & gave you the generic country [...] of " When the Sun Goes Down","No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems" & others. There are far to many Toby Keiths out there already playin that College Dorm Keggar Country, WE DON"T NEED ANOTHER!! So what we have here with "Lucky Ol Sun" is Kenny Chesney finally getting to a point in his career (money wise)& popularity where he can afford to be himself. This is a GREAT ALBUM! It paints a picture of a life we all wished we had or atleast visited much more often & truely shows Kennys' soul. He's a simple man of simple pleasures & these are his roots. ISLAND COUNTRY!...more info
  • Kenny Chesney Lucky Old Sun Deluxe CD
    I purchased this item for my son's birthday and he was absolutely thrilled with it. He loves the variety of songs and I enjoy hearing them, too.

    ...more info
  • Enough Already!!!
    I miss the Tennessee Kenny! He needs to move back home and find his roots and come back to country. I understand trying something different but the last couple island Jimmy Buffet albums are getting old! This is a depressing cd and I gave it away. First of all , It's my bad buying it because I should of noticed he did a song with the all time loser Dave Mathews (sorry, can't stand him and his cough cough music). Theres a couple good songs on here but Kenny needs to get back to the states and off the islands!!!...more info
  • If You Like 'Be As You Are' You Will Love This Album
    There are two types of Kenny Chesney albums - the She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy Tennessee country Kenny and the Jimmy Buffet Island Kenny. His last album was more tractor Kenny, so he was due for an island Kenny album. And this album doesn't disappoint.

    If you liked Be As You Are, you will love this album. If you like The Road and the Radio, this album may be too slow for you. Lucky Old Sun has fewer up tempo songs than Be As You Are. Only Ten With a Two is up tempo, but I would hesitate before saying it doesn't fit in the album. Ten With a Two fits in Lucky Old Sun like 'Guitars and Tiki Bars' fits in Be As You Are.

    I thought Key Lime Pie on Be As You Are was a cheesy, throw away song. Perhaps too simplistic even for that album. Kenny just threw it in as filler. Lucky Old Sun lacks a filler, throw away Key Lime Pie track, which is a good thing.

    Based on what i hear from country radio, the singles I would expect them to pick to follow the first single, Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven, would be (in order of likelihood):

    Nowhere to Go, Nowhere to Be
    The Life
    Spirit of the Storm
    Down the Road
    That Lucky Old Sun (Just Rolls Around Heaven All Day)

    My favorite track on the album is Way Down Here, but at nearly 6 minutes long, it is too long and mellow (read: boring) to be a radio single. Criticisms of the album will be it is boring or depressing or all the songs sound the same. There are only a few really depressing tracks, but only one up tempo track.

    I wouldn't put it past country radio to make Ten With a Two, Key's in the Conch Shell, or I'm Alive a single.

    Dave Matthews provides hauntingly raspy, smoky vocal accompaniment on I'm Alive. Willie Nelson provides piously hopeful vocals on That Lucky Old Sun....more info
  • WOW Kenny!
    I just love, love, love this CD! I highly recommend it. I'm a huge Kenny fan and this CD makes me like him even more. Makes you want to be on the beach too. He's my absolute favorite country singer. If I could give it 10 stars I would. I've played it over and over again. My favorites are Way Down Here and Nowhere to Go. One of his best CD's. Great job! Keep up the good work Kenny....more info
  • Another great CD from Kenny Chesney!
    This is another great cd from Kenny Chesney. It is great and you will really like it....more info
  • great cd
  • Best ever Kenny!
    This is one of Kenny's best albums yet... I absolutely love "Boats"... and "Key's in the Conch Shell" is such a catchy tune.. Working with Willie had to be a ball with "Lucky Old Sun" and "Everybody Wants to go to Heaven" rocks! I would recommend this CD to anyone ... not just Kenny fans.. this CD is not just island music he's been putting out lately....I LOVE this album. Thanks Kenny - this album makes me one of your fans now!...more info
  • Silk for your Soul
    Kenny Chesneys new album has taken country music to a new level.I call it the silklevel with 11 fantastic songs with different kind of music included classic silk like the song "That Lucky Old Sun" with duetpartner Willie Nelson.Smoothie Silk like the song "Im Alive" with duetpartner Dave Matthews and future reggaesilksong "Everybody wants to go to heaven" with the wailers.It doesnt suprise me when Kenny Chesney got a CMA-reward as the best entertainer 2008.Because this album is one of the three best countryalbum this year....more info
  • Kenny Chesney "Lucky Old Sun" Deluxe
    I Think That This Was One "GREAT" CD Put Out By Kenny Chesney. In Fact, Today While I Was Out, I Took Along His CD And Kept Playing It Over And Over Again. Kenny Has One "GREAT" CD That I Am So Glad That I Brought Through You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Be As You Are part II
    I may be in the minority here, but I think Kenny Chesney is at his best when he's singing island songs. His first island album, "Be As You Are", is in my top 5 favorite albums of all time. It's relaxing, insightful, and just the easiest album to listen to. When I heard he was going to release another island album, I got really excited. And man, "Lucky Old Sun" is amazing!

    This album is filled with insightful, thought-provoking, chill island songs. You cannot possibly listen to this music and be in a bad mood. Every single time I listen to it, I picture myself on a beach vacation somewhere.

    I really think Kenny hit his stride when recording these two island albums. Don't get me wrong - his other stuff is good too. But his mainstream stuff is so over produced and predictable. His island music is so different, but it defines him. He writes most of these songs, and a few are just him and his guitar. He may not have the best voice in country music, but I think he's the only one that can pull off an album like this beautifully.

    I can't stop listening to it - not a single bad song on here!...more info